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Provincial Highway 7 (Chinese: 台7線) is a highway connecting Daxi, Taoyuan and Zhuangwei, Yilan. The highway is also known as Northern Cross-Country Highway (Chinese: 北部橫貫公路), one of the three most important east–west highways in Taiwan.

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Provincial Highway 7
Northern Cross-Island Highway (北部橫貫公路)
Route information
Maintained by Directorate General of Highways
Length131.3 km (81.6 mi)
Major junctions
West end Prov 3 in Daxi, Taoyuan
  Nat 5 in Yilan City
East end Prov 2 in Zhuangwei, Yilan
Highway system
Highway system in Taiwan
Prov 6Prov 8
Western terminus of Highway 7 in Daxi.
Eastern terminus of Highway 7 in Zhuangwei.
Highway 7 at the junction of County Road 118 (LuoMa Highway) in Luofu, Taoyuan
Highway 7 at the junction of Highway 7a in Qilan, Yilan County


Route descriptionEdit

The highway begins at the junction of Highway 3 in Daxi. The route then passes through Cihu Mausoleum, the tombs of the late presidents Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-Kuo. After the intersection with Highway 7B, the route enters the aboriginal district of Fuxing in Taoyuan City. At Luofu village (羅浮, Rahao) in Fuxing, the highway passes through the intersection with County Road 118, a popular scenic route also known as LuoMa Highway (羅馬公路).

Starting from Fuxing, the road becomes a narrow and winding 1-lane highway as it crosses the Central Mountain Range. The highway passes through numerous tribal villages along the way. The highway then enters Datong, Yilan, also an aboriginal township. At Datong the highway passes through Mingchi Forest Recreational Area (明池國家森林遊樂區) and Qilan Forest Recreational Area (棲蘭國家森林遊樂區). The highway has a junction with Highway 7a in Qilan area and another with Highway 7c near Yingshi village (英士村), both located in Datong. The highway then follows Lanyang River and continues to Yuanshan, Yilan and Yilan City. At Yilan City the highway intersects with PH 9 and Freeway 5 before ending at PH 2 in Zhuangwei.

Spur routesEdit

  •   Prov 7a The highway runs from its parent route at Qilan in Datong, Yilan to PH 8 at Lishan (梨山) in Heping District. It is also known as the Yilan branch of Central Cross-Island Highway (中橫公路宜蘭支線). The total length is 73.75 km.
  •   Prov 7b The highway runs from PH 3 in Sanxia, New Taipei City to its parent route in Fuxing District. It was assigned as a part of Highway 7 until the segment between Daxi and Fuxing opened. The total length is 14.47 km.
  •   Prov 7c The highway runs from its parent route in Datong, Yilan to Highway 2e in Wujie, Yilan, passing through Sanxing, Yilan, Dongshan, Yilan, and Luodong, Yilan. The highway links the township in central Yilan plains to the cross-island highway. The total length is 32.3 km.

Historic spur routesEdit

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