Yilan City

Yilan City (Mandarin pinyin: yí lán shì[2]; Hokkien POJ: Gî-lân-chhī) is a county-administered city and the county seat of Yilan County, Taiwan. The city lies on the north side of the Lanyang River.



I-ran, Giran
Yilan City
Temple in Yilan City
Temple in Yilan City
Yilan is located in Taiwan
Location in the Republic of China (Taiwan)
Coordinates: 24°45′N 121°45′E / 24.750°N 121.750°E / 24.750; 121.750Coordinates: 24°45′N 121°45′E / 24.750°N 121.750°E / 24.750; 121.750
Country Republic of China (Taiwan)
CountyYilan County, Taiwan Yilan
Urban villages ()38[1]
 • MayorChiang Tsung-yuan (江聰淵)
 • Total29.87 km2 (11.53 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total95,905
 • Density3,200/km2 (8,300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (National Standard Time)
Postal code
WebsiteYilan City Office
Yilan City
Traditional Chinese宜蘭


The Yilan Plain in which the city is located has historically been referred to as Kapalan (Chinese: 蛤仔難; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kap-á-lān),[3] Kapsulan (蛤仔蘭; Kap-chú-lân; also 甲子蘭), Komalan (噶瑪蘭; Kat-má-lán), etc. These names, as well as that of Yilan itself, were given to the sites by the Kavalan tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. Later arrivals included Han Chinese settlers during the Qing Dynasty in China (1802) and settlers from Okinawa during Taiwan's Japanese era (1895-1945).

Qing DynastyEdit

In 1810 under Qing dynasty rule, a formal administration office was established at Wuwei (五圍) and "Komalan Subprefecture" (噶瑪蘭廳; Kat-má-lán Thiaⁿ) was at the present day location of Yilan City. Construction of the city wall was completed a year later. After a few years once the basic infrastructure was ready, the city assumed the political, economical, cultural and educational center for the Lanyang Plain. In 1878, Komalan was a large rice production area commonly called Kapsulan, and became a district called Gilan Hsien.[4] It was one of the three new districts that constituted the new Taipeh Prefecture.

Empire of JapanEdit

Map of Yilan (labeled as GIRAN) and surrounding area (1944)

According to the 1904 census, the population of Giran town was about 15,000.[5]

Republic of ChinaEdit

Map of the region including Yilan (labeled as I-lan (Giran) 宜蘭) (1954)

After the handover of Taiwan from Japan to the Republic of China on 25 October 1945, Yilan City was created in January 1946 as a county-controlled city the county seat of the newly created Yilan County and continue to become the political, economical and cultural centers of the region.[6]


Yilan City in Yilan County

Yilan City is located on Lanyang Plain with an average altitude of 7.38 meters above sea level.[7]

  • Area: 29.87 square kilometres (11.53 sq mi)[7]
  • Population: 95,907 (December 2016)[8]


Yilan City experiences a humid subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Yilan City consists of 38 villages and 478 neighborhoods, including:[1][9]

  • Baili (擺厘里), Beijin (北津里), Beimen (北門里), Caiyuan (菜園里), Chenggong (成功里), Cian (慈安里), Daxin (大新里), Fuguo (負郭里), Fuxing (復興里), Jianjun (建軍里), Jianye (建業里), Jiaobai (茭白里), Jinshi (進士里), Kaixuan (凱旋里), Liming (黎明里), Meizhou (梅洲里), Minquan (民權里), Minzu (民族里), Nanjin (南津里), Nanmen (南門里), Nanqiao (南橋里), Qijie (七結里), Qizhang (七張里), Shennong (神農里), Siyuan (思源里), Taishan (泰山里), Dongcun (東村里), Dongmen/Tungmen (東門里), Wenhua (文化里), Xiaolian (孝廉里), Xiaodong (小東里), Ximen (西門里), Xinmin (新民里), Xinsheng (新生里), Xindong (新東里), Yanping (延平里), Zhongshan (中山里) and Zhongxing (中興里)

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Yilan City is accessible by Yilan Station of the Taiwan Railways.


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