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Su'ao Township (Chinese: 蘇澳鎭; pinyin: Sū'ào Zhèn; Wade–Giles: Su1-ao4 Chen4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: So͘-ò), located in southern Yilan County, Taiwan, is an urban township that is famous for its seafood restaurants and cold springs.[1] It is a terminus of National Highway No. 5, the Su'ao-Hualian Express Way, and the North-Link Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It also has two large harbors: Su'ao Port, a multi-function seaport that also houses a naval base; and Nanfang-ao Port, a major fishing port of Taiwan.

Su'ao Township
Taiwan 2009 SuHua Highway SuAo Port FRD 6977.jpg
Location of Suao in Yilan
Location of Suao in Yilan
Coordinates: 24°36′N 121°51′E / 24.600°N 121.850°E / 24.600; 121.850Coordinates: 24°36′N 121°51′E / 24.600°N 121.850°E / 24.600; 121.850
 • Total89.01 km2 (34.37 sq mi)
(December 2014)
 • Total41,018
Time zoneUTC+8 (Chungyuan Standard Time Zone)
Postal code
Su'ao Township office



Empire of JapanEdit

During Japanese rule, the area was established as Suō Town (蘇澳街), Suō District, Taihoku Prefecture.[2]

Republic of ChinaEdit

After World War II, the town was converted to a township under Taipei County. In 1950, the township was put under the newly established Yilan County.[2]



As of December 2016, Su'ao had 14,109 households and a total population of 40,493, including 19,877 females and 20,616 males.[3]


The township comprises 26 villages: Aiding, Cunren, Dingliao, Gangbian, Longde, Nanan, Nancheng, Nanjian, Nanning, Nanqiang, Nanxing, Nanzheng, Shengai, Shenghu, Subei, Sunan, Sutung, Suxi, Tungao, Xincheng, Yongchun, Yongguang, Yongle, Yongrong, Zhangan and Zhaoyang.[3]

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