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Muzha (Chinese: 木栅; pinyin: Mùzhà; Wade–Giles: Mu4-cha4; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ba̍k-sa; literally: 'wood fence') was a district in Taipei City, Taiwan. The historical spelling of the name is Mucha, which refers to wooden fences built in the region to defend against attacks by Taiwanese aborigines. In 1990, it merged with Jingmei District to create Wenshan District.

During Qing rule, the area belonged to Tamsui Ting. After 1920, during Japanese rule, the area belonged to both Naiko (内湖) and (坡內坑) of Shinkō Village (深坑庄) of Bunsan District, Taihoku Prefecture (modern-day Shenkeng District and Neihu District).

After World War II, Muzha and Jingmei became districts of Taipei City.


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