A mukim is a type of administrative division used in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The word mukim is a loanword in English.[1] However, it was also originally a loanword in Malay from the Arabic word: مقيم (means resident). The closest English translation for mukim is township.[2][3]



In Brunei, a mukim is the immediate subdivision of a district (Malay: daerah). The equivalent English word for 'mukim' is 'township'.

Mukims of Brunei

There are 38 mukims in Brunei. Each mukim is an administrative area made up of several kampung (Malay for "village"). A mukim is headed by a penghulu, which is an elected office. The number of mukims in each of the districts in Brunei is as follows:

District Number of Mukims
Belait 8
Brunei-Muara 17
Temburong 5
Tutong 8

The smallest mukim by area is Mukim Saba in the Brunei-Muara District. The largest mukim by area is Mukim Sukang in the Belait District. The last change in the mukim boundaries was in the late 1990s when Mukim Kumbang Pasang was merged into Mukim Kianggeh and Mukim Berakas was divided into Mukim Berakas A and Mukim Berakas B. The number of mukims remained at 38.


In Indonesia, mukim means 'a place to stay' or 'the one who stay', Pemukiman generally use to refer 'a settlement'.[4] The term mukim used exclusively as a subdivision of a district in Aceh. A mukim contains some villages.


In Malaysia, a mukim can either be a subdivision of a daerah (district or county) or a subdivision of an autonomous sub-district (daerah kecil), as per Section 11(c) of the National Land Code 1965. The mukim designation was not used in Putrajaya however; the term "precinct" (presint in Malay) is used instead. The northern state of Perlis, due to its small size, was not divided into daerahs, but straight to the mukim level. In Kelantan, the term daerah corresponds to the mukim level in other states.

Number of Mukims for each states in Malaysia
State No. of Mukims
in the state
District No. of Mukims
in the district
  Johor 96 Batu Pahat District 14  
Johor Bahru District 6
Kluang District 8
Kota Tinggi District 10
Kulai District 4
Mersing District 14
Muar District 12
Pontian District 11
Segamat District 11
Tangkak District 6
  Kedah 122 Kota Setar District 19
Kubang Pasu District 21
Padang Terap District 11
Langkawi District 5
Kuala Muda District 16
Yan District 5
Baling District 8
Sik District 3
Kulim District 13
Bandar Baharu District 7
Pendang District 8
Pokok Sena District 6
  Kelantan 311 Bachok District 32
Kota Bharu District 89
Machang District 22
Pasir Mas District 48
Pasir Puteh District 33
Tanah Merah District 18
Tumpat District 29
Gua Musang District 9
Kuala Krai District 17
Jeli District 7
Lojing Autonomous Sub-District 7
  Melaka 80 Central Malacca District 29  
Jasin District 20
Alor Gajah District 31
  Negeri Sembilan 61 Jelebu District 8  
Kuala Pilah District 11
Port Dickson District 5
Rembau District 17
Seremban District 8
Tampin District 7
Jempol District 5
  Pahang 72 Bentong District 3
Cameron Highlands District 3
Jerantut District 10
Kuantan District 6
Lipis District 10
Pekan District 11
Raub District 7
Temerloh District 10
Rompin District 6
Maran District 4
Bera District 2
  Penang 81 Central Seberang Perai District 21  
North Seberang Perai District 16
South Seberang Perai District 16
Northeast Penang Island District 6
Southwest Penang Island District 22
  Perak 81 Batang Padang District 4  
Manjung District 5
Kinta District 5
Kerian District 8
Kuala Kangsar District 9
Larut, Matang and Selama District 14
Hilir Perak District 5
Hulu Perak District 10
Perak Tengah District 12
Kampar District 2
Muallim District 3
Bagan Datuk District 4
  Perlis 22 N/A 22  
  Selangor 54 Klang District 2  
Kuala Langat District 7
Kuala Selangor District 9
Sabak Bernam District 5
Hulu Langat District 7
Hulu Selangor District 13
Petaling District 4
Gombak District 4
Sepang District 3
  Terengganu 84 Besut District 16
Dungun District 11
Kemaman District 12
Kuala Terengganu District 19
Hulu Terengganu District 9
Marang District 6
Setiu District 7
Kuala Nerus District 4
  Kuala Lumpur 7 N/A 7  


In Singapore, a Mukim is a survey district. There are 34 Mukim survey districts in Singapore, as well as 30 Town Subdivision survey districts. The Town Subdivision survey districts are located in the city area while the Mukim survey districts are located in the outer regions surrounding the former.[5]

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