Morden i Sandhamn

Morden i Sandhamn (Swedish, 'Sandhamn Murders') is a Swedish television crime drama series. It is based on the books of the same name by writer, Viveca Sten. The series is broadcast on TV4, which has presented seven seasons from 20 December 2010.[1] The series follows Nora Linde (Alexandra Rapaport), a lawyer who owns a summer house on Sandhamn, and her assistance in solving various murders on or near that island. Nora's children, Simon and Anna, are portrayed by real-life siblings, Lion Monn and Ping Monn, respectively.[2] The first six seasons had Thomas Andreasson (Jakob Cedergren) of the Nacka police as the lead detective.[3] For season seven, Alexander Forsman (Nicolai Cleve Broch) was introduced as the new lead detective.[3]

Morden i Sandhamn
Also known asSandhamn Murders
Based onMorden i Sandhamn (2008)
by Viveca Sten
Written by
Directed by
  • Marcus Olsson
  • Niklas Ohlson
  • Mattias Ohlsson
Country of originSweden
Original languageSwedish
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes37 (list of episodes)
  • Martin Cronström
  • Anders Landström
  • Åsa Sjöberg
  • Pelle Mellqvist
  • Bo Persson
  • Sean Wheelan
Running time
  • 45 min. (per single episode)
  • 90 min. (per double episode)
Production companyFilmlance International [sv]
Original network
Original release20 December 2010 (2010-12-20) –
1 July 2022 (2022-07-01)

This Swedish television series appears to have been remade as a 2014 Polish series, "Zbrodnia," known in English as "The Crime."[citation needed]

Seasons one to five comprise three episodes per season, each covering one investigation arc. For seasons six and seven there were eight episodes each, with two parts per investigation. Seasons six and seven were broadcast as four double-episodes on C More Film and eight single episodes on TV4.[4] In August 2020 TV4 announced that an eighth season was in production.[5][6] Seasons one to five (as Sandhamn Murders) were broadcast from May 2021 on Australian network, SBS-TV's streaming service, On Demand.[7] Seasons six and seven followed in July 2021 on the same network.[8]

Morden i Sandhamn seasons one to three were released as The Sandhamn Murders, Vol. 1, a box set of 3× DVD, in March 2019.[9] It was issued at the same time as The Sandhamn Murders, Vol. 2, also a box set of 3× DVD, which covers seasons four and six.[10] Both box sets were issued in Swedish with English subtitles.[9][10]



  • Alexandra Rapaport as Nora Linde, financial lawyer, works at Nacka bank, owns a Sandhamn summer house, inherits Brandska, becomes Jonas' partner, later a prosecutor at Financial Crimes Unit (Seasons 1–7)
  • Jakob Cedergren as Thomas Andreasson, Nacka police lead detective, owns a summer house on Harö (north of Sandhamn), gets back with ex-wife Pernilla, they have a daughter, Elin, separates from Pernilla again, relocates to Copenhagen, when Pernilla and Elin move there (Seasons 1–6)
  • Sandra Andreis [sv] as Mia Holmgren, Nacka police detective, replaces Carina, owns pet dog Bertil, leaves police force (Seasons 2–6)
  • Jonas Malmsjö as Henrik Linde, Nora's ex-husband, yachtsman, medical doctor, Marie's partner, later separated from Marie (Seasons 1-2, 4, 6–7)
  • Anki Lidén as Margit Grankvist, Nacka police chief (Seasons 1–6)
  • Ping Mon H. Wallén/Ping Monn as Anna Linde, Nora and Henrik's daughter, later has summer jobs as cafe waitress, assistant caterer (Seasons 1–4, 6–7) (Note: Ping is the younger sister of Lion, both are children of Cina Wallén and Magnus Henrikson.[2])
  • Lotta Tejle as Claire, Thomas' neighbour on Harö, long-term borrower (Seasons 2–6)
  • Louise Edlind as Monica Linde, Henrik's mother (Seasons 1–4, 6)
  • Lion Monn/Lion Mon H. Wallén as Simon, Nora and Henrik's son, exchange student to United States (Seasons 1–4, 6) (Note: Lion is the older brother of Ping, both are children of Cina Wallén and Magnus Henrikson.[2])
  • Lars Amble as Harald, Henrik's father, KSSS board member (Seasons 1–3)
  • Nicolai Cleve Broch as Alexander Forsman, Swedish-Norwegian, Nacka police lead detective, replaces Thomas, Tor's father, separated from Vicky (Season 7)
  • Shirin Golchin as Miriam Biano, Nacka uniform police becomes detective, Alexander's partner (Season 7)
  • Gustaf Hammarsten as Bengt-Olof Stenmark, Nacka police chief, replaces Margit (Season 7)
  • Sofia Pekkari [sv] as Carina Persson, Nacka police detective, goes on maternity leave (Seasons 1–2)
  • Ane Dahl Torp as Pernilla Andreasson, Thomas' ex-wife, returns to Nacka, rejoins Thomas on Harö, they have a daughter Elin, she returns to Nacka, later separates from Thomas (Seasons 3–6)
  • Stefan Gödicke as Jonas Sköld, pilot, Vera's father, rents Brandska, divorces Malin, becomes Nora's partner (Seasons 4–6)
  • Saga Samuelsson as Vera Sköld, Jonas' daughter, initially resents Nora's romance with Jonas (Seasons 4–6)
  • Johan Hallström as Lennart, Nacka uniform police (Seasons 2–3)
  • Johan Hedenberg as Olle Granlund, Sandhamn fisherman, former Coastal Ranger, Anton's father (Seasons 4, 6)
  • Leona Axelsen as Julia Södergren/Clarissa, catering assistant, bar waitress, becomes a prostitute (Seasons 6–7)
  • Kassel Ulving as Tor Forsman, Alexander's 12-year-old son, lives on Berit's boat (Season 7)
  • Viveca Sten as "waitress" (Season 3, Episode 2), "party attendee" (Season 7, Episode 7). (Note: Sten wrote the books, upon which the series is based.)

Season 1 additional castEdit

  • Harriet Andersson as Signe Brand, Nora's neighbour, long-term permanent Sandhamn resident, owns a dog Kajsa, Nora inherits her house: Brandska (Note: also referred to as Signe's house/home or Brand Residence/home/house/villa.)
  • Andreas Kundler as Jonny Almhult, Sandhamn fisherman, some-time sketch artist, drinks too much
  • Lena Nilsson as Kristina "Kicki" Berggren, sister of Krister
  • Eva Stellby as Ellen Almhult, Sandhamn resident, widow of Gustav, Jonny's mother
  • Lasse Pettersson as Erik Berggren, widower of Cecilia, father of Krister and Kristina

Season 2 additional castEdit

  • Mats Rudal as Oscar Juliander, bankruptcy lawyer, KSSS board member, sometime yachtsman, corrupt and ruthless
  • Gustav Levin as Hans Rosenjöö, retiring KSSS chairman, accepts profits generated by Oscar despite methodology
  • Thomas Hanzon as Ingmar van Hahne, prospective KSSS chairman, runs an art gallery
  • Catherine Hansson as Sylvia Juliander, mother of Tom, puts up with Oscar's infidelities
  • Anne-Li Norberg as Eva, Oscar's secretary
  • Malena Engström as Ingrid Dieter, KSSS lawyer, disagrees with Oscar's methodology
  • Rebecka Teper [sv] as Diana Söder, works for Ingmar, mother of Filip, Oscar's mistress
  • Anu Sinisalo as Isabelle van Hahne, Ingmar's wife, has influential connections
  • Ylva Lööf as Britta Rosenjöö, Hans' wife, photographed guests at Linde's place

Season 3 additional castEdit

  • Kenneth Milldoff [sv] as Bengt Österman, Sebbe's father, has intergenerational feud with Rosén family, owns a dog, Wille. Sebbe died in a boating accident almost a year earlier
  • Eva Fritjofson [sv] as Ingrid Österman, Bengt's wife, Sebbe's mother
  • Alba August as Lina Rosén, 18-year old, Marianne's daughter, Jakob's girl-friend, Sara's best friend, Sebbe's friend, died a month later, body parts found eight months later
  • Marie Delleskog [sv] as Marianne Rosén, Lina's mother, has intergenerational feud with Österman family
  • Sebastian Hiort af Ornäs [sv] as Jakob Sandgren, Sebbe's best friend, on boat when Sebbe died, Lina's and then Sara's boyfriend
  • Mikaela Knapp [sv] as Sara Hammarsten, Lina's best friend, on boat when Sebbe died, becomes Jakob's girlfriend
  • Tomas Norström as Göran Nilsson, Marianne's second ex-husband, Lina's stepdad, boat owner
  • Angela Kovács as Hanna Hammarsten, Sara’s mother, dislikes Jakob
  • Martin Wallström as Magnus, sailing school instructor
  • Elisabet Carlsson as Ulrika Sandgren, Jakob's mother
  • Pablo Leiva Wenger [sv] as Måns Andersson, gym staff, personal trainer
  • Moa Zerpe as Sussi, gym staff, Måns' colleague

Season 4 additional castEdit

Season 5 additional castEdit

  • Kajsa Sandberg as Felicia Grimstad, Victor's girlfriend, Ebba's best friend
  • Liv Lemoyne as Ebba Halvorsen, Tobbe's ex-girlfriend, Felicia's best friend
  • Eliot Waldfogel as Tobias "Tobbe" Högström, Christoffer's younger brother, Arthur's son, Victor's best friend, Ebba's ex-boyfriend
  • Pontus Eklöf (actor) [sv] as Victor Ekengreen, 16 year-old, Johan and Madeleine's son, Felicia's boyfriend, Tobbe's best friend
  • Joel Lützow [sv] as Christoffer Högström, 21 year-old business college student, Tobbe's older brother, Arthur's son
  • Fredrik Hallgren [sv] as Harry, uniform police
  • Bisse Unger as Mattias Carlén, Malena's older brother, Ann-Sofie's nephew
  • Felix Engström [sv] as Johan Ekengreen, Victor's father
  • Filip Berg as Patrik Wennergren, convicted drug dealer
  • Ann-Charlotte Franzén [sv] as Jeanette Grimstad, Felicia's mother
  • Marie Robertson as Anna Miller, uniform police
  • Ann-Sofie Rase [sv] as Madeleine Ekengreen, Johan's wife, Victor's mother
  • Clara Christiansson Drake as Malena Carlén, Vera's friend, Mattias' younger sister
  • Molly Sehlin as Theresa "Tessan" Almblad, 15 year-old, flirts with Tobbe
  • Agnes Lindström Bolmgren as Ellinor Ekengreen, Victor's older sister
  • Peter Schildt as Arthur Högström, Christoffer and Tobbe's father
  • Gunilla Backman as Ann-Sofie Carlén, Mattias and Malena's aunt, owns a summer house on Sandhamn
  • Cedomir Djordjevic as Goran Minosevitch, Balkan drug-dealer, Patrik's competitor, previous assault convictions

Season 6 additional castEdit

  • Alexander Karim as Carsten Johnson/Lasse Jonsson, owns newly-built mansion, Celia's husband, property investment manager
  • Cecilia Häll as Linda Öberg (née Kronberg), caterer, Gustav's sister
  • Kaisa Hammarlund as Celia Johnson, Carsten's wife, London-resident, funds Carsten's investments
  • Marvin Dackén as Oliver, Carsten's son
  • Alba Karim as Sarah, Carsten's daughter
  • Douglas Johansson as Pär-Anders Andersson, Anna's husband, Carsten's neighbour, disgrantled by encroachment and disruption by mansion builders
  • Happy Jankell as Maria, Johnsons' au pair (Note: Happy's older sister, Felice Jankell portrays Ulrika in next story arc.)[11]
  • Erik Madsen as Dimitri, Russian property investor
  • Erik Lönngren as Anton Granlund, Olle's son, pyromaniac
  • Magdalena in de Betou [sv] as Anna Andersson, Pär-Anders' wife
  • Niclas Gustafsson as Mats, foreman, building Johnsons' mansion
  • Robert Stanczak as Marek, Mats' worker
  • Grim Lohman as Benjamin Wallin, Christian and Åsa's son, dislikes camp, gets bullied
  • Natalie Minnevik [sv] as Maja, camp leader
  • Charlie Petersson [sv] as Isak, camp leader
  • Christopher Wagelin [sv] as Pontus Lindqvist, convicted paedophile, police notified of his release
  • Romeo Altera as Samuel, camper, Sebbe's friend, bullies Ben
  • Anton Forsdik [sv] as Sebbe, camper, Sammuel's fried, bullies Ben
  • Felice Jankell as Ulrika, 25 year-old, wannabe writer, rents Brandska from Nora (Note: Felice's younger sister, Happy Jankell portrays Maria in previous story arc.)[11]
  • Wilma Lidén [sv] as Lova, camper, Simon's friend, befriends Ben
  • Sara Vilén as Tindra, camper, Lova's and Simon's friend
  • Robin Stegmar [sv] as Christian Wallin, Ben's father
  • Tina Råborg [sv] as Åsa Wallin, Ben's mother
  • Ulf Stenberg as Niklas Grönros, Christian's business partner
  • Hanna Alström as Minna Björkholm, André's wife
  • Tobias Aspelin as Dino Hovart, 40 year-old, works at André's car dealership
  • Linus Wahlgren as André Björkholm, car dealership owner
  • Peter Carlberg as Peter, Minna's father
  • Pia Oscarsson [sv] as Sara, Minna's mother
  • Anna Wallander [sv] as Anna-Marie Pettersson, Rosengården (women's refuge) manager, houses Minna and Aron
  • Malin Persson as Ebba Sjöstrand, runs Sisters Sjöstrand restaurant, caterer, mostly waitress, Agnes' sister
  • Tove Edfeldt as Agnes Sjöstrand, runs Sisters Sjöstrand restaurant, caterer, mostly accounts, Ebba's sister
  • Jessica Liedberg as Ulrika Gunnarsson, André's high-price lawyer
  • Erik Bolin [sv] as Emil Jonsson, boatyard owner, Andre's friend
  • Dan Johansson (actor) [sv] as Herman Virtanen, Minna's victim's counsel
  • Daniel Larsson (actor) [sv] as Jocke, Sisters Sjöstrand's chef
  • Kajsa Ernst as Marika Sjöstrand, executive director of alcohol importers, mother of Agnes and Ebba, Stefan's wife
  • Anders Berg (actor) [sv] as Filip Westlund, Sjöstrand business manager, Marika's lover
  • Magnus Mark [sv] as Stefan Lundlin-Sjöstrand, Marika's second husband, Sjöstrand marketing manager
  • Magnus Sundberg [sv] as Kim Ohlsson, Norway-based Wine Sweden CEO, ex-convict

Season 7 additional castEdit

  • Ing-Marie Carlsson as Berit, Alexander's mother, owns boat
  • Jacob Ericksson as Dennis, prominent businessman, Bengt-Olof's golf buddy
  • Noa Hultén as Johan, Dennis' elder son, Anna's love interest, she dumps him, ecstasy dealer
  • Malte Gårdinger as Vincent Marklund, Johan's friend, ecstasy dealer
  • Omeya Lundqvist-Simbizi as Ines Jacobsson, Anna's friend, works at cafe
  • Harald Lönnbro [sv] as "Knarkbaron" ('drug baron'), supplies ecstasy to Johan
  • Patrik Larsson (comedian) [sv] as "Festarrangör" ('party organiser'), runs Landline adult nightclub
  • Kjell Wilhelmsen [sv] as Wilhelm "Wille" Bauer, Bauer Homes CEO, property speculator
  • Yasmine Garbi [sv] as Gisela, Nora's recently returned friend, married to Charles, has affair with Henrik
  • Cecilia Nilsson as Eva, mother of Sebastian and Jonna, owner of Strömma Cement
  • Anton Lundqvist as Pär, Nora's assistant prosecutor at Financial Crimes Unit
  • Hampus Hallberg [sv] as Sebastian Carlmark, Eva's son, Strömma executive director, high-stakes gambler, heavy loser, Jonna's twin brother
  • Agnes Hargne Wallander [sv] as Jonna Carlmark, Eva's daughter, Strömma treasurer and assistant director, Sebastian's twin sister
  • Emil Almén as Louie, Julia's confidante and pimp
  • Tuva Børgedotter Larsen [sv] as Kristina, former Sandhamn resident, rents Brandska, dating Anders
  • Leonard Terfelt as Anders Lindén, Kristina's love interest
  • Michelle Meadows [sv] as Sara Kallner, Anders girl-friend, found dead
  • Hanna Malmberg [sv] as Petra Kallner-Carlsén, Sara's sister
  • Rakel Wärmländer as Maria, former anaesthetic nurse, Anders' wife, mother of two children, Robert's lover (Note: Wärmländer is the mother of Anita Bringås Wärmländer,[12] who portrays Young Vicky in "Vicky" episodes.)
  • Krister Kern [sv] as Robert, Maria's lover, Anders' former employee
  • André Sjöberg as "Solmannen" ('Sunny Man') pseudonym of man on dating app, met Sara at Nag's Head bar
  • Agnes Fred as "Bartender" (Milla), at Nag's Head
  • Nora Rios as Jackie, handball camp supervisor
  • Malin Crépin as Victoria "Vicky", Alexander's estranged wife, abandoned Tor three years earlier, Carl-Johan's daughter with his second wife
    • Anita Bringås Wärmländer as Unga Vicky ('Young Vicky'), Carl-Johan's ten year-old daughter, looks after five year-old brother, Kalle (Note: Wärmländer is the daughter of Rakel Wärmländer,[12] who portrays Maria in "The Promise" episodes.)
  • Leif Andrée as Carl-Johan Berger, prominent child psychologist and author, married three times
  • Cecilia Frode as Lisa Berger, Carl-Johan's third wife, organised his 50th jubilee party
  • Julia Marko-Nord [sv] as Mona, rents Brandska, mother of Micke, diagnosed with MS
  • Valter Skarsgård as Mikael "Micke" Lindgren, rents Brandska, son of Mona
  • Hanna Dorsin as Eva, Carl-Johan's adult daughter from his first wife
  • Måns Nathanaelson as Mats, Carl-Johan's adult son from his first wife
  • Roshi Hoss [sv] as Karin, Mats' wife
  • Saskia Husberg [sv] as "Vickys Mamma" ('Vicky's mom'), Carl-Johan's second wife, mother of Vicky and Kalle, divorces Carl-Johan after Kalle drowns, raises Vicky
  • Jakob Setterberg as Martin Koronen, concierge for Carl-Johan's jubilee, has affair with Lisa
  • Carla Sehn [sv] as Carolina, 25 year-old waitress, works with Anna
  • Björn A. Ling as Hans, Eva's husband

Episode guideEdit

Season 1Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
11"Still Waters Part 1"Marcus OlssonSara Heldt, Thomas BorgströmI de lugnaste vatten20 December 2010 (2010-12-20)
Nora and children visit a beach, Nora swims into a net-covered corpse. Margit sends Thomas' team to Sandhamn: they retrieve the corpse. The net tag has an identifying mark. Nora tells Henrik about finding the corpse. Signe asks Nora about the case. Carina updates Thomas: corpse is Krister, missing since March. At Krister's flat, Thomas tells Kicki that Krister died. That night Thomas takes sleeping pills. Lidwall and Blom stakeout Kicki's flat. Carina replaces them but Thomas slept-in: she repeatedly phones. Carina follows Kicki aboard Sandhamn ferry. Kicki enters a hostel: Carina has a toilet break. Thomas wakes: Carina's lost Kicki. Nora greets Harald and Monica at the ferry; sees Thomas disembark. Carina describes Kicki's outfit: Thomas searches. Harald recognises Jonny's identifying mark: Nora tells Thomas. At a bar, Jonny shows Kicki his sketch. Henrik does not want Nora involved in the case. Hours pass: no Kicki. Thomas tells Margit: Kicki's at a hostel. Kicki and Jonny are dancing: Ellen is outside and hears Kicki scream. Ellen knocks but Jonny tells her its just a TV show. Next morning, Thomas is harbourside with Carina and gets a call: Kicki's dead. Her purse has Jonny's drawing and identifying mark.
22"Still Waters Part 2"Marcus OlssonSara Heldt, Thomas BorgströmI de lugnaste vatten21 December 2010 (2010-12-21)
Carina monitors Kicki's corpse, Thomas returns to Jonny's: alerted by Ellen, Jonny drives his speedboat away. Margit arrives but Thomas has not returned. Ellen says Kicki was with Jonny last night. Thomas tells Margit yesterday he slept-in and consequently lost Kicki. Nora and Anna see Jonny travel past. Margit's not pleased by Thomas' performance and sends him home. Signe asks Nora about the second corpse. Henrik micro-manages Nora: she has an appointment. On the ferry Nora sees Thomas returning to Nacka. Thomas confirms Jonny's a suspect: Nora saw Jonny leaving. They disembark at Harö. Nora directs Thomas to Jonny’s fishing lodge. Thomas finds no trace of Jonny. Jonny holds Nora at gunpoint as Thomas stalks nearer. Jonny explains Kicki fell, she was bleeding but left. Henrik sees Thomas, Nora and Jonny arrive. Thomas believes Jonny is innocent. Margit is not convinced. Henrik is jealous of Nora's time with Thomas. Simon and Harald see Henrik slap Nora. At Krister's flat Carina finds a photo of young Krister next to a tall man. When Cecilia was dying she told Krister it showed his real father. Margit believes Jonny will confess. Autopsy shows Kicki was poisoned by anti-coagulant hours before meeting Jonny.
33"Still Waters Part 3"Marcus OlssonSara Heldt, Thomas BorgströmI de lugnaste vatten22 December 2010 (2010-12-22)
Harald and Monica take their grandchildren to the beach. Henrik tries to apologize for slapping Nora but believes Thomas is pursuing her. Nora becomes upset, locks herself in a room. Grandparents report that Simon and Anna are missing. With Kajsa's help Nora finds them in a small cave. Thomas and Carina ask Signe to identify the tall man: she does not. Anna informs Nora of the cave's skeleton. Nora tells Anna's story to Signe: who dismisses it. Nora and Thomas go to the cave and see the skeleton. Thomas and Nora kiss but she runs off. Harald and Monica celebrate their 40th anniversary. Skeleton's identity: Allan Black, Signe's husband. Nora and Signe go to Grönskär. Thomas, Carina and Henrik look for Nora and Signe. Signe owns a fishing zone surrounding Grönskär. Nora asks Signe why not inform police of Jonny's net tag. Signe tells Nora about meeting Krister and Cecilia in June 1961. Allan was Krister's father. Nora realizes Signe killed Allan, Krister and Kicki. Signe leaves Nora in a locked lighthouse. Signe ties a rope and anchor around her neck. The police find Signe's boat with Nora's shoes. At nightfall, Thomas sees the lighthouse's fire and rescues Nora.

Season 2Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
41"Closed Circles Part 1"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonHans Rosenfeldt, Camilla AhlgrenI den innersta kretsen17 December 2012 (2012-12-17)
Henrik steers Oscar's racing yacht to victory. Nora hosts numerous guests watching the finish. Oscar is shot dead. Claire scrounges through Thomas' things. Thomas and Mia attend Oscar's corpse. Henrik recalls the second shot went into Oscar's chest. Margit gives Thomas and Mia a small venue for work. KSSS board meet, Hans stands down, Ingmar's new chairman. Mia and Thomas interview Sylvia: Oscar had mistresses. Thomas lets Mia stay in his spare room. Nora wants a divorce from Henrik: she denies it's because of Thomas. Police get Oscar's client list from Eva. Oscar wanted a greater share of profits, which would reduce Ingrid's portion. Oscar received threatening emails. Eva says Diana was his mistress. Diana claims Oscar wanted a divorce. Isabelle wants to celebrate Ingmar's chairmanship. Margit: hunting rifle with silencer was used. Hans agrees that Martin claim Oscar stole KSSS' money. Martin gets message to meet "Indi". Britta asks Nora and Henrik about her missing camera. She asks if Brandska is for sale; Nora says not. Nora tells Thomas she's getting a divorce. When Nora returns home, Henrik tries to romance her with a meal and flowers. Police determine fatal shot came from Nora's or Brandska.
52"Closed Circles Part 2"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonHans Rosenfeldt, Camilla AhlgrenI den innersta kretsen18 December 2012 (2012-12-18)
Henrik provides Monica's invitation list. Nora checks people not on terrace. Police survey Brandska: no break-in; Nora sees a cloth bag. Eva supplies Oscar's client list. Ingrid denies killing Oscar but has no alibi. Monica tells Nora: Henrik will never sign; divorce is Nora's fault. Henrik defends Monica. Thomas interviews Martin: Oscar took 250,000; Hans informed. Sylvia tells Mia: Oscar and Tom disliked each other. Thomas asks Nora to research Oscar's clients. KSSS board: each provides location during shooting. Police query Tom: he was in Nacka with people. Nora drops children at Nacka home. Nora tells Henrik she saw Marie's suggestive message. Nora spontaneously visits Thomas, but he's dining with Mia. Nora checks Brandska, someone shoves door into her and runs off. Margit: Isabelle wants Thomas to apologise for suspicions. Ingmar lost his mobile. Nora tells Thomas: Oscar's bankruptcy properties, including Arvid's, were re-sold for high profits. Nora's reviewing payments into Oscar's accounts. Arvid says he's not angry about low settlement. Henrik returns children, claims Marie's a confidante: he's not believed. Margit: threatening emails are from Tom. After a message from "Indi", Martin arrives at a cabin where he is shot dead.
63"Closed Circles Part 3"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonHans Rosenfeldt, Camilla AhlgrenI den innersta kretsen19 December 2012 (2012-12-19)
Police: Martin was meeting "Indi". Hans: Martin lent Oscar money, not stolen. Arvid and Ingrid are a couple: she does not want their relationship exposed. Britta finds her camera. Henrik concedes to Harald: divorce's his fault. Harald tells him to sign papers. Britta asks Nora to download photos from her camera. Henrik signs divorce papers. Thomas interviews Ingrid: admits to dating Arvid but she's not "Indi". Diane: Tom knows Filip is Oscar’s son. Mia questions Tom: agrees he threatened Oscar. Ingmar says he's "Indi" and loved Martin for years; claims neither Isabelle nor Oscar knew. Last message sent from Ingmar's phone was after he lost it. From Britta's photos: Nora sees cloth bag in her foyer. Nora returns to Brandska, imagines lining up a shot near a window and smells pillow nearby. Syliva tells Isabelle: Nora's researching Oscar's finances. Nora to Isabelle: checking Oscar's accounts. Sylvia tells Thomas: Isabelle went to Nora's. Nora refuses Isabelle's bribe. Isabelle uses a knife to threaten Nora. Police arrive: Isabelle surrenders. Oscar knew Ingmar was gay; blackmailed Isabelle for money and sex. She killed Oscar and Martin. Nora puts Brandska up for rent. Nora visits Thomas and meets Claire.

Season 3Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
71"Guiltless Part 1"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI grunden utan skuld2 December 2013 (2013-12-02)
Simon learns sailing from Magnus. Simon, Anna and friends play in forest. They find severed arm and tell Bengt. Margit: check Lina's disappearance, last November. Marianne recognises Lina's jewellery. Nora divorced from Henrik. Previous October, boat accident when Sebbe died had Lina, Jakob and Sara aboard. Bengt and Ingrid questioned when Lina vanished. Sara describes accident; Sebbe drove Göran's boat. Lina disappeared after Sebbe's funeral. Hanna: Jakob was Lina's boyfriend, now Sara's boyfriend. Jakob hit Lina; they separated before disappearance. Göran packs his boat. Mia finds Jakob and Sara talking. Mia questions Jakob: dated Sara since Easter; Lina broke up with him but he never hit her. Ulrika barges in, orders Jakob to leave. Bengt's and Marianne's families feuded. Mia stays with Thomas during investigation. Claire borrows paint. Thomas has meal with Pernilla. Nora interrupts Jakob yelling at Sara. Magnus invites Nora out but she declines. Shadowy figure digs in forest. Thomas informs Marianne: sniffer dogs arrive today. Sara to police: Lina said Göran groped her. Thomas phones Göran: no reply. Nora to Thomas: Jakob and Sara argued. Lina's memorial held; Marianne thanks Bengt for attending. Sara accuses Göran of groping Lina. Sara sees someone in forest and is frightened.
82"Guiltless Part 2"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI grunden utan skuld9 December 2013 (2013-12-09)
Hanna to police: Sara missing since nine last night; bike's gone. Police interview Jakob: no idea where Sara is; saw her at memorial, went for walk and home at 11. Ulrika got home later. In Sara's room Thomas finds "J" necklace. Police collect Sara's laptop. Cadaver dogs find human remains recently removed. Monica: Henrik and Marie live together. Göran's boat gone: he's not answering phone. Police to Marianne: Sara's missing, no news on Lina. Jakob finds Sara's bike. Mia asks Nora about significant events when Lina disappeared. Thomas updates Margit: Göran had motive; Jakob possibly involved. Sara's laptop: contacted Måns. Nora reads local newspapers: fire destroyed boatshed. Mia arrests Måns with bag of pills. Måns: never met Sara. At boatshed, Mia finds another "J" necklace: matches Sara's. Forensics found blood near boatshed. Nora introduces Magnus to Thomas. Göran's boat returned. As Mia enters, she's knocked out. Pernilla visits Thomas on Harö. Claire borrows petrol. Pernilla approves of Thomas' renovations. Nora gets dressed up and finds Magnus. Mia wakes on Göran's boat; phones Thomas. Police watch Göran's boat. Nora and Magnus sleep together. Someone walks into a tower where Sara's bound and gagged: gives her a drink of water then leaves.
93"Guiltless Part 3"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI grunden utan skuld16 December 2013 (2013-12-16)
Nora sneaks off Magnus' boat: seen by Harald. Göran to police: left boat, went to bar, spent night with Lotta. Bartender: Göran there last night. Pernilla feels easy with Thomas. Monica and Harald return children; Harald said nothing. Bagged, severed leg discovered near shore. Tied with blue rope. Police search Göran’s boat: same blue rope, blood-stained hoodie and long hairs. Göran arrested for kidnap and murder. Jakob: egged Sebbe drive faster, hit buoy, boat exploded. Bengt to Nora: Ingrid would read Carolina’s diaries. Bengt gives Simon and Anna boat ride. Ingrid to Nora: go to Lökholmen tower, now. Nora finds Sara: it was Bengt. Nora phones police: Sara’s okay but Bengt has children. Bengt unloads bags on another island. Ingrid’s taken sleeping pills. Bengt throws body parts into water. Nora and Thomas see Bengt’s boat; find children. Bengt runs from Thomas. Thomas slips into water. Nora hears calling, puts children aside. Bengt holds Thomas above water. Nora revives Thomas by CPR. Magnus leaves Sandhamn. Thomas hospitalised with concussion. Bengt to Margit and Mia: saw Lina at Sebbe’s grave, crying for encouraging Sebbe to drive faster. Bengt raged, threw Sara down: she died instantly. Nora meets Pernilla and Thomas at hospital.

Season 4Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
101"Tonight You're Dead Part 1"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI natt är du död27 November 2014 (2014-11-27)
Nora greets Jonas and Vera; Sven transports luggage. Maria finds Marcus hanged. Pernilla joins Thomas on Harö. Police find unsigned suicide note, no computer, no mobile. Boot marks outside unlatched window. Maria to Thomas: Marcus was happy; booked trip with David. Thomas dismisses suicide; treat as murder. Margit agrees. Vera: parents having marriage problems. Marcus' e-diary: met former rangers, went to Storken Pharmacy. Bo to police: recognizes Marcus, asked about ranger experiences but memory's hazy. Lena and police find Jan-Erik drowned. Susanna to Mia: Marcus researched group dynamics. Maria to Thomas: do not know Marcus' girlfriends. Martin sees Susanna upset: student died. Margit: contact Elsa for rangers' details. Nora fixes blocked toilet for Jonas. Claire interrupts Pernilla and Thomas kissing. Jonas and Nora chat. Annika to Mia: do not recognize Marcus. Jan-Erik held down, green soap in lungs. David: Susanna loved Marcus. Susanna to police: Martin in Sandhamn when Marcus died. Jenny confirms Martin's alibi. Anders phones Thomas: more rangers Leif, Stefan and Sven. Bo leaves flat. Pernilla asks if Thomas would marry again: only if she wants to. Henrik wants Marie to attend Anna's birthday party, Nora's says okay: Thomas might go. Sven gets home: sees Bo.
112"Tonight You're Dead Part 2"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI natt är du död4 December 2014 (2014-12-04)
Elsa gives police: 1985 unit's graduation photo. Robert to police: did not see Marcus, Leif was brutal. Margit: unknown DNA on Marcus' rope. Leif: no contact from Marcus, Robert was ruthless: trained by wading through shit. Jonas finds Sven drowned in tub. Olle smokes fish, Thomas shows him unit photo: recognizes Bo and saw him yesterday. Anna's birthday party starts. Henrik meets Jonas. Police return to Bo's: find photos of squad. Henrik suspicious of Jonas. Nora says goodbye to children: they go back with Henrik. Thomas and Pernilla have BBQ and drink wine, Claire joins. Olle takes Nora to Korsö, where rangers trained, some could not cope. Robert picked a trainee to become his favorite victim: no-one said anything. Nora sees green liquid soap. Dorms in tunnels, they had little sleep. Olle remembers most trainees accepted situation to prove their courage and endurance. Bo is at shoreline drinking, a car pulls up behind him. Annika to Mia: no-one recognizes Marcus. Sven also deliberately drowned and had liquid soap in lungs. Bo's found dead, Mia saves Bo's cat. Jonas shares a drink with Nora: Malin wants a divorce. Thomas and Pernilla go to opera. Birgitta goes to yoga, Robert's knocked out.
123"Tonight You're Dead Part 3"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI natt är du död11 December 2014 (2014-12-11)
Nora comforts Vera: parents divorcing. Bo murdered by head blow, soap in lungs. Lena to police: Jan-Erik's diaries have 1984 and 1985 missing. Brigitta: Robert's gone, Marcus did talk to Robert. Robert hid Marcus computer and mobile. Henrik checking on Nora. Olle to Nora: unit had eight members not seven. Elsa: Pär suicide by hanging, on Korsö. Thomas offers police protection for Anders. Pär bullied by Robert, Bo, Jan-Erik and Sven. Annika is Storken pharmacist. Nora reads "three murdered with soap", remembers soap at Korsö. Police obtain Annika's arrest warrant: not working nor home. Jan-Erik's diaries at Annika's. Thomas sees Korsö circled on map. Annika repeatedly dunks Robert in tub. Olle and Nora arrive at Korsö, Annika runs off. Olle lifts Robert out of tub. Nora does CPR: Robert revives. Thomas and Mia arrive. Nora follows Annika near cliff edge. Annika raving about Pär's murder. Annika walks backwards off cliff. Robert explains why Pär was punished: he embarrassed Robert in front of dignitaries. Shoved Pär's head repeatedly into soapy water until he drowned. Robert and others made it look like suicide. Mia given Bo's cat. Jonas treats Nora to meal: they kiss. Vera sees them. Thomas on vacation, Pernilla's pregnant.

Season 5Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
131"In the Heat of the Moment Part 1"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI stundens hetta18 November 2015 (2015-11-18)
Annual Midsummer party begins. Christoffer's boat passengers: Tobbe, Ebba, Felicia and Victor. Vera asks to party. Jonas: keep phone on. Vera sits near Mattias. Patrik sells Victor ecstasy; Patrik's underpaid. Felicia takes ecstasy. Nora and Jonas sleep. Vera and Mattias drink wine. Patrik and Victor fight; separated by Harry and Anna. Nora: Vera took wine, which Vera denies; Jonas accepts her denial. Tobbe and Victor snort cocaine. Police pick up Felicia. Jonas to Nora: Vera's not back, nor answering. Nora informs Thomas. Ebba to Anna: where's Felicia and Victor? Felicia found. Monica asks Nora: collect Felicia and Ebba? Both recover at Nora's. Tobbe to Henry: Ebba cleared off, not seen Victor. Thomas and Mia attend Victor's corpse. Staffan: skull bashed, died elsewhere, hours earlier, vomit-covered cloth and phone. Phone's registered to Johan. Harry: Högströms at marina. Johan identifies Victor. Christoffer and Tobbe: Tessan flirted with Tobbe, Ebba jealous and stormed off. Victor left at nine. Högströms went to another party, without Victor. Christoffer to Thomas: Patrik argued with Victor. Harry recognizes Patrik's photo. Ebba to Thomas: accompanied Felicia to party, Victor gets violent after drinking. After Tobbe's argument, Ebba went to another party. Thomas to Jonas: no sign of Vera.
142"In the Heat of the Moment Part 2"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI stundens hetta25 November 2015 (2015-11-25)
Thomas and Mia arrest Patrik: Victor took phone without payment; they argued. Felicia: kissed Victor; vomited, then slept. Madeleine blames Johan: let Victor party. Nora finds Vera. Vera: got drunk, lost phone, fell asleep. Jonas: grounded till Christmas. Christoffer to police: Tobbe and Victor friends, sometimes argued; Tobbe, Tessan and friends partied until 3; hooked up with Sara at 11, not sure where Tobbe was. Christoffer to Arthur: Victor's dead. Arthur: return immediately. Vera: Nora's tattle-tale. Margit: Victor killed by rounded object; high blood alcohol; traces: ecstasy and cocaine. Johan: Victor smart and ambitious, never drugs. Johan accuses Madeleine: ignored Victor's drug-taking. Pernilla relocates to Nacka: Thomas overworks. Jonas asks Nora: check Vera despite teenager attitude. Arthur to Mia: Tobias unavailable until 12 tomorrow. Ann-Sofie to Thomas: away for Midsummer, too crazy. Someone's been in Brandska, left vomit smell. Armchair cloth: same one near corpse. At Patrik's: door unlocked, find marijuana plants, Patrik shot dead. Find ecstasy upstairs; no cocaine. Goran: never saw Victor nor Patrik. Vera frosty toward Nora. Margit: Tessan said Tobbe left at 10, not seen again. Vera sees Nora kiss Thomas goodbye. Arthur asks Tobbe: tell everything, now. Felicia remembers: Tobbe on rocks where Victor died.
153"In the Heat of the Moment Part 3"Niklas Ohlson, Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Hans RosenfeldtI stundens hetta2 December 2015 (2015-12-02)
Margit: Rovan confessed to Patrik's murder. Nora to Vera: Jonas will always choose you. Thomas to Margit: Felicity saw Tobbe following Victor. Nora to Vera: no romance with Thomas. Ellinor: last Christmas Victor took drugs at Tobbe’s. Tobbe to police: left Christoffer's party looked for Ebba, no Felicia nor Victor, did take drugs, fell asleep on shoreline. Newspaper report: police have suspect. Johan sees police searching Högström home. Johan phones Arthur: Tobbe’s the suspect. Vera to Nora: Mattias took her to aunt's house. Harry's torn vest matches fragment. Harry: found Felicia, saw Victor, who became violent. Harry felled Victor onto rock, left bleeding but alive. Arthur coerces Tobbe: attend Victor's memorial. Johan takes gun. At memorial Tobbe apologizes to Ebba. Nora takes Vera to Thomas: Mattias got amorous, taking Vera’s clothes off, she made herself vomit on him, then ran off. Mattias arrested. Johan gives Victor’s eulogy. Mattias: Vera wanted sex but got sick, went outside for fresh air. He cleaned up house, threw away vomit-covered cloth, saw Victor. Victor tried strangling Mattias. At memorial Johan shoots Tobbe for killing Victor. Mattias hit Victor with a rock to escape. Mattias hid corpse. Johan arrested for murder. Nora attends Elin's Christening.

Season 6Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
161"The Price of Power Part 1"Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Martin AsphaugI maktens skugga12 April 2018 (2018-04-12)
Anton ignites newspapers on rooftop. Oliver and Sarah sneak inside; Maria removes them. Linda finds dead cormorants, "Piss Off!" note. Carsten: keep secret. At bakery, Anderssons complain about Johnsons’ mansion, Celia meets Nora. Vera minds stepsiblings; Nora and Jonas go to party. Marek: Carsten, pay us. Mats: I will fix it. Carsten: money on way. Dimitri phones Carsten: want money, today. Johnsons greet guests. Carsten snorts cocaine. Olle and Anderssons: council bribed? Julia follows Carsten to beach. Dimitri asks for Carsten. Nora and Jonas see burning sauna, phone fire department. Someone trapped inside. Thomas and Mia attend corpse; find lighter, broken glass. Mia: unidentified body inside. Celia: Carsten left at 10, Dimitri wanted Carsten, provides attendee list. Maria to Mia: children in bed early, Carsten drunk. Linda: kitchen all night, took boat home, mentions note. Nora: no fights, Carsten with Julia, Pär-Anders against mansion. Pär-Anders: wrote nasty comments, home at 12. Margit: male corpse, blow to head, died of smoke inhalation. Anton lights bonfire. Mia: videoing crowd, Anton skulks away. Jonas and Vera: Mallorca holiday. Nora identifies Anton. Olle: Anton does not burn buildings, nor use lighter or petrol. Anton: someone drove small white boat. Carsten arrives in similar boat.
172"The Price of Power Part 2"Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Martin AsphaugI maktens skugga12 April 2018 (2018-04-12)
Carsten: cannot remember, woke up alone, does not know Dimitri. Carsten names Julia to police; lies to Celia. Carsten greets children, tries to charm Maria. Nora: checking Carsten's financial history. Pernilla promoted, works more. Carsten kisses Maria; she walks off. Celia phones Carsten's number, Oliver answers. Carsten slaps Oliver, yells at Maria. Julia: Carsten left her waiting, later returned, stayed together next day. Carsten's computer photos: him at Julia's. Carsten: just cuffed Oliver. Fingerprints on lighter from Gustav: overdosed in 2007. Nora: Carsten's dodgy deals; company bankrupted, bailout from in-laws, now Russian deals. Carsten phones Shaun: needs money, swears publicly. Maria's afraid, leaves job. Celia wants to return to London. Carsten begs her to stay, no idea how to pay debts. Carsten: dragged Dimitri unconscious into sauna, left him. Carsten snorts cocaine, drinks and takes his gun. Nora goes to Johnsons. Celia and children leaving. Carsten waves gun, apologizes to Oliver, threatens Celia. Sees two men, puts gun in pocket, goes outside. Nora phones police for help. After arguing, men leave. Carten shoots himself dead. Linda: Gustav idolized Carsten, lost money in schemes. Gustav turned to drugs until he died. Linda admits to burning sauna. Jonas and Vera return.
183"In the Name of the Truth Part 1"Mattias OhlssonDaniel Alfredson, Birgitta Bongenhielm I sanningens namn19 April 2018 (2018-04-19)
Pontus approaches Simon. Ben dislikes Knarrholmen camp; Christian insists. Nora drives Simon to camp; he photographs campers. Isak collects all mobiles. Christian to Asa: landline for emergencies. Niklas wants cash, now; Christian: have to sell first. Thomas takes nightshift. Samuel and Sebbe bullying Ben. Ben wants mobile, Maja dismisses it as homesickness. Bullies: fart jokes, name-calling, teasing. Ulrika rents Brandska. Nora, Jonas and Ulrika have dinner. Ben sees campers dancing, walks away, Pontus follows. Ulrika dumped by married man, should she tell wife? Nora dissuades her. Pernilla moves back to Nacka. Vera photographs Nora and Thomas hugging, sends to Jonas. After showing Nora, Jonas flies to Thailand. Ben, Lova and Tindra enjoy sailing. Maja’s scavenger hunt: answers around island. Ben teamed with Samuel and Sebbe. Simon sees Pontus at jetty. Bullies deliberately mislead Ben, dump him in cold water, and abandon him. Pontus finds Ben, gives him towel. Ben sees Simon's trio, joins them. Bullies steal Ben's clothes. Vera regrets photo. Maja collects answers. Ben in office, tries landline, Christian does not answer: let Ben solve own issues. Pontus watches Ben. Isak takes Ben back to hut. Pontus enters boys hut, takes Ben's top. Thomas catches petrol siphoning criminals.
194"In the Name of the Truth Part 2"Mattias OhlssonDaniel Alfredson, Birgitta Bongenhielm I sanningens namn19 April 2018 (2018-04-19)
Ben's missing, Tova finds hanged dummy, wearing Ben's clothes. Thomas and Mia sent to Knarrholmen. Tova and Simon detail bullying. Simon saw Pontus; shows boat’s mooring, sends Thomas recent Ben photo. Samuel and Sebbe admit bullying. Christian blames Maja. Simon confirms Pontus' photo. Police watch Pontus' home. Wallins to Thomas: release Ben's photo and their names. Pontus not home for weeks. Jonas and Nora videoconference. Pontus fingerprints on Ben's bed and window. Mia: Pontus' at Dalarö. Thomas arrests Pontus, finds Ben's top. Ulrika to Nora: writing's going well. Christian to Åsa: police arrested Pontus, found Ben’s top. Pontus: found top in woods. Thomas grapples Pontus; Mia drags Thomas off; sent home. Åsa blames Christian for Ben's disappearance. Another boat's camera: Pontus leaves, Ben arrives and leaves on another boat. Niklas to Christian: where's my money? Nora to Thomas: talk to Pernilla. After Ulrika leaves home, Thomas and Nora see lights. Christian to Niklas: where's Ben, they fight. Nora and Thomas find Ben, Ulrika returns. Ulrika had affair with Christian. Ulrika: rescued Ben from bullies. Thomas phones Christian: Ben's alright. Niklas was knocked out. Ulrika arrested for kidnapping. Christian charged with assault. Claire returns borrow items. Jonas asks Nora to marry.
205"In the Wrong Company Part 1"Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Martin AsphaugI fel sällskap26 April 2018 (2018-04-26)
André repeatedly hits Minna. Dino sees them. Nora to Ulrika: client charged in two weeks. Parents visit Minna in hospital. Nora's hens party at restaurant. Thomas: Elin is with Pernilla. Nora's videoconference with Jonas, in Thailand. Dino to Mia: phone stolen, did not make emergency call. André phones Minna: forgive him, never happen again. Minna: it's over. Henrik visits Nora, why was he not invited to wedding? Parents do not answer André, Peter gets rifle. André bangs door, throws rock through window. Sara collapses. Minna carries Aron out of ward. André searches hospital, finds Aron's toy. Mia packs pram in car, drives off as André exits hospital. Mia takes Minna to Rosengården and introduces Anna-Marie. André meets Emil, admires boat. André invites Dino: test run boat. Nora and Thomas share meal. André drives fast, then asks Dino why he called police. André fights Dino, hits him on head with spike. Nora describes dodgy work by car retailer. Claire sets up Thomas on dating app. Margit: Thomas attend unidentified corpse on abandoned boat. Ulrika to André: Nora is prosecutor. André: informant not Minna. Margit: boat was at Emil's docks. Mia identifies corpse as Dino. André: home with Emil playing cards.
216"In the Wrong Company Part 2"Mattias OhlssonCamilla Ahlgren, Martin AsphaugI fel sällskap26 April 2018 (2018-04-26)
Emil: played cards with André, stayed overnight. Jonas arrives home. Minna to Herman: André more brutal after Aron born. Jonas and Nora taste menu for reception. Jonas jealous of Thomas. André lies to Emil: Dino gambled, had debts. Thomas to Nora: Minna's injuries. Ulrika to André: Minna's lawyer is Herman. André threatens Herman at gunpoint, leaves Herman tied up. André: questions Anna-Marie, breaks fingers. Herman unties himself. Thomas and Nora arrive at Rosengården. Minna hides from André. André hears Aron. Thomas: André's here; finds Anna-Marie. André threatens Minna, notices Thomas and escapes. Nora: put Minna at Brandska. Thomas: stays there, too. Minna to Nora: photos of André's home office. Nora cancels wedding: Jonas unfaithful. Peter phones Minna: Sara died. Ulrika: Nora has enough evidence for prosecution, turn yourself in, find new lawyer. Anna-Marie confirms André attacked. Emil lies to Mia: André not here. André uses Emil's phone: finds Nora’s address. Nora asks Jonas to leave. Nora to Thomas: broke-up with Jonas. André takes Nora hostage, forces her to reveal Minna. André disarms Thomas, demands Minna bring Aron. André waves gun at Nora and Thomas but shot dead by Peter. Peter: protecting Minna, charged with manslaughter. Simon and Anna return.
227"In Sickness and in Health Part 1"Mattias OhlssonKatarina EwersI nöd och lus3 May 2018 (2018-05-03)
Police stakeout alcohol smugglers, Thomas goes for coffee. Mia phones Thomas when van arrives. Thomas busy on Pernilla's call. Mia, seeing man unloading boxes, pulls her gun out. Kim strikes Mia from behind with pole. Thomas finds Mia unconscious and bleeding. Jonas to Nora: will pick up last of his clothes. Ebba and Agnes ask Nora to sample tomorrow's menu. Marika and Stefan organise her 60th birthday. Claire agrees to look after Bertil. Thomas finds vodka, imported by Sjöstrand's. Filip to Kim: deliver alcohol to Agnes. Filip to Thomas: mainly sell wine, added vodka, also sells to Wine Sweden. Thomas to Margit: Kim's probably façade. Thomas asks Nora: investigate Sjöstrands. 60th party starts. Nora and Henrik dance: Marie’s left Henrik. Marika promotes new wine. Stefan and Jocke smoke. Filip and Marika flirt. Agnes' kidnapped. Nora: Henrik stay at Brandska. Ebba tells parents: Agnes gone, restaurant unlocked. Kidnapper: have Agnes, sends photo. Agnes groggy, tied up in rusty boat. Ebba wants to call police; Marika and Stefan object. Kidnapper: no police, we want money. Margit: Mia's conscious. Thomas to Mia: Bertil's with Claire. Mia remembers little. Jonas collects suitcases, sees Henrik, they discuss Nora. Agnes asks for water, kidnapper gives drink.
238"In Sickness and in Health Part 2"Mattias OhlssonKatarina EwersI nöd och lus3 May 2018 (2018-05-03)
Kim’s alibi: at bar. Kidnapper wants 5 million. Marika knows about illegal alcohol. Thomas brings Mia’s laptop. Henrik and Nora become passionate but interrupted by Thomas. Nora: Sjöstrand companies smuggling and tax evasion. Mia starts identikit. Marika: Filip dealt with Wine Sweden and Kim. Kidnapper feeds Agnes. Marika gets instructions. Henrik returns Brandska keys. Mia's identikit matches Filip. Fillip: money into Marika’s suitcase. Ebba tells Nora: Agnes kidnapped. Nora phones Thomas, leaves message. Thomas follows Filip into warehouse, attacked by Kim. Thomas subdues Kim. Filip stopped by police. Thomas to Filip: Mia's identikit of attacker. Filip: wants lawyer. Margit: is Marika involved? Thomas: bring Marika in. Nora to Thomas: Agnes kidnapped. Stefan sends Marika and Ebba off. Marika leaves suitcase. Hooded figure approaches, its Agnes. Nora encounters Stefan; he’s leaving. Marika’s suitcase has books. Marika phones Stefan: know what he's done. Nora eludes Stefan, takes suitcase to house, calls Thomas, and knocks out Stefan. Jocke arrives sees Nora, pulls gun and takes suitcase. Thomas enters, shot in arm, Jocke runs off. Police warn Jocke, he raises gun, gets shot. Stefan and Jocke plotted to steal money from Marika. Marika and Filip arrested. Agnes and Ebba released. Mia leaves police force.

Season 7Edit

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byBased onOriginal air date
241"Blue Lies Part 1"Mattias OhlssonJohan Widerberg, Mattias OhlssonBlå lögner3 August 2020 (2020-08-03)
Youths dancing to electronica, man collapses. Bengt-Olof: man died from blue pills (ecstasy), must find dealers. Vincent enters building; Johan's re-packing pills. Nora disallows Anna from music festival. Vincent shows Alexander pills, sirens sound. Vincent runs, discards pills before being caught. Bengt-Olof asks about pills. Vincent wants lawyer, taken away. Alexander: undercover to find dealers. Bengt-Olof: unimpressed, follow procedure. Alexander snaps at Miriam for arresting him. Bengt-Olof: work together. At Tor’s school, Dennis: Tor attacked Oscar. Tor: no apology, "called mum a whore". Dennis insults Alexander; Alexander threatens Dennis. Anna and Ines inside Flatlines. Berit supervises Tor. Ines gives Anna ecstasy. Anna talks to Johan; spits out pills. Alexander: Vincent's arrest warrant? Nora: insufficient evidence. Alexander: "bitch"; Nora kisses Alexander. Anna ignores calls. Henrik refuses to phone Anna. Nora determines Anna has crush on Johan, uses name as laptop password, finds festival receipt, Gothenburg ticket. Nora at bus terminal, Anna not boarded. Nora goes to Flatlines, "party organiser" did not see Anna, nor care about under-age drinking. Nora tells Henrik and police: Anna's missing. Nora meets Tor. Tor: mum's dead. Alexander to Nora: nobody's seen Anna. Alexander discovers ecstasy in Anna's stove. Police found Anna's phone at Stavsnäs marina.
252"Blue Lies Part 2"Mattias OhlssonJohan Widerberg, Mattias OhlssonBlå lögner3 August 2020 (2020-08-03)
Anna's underwear found at marina. Henrik to Nora: sorry for uncooperative responses. Anna's phone: video shows Johan. ICU nurse: Ines had ecstasy. Anna wakes, leg trapped between rocks. Alexander to Nora: Tor's mother left 3 years earlier. Nora's hit; man runs off. Alexander catches Johan, looking for hidden ecstasy. Vincent shows Johan news: wanted by police. Flashback: Johan gropes Ines, spikes drinks. Outside, Anna sees "drug baron" hand Johan large bag. Ines faints, Vincent and Johan drive Ines to hospital; dump her. Anna hears Johan say they have to silence Anna. Vincent finds Anna but motions to keep quiet. Current: Alexander to Tor: mum's not dead. Vincent and Johan in Nacka, "drug baron" castigates them for women at transaction. Alexander to Nora: CCTV depicts Ines and Anna with Vincent and Johan. At Vincent's mother's home, find Vincent groggy. Alexander: where's Anna? Vincent: Kalvskär. On island, Nora finds Anna unconscious. Alexander breaks into house nearby: gets blankets. Police free Anna: helicopter to hospital. Alexander also finds bloodied floor, photo of Dennis and Johan. Anna to Nora: describes experiences. Alexander visits Dennis, serves search warrant. Police catch Johan with bagful of pills. Dennis punches Alexander. Both are arrested. Nora takes Anna home.
263"The Twins Part 1"Mattias OhlssonSara Heldt, Mattias OhlssonTvillingarna10 August 2020 (2020-08-10)
Wille's employee kills himself. Nora and Pär question Wille about financial irregularities, employee's death. Eva and Jonna: rezoning plan, sell factory site. Sebastian arrives late. Pär to Nora: Bauer share price rocketing. Sebastian to Jonna: need loan. Jonna: No, already owe 100,000. Eva collapses and hospitalised. Nora visits Gisela. Henrik calls Nora, Gisela takes over. Julia serves Nora at restaurant. Louie phones Julia: Wille, tomorrow 5pm. Bank freezes Sebastian's accounts. Eva: Jonna manage land deal. Sebastian: Jonna's taking over. Jonna: Sebastian wastes money. Sebastian to Wille: 2 million for Strömma's land. Wille to Sebastian: sign tonight. Tor catches more fish than Alexander; cooked at Nora's. Sebastian emails contract to Wille. Pär: Wille's heavy debts, dodgy transactions. Wille throws party. Berit advises Alexander: romance Nora. Wille to Sebastian: Clarissa's for hire. Clarissa to Sebastian: working to buy bar. Wille cuddles Clarissa, Sebastian wants payoff. Wille opens safe, takes gun, aims at Sebastian. Wille: only joking, insults Clarissa. Sebastian grapples Wille, gun fires, kills Wille. Sebastian gives Clarissa money to leave. Sebastian phones Jonna: needs help. Sebastian to Jonna: accident. Jonna turns death scene into robbery-murder. Jonna drives Sebastian’s boat, dumps bag evidence bag overboard. Twins argue, Jonna shoves Sebastian onto spike.
274"The Twins Part 2"Mattias OhlssonSara Heldt, Mattias OhlssonTvillingarna10 August 2020 (2020-08-10)
Jonna drives boat into island, hides money, drives from Strömma property. Police attend Wille’s corpse. Forensics: shot dead 12  hours ago, no fingerprints, cleaned up. Miriam: Wille investigated by prosecutor. Nora to Alexander: checking Wille’s finances, nothing illegal, yet. Henrik: invest children's funds in Bauer, Eva leaves hospital, cannot contact Sebastian. Miriam: Sebastian's and Julia's phones active at murder time. Guests left before 8:30. Jonna to police: Sebastian's not here. Alexander: Sebastian at Wille’s party. Jonna deletes phone messages. Nora: Wille’s purchasing Strömma land via Sebastian. Jonna returns to Sebastian's corpse: takes phone. Police find Sebastian, when notified Eva collapses. Louie advises Julia to get lawyer. Julia phones Sebastian; Jonna answers, Julia sends photo of Jonna leaving Wille’s with Sebastian. Julia sketchily describes her situation to Nora. Nora: go to police. Jonna offers Julia 2 million, meet at Strömma. Julia phones Louie: taking money and running. Miriam listened in. Nora: Julia was at Wille's. Jonna threatens Julia with gun, Julia gets away. Police: no sign of Julia. Eva and Jonna hold Sebastian’s funeral. Julia returns to flat, Alexander holds her passport. Julia: ran because no one believes her. Both Julia and Jonna are arrested. Alexander hands 2 million to Nora.
285"The Promise Part 1"Mattias OhlssonSara Heldt, Martin CronströmLöftet17 August 2020 (2020-08-17)
Fisherman finds dead woman in net. Kristina moves into Branska. Henrik's kicked out, wants to rent. Tor’s taken to Jackie for handball camp. Police attend corpse, Miriam: late 30s, dark blonde, 175 cm tall, pathologist unavailable. Nora, Gisela and Kristina share drinks. Kristina introduces Nora to Anders. Alexander: What if corpse's Vicky? Miriam: corpse's in water for 12 months. Flashback: Anders and Sara having sex. Current: Gisela to Nora, Kristina and Anders: female corpse found. Gisela flirts with Anders: met via dating app? Anders denies it. Anders promises Kristina he will get divorce. Flashback Anders to Sara: timing's not right. Sara takes Anders' phone pretends to call his wife. Anders chokes Sara to death. Current: Kristina to Nora: Anders' married, has children. Gisela to Nora: met Anders before. Anders shows Kristina: divorce papers, wife will sign tonight. Bengt-Olof: corpse’s Sara. Petra: Sara dated married man, Anders, met via dating app. Miriam: found Sara’s profile, one not replied, "Sunny Man". Flashback: Anders greets children and Maria. Anders quizzes Maria over her shopping. Maria's afraid, leaving Anders. He mocks her. Maria's taking children: Anders slams her into stairs, continues beating Maria. Robert enters, hits Anders unconscious. Anders recovers but Robert drives family away.
296"The Promise Part 2"Mattias OhlssonSara Heldt, Martin CronströmLöftet17 August 2020 (2020-08-17)
Police search Sara's flat, Sara was pregnant. Flashback: Anders sees Robert and family together. Current: Kristina: met Anders via dating app, she's pregnant. Flashback: Anders goes under Robert's car. Current: Jackie summons Alexander. Tor: mother's drowned corpse. Returns Tor to Berit’s. Flashback: Robert collects Maria’s suitcases. Anders notices Robert switched cars. Current: Alexander uses dating app to meet "Sunny Man". Miriam waits, “Sunny Man” enters. Anders to Kristina: Maria did not sign, yet. Alexander invites Nora for a meal. Robert sees Anders and Kristina, starts yelling. Anders: Robert's after his wife. Flashback: Anders trails Maria, tooting horn. Current: "Sunny Man" met Sara at bar. Milla to Miriam: Sara's date jealous of her ex. Kristina: Anders keeps stalling. Milla sends photo: Sara with Anders. Nora searches police register: Anders interviewed over fatal accident of wife and children. Nora to Alexander: photo of Anders and Kristina. Nora to Kristina: Anders family died. Kristina: family all dead. Anders rages: they are not! Miriam finds Kristina alive. Anders at crash site. Flashback: Anders witnesses wife's car rolled, set on fire. Current Alexander sees Anders walk into truck’s pathway. Nora sees Henrik and Gisela romancing. Nora cancels meal with Alexander, to look after Kristina.
307"Vicky Part 1"Mattias OhlssonGustaf SkördemanVicky24 August 2020 (2020-08-24)
Anna and Carolina welcome jubilee attendees. Nora greets Mona and Micke. Lisa awaits guests’ arrival, flirts with Martin. Carl-Johan's children gripe about attending. Henrik and Gisela living together. Guests perform potato sack relay. Alexander visits Nora, greets Henrik and Gisela. Speeches begin with guests heckling. Alexander meets Micke. Carl-Johan rudely cuts through speeches. Mats details father's humiliations. Carl-Johan's called away by minister. People leave table after Lisa follows Carl-Johan. Anna and Carolina in kitchen, hear yell. Anna follows Martin, finds Carl-Johan dead, Lisa crying, Vicky holding bloodied knife. Martin disarms Vicky. Alexander attends corpse. Vicky's already taken in. Martin: perpetrator dropped knife, not seen before. At station, Alexander sees Vicky, stops in shock. Bengt-Olof: Miriam take over, Alexander home. Berit: something happened? Alexander: Vicky's back, murder suspect. Henrik paints Anna’s room, pink. Vicky refuses to talk. Alexander to Miriam: Vicky was in Philippines. Bengt-Olof: not allowed at station. Mats currently without tenure. Miriam sees Martin and Lisa in storeroom. Carolina to Miriam: not recognise Vicky. Lisa to Alexander: did not see actual stabbing, recognises Vicky from photo as child, Carl-Johan's daughter. Vicky’s younger brother Kalle died. Flashback: Young Vicky looks at Kalle's floating body in lake. Carl-Johan yells, "you were meant to watch him".
318"Vicky Part 2"Mattias OhlssonGustaf SkördemanVicky24 August 2020 (2020-08-24)
Alexander: Vicky said father’s dead. Eva: Vicky let Kalle drown. Alexander to Miriam: where were adults when Kalle drowned? Alexander visits Vicky: shows Tor’s photo, Vicky does not talk, Alexander screams, he’s removed. Mona invites Nora for meal. Alexander to Nora: Vicky's back; murder suspect. Nora: tell Tor. At home, Nora orders Henrik and Gisela to leave. Alexander and Tor visit Vicky, she does not talk. Bengt-Olof removes them. Vicky agrees to talk. Alexander: how Tor felt, abandoned by Vicky. Flashback: Carl-Johan to Young Vicky: call if mum returns. Carl-Johan takes nanny in doors, Vicky warns mum’s here, Kalle drowned. Vicky could not reach Kalle. Current: Vicky: Carl-Johan already dead when entering, it was her brother, not Mats. Miriam: minister did not call. Bengt-Olof: unusual name on callers list, Mikael. Alexander recognises Mikael: Nora's renter. Micke to Nora: met Vicky on flight, Kalle died while Carl-Johan had sex with nanny. Micke conceived when Mona raped. Micke asked Carl-Johan: acknowledge him. Micke: Carl-Johan lunged with knife, struggled, killed Carl-Johan, ran away. Micke confesses to Miriam. Nora gives statement. Alexander hugs Vicky, takes her home. Tor sees Vicky: gives her hug, both cry. Anna hates pink room, stays with Nora, overnight.


DVD Kritik's Maria Eremo, reflected on the first season, "even if there are some mistakes in policing... it makes it all a bit comical."[13] In particular, Pekkari is "incredibly good" as Carina, and "makes the best impression."[13] A "good effort" by Malmsjö as Henrik, who portrays "the jealous husband," as "not a very nice guy."[13] The story is supported by, "very dramatic music," which "adds to the tension."[13]

Thomas of Punk Rock Theary reviewed a box set of the first three seasons of The Sandhamn Murders.[14] He observed, "as the series goes on, [Nora's] role becomes more important", while "the stories are only very loosely connected because the main characters are the same."[14] Overall, "some of the plot twists are pretty far-fetched while some other developments are predictable doesn't exactly help speed things along."[14] TV Show Pilot's Justine Naboya included the series, as one of The 20 Best Scandinavian Crime Dramas, and noticed, "more often than not, the cases are revealed to be much more complex than they had initially (been) presumed."[15]

Expressen's Mattias Bergqvist felt Season 7 provides, "a breath of fresh and liberating" air.[16] Its episodes are, "the first to leave [Sten's] novels", which provides "a freedom that is absolutely necessary to keep interest."[16]


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