Nacka (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈnâkːa] ) is the municipal seat of Nacka Municipality and part of Stockholm urban area in Sweden. The municipality's name harks back to a 16th-century industrial operation established by the Crown at Nacka farmstead where conditions for water mills are good. However, and somewhat confusingly, that spot is not densely populated today and the municipal seat is on land that once belonged to Järla farmstead on the other side of Lake Järla.

Nacka kommun
Nacka Forum
Nacka is located in Stockholm
Location in Sweden
Nacka is located in Sweden
Nacka (Sweden)
Coordinates: 59°18′36″N 18°9′50″E / 59.31000°N 18.16389°E / 59.31000; 18.16389
CountyStockholms Län
MunicipalityNacka Municipality
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

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On 9 December 2014, Stockholm police raided a data center in a former bomb shelter under a hill in Nacka municipality. Although it was rumored the raid targeted popular torrent site The Pirate Bay, officials from The Pirate Bay have revealed that this is false.[1]

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