Viveca Sten

Viveca Sten

Viveca Sten (née Bergstedt, 18 June 1959, Stockholm) is a Swedish writer and lawyer. She has a law degree from Stockholm University and has an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Previously, she worked at Scandinavian Airlines, has had a highly successful legal career as a lawyer and held the position as General Counsel at PostNord (the Swedish & Danish mail service), but left in 2011 to focus on her writing. Viveca lives with her family just north of Stockholm. Since 1917, Viveca´s family have spent all their summers at Sandhamn a small settlement in the central-peripheral part of the Stockholm Archipelago where her crime fiction novels are set frequently.

Selected worksEdit


  • 2008, I de lugnaste vatten (English translation: Still Waters, 2015 - Sandhamn Murders Book 1)
  • 2009, I den innersta kretsen (English translation: Closed Circles, 2016 - Sandhamn Murders Book 2)
  • 2010, I grunden utan skuld (English translation: Guiltless, 2017 - Sandhamn Murders Book 3)
  • 2011, I natt är du död (English translation: Tonight You’re Dead, 2017 - Sandhamn Murders Book 4)
  • 2012, Julbord i skärgården
  • 2012, Ett gott nytt år
  • 2012, I stundens hetta (English translation: In the Heat of the Moment, 2018 - Sandhamn Murders Book 5)
  • 2013, I farans riktning (English translation: In Harm's Way, 2018 - Sandhamn Murders Book 6)
  • 2014, I maktens skugga (English translation: In the Shadow of Power, 2019 - Sandhamn Murders Book 7)
  • 2015, I sanningens namn (English translation: In the Name of Truth, 2020 - Sandhamn Murders Book 8)
  • 2017, Iskalla ögonblick
  • 2018, I fel sällskap (Sandhamn Murders Book 9)
  • 2019, I hemlighet begravd (Sandhamn Murders Book 10)


  • Förhandla i affärer (Negotiating in Business)
  • Outsourcing av IT-tjänster (Outsources IT Services)
  • Internationella avtal – i teori och praktik (International Agreements--In Theory and Practice)

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