List of political parties in Wales

This list of political parties in Wales includes those that hold seats in the Welsh Parliament, those that contest seats for the Welsh National Assembly, and those that have previously contested seats in the Welsh National Assembly but have since disbanded.

Major partiesEdit

Parties represented in the Welsh Parliament, UK Parliament and European Parliament (ordered by number of representatives):

Party MSs MPs Political position Ideology
Welsh Labour 29 22 Centre-left Social democratic, Democratic socialist, Unionist
Welsh Conservative Party 11 12 Centre-right Conservative, Unionist
Plaid Cymru 10 4 Centre-left to left-wing Nationalist, Democratic socialist, Social democratic, Welsh independence
Brexit Party 4 0 N/A Eurosceptic, Populism
Welsh Liberal Democrats 1 0 Centre to centre-left Social liberalism, Federalism, Pro-Europeanism
Welsh National Party 1 0 N/A Welsh independence
UKIP 1 0 Right-wing to far-right Euroscepticism, National conservatism, Right-wing populism

Minor partiesEdit

Defunct partiesEdit

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