Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party (Welsh: Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru) is the disputed[4] name of two single-issue parties that campaign for the abolition of the Senedd Cymru, the democratically elected legislature of Wales, instead favouring no devolved Welsh Parliament in Wales and powers returned to Westminister, in England. The party was launched in Wales in 2015 and has since gained two members in the Welsh Parliament through defections, and one member of local government.

Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

Welsh: Plaid Diddymu Cynulliad Cymru
LeaderRichard Suchorzewski (disputed)
David Bevan (disputed)
FoundedJuly 2015; 5 years ago (2015-07)
LD3 0SS[1]
IdeologyWelsh Parliament abolition
Colours  Dark red   and red
Senedd Cymru
2 / 60
Local government in Wales
1 / 1,253


Original partyEdit

The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party was formally registered with the Electoral Commission in July 2015[5] and was publicly launched in November 2015. Its sole stated aim is the abolition of Senedd Cymru / the Welsh Parliament, formerly known as the National Assembly for Wales. The party nominated candidates for each of the regional lists in the 2016 Assembly elections, winning 4.4% of the regional vote and returned no seats.[6] It did not contest any constituency seats.

Former UKIP leadership candidate Richard Suchorzewski, stood in the 2019 Newport West by-election, the first time the party had nominated a candidate for a Westminster seat. Suchorzewski stated that his main aim was to raise awareness of the party's message.[7] He campaigned on the single issue of the Welsh Assembly, claiming it was a "a waste of money", "an unnecessary tier of politics" and "a misguided promoter of human rights".

Lee Canning, deputy chair of the Welsh Conservatives, defected to the party in November 2019, claiming that his former party were not doing enough to maintain the unity of the UK.[8] Canning aims to stand "in a key target seat" in the 2021 Senedd election. In May 2020, Powys councillor Claire Mills quit the Welsh Conservatives and joined the party for similar reasons, becoming the party's first elected representative in Welsh local government.[9]

Richard Suchorzewski became the new leader of the Party in June 2020. Later in the same month Gareth Bennett, the former leader of the UKIP Senedd group and Independent MS, joined the party along with former Brexit Parliamentary candidates Cameron Edwards and Richard Taylor.[10][11][12]

In October a second member of the Welsh Parliament, Mark Reckless, joined the party. Reckless, who was previously the Leader of the Brexit Party in Wales, stated, "Most of the people who supported the Brexit party - two thirds - said they wanted to abolish the Assembly or Senedd and I think those people deserve to be represented in politics."[13]

Second partyEdit

In November 2020 another Abolish the Welsh Assembly was registered with the Electoral Commission with David Bevan as the leader. They claim that they will be fielding candidates in the next Senedd election.[4] A spokesman for the original party was quoted opposing the registration, warning David Bevan against "stealing the party like a thief in the night."[14]

Electoral performanceEdit

Senedd Cymru electionsEdit

Election # of List vote % of List vote # of overall seats won +/- Position Outcome Notes
2016 44,286 4.4 (#6)
0 / 60
  0 N/A Not in Assembly

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