List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1870–1874)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1870–1874 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1870-01-01 Pius IX The Infallible Coïdé So 06 Pius IX, Vanity Fair, 1870-01-01.jpg
1870-01-08 Chief Justice W Bovill The majesty of the Law Ape J 03 Lord-Chief-Justice-Bovill.jpg
1870-01-15 M E Ollivier The Parliamentary Empire Coïdé M 0003 Olivier Émile Ollivier, Vanity Fair, 1870-01-15.jpg
1870-01-22 M H Rochefort La Voyoucratie Coïdé M 0004 Vanity Fair - MEN OF THE DAY No. 4 - La Voyoucratie (Henri Rochefort).jpg
1870-01-29 Victor Emmanuel II Il Re Galantuomo Coïdé So 07 V.Immanuel 1870.jpg
1870-02-05 Lord Chelmsford It is hardly to be believed that two political leaders should fall out only because their wives cannot agree ATn S 039 Frederic Thesiger, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-05.jpg
1870-02-12 Sir JS Pakington He was Chairman of the Quarter Sessions and reconstructed the Navy ATn S 040 John Somerset Pakington, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-12.jpg
1870-02-19 Sir Robert Collier Sir John Coleridge serves under him ATn S 041 Robert Collier Vanity Fair 19 February 1870.jpg
1870-02-26 The Marquess Townshend The Beggar's Friend ATn S 042 John Villiers Stuart Townshend, Vanity Fair, 1870-02-26.jpg
1870-03-05 Sjt W Ballantine SL He resisted the temptation to cross-examine a Prince of the blood ATn M 0005 William Ballantine Vanity Fair 5 March 1870 (crop).jpg
1870-03-12 The Speaker The first of the Commoners of England ATn S 043 Mr-Speaker-Denison,1870.jpg
1870-03-19 Sir Robert Peel A professor of strong languages ATn S 044 Robert Peel Vanity Fair 19 March 1870.jpg
1870-03-26 The Duke of Richmond Highly respectable ATn S 045 Charles Gordon-Lennox, Vanity Fair, 1870-03-26.jpg
1870-04-02 Sir Frederick Pollock, Bt A souvenir ATn J 04 Sir-Frederick-Pollock.jpg
1870-04-09 Lord Dufferin An exceptional Irishman ATn S 046 Frederick Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Vanity Fair, 1870-04-09.jpg
1870-04-16 The Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Behar and Orissa A living monument of English injustice ATn So 08 Nawab of Bengal.jpg
1870-04-23 The Duke of Cambridge A military difficulty ATn S 047 Duke of Cambridge Vanity Fair 23 April 1870.jpg
1870-04-30 Sir John Coleridge A risen barrister ATn S 048 John Duke Coleridge, Vanity Fair, 1870-04-30.jpg
1870-05-07 Adm HJ Rous As straight as a reed ATn M 0005 Henry John Rous Vanity Fair 7 May 1870.jpg
1870-05-14 Prince Teck The most popular of princes he has married the most popular of princesses ATn M 0006 Francis, Duke of Teck, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-14.jpg
1870-05-21 Sir Joseph Hawley The purist of the Turf ATn M 0007 Joseph Hawley, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-21.jpg
1870-05-28 Mr R Bernal-Osborne The smart critic ATn S 049 Ralph Bernal Osborne, Vanity Fair, 1870-05-28.jpg
1870-06-04 Mr WGGVV Harcourt He was considered an able man till he assumed his own name ATn S 050 William Vernon Harcourt, Vanity Fair, 1870-06-04.jpg
1870-06-11 Mr EH Knatchbull-Hugessen MP A promising apprentice Ape S 051 Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen Vanity Fair 11 June 1870.jpg
1870-06-18 The Earl of Dudley Property Ape S 052 Earl of Dudley Vanity Fair 18 June 1870.JPG
1870-06-25 Viscount Ranelagh He has succeeded in volunteering Ape M 0009 Viscount Ranelagh Vanity Fair 25 June 1870.jpg
1870-07-02 Earl Spencer The Messenger of Peace Ape S 053 Earl Spencer Vanity Fair 2 July 1870.jpg
1870-07-09 The Duke of Sutherland Simple and unassuming himself, yet magnificent and generous towards his fellow men, he is the very Prince of Dukes Ape S 054 3rd Duke of Sutherland.png
1870-07-16 The Marquis of Westminster The Richest man in England Ape S 055 1st Duke of Westminster.png
1870-07-23 Lord Elcho His course has been if not a wise yet a consistent one and dictated by conscience only Ape S 056 10th Earl of Wemyss.png
1870-07-30 Lord H Gordon-Lennox A man of Fashion and Politics Ape S 057 Henry GC Gordon-Lennox, Vanity Fair, 1870-07-30.jpg
1870-08-06 Viscount Halifax He fell off his horse into a Peerage Ape S 058 Charles Wood, Vanity Fair, 1870-08-06.jpg
1870-08-13 Mr Charles Newdigate Newdegate MP A Jesuit in disguise Ape S 059 Charles Newdigate Newdegate Vanity Fair 13 August 1870.jpg
1870-08-20 Lord Strathnairn He was made a Statesman because he was a soldier Ape S 060 Hugh Henry Rose, 1st Baron Strathnairn.png
1870-08-27 Sir Henry Bulwer A superannuated diplomat Ape S 061 Henry Bulwer Vanity Fair 27 August 1870.JPG
1870-09-03 Lord Houghton The cool of the evening Ape S 062 Richard Monckton Milnes, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-03.jpg
1870-09-10 Mr AJB Beresford-Hope Batavian grace Ape S 063 Alexander Beresford Hope, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-10.jpg
1870-09-17 Gen LJ Trochu The hope of France Coïdé M 0010 Louis Jules Trochu, Vanity Fair, 1870-09-17.jpg
1870-09-24 The Crown Prince of Prussia Fritz Coïdé M 0011 Fritz - Crown Prince of Prussia Vanity Fair 1870-09-24.jpg
1870-10-01 Lord R Montagu A Working Conservative Ape S 064 Robert Montagu, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-01.jpg
1870-10-08 Sir Stafford Northcote He does his duty to his party and is fortunate if it happens to be also his duty to his country Ape S 065 Stafford Henry Northcote, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-08.jpg
1870-10-15 Count von Bismarck-Schoenausen The ablest statesman in Europe Coïdé S 066 Otto von Bismarck, Vanity Fair, 1870-10-15.jpg
1870-10-22 T Carlyle The Diogenes of the Modern Corinthians without his Tub Ape M 0012 Thomas Carlyle Vanity Fair 22 October 1870.jpg
1870-10-29 Lord Lytton The representative of Romance Ape S 067 Edward Bulwer-Lytton Vanity Fair 29 October 1870.jpg
1870-11-05 John Cranch Walker Vivian Always pleasant, always genial Ape S 068; brother of Baron Vivian John Cranch Walker Vivian, Vanity Fair, 1870-11-05.jpg
1870-11-12 The Bishop of London One who has grieved more than others over 'The Sinfulness of Little Sins' Ape S 069 Bishop of London Vanity Fair 12 November 1870.jpg
1870-11-19 The Marquis of Lorne If everywhere as successful as in love a great destiny awaits him Ape M 0013 Marquess of Lorne Vanity Fair 19 November 1870.jpg
1870-11-26 Sir Roderick Murchison A faithful friend and eminent Savant and the best possible of Presidents Ape M 0014 Roderick Murchison Vanity Fair 26 November 1870.jpg
1870-12-03 Baron de Brunnow One of the most precious products of political Miscengenation Ape M 0015 Philipp Graf von Brunnow, Vanity Fair, 1870-12-03.jpg
1870-12-10 CH Spurgeon No one has succeeded like him in sketching the comic side of repentance and regeneration Ape M 0016 Spurgeon.jpg
1870-12-17 Sir William Fergusson Bt There is no man of greater weight in his profession Ape M 0017 William-fergusson.jpg
1870-12-24 Sir Henry Storks He is a living paradox; no one less subject to control, no one a greater slave of control Ape S 070 Henry Knight Storks, Vanity Fair, 1870-12-24.jpg
1870-12-31 AH Mackonochie He makes religion a tragedy, and the movements of his muscles a solemn ceremony Ape M 0018 Alexander Heriot Mackonochie Vanity Fair 31 December 1870.jpg
1871-01-07 The King of Prussia Les Mangeoit Pour Soi Refraischir Devant Souper Coïdé So 08 Kaiser Bill.jpg
1871-01-14 Count Rudolph Apponyi One of the lambs of the Political Fold Ape S 071 Rudolph Apponyi Vanity Fair 14 January 1871.jpg
1871-01-21 Lord Lawrence One of the best types of administrative ability in modern times Ape S 072 JLM Lawrence Vanity Fair 21 January 1871.jpg
1871-01-28 Prof T Huxley A great Med'cine-Man among the Inqui-ring Redskins Ape M 0019 TH Huxley 41.5 KB.jpg
1871-02-04 Musurus Bey The most interesting of all the diplomatic corps in London Ape S 073 Constantine Musurus Pasha Ambassador-1.jpg
1871-02-11 W Monsell The painstaking Irishman Ape S 074 William Monsell Vanity Fair 11 February 1871.jpg
1871-02-18 Mr George Hammond Whalley MP The great believer in Roman Catholicism Ape S 075 George Hammond Whalley Vanity Fair 18 February 1871.jpg
1871-02-25 Archbishop Manning The next Pope Ape M 0020 Henry Edward Manning Vanity Fair 25 February 1871.jpeg
1871-03-04 The Chevalier Charles Cadorna A liberal and an enemy of the priests: he fitly represents the Power which has seized Rome and suppressed the Pope Ape S 076 Charles Cadorna Vanity Fair 4 March 1871.jpg
1871-03-11 GW Hunt The fat of the land Ape S 077 George Ward Hunt, Vanity Fair, 1871-03-11.jpg
1871-03-18 Gerard James Noel MP A nice little fellow Ape S 078 Gerard Noel Vanity Fair 18 March 1871.jpg
1871-03-25 Mr Richard Dowse MP An Irish wit and Solicitor-General Ape S 079 Richard Dowse, Vanity Fair, 1871-03-25,crop.jpg
1871-04-01 Lord Lyttelton A man of position Ape S 080 4. Baron Lyttelton.png
1871-04-08 The Earl of Harrowby MP KG The last generation Ape S 081 Earl of Harrowby Vanity Fair 8 April 1871.jpg
1871-04-15 Lord Ebury A common-prayer reformer Ape S 082 Lord-ebury.jpg
1871-04-22 The Marquis of Normanby By birth a man, by inheritance a Marquis and a Governor by his Sovereign's favour: he fills all his positions with credit Ape S 083 Marquis of Normanby Vanity Fair 22 April 1871.jpg
1871-04-29 Sir Francis Grant An able artist and an excellent President Ape M 0021 Sir Francis Grant Vanity Fair 29 April 1871.jpg
1871-05-06 Sir Thomas Erskine May KCB Parliamentary Practice Ape M 0022 Thomas Erskine May Vanity Fair 6 May 1871.jpg
1871-05-13 Mr JE Millais RA A converted pre-Raphaelite Ape M 0023 John Everett Millais Vanity Fair 13 May 1871.jpg
1871-05-20 Mr MT Bass MP Beer Ape S 084 Michael Thomas Bass, Vanity Fair, 1871-05-20.jpg
1871-05-27 Baron MA de Rothschild MP The winner of the race Ape S 085 Mayer Amschel de Rothschild Vanity Fair 1871-05-27.jpg
1871-06-03 Capt EM Shaw He well deserves is popularity Ape M 0024 Eyre Massey Shaw Vanity Fair 3 June 1871.jpg
1871-06-10 Arthur Orton claiming to be Sir Roger Tichborne Baronet or butcher Ape M 0025 Tichborne claimant Arthur Orton.jpg
1871-06-17 Mr A Borthwick The Morning Post Ape M 0026 Algernon Borthwick by Ape in Vanity Fair 1871.jpg
1871-06-24 The Archbishop of York The Archbishop of Society Ape S 086 William Thomson, Vanity Fair, 1871-06-24.jpg
1871-07-01 Sir George Shaw-Lefevre KCB La Reyne le veult Ape M 0027 John Shaw-Lefevre Vanity Fair 1 July 1871.jpg
1871-07-08 The Duke of Marlborough A Conservative religionist Ape S 087 Duke of Marlborough Vanity Fair 8 July 1871.jpg
1871-07-15 Lord Skelmersdale A Conservative whip Ape S 088 2nd Lord Skelmersdale by Ape.jpg
1871-07-22 A Tennyson The Poet Laureate Ape M 0028 Alfred Tennyson, Vanity Fair, 1871-07-22.jpg
1871-07-29 Mr E Miall MP The Nonconformist Ape S 089 Edward Miall Vanity Fair 29 July 1871.jpg
1871-08-05 Mr George Bentinck MP Big Ben Coïdé S 090 George Bentinck Vanity Fair 5 August 1871.jpg
1871-08-12 Mr John Locke MP The only man who is ever known to make Mr Gladstone smile Coïdé S 091 John Locke, Vanity Fair, 1871-08-12.jpg
1871-08-19 Mr H Cole CB King Cole Coïdé M 0029 Henry Cole Vanity Fair 19 August 1871.jpg
1871-08-26 Don Manuel Rances y Villanueva The Spanish Minister Coïdé M 0030 Don Manuel Rances y Villanueva, Vanity Fair, 1871-08-26.jpg
1871-09-02 The Duke of Saldanha He might have been a King Coïdé M 0031 João Carlos Saldanha de Oliveira Daun, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-02.jpg
1871-09-09 Russell Gurney MP A Commissioner Coïdé S 092 Russell Gurney, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-09.jpg
1871-09-16 The Duke of Rutland He was once offered the leadership of the Conservative Party Coïdé S 093 Charles Manners, Vanity Fair, 1871-09-16.jpg
1871-09-23 Mr GJ Whyte-Melville The novelist of Society Coïdé M 0032 George Whyte-Melville Vanity Fair 23 September 1871.jpg
1871-09-30 Mr CR Darwin Natural Selection Coïdé M 0033 VanityFair-Darwin2.jpg
1871-10-07 Alderman Andrew Lusk MP Now I want to know Coïdé S 094 Andrew Lusk, Vanity Fair, 1871-10-07.jpg
1871-10-14 Mr HW Eaton MP Silk Coïdé S 095 Henry Eaton Vanity Fair 14 October 1871.jpg
1871-10-21 C Voysey I have much to be thankful for Coïdé M 0034 Charles Voysey Vanity Fair 21 October 1871.jpg
1871-10-28 Mr John Pender MP Telegraphs Coïdé M 0035 John Pender Vanity Fair 28 October 1871.jpg
1871-11-04 Sir Fitzroy Kelly The Lord Chief Baron Coïdé J 05 Fitzroy Edward Kelly00.jpg
1871-11-11 Mr M Arnold 'I say, the critic must keep out of the region of immediate practice' Coïdé M 0036 Matthew Arnold Vanity Fair 11 November 1871.jpg
1871-11-18 Mr LSW Dawson-Damer MP Hippy Coïdé S 096 Lionel Dawson-Damer Vanity Fair 18 November 1871.jpg
1871-11-25 Sir Charles Dilke, 2nd Baronet MP A far advanced Radical Coïdé S 097 Charles Dilke Vanity Fair 25 November 1871.jpg
1871-12-02 Mr A Baillie-Cochrane MP Judicious Amelioration Coïdé S 098 Alexander Baillie-Cochrane Vanity Fair 2 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-09 Mr AJ Mundella MP Education and Arbitration Coïdé S 099 Anthony Mundella.JPG
1871-12-16 Mr JG Dodson MP Ways and Means Coïdé S 100 John George Dodson Vanity Fair 16 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-23 Mr GAF Cavendish-Bentinck MP Little Ben Coïdé S 101 George Cavendish-Bentinck Vanity Fair 23 December 1871.jpg
1871-12-30 Mr WH Gregory MP An art critic Coïdé S 102 William Henry Gregory Vanity Fair 30 December 1871.jpg
1872-01-06 M LA Thiers Faute-de-mieux Premier Cecioni S 103 Louis Adolphe Thiers Vanity Fair 6 January 1872.jpg
1872-01-13 The Earl of Cork and Orrery Master of Her Majesty's Buckhounds Cecioni S 104 Richard Boyle Vanity Fair 13 January 1872.jpg
1872-01-20 Dr Frederick Quin Homoeopathic Society Cecioni M 0037 Frederick Quin Vanity Fair 20 January 1872.jpg
1872-01-27 Mr JA Froude He created Henry VIII exploded Mary Stuart and demolished Elizabeth Cecioni M 0038 James Anthony Froude Vanity Fair 27 January 1872.jpg
1872-02-03 Mr WW Collins The Novelist who invented Sensation Cecioni M 0039 Wilkie Collins Vanity Fair 3 February 1872.jpg
1872-02-10 SH Walpole MP He defended Hyde Park Cecioni S 105 Spencer Horatio Walpole Vanity Fair 10 February 1872.jpg
1872-02-17 Mr J Ruskin The realisation of the Ideal Cecioni M 0040 Vanity Fair Caricature of Ruskin.jpg
1872-02-24 GG Glyn MP The Whip Cecioni S 106 George Grenfell Glyn Vanity Fair 24 February 1872.jpg
1872-03-02 Mr AW Kinglake Not an MP Cecioni M 0041 Alexander William Kinglake Vanity Fair 2 March 1872.jpg
1872-03-09 Mr WH Smith MP Newspapers Cecioni S 107 William Henry Smith Vanity Fair 9 March 1872.jpg
1872-03-16 Sir Roundell Palmer He refused the Woolsack, and voted against the Disestablishment of the Irish Church Cecioni S 108 Roundell Palmer Vanity Fair 16 March 1872.jpg
1872-03-23 Mr John Francis Maguire MP A Home Ruler Cecioni S 109 John Francis Maguire Vanity Fair 23 March 1872.jpg
1872-03-30 Rev Canon Charles Kingsley The Apostle of the Flesh Cecioni M 0042 Charles Kingsley Vanity Fair 30 March 1872.jpg
1872-04-06 Prof J Tyndall FRS The Scientific Use of the Imagination Cecioni M 0043 John Tyndall, 1872.jpg
1872-04-13 J Cumming DD The End of the World Cecioni M 0044 John Cumming Vanity Fair 13 April 1872.jpg
1872-04-20 Gathorne Hardy MP DCL Conservative Cecioni S 110 Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, Vanity Fair, 1872-04-20.jpg
1872-04-27 Mr WH Dixon He discovered New America and Free Russia Cecioni M 0045 William Hepworth Dixon Vanity Fair 27 April 1872.jpg
1872-05-04 King Amadeus of Spain He would be a King Cecioni So 09 Amadeo of Spain, Vanity Fair, 1872-05-04.jpg
1872-05-11 Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 2nd Baronet MP Permissive Prohibition Cecioni S 111 Sir Wilfrid Lawson Vanity Fair 11 May 1872.jpg
1872-05-18 Hamilton Fish Consequential damages Nast S 112 Hamilton Fish, Vanity Fair, 1872-05-18.jpg
1872-05-25 Charles Sumner The Massive Grievance Nast S 113 Charles Sumner Vanity Fair 25 May 1872.jpg
1872-06-01 Gen US Grant Captain, Tanner, Farmer, General, Imperator Nast So 10 US Grant Vanity Fair 1 June 1872.JPG
1872-06-08 Mr Thomas Hughes MP Tom Brown Cecioni S 114 Thomas Hughes Vanity Fair 8 June 1872.jpg
1872-06-15 Mr S Morley MP Dissent Cecioni S 115 Samuel Morley, Vanity Fair, 1872-06-15.jpg
1872-06-22 The Duke of Wellington KG PC The son of Waterloo Cecioni S 116 Arthur Wellesley Vanity Fair 22 June 1872.jpg
1872-06-29 Mr F Leighton ARA A sacrifice to the Graces Coïdé M 0046 Frederic Leighton Vanity Fair 29 June 1872.jpg
1872-07-06 Sir Michael Costa Orchestration Lyall M 0047 Michael Costa Vanity Fair 6 July 1872.jpg
1872-07-13 Mr George Leeman MP A Yorkshire Solicitor Coïdé S 117 George Leeman Vanity Fair 13 July 1872.JPG
1872-07-20 Mr H Greeley Anything to beat Grant Nast S 118 Horace Greeley, Vanity Fair, 1872-07-20.jpg
1872-07-27 E Pleydell-Bouverie MP He did not decline the Speakership Lyall S 119 Edward Pleydell-Bouverie Vanity Fair 27 July 1872.jpg
1872-08-03 Mr James Delahunty MP Currency Coïdé S 120 James Delahunty Vanity Fair 3 August 1872.jpg
1872-08-10 E Horsman MP the eccentric Liberal Lyall S 121 Edward Horsman Vanity Fair 10 August 1872.jpg
1872-08-17 Lord Radstock DV Cecioni S 122 Lord Radstock Vanity Fair 17 August 1872.jpg
1872-08-24 CJ Vaughan DD Nolo episcopari Montbard M 0048 CharlesJohnVaughan.jpg
1872-08-31 CP Villiers MP He advocated Free-trade before it was safe to attack Protection Coïdé S 123 Charles Pelham Villiers, Vanity Fair, 1872-08-31.jpg
1872-09-07 Msgr Thomas John Capel The Apostle to the Genteel Montbard M 0049 Thomas John Capel Vanity Fair 7 September 1872.jpg
1872-09-14 Lord Enfield MP Answers questions Cecioni S 124 Viscount Enfield Vanity Fair 14 September 1872.jpg
1872-09-21 AP Stanley DD Philosophic Belief Montbard M 0050 Stanley in Vanity Fair.jpg
1872-09-28 Sir Colman O'Loghlen, 2nd Baronet MP An Irish Baronet Cecioni S 125 Colman O'Loghlen Vanity Fair 28 September 1872.jpg
1872-10-05 Mr CF Adams An Arbitrator Nast S 126 CF Adams, Vanity Fair, 1872-10-05.jpg
1872-10-12 T Binney The head of the Dissenters Montbard M 0051 Thomas Binney, Vanity Fair, 1872-10-12.jpg
1872-10-19 M L Gambetta He devoured France with activity Montbard S 127 Léon Gambetta Vanity Fair 19 October 1872.jpg
1872-10-26 Mr Joseph Cowen MP Newcastle-on-Tyne Coïdé S 128 Joseph Cowen, Vanity Fair, 1878-04-27.jpg
1872-11-02 Mr HM Stanley He found Livingstone Montbard M 0052 Henry Morton Stanley, Vanity Fair, 1872-11-02.jpg
1872-11-09 Sir Sydney Waterlow The Lord Mayor Cecioni M 0053 Sydney Hedley Waterlow, Vanity Fair, 1872-11-09.jpg
1872-11-16 HBW Brand MP Mr Speaker Coïdé S 129 Henry Bouverie William Brand, Vanity Fair, 1872-11-16.JPG
1872-11-23 Newman Hall Come to Jesus Montbard M 0054 Newman Hall Vanity Fair 23 November 1872.jpg
1872-11-30 Mr Roger Eykyn MP The Police Champion Coïdé S 130 Roger Eykyn Vanity Fair 30 November 1872.jpg
1872-12-07 Sir Francis Goldsmid Bt MP Barrister & Baronet Coïdé S 131 Francis Henry Goldsmid Vanity Fair 7 December 1872.jpg
1872-12-14 Baron PJ Reuter Telegrams Delfico M 0055 Paul Reuter Vanity Fair 14 December 1872.jpg
1872-12-21 Mr H Fawcett MP A Radical Leader Delfico S 132 Henry Fawcett Vanity Fair 21 December 1872.jpg
1872-12-28 Mr Gabriel Goldney MP Practical Delfico S 133 Goldney1872.jpg
1873-01-04 The Duke of St Albans Hereditary Grand Falconer Delfico S 134 William Beauclerk, 10th Duke of St Albans Vanity Fair 4 January 1873.jpg
1873-01-11 Mr Robert Wigram Crawford MP A man of weight and high standing Delfico S 135 Robert Wigram Crawford Vanity Fair 11 January 1873.jpg
1873-01-18 Mr CS Gilpin MP Capital Punishment Delfico S 136 Charles Gilpin Vanity Fair 18 January 1873.jpg
1873-01-25 The Duke of Buccleuch and Queensbury The Governing Classes D'Épinay S 137 5th Duke of Buccleuch.png
1873-02-01 The Earl of Galloway Army reorganisation Delfico S 138 Earl of Galloway Vanity Fair 1 February 1873.jpg
1873-02-08 Sir James Bacon Contempt of Court WV J 06 James Bacon Vanity Fair 8 February 1873.jpg
1873-02-15 Mr J d'Aguilar Samuda MP Iron Shipbuilding Lyall S 139 J d'Aguilar Samuda.jpg
1873-02-22 Sir Jack Kerslake Kt Jack Lyall M 0056 Jack Burgess Kerslake.jpg
1873-03-01 Prof Richard Owen Old Bones unsigned. Ape ? M 0057 Carlo Pelligrini-Richard Owen Old Bones.jpg
1873-03-08 Mr T Mayne-Reid Impossible Romance Coïdé M 0058 Thomas Mayne Reid Vanity Fair 8 March 1873.jpg
1873-03-15 Mr S Plimsoll MP The Sailor's Champion WV S 140 Samuel Plimsoll Vanity Fair 15 March 1873.jpg
1873-03-22 Mr Edward Levy The Daily Telegraph Spy M 0059 Edward Levy Vanity Fair 22 March 1873.jpg
1873-03-29 Mr JS Mill MP A Feminine Philosopher Spy S 141 John Stuart Mill, Vanity Fair, 1873-03-29.jpg
1873-04-05 Mr A Trollope A Novelist Spy M 0060 Anthony Trollope Vanity Fair 5 April 1873.jpg
1873-04-12 Lt-Col Lord Charles James Fox Russell 'This fell sergeant – strict in this arrest' Coïdé M 0061 Lord Charles Russell Vanity Fair 12 April 1873.jpg
1873-04-19 TE Headlam MP Has kept his seat for six-and-twenty years Spy S 142 Thomas Emerson Headlam Vanity Fair 19 April 1873.jpg
1873-04-26 Sir W Jenner Bt KCB Physic Spy M 0062 William Jenner.jpg
1873-05-03 Mr I Butt MP Home Rule Spy S 143 Isaac Butt, Vanity Fair, 1873-05-03.jpg
1873-05-10 Mr WP Frith RA The Derby-Day Spy M 0063 William Powell Frith Vanity Fair 10 May 1873.jpg
1873-05-17 Mr John Laird MP He built the 'Alabama' and the 'Captain' Spy S 144 John Laird Vanity Fair 17 May 1873.jpg
1873-05-24 Sir John Mellor Judges The Claimant Spy J 07 John Mellor Vanity Fair 24 May 1873.jpg
1873-05-31 Mr Robert Lush A little lush Spy J 08 Robert Lush Vanity Fair 31 May 1873.jpg
1873-06-07 Mr Robert Dalglish MP The most popular man in the House of Commons Spy S 145 Robert Dalglish Vanity Fair 7 June 1873.jpg
1873-06-14 Sir W Williams-Wynn Bt MP The King of Wales Spy S 146 Watkin Williams-Wynn Vanity Fair 14 June 1873.jpg
1873-06-21 Mr Henry Hawkins QC The Tichborne Case Spy M 0064 Henry Hawkins Vanity Fair 21 June 1873.jpg
1873-06-28 Mr Washington Hibbert A Londoner Coïdé M 0065 Washington Hibbert Vanity Fair 28 June 1873.jpg
1873-07-05 The Shah of Persia He Endowed Persia with a National Debt Spy So 11 Nasser-Ed-Din.jpg
1873-07-12 Sir HC Rawlinson KCB Our Eastern Policy Spy S 147 Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, Vanity Fair, 1873-07-12.jpg
1873-07-19 Sir R Airey GCB Adjutant-General of the Forces Spy M 0066 Richard Airey by Spy.jpg
1873-07-26 Lord Colville of Culross A good fellow Spy S 148 Lord Colville of Culross Vanity Fair 26 July 1873.jpg
1873-08-02 Mr GO Trevelyan MP The Competition Wallah Spy S 149 George Otto Trevelyan, Vanity Fair, 1873-08-02.jpg
1873-08-09 Lord OA Fitzgerald MP A Message from the Queen Spy S 150 Lord Otho FitzGerald.png
1873-08-16 Mr S Laing MP The infant Samuel Spy S 151 Samuel Laing Vanity Fair 16 August 1873.JPG
1873-08-23 The Earl of Wilton The Commodore Coïdé S 152 2nd Earl of Wilton.png
1873-08-30 FM Sir WM Gomm GCB The Constable of the Tower Spy M 0067 William Maynard Gomm.jpg
1873-09-06 Mr Thomas Collins MP Noisy Tom Spy S 153 Thomas Collins Vanity Fair 6 September 1873.jpg
1873-09-13 Lord Colonsay Scotch Law Spy S 154 Lord Colonsay Vanity Fair 13 September 1873.jpg
1873-09-20 Sir HBE Frere KCB The Slave Trade Spy M 0068 Henry Bartle Frere Vanity Fair 20 September 1873.jpg
1873-09-27 Sir Julius Benedict Sweet sounds Spy M 0069 Sir Julius Benedict Vanity Fair 27 September 1873.jpg
1873-10-04 Lord Campbell and Stratheden and Stratheden Spy S 155 William Campbell Vanity Fair 4 October 1873.jpg
1873-10-11 Sir AWJ Clifford Bt CB Black Rod Spy M 0070 Augustus Clifford Vanity Fair 11 October 1873.jpg
1873-10-18 The Duke of Hamilton Premier Peer of Scotland Coïdé S 156 12th Duke of Hamilton.png
1873-10-25 The Earl of Harrington An unexpected Earl Coïdé S 157 Earl of Harrington Vanity Fair 1873-10-25.jpg
1873-11-01 Dr EVH Kenealy The Claimant's Counsel Spy M 0071 EVH Kenealy Vanity Fair 1 November 1873.jpg
1873-11-08 The Prince of Wales The Prince Coïdé P 01 Prince of Wales Vanity Fair 8 November 1873.jpg
1873-11-15 Col JM McGarel-Hogg MP Board of Works Spy S 158 James Macnaghten Hogg Vanity Fair 15 November 1873.jpg
1873-11-22 Earl Bathurst A Relic Coïdé S 159 Earl Bathurst Vanity Fair 22 November 1873.jpg
1873-11-29 Sir Richard Wallace Bt The Hertford Property Spy S 160 Richard Wallace 29 November 1873.JPG
1873-12-06 Sir John Doran FSA Notes and Queries Spy M 0072 John Doran Vanity Fair 6 December 1873.jpg
1873-12-13 Sjt John Humffreys Parry a lawyer Spy M 0073 John Humffreys Parry Vanity Fair 13 December 1873.jpg
1873-12-20 Mr EM Ward RA Historic Art Spy M 0074 Edward Matthew Ward Vanity Fair 20 December 1873.jpg
1873-12-27 Mr Percy William Doyle CB Diplomacy Coïdé M 0075 Percy William Doyle Vanity Fair 27 December 1873.jpg
1874-01-03 Mr Augustus William Lumley-Savile Cotillon Ape M 0076 Augustus William Lumley-Savile Vanity Fair 3 January 1874.jpg
1874-01-10 The Duke of Edinburgh First Violin Ape P 02 Duke of Edinburgh Vanity Fair 10 January 1874.jpg
1874-01-17 Sir A Panizzi KCB Books Ape M 0077 Panizzi.jpg
1874-01-24 Sir George Orby Wombwell Bt Our Sir George Ape M 0078 George Orby Wombwell by Ape.jpg
1874-01-31 The Earl of Desart Chesterfield Letters Ape M 0079 Earl of Desart Vanity Fair 31 January 1874.jpg
1874-02-07 Lord Carrington Charlie Ape S 161 Lord Carrington Vanity Fair 7 February 1874.jpg
1874-02-14 Mr James Johnstone The Standard Ape M 0080 James Johnstone Vanity Fair 14 February 1874.jpg
1874-02-21 Mr Albert Grant MP Leicester Square Ape S 162 Albert Grant Vanity Fair 21 February 1874.jpg
1874-02-28 Mr JW Huddleston QC MP A future Judge Ape S 163 John Walter Huddleston Vanity Fair 28 February 1874.jpg
1874-03-07 Sir H James MP Nervous Ape S 164 Lord James of Hereford.JPG
1874-03-14 Mr AS Sullivan English Music Ape M 0081 Arthur sullivan by ape.jpg
1874-03-21 Capt Ralph Allen Gossett Popular Members Ape M 0082; Serjeant-at-Arms Ralph Allen Gossett Vanity Fair 21 March 1874.jpg
1874-03-28 Sir C Forster Bt MP An Amateur Whip Ape S 165 Sir Charles Forster Vanity Fair 28 March 1874.jpg
1874-04-04 The Marquis of Lansdowne Family Ape S 166 Marquis of Lansdowne Vanity Fair 4 April 1874.jpg
1874-04-11 Mr JA Roebuck MP Tear 'em Ape S 167 John Arthur Roebuck, Vanity Fair, 1874-04-11.jpg
1874-04-18 Sir GJ Wolseley Bt KCB The man who won't stop Ape M 0083 Garnet Joseph Wolseley, Vanity Fair, 1874-04-18.jpg
1874-04-25 JW Henley MP Common Sense Ape S 168 Joseph Warner Henley, Vanity Fair, 1874-04-25.jpg
1874-05-02 Sir WRS Vesey-FitzGerald GCSI Bombay Ape S 169 William Vesey Fitzgerald.jpg
1874-05-09 The Earl of Hardwicke High Political Office Ape S 170 Lord Hardwicke Vanity Fair 9 May 1874.jpg
1874-05-16 RA Cross MP The new man Ape S 171 Richard Assheton Cross Vanity Fair 16 May 1874.jpg
1874-05-23 Earl Stanhope A Noble Writer Ape S 172 5th Earl Stanhope.png
1874-05-30 Lord Sandhurst GCB GCSI Military advice Ape S 173 Lordsandhurst caricature.jpg
1874-06-06 The Duke of Devonshire Position Ape S 174 William Cavendish, Vanity Fair, 1874-06-06.jpg
1874-06-13 The Marquis of Bath Ancient lineage Ape S 175 4th Marquess of Bath.png
1874-06-20 The Marquis D'Azeglio Il Marchese Ape M 0084 Marquis D'Azeglio Vanity Fair 20 June 1874.jpg
1874-06-27 WP Adam MP The Past Ape S 176 William Patrick Adam 27 June 1874.jpg
1874-07-04 Col Thomas Edward Taylor MP Lately whipped Ape S 177 Thomas Edward Taylor Vanity Fair 4 July 1874.jpg
1874-07-11 The Duke of Bedford The head of the Russells Ape S 178 10th Duke of Bedford.png
1874-07-18 Mr Herbert Praed MP The Philanthropist Ape S 179 Herbert Praed Vanity Fair 18 July 1874.JPG
1874-07-25 The Earl of Malmesbury GCB PC DCL Diplomacy Ape S 180 James Howard Harris, Vanity Fair, 1874-07-25.jpg
1874-08-01 Sir Henry Thompson Bt Cremation Ape M 0085 Henry Thompson Vanity Fair 1 August 1874.jpg
1874-08-08 G Sclater-Booth MP The safe man Ape S 181 George Sclater-Booth, Vanity Fair, 1874-08-08.jpg
1874-08-15 Sir A Helps KCB Council Ape M 0086 Arthur Helps, Vanity Fair, 1874-08-15.jpg
1874-08-22 Sir ME Hicks-Beach A scagliola apollo Ape S 182 Michael Hicks Beach, Vanity Fair, 1874-08-22.jpg
1874-08-29 Mr R Winn MP the lash Ape S 183 Rowland Winn, Vanity Fair, 1874-08-29.jpg
1874-09-05 Sir H Drummond-Wolff KCMG MP Consular chaplains Ape S 184 Henry Drummond-Wolff, Vanity Fair, 1874-09-05.jpg
1874-09-12 Mr Oscar Clayton Fashionable surgery Ape M 0087 Oscar Clayton Vanity Fair 12 September 1874.jpg
1874-09-19 Count Batthyany Yachting Ape M 0088 Count Edward Batthyany Vavity Fair 1874-09-19.jpg
1874-09-26 Sir James Hudson GCB Ill-used Ape S 185 Sir James Hudson Vanity Fair 26 September 1874.jpg
1874-10-03 Stephen Cave MP Amends Ape S 186 Stephen Cave Vanity Fair 3 October 1874.jpg
1874-10-10 ES Gordon Lord Advocate Ape S 187 Edward Strathearn Gordon Vanity Fair 10 October 1874.jpg
1874-10-17 James Augustus Hessey DCL Merchant Taylors Ape M 0089 James Augustus Hessey Vanity Fair 17 October 1874.jpg
1874-10-24 The Earl of Bradford Master of the Horse Ape S 188 3rd Earl of Bradford.png
1874-10-31 Mr James Lloyd Ashbury MP The Ocean Race Ape S 189 James Lloyd Ashbury Vanity Fair 31 October 1874.jpg
1874-11-07 Mr H du Pre Labouchere MP Modest assurance Ape M 0090 Henry Labouchère Vanity Fair 1874-11-07.jpg
1874-11-14 Mr C Sykes the Gull's friend Ape S 190 Christopher Sykes Vanity Fair 1874-11-14.jpg
1874-11-21 Mr AC Swinburne Before sunrise Ape M 0091 Swinburne-ape.jpg
1874-11-28 JW Colenso DD the Pentateuch Ape M 0092 John William Colenso by Carlo Pellegrini.png
1874-12-05 Mr H Chaplin MP A turf reformer Ape S 191 Henry Chaplin Vanity Fair 5 December 1874.jpg
1874-12-12 Lord W Hay The Director Ape M 0093 Lord William Hay Vanity Fair 1874-12-12.jpg
1874-12-19 Mr H Irving The Bells Ape Henry Irving Vanity Fair.jpg
1874-12-26 Henry White MA Prayers Ape M 0094 Henry White Vanity Fair 26 December 1874.jpg

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