List of Super Hero Squad toys

This is a list of Super Hero Squad toys. Super Hero Squad is a line of Marvel action figures designed for younger children, and a number of related products, including an animated TV series.


Marvel Super Hero Squad Two-PacksEdit

Wave 1Edit

Wave 2Edit

Wave 3Edit

Wave 4Edit

Wave 5Edit

^a Wave 5 was released as two waves (Wave 5 and 6), however, as the waves were released simultaneously in October 2007, distributors later grouped them together and released the following set as Wave 6.[1]

Wave 6Edit

Wave 7Edit

Wave 8Edit

Wave 9Edit

Wave 10Edit

^b Two different Wave 10 Two-Packs containing the "Skrull Soldier" were solicited to retailers at different times as containing either "Nick Fury" or "Blonde S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent". Both variations of this pack were produced and are now available at retailers; it is unclear at this time whether both are equally available or if either is a chase figure.

Wave 11Edit

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Single PacksEdit

Easter Egg PacksEdit

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Two-PacksEdit

Wave 1Edit

(Movie costumes)

^c Also released as single packed figures.

Wave 2Edit

(Movie/Ultimate Costumes)

^d Also released as a single packed figure.

Wave 3Edit

(Movie costumes/Movie video game costumes)

Wave 4Edit

(Movie costumes, but Black Cat, Mysterio, and Puma are comic book costumes)

Wave 5Edit

(Movie/movie video game adaption costumes)

Spider-Man Single PacksEdit

Hulk Super Hero Squad Two-PacksEdit

Wave 1Edit

Wave 2Edit

Wave 3Edit


Spider-Man Super Hero Squad VehiclesEdit

  • Spider-Man (standing/open left hand) and Battle Truck
  • Spider-Man (standing/open right hand) and Spider Racer

Marvel Super Hero Squad CruisersEdit

Marvel Super Hero Squad Battle VehiclesEdit

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Vehicle PlaysetEdit

  • Mobile Command Center with Logan and motorcycle
  • Super Hero Headquarters with Iron Man


Spider-Man Super Hero Squad PlaysetsEdit

^h The Bank Heist Battleground was released in two versions, one with a silver car and one with a blue and red car.

Web slinging spiderman and green goblin pack with spiderman house and green goblin bank.

Hulk Super Hero Squad PlaysetsEdit

^i The Gamma Lab Adventure is a re-release of the Bank Heist Battleground playset, with Hulk replacing Doctor Octopus.

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3D Pop-Up PlaysetsEdit

Note 1: The 3D Pop-Up Playsets are interconnectible.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega-PacksEdit

Wave 1Edit

Wave 2Edit

Wave 3Edit

Wave 4Edit

Boxed SetsEdit

Marvel Super Hero Squad Five-PacksEdit

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Five-PacksEdit

^l "Sand Pit Stand-Off" playset was originally planned to be exclusive to Toys 'R Us stores. However, due to poor sales of other TRU exclusive pieces, was not originally sold at TRU stores and instead was sold at Wal-Mart stores. Early versions can be found with the TRU exclusive sticker still on the packaging. Some shipments had another sticker placed over this identifier. Later shipments were seen at TRU stores.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Four-PacksEdit

^m "City in Crisis" is the official name of the set according to Hasbro, however box art shows "Spider-Man Saves the Day" as the set name.[2]

^n Not currently available.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Seven-PacksEdit

Iron Man Super Hero Squad Four-PacksEdit

Wolverine Super Hero Squad Four-PacksEdit

Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad Three-PacksEdit

Thor Super Hero Squad Three-PacksEdit

Captain America Super Hero Squad Three-PacksEdit

Iron Man Super Hero Squad Three PacksEdit

SDCC ExclusivesEdit

Hulk Super Hero Squad Box SetEdit

^p "The Brawl That Shook The World" was a Toys R Us Exclusive set.

Collector's PacksEdit

Note 1: All of the Collector's Packs are Toys R Us exclusives.

Note 2: Collector's Pack 3 is the first of the Collector's Packs to feature a figure in scale to the large figures featured in the Mega-Pack line.


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