List of Bewitched episodes

Bewitched is an American fantasy situation comedy originally broadcast for eight seasons on ABC from 1964 to 1972. 254 half-hour episodes were produced. The first 74 half-hour episodes were filmed in black-and-white for Seasons 1 and 2 (but are now also available in colorized versions on DVD); the remaining 180 half-hour episodes were filmed in color. Film dates are the dates the Screen Gems distribution company reported the episode was "finished".[1]

Series overview

SeasonEpisodesOriginally airedRankRating
First airedLast aired
136September 17, 1964 (1964-09-17)June 3, 1965 (1965-06-03)231.0
238September 16, 1965 (1965-09-16)June 9, 1966 (1966-06-09)725.9[a]
333September 15, 1966 (1966-09-15)May 4, 1967 (1967-05-04)723.4[b]
433September 7, 1967 (1967-09-07)May 16, 1968 (1968-05-16)1123.5
530September 26, 1968 (1968-09-26)April 24, 1969 (1969-04-24)1123.3[c]
630September 18, 1969 (1969-09-18)April 16, 1970 (1970-04-16)2420.6[d]
728September 24, 1970 (1970-09-24)April 22, 1971 (1971-04-22)
826September 15, 1971 (1971-09-15)March 25, 1972 (1972-03-25)72[2]11.3[2]
  1. ^ Tied with The Beverly Hillbillies
  2. ^ Tied with Daktari and The Beverly Hillbillies
  3. ^ Tied with Mission: Impossible and The Red Skelton Show
  4. ^ Tied with NBC Saturday Night at the Movies and The F.B.I.

Dick York missed a total of 14 episodes during his five years on the show (1964-1969) due to a degenerative back ailment that limited his mobility. These episodes are denoted with †.



Season 1 (1964–65)


Episodes originally filmed in black-and-white, but were colorized.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha"William AsherSol SaksSeptember 17, 1964 (1964-09-17)

In the pilot episode, strangers Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) and Darrin (Dick York) meet one another by bumping into each other several times. They fall in love and get married. On their wedding night, Samantha's witch mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), visits Samantha and is shocked to learn her new husband is a mortal and predicts the marriage will not last. Samantha tells Darrin she's a witch and proves it. Darrin is shocked, but realizes he loves Samantha and cannot give her up, and he tells her he wants her to become a suburban housewife and refrain from using magic. Later at a dinner party, Samantha uses her powers to get back at Darrin's condescending ex-girlfriend Sheila (Nancy Kovack).


  • Rehearsal for the pilot was to begin on November 22, 1963, but was ultimately postponed due to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Filming was completed December 6 of that year.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery would give birth to her first child seven months later, on July 24, 1964.
  • Nancy Kovack's character of Sheila was originally intended to be an occasionally recurring nemesis of Darrin and Samantha,[citation needed] but did not appear again until the fourth season episode "Snob in the Grass".
  • Gene Blakely's character of Dave, a drinking companion of Darrin's, would recur very occasionally in seasons 1 through 4, as would Paul Barselow's bartender character (who at various times was credited as Al, Joe, Pete or Max). C. Lindsay Workman would also appear in a few later episodes as Dr. Koblin (the character he plays here), as well as playing other roles throughout the series run.
  • Narrated by an uncredited José Ferrer, who would also narrate episodes 2 and 4 before being dropped from the show.
22"Be It Ever So Mortgaged"William AsherBarbara AvedonSeptember 24, 1964 (1964-09-24)

When Samantha and Darrin purchase their first home together, Samantha and Endora use their magic to see what it would be like fully furnished. But their nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce) witnesses the acts of magic and becomes shocked and hysterical.

Note: This episode was completed along with the next five on September 11, 1964. Filming needed to work around Elizabeth Montgomery's first pregnancy. William Asher Jr. was born July 24, 1964. First episode to feature the Kravitzes.
33"It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog"William AsherJerry DavisOctober 1, 1964 (1964-10-01)[3]

When Darrin's alcoholic and lecherous client Rex Barker (Jack Warden) makes a pass at Samantha, she decides to teach him a lesson by turning him into a dog. The dog runs away, but Samantha eventually gets him back. When Rex makes another pass at her, Darrin knocks him cold. Rex does wind up giving Darrin his account.

Note: First episode to feature David White as Larry Tate.
44"Mother Meets What's-His-Name"William AsherDanny ArnoldOctober 8, 1964 (1964-10-08)
Samantha has lunch with a few of her nosy neighbors, using magic to assist with the meal. Endora refers to Darrin as "What's his name", and that night at their first meeting, Darrin tells Endora that they can get along without witchcraft. They have a heated exchange before Endora leaves.
55"Help, Help, Don't Save Me"William AsherDanny ArnoldOctober 15, 1964 (1964-10-15)
Samantha suggests clever slogans for Darrin's Caldwell Soup advertising campaign. Darrin is thrilled until he suspects Samantha of using magic to help. A fight ensues and Samantha goes home to mother. Darrin relents and pitches Sam's slogans to Caldwell. He doesn't like them either. Darrin now realizes Sam didn't use any magic. Charlie Ruggles guest-stars as Mr. Caldwell.
66"Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"William AsherBarbara AvedonOctober 22, 1964 (1964-10-22)
To help a boy named Marshall Burns (Jimmy Mathers) gain self-confidence, Samantha uses her magic to help him to become a star baseball player. After Darrin dissuades her from using further supernatural help, she instead tries to persuade the boy's overprotective mother (June Lockhart) to support him. Marshall does gain self-confidence and hits the game winning home run. His mother realizes that she needs to let him do the things that little boys do.
77"The Witches Are Out"William AsherBernard SladeOctober 29, 1964 (1964-10-29)

Darrin's latest client wants to use a stereotypical ugly witch to promote his Halloween candy. Samantha is understandably upset, as are Bertha, Mary, and Aunt Clara, a trio of elderly witches who have dealt with prejudice for quite some time. When Darrin is fired for creating a campaign with a beautiful, curvaceous witch, the foursome teams up to give the client a taste of his own medicine. Shelley Berman, Reta Shaw and Madge Blake guest-star.

Note: Marion Lorne makes her first of 28 appearances as Aunt Clara.
88"The Girl Reporter"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneNovember 5, 1964 (1964-11-05)
Teenage reporter Liza Randall (Cheryl Holdridge) interviews Darrin for her school paper, arousing jealousy in her boyfriend Marvin "Monster" Grogan (Roger Ewing). When Samantha conjures up food to keep him distracted, Monster's appreciation for Samantha causes Liza to become jealous as well.
99"Witch or Wife"William AsherBernard SladeNovember 12, 1964 (1964-11-12)
With her husband working overtime, Samantha is bored and agrees to have lunch in Paris with Endora. She happens to run into Larry and Louise Tate (Irene Vernon) while there, creating confusion and hard feelings between Samantha and Darrin. After some missed connections, Samantha and Darrin fly to Paris together. Raquel Welch appears as a stewardess.
1010"Just One Happy Family"William AsherFred Freeman & Lawrence J. CohenNovember 19, 1964 (1964-11-19)
Maurice (Maurice Evans), Samantha's father, learns she's married, and wants to meet his new son-in-law, but disapproves of mixed marriages, and an argument prompts him to disintegrate Darrin. Endora is furious, and Samantha tells Maurice she loves Darrin and not to take him away from her.
1111"It Takes One to Know One"William AsherJack SherNovember 26, 1964 (1964-11-26)
When Darrin begins searching for a beautiful model to play "Miss Jasmine", Endora sees it as an opportunity to break up her daughter's marriage and sends a gorgeous witch (Lisa Seagram) to seduce him. Samantha recognizes model Janine Fleur as Sarah Baker the witch. Sarah is determined to fulfill what she set out to do, namely seduce Darrin, despite Endora calling off the contract. Samantha, who still has faith in her husband, just wants her battle with Sarah to be on an even playing field.
1212"...And Something Makes Three"William AsherDanny ArnoldDecember 3, 1964 (1964-12-03)

Larry sees Louise (Irene Vernon) and Samantha entering an obstetrician's office and assumes Darrin is about to become a father. It is actually Louise who is pregnant, but she is afraid to tell Larry. After Larry tells Darrin, he has a daydream about Samantha having "witch" children. When the four of them have dinner that night, the truth comes out. Maureen McCormick guest-stars as Little Endora, one of the witch children.

Note: Filmed October 22, 1964
1313"Love Is Blind"William AsherRoland WolpertDecember 10, 1964 (1964-12-10)

Samantha asks Darrin to help her plain friend Gertrude (Kit Smythe) find a beau. When a handsome artist, Kermit (Adam West), is attracted to her, Darrin accuses Gertrude of being a witch. Samantha refuses to tell, leaving Darrin to try to break up the budding romance by calling on model Susan (Chris Noel), Kermit’s ex-girlfriend.

Note: Filmed October 29, 1964
1414"Samantha Meets the Folks"William AsherBernard SladeDecember 17, 1964 (1964-12-17)

Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) comes to visit when Samantha meets Darrin's parents for the first time. His mother, Phyllis (Mabel Albertson) feels pushed aside, but his father Frank (Robert F. Simon) likes Samantha, thinking she's a lovely girl. When her daughter-in-law serves a magnificent dinner, Samantha confesses that it was actually Aunt Clara who helped her with the food, and that she is still learning how to be a magnificent cook.

Note: Filmed November 5, 1964
1515"A Vision of Sugar Plums"Alan RafkinHerman GrovesDecember 24, 1964 (1964-12-24)

The Kravitzes and Stephenses participate in a program that allows orphaned children to stay with adults for the holidays. When the Stephenses' young charge reveals that he does not believe in Santa Claus, Samantha takes him to the North Pole. Bill Daily and Billy Mumy guest-star. Cecil Kellaway appears as Santa Claus.

Note: Filmed November 12, 1964
1616"It's Magic"Sidney MillerTom Waldman & Frank WaldmanJanuary 7, 1965 (1965-01-07)

Samantha hires Zeno the Great (Walter Burke) to perform at a charity bazaar and becomes his assistant to help the magician gain self-confidence. When Roxie (Virginia Martin), Zeno's former assistant, returns to capitalize on his newly found fame, Samantha tries to stop the scene-stealing. Cliff Norton appears as Norman the Waiter.

Note: Filmed November 27, 1964
1717"A Is for Aardvark"Ida LupinoEarl BarretJanuary 14, 1965 (1965-01-14)

When an ankle injury confines Darrin to bed, Samantha enchants the house so it can fulfill Darrin's needs. Darrin becomes intoxicated with the idea of magic, and starts encouraging Samantha to use her powers, but the change is not all for the better. Darrin quits his job and wants to travel the world. But soon he comes to realize he likes his old life better.

Note: Filmed November 18, 1964. Endora addresses her son-in-law as "Darrin" for the first of only eight times in the series.
1818"The Cat's Meow"David McDearmonRichard Sale & Mary SaleJanuary 21, 1965 (1965-01-21)

Accompanying a beautiful, sexy client (Martha Hyer) to Chicago, Darrin begins to act strangely when he suspects that her cat is actually Samantha in disguise.

Note: Filmed December 3, 1964
1919"A Nice Little Dinner Party"Sherman MarksBernard SladeJanuary 28, 1965 (1965-01-28)

Promising to behave when she meets Darrin's parents, Endora turns on the charm and is promptly accused by Darrin's mother Phyllis of trying to steal her husband Frank's affections. Frank takes Endora to a play when Phyllis refuses to go. Phyllis wants a divorce when Frank doesn't come home that night, but he actually locked himself out and stayed at the club. Endora and Samantha use a little witchcraft to get them together. C. Lindsay Workman appears as a train conductor.

Note: Filmed December 10, 1964
2020"Your Witch Is Showing"Joseph PevneyJoanne LeeFebruary 4, 1965 (1965-02-04)

Darrin forbids Samantha to attend her cousin Mario's wedding in Egypt. Endora, who is livid, states that Darrin is in "big trouble". Darrin gets a new assistant named Gideon Whitsett (Jonathan Daly). Darrin is convinced Gideon is a warlock enlisted by Endora as a series of events makes Darrin look bumbling and stupid in front of a new client, and in turn makes Gideon look fantastic. Samantha uses a little magic to find out that Gideon is actually a conniving young man. Peggy Lipton makes a brief appearance as a secretary.

Note: Filmed December 16, 1964
2121"Ling Ling"David McDearmonStory by : Anthony Wilson
Teleplay by : Jerry Davis
February 11, 1965 (1965-02-11)

Knowing that Darrin needs a new model for a campaign, Samantha turns a stray Siamese cat into an attractive woman named Ling Ling (Greta Chi). But the appearance of Ling-Ling, who knows she's a cat and brings those cat sensibilities to her human life, has unintended consequences, most specifically that the agency's up and coming photographer, Wally (Jeremy Slate), starts to fall in love with her. Ling-Ling, in turn, likes the attention she is receiving from Wally as opposed to the life of a cat. Samantha has to figure out how to tell Darrin the truth about Ling-Ling while she and Darrin try to persuade Wally that Ling-Ling is not the right woman for him.

Note: Filmed December 16, 1964
2222"Eye of the Beholder"William AsherHerman GrovesFebruary 25, 1965 (1965-02-25)

While Darrin, Samantha and Endora are browsing through an antiques store, Endora believes it's time Darrin suspected that Samantha may not be as young as her mortal equivalent would be. Darrin sees a 300-year-old painting, "Maid of Salem", which bears a striking resemblance to Samantha, causing him to question her age and their relationship. As Darrin contemplates his future with Samantha under these circumstances, Samantha has to figure out a way to save her marriage if the truth truly does come to light.

Note: Filmed January 11, 1965
2323"Red Light, Green Light"David McDearmonRoland WolpertMarch 4, 1965 (1965-03-04)

The mayor (Dan Tobin), ignoring his constituents' request to have a traffic light installed at a busy intersection, needs some of Samantha's witchcraft to convince him otherwise. Vic Tayback appears as the mayor's chauffeur.

Note: Filmed December 31, 1964
2424"Which Witch Is Which?"William D. RussellEarl BarretMarch 11, 1965 (1965-03-11)

To assist her daughter in a dress fitting, Endora transforms herself into a double of Samantha. While at the fitting, Robert Frazer (Ron Randell), a young writer, becomes smitten with her. Endora decides to cavort with him as Samantha. Meanwhile, Gladys Kravitz thinks Samantha is having a secret affair. There are further complications when it turns out that Bob is an old friend of Darrin's. Endora shows up (as Samantha) at a dinner that Darrin, Sam and Bob are having. Bob now believes Endora is Sam's twin.

Note: Filmed January 18, 1965; remade in Season 6 as "A Chance on Love", broadcast March 19, 1970.
2525"Pleasure O'Riley"William D. RussellKen EnglundMarch 18, 1965 (1965-03-18)

Flirtatious neighbor Pleasure O'Riley (Kipp Hamilton) moves in next door to the Stephenses. Samantha doesn't really appreciate Pleasure's ignorantly blissful helpless girl demeanor, or Darrin's seeming fawning over her at her beck and call because of it. Her incredibly jealous boyfriend, 'Thunderbolt' Swenson (Ken Scott), mistakenly suspects both Darrin and Abner Kravitz of impropriety.

Note: Filmed January 25, 1965
2626"Driving Is the Only Way to Fly"William AsherRichard BaerMarch 25, 1965 (1965-03-25)

After an argument while he is teaching her to drive, Darrin enrolls Samantha in a driving school. The owner (Paul Bryar) assigns his nervous brother-in-law Harold (Paul Lynde) to teach her. Samantha gives Harold a little self confidence.

Note: Filmed February 5, 1965. Lynde was cast as Uncle Arthur starting in Season 2.
2727"There's No Witch Like an Old Witch"William AsherTed Sherdeman & Jane KloveApril 1, 1965 (1965-04-01)

When a depressed Aunt Clara volunteers to babysit for a friend of Samantha and Darrin's, her magical tricks with toys and games make her a success, and she quickly becomes the most popular caretaker in the neighborhood. But after she tells her charges that she is a witch, a suspicious mother brings her before a judge for a competency hearing. Reta Shaw appears as Bertha.

Note: Filmed February 12, 1965; reworked in Season 8 as "Samantha's Magic Sitter", broadcast January 5, 1972.
2828"Open the Door, Witchcraft"William AsherRuth Brooks FlippenApril 8, 1965 (1965-04-08)

Samantha uses her powers to open her garage door as Gladys is watching from across the street. Darrin and Samantha buy an electric garage door to avoid further suspicions from Gladys, but unseen mortal technology causes additional problems and suspicions.

Note: Filmed February 18, 1965
2929"Abner Kadabra"William AsherLawrence J. Cohen & Fred FreemanApril 15, 1965 (1965-04-15)

When Gladys finally catches Samantha in the act of using her powers, the quick-thinking witch convinces the snoop that she possesses the gift of ESP. Things take a turn for the worse when Gladys will not stop trying to use her new "talent" in every situation, which frustrates Abner. Samantha holds a seance to scare Gladys into giving up her thoughts of having powers.

Note: Filmed February 25, 1965; remade in Season 7 as "Samantha and the Antique Doll", broadcast April 22, 1971.
3030"George, the Warlock"William AsherKen EnglundApril 22, 1965 (1965-04-22)

While Darrin spends time with neighbor Pleasure O'Riley's sister, Dora "D.D." Danger O'Riley (Beverly Adams), Endora arranges for handsome warlock George (Christopher George) to woo Samantha to break up her marriage to Darrin. But when George arrives on the scene, he isn't sure if it's Samantha he wants or Danger.

Note: Filmed March 4, 1965
3131"That Was My Wife"William AsherBernard SladeApril 29, 1965 (1965-04-29)

Samantha and Darrin spend the night at a hotel and Samantha briefly changes her hair to brunette. Larry spots them and thinks Darrin is having an affair. Larry proceeds to tell Louise. Louise meets with Darrin at a hotel hoping to convince him to drop the other woman. Larry spots them and thinks Darrin's other woman is Louise.

Note: Filmed March 15, 1965
3232"Illegal Separation"William AsherRichard BaerMay 6, 1965 (1965-05-06)

Gladys and Abner have yet another fight, but this time, the frustrated busybody kicks her husband out of the house. Abner seeks shelter at the Stephenses' home and quickly wears out his welcome. Sam decides to reunite the couple by having them simultaneously dream of the day Abner proposed.

Note: Filmed March 19, 1965. In the episode's dream sequence, Gladys's maiden name is revealed as Gruber.
3333"A Change of Face"William AsherBernard SladeMay 13, 1965 (1965-05-13)

Endora decides to experiment with different looks to Darrin's face while he is taking a nap. As Samantha forgets to change him back, a horrified Darrin sees the transformation they did to his face after he awakens. He becomes self-conscious about the way he looks. Samantha disguises herself as a sexy French sculptor (Marilyn Hanold) to help repair her husband's tattered ego.

Note: Filmed March 25, 1965
3434"Remember the Main"William D. RussellMort R. LewisMay 20, 1965 (1965-05-20)

Samantha volunteers to work on the election campaign of Ed Wright (Edward Mallory), who is running for Morning Glory Circle councilor against long time incumbent John C. Cavanaugh (Byron Morrow). Wright wants to expose Cavanaugh's immoral and illegal dealings in past capital works projects. With Endora's help, that is what happens.

Note: Filmed February 1, 1965
3535"Eat at Mario's"William AsherRichard BaerMay 27, 1965 (1965-05-27)

Samantha and Endora believe the food they eat at Mario's (Vito Scotti), a small, independent Italian restaurant, is the best Italian food they've ever eaten. Samantha believes all Mario needs is a little advertising. So Samantha, using witchcraft, decides to provide some advertising for Mario's. The problem is that Darrin's new client, Linton H. Baldwin (Alan Hewitt), is the owner of a pizza chain looking to expand its market. He pulls his account from Darrin's firm to go with Samantha's supposed agency. Samantha has to figure out a way to help Mario yet save Darrin's career by Baldwin keeping his account at McMann & Tate.

Note: Filmed April 1, 1965
3636"Cousin Edgar"E. W. SwackhamerStory by : John L. Greene & Paul David
Teleplay by : Paul Wayne
June 3, 1965 (1965-06-03)

Darrin suspects Endora of using magic to break up his marriage and ruin his reputation at work again. It is actually Samantha's distant cousin Edgar (Arte Johnson), an elf who has the power to become invisible. Edgar feels their marriage isn't the right thing for Samantha. So he goes on a campaign to make Darrin's life a living hell, including embarrassing Darrin in front of a potential client. Samantha convinces Cousin Edgar that Darrin is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Note: Filmed April 8, 1965

Season 2 (1965–66)


Episodes originally filmed in black-and-white, but were colorized.

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
371"Alias Darrin Stephens"William AsherRichard BaerSeptember 16, 1965 (1965-09-16)

It's Samantha and Darrin's first wedding anniversary. After stopping by unexpectedly, Aunt Clara's magic accidentally turns him into a chimpanzee. Darrin has to avoid Larry Tate and work, until Aunt Clara can remember how to reverse the spell. He becomes trapped in the zoo after being reported found loose by Gladys Kravitz. Samantha learns that she is pregnant, and wants to tell Darrin the news, but she has to find him first.

Note: Filmed May 20, 1965

This is the first episode featuring the Screen Gems "S from Hell" logo
382"A Very Special Delivery"William AsherHoward LeedsSeptember 23, 1965 (1965-09-23)

Darrin is determined to make sure that Samantha doesn't strain herself during her pregnancy, and so waits on her hand and foot. When Larry convinces him that strenuous work is actually good for a pregnant woman, Darrin changes his tune and starts ignoring Samantha's needs. A furious Endora decides to teach Darrin an unforgettable lesson by making him undergo the symptoms of a pregnancy himself.

Note: Filmed May 26, 1965
393"We're in for a Bad Spell"Howard MorrisBernard SladeSeptember 30, 1965 (1965-09-30)

Salem witch trial judge descendant Adam Newlarkin (William Redfield), an old Army friend of Darrin, is doomed to be a thief, unless Samantha and Darrin can find a way to lift a 300-year-old spell. The problem is, how will Darrin, Samantha and Aunt Clara get Adam to do the triumvirate of unusual tasks required within one day for the hex to be neutralized. Richard X. Slattery appears as Detective Pearson. Bartlett Robinson appears as Mr. Abercrombie, the bank manager.

Note: Filmed June 4, 1965
404"My Grandson, the Warlock"E. W. SwackhamerTed Sherdeman & Jane KloveOctober 7, 1965 (1965-10-07)

While Samantha is watching the Tates' new baby, Gladys Kravitz makes an ill-informed comment to Maurice who whisks his "new" grandson off to the London Warlocks' Club to begin his training. Samantha and Endora try to track down Maurice and the baby. Darrin has to stall Larry and Louise, who have just returned from London and who are anxious to see their son. Meanwhile, Maurice becomes frustrated as "his" grandson shows no signs of having powers, especially as he shows off the baby to his friends.

Note: Filmed July 1, 1965
415"The Joker Is a Card"E. W. SwackhamerRon FriedmanOctober 14, 1965 (1965-10-14)

When Samantha's attempt at a peaceful dinner with Darrin and Endora is ruined with practical jokes, the witches realize that Sam's prank-loving Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) has come for a visit. Arthur takes a liking to Darrin and offers to teach him a spell that will give Endora a taste of her own medicine. Darrin is persuaded when it seems like Endora is causing trouble in the workplace, but Arthur's hex turns out to be a hoax on him. Darrin, Samantha, and Endora decide to work together to give Uncle Arthur a taste of his own medicine.

Note: Filmed July 16, 1965; first of 10 appearances of Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur.
426"Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk"William AsherBernard SladeOctober 21, 1965 (1965-10-21)

Samantha gets sick and loses her powers after coming into contact with black Peruvian roses. She then starts getting green squares all over her face. Aunt Clara sends Darrin off to gather items for the antidote that she will brew. These include ingredients such as bat wings, porpoise milk, eye of newt and an ostrich feather. But, it's the last ingredient that really gets Darrin into trouble.

Note: Filmed August 12, 1965; first supernatural illness episode; remade in Season 8 as "Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse".
437"Trick or Treat"E. W. SwackhamerLawrence J. Cohen & Fred FreemanOctober 28, 1965 (1965-10-28)

Endora wants Samantha to go away with her to celebrate a traditional Halloween ceremony. Darrin wants Samantha at home to host a party for potential new client Jack Rogers (Jack Collins). Seeking revenge, Endora turns herself into a little girl trick or treater (Maureen McCormick) and places a spell on Darrin that slowly turns him into a werewolf. But, as Jack Rogers' company makes Halloween props, this might not be such a bad thing.

Note: Filmed July 29, 1965.
448"The Very Informal Dress"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneNovember 4, 1965 (1965-11-04)

Aunt Clara provides Samantha and Darrin with new clothes to wear at an important cocktail party for prospective client Charles Barlow (Max Showalter). Barlow's company makes the "Mother Jenny" line of not very good tasting health food products. Sam and Darrin's clothing begins to vanish soon after their arrival. This ultimately gets Darrin into a bit of trouble with the police. Thanks to more of Aunt Clara's magic and a drunk (Dick Wilson) that Darrin is in a cell with, he manages to beat the rap. Hardie Albright appears as Judge Crosetti.

Note: Filmed June 14, 1965.
459"And Then I Wrote"E. W. SwackhamerPaul WayneNovember 11, 1965 (1965-11-11)

Samantha is writing a play for the American Civil War's centennial pageant, but she's having some writer's block. Endora suggests that she materialize the characters in front of her so that she can get a better idea of what to write. The problem is they now materialize whenever Samantha thinks about them. Samantha has to figure out a way to make her vivid imagination not so vivid. She gets some help from her characters.

Note: Filmed July 21, 1965.
4610"Junior Executive"Howard MorrisBernard SladeNovember 18, 1965 (1965-11-18)

Samantha wonders what Darrin looked liked as a child. Endora changes him into his ten-year-old self (Billy Mumy) and Darrin is furious--especially when Endora refuses to reverse the spell before a meeting with client Mr. Harding, a toymaker. But Mr. Harding and Larry are convinced that the young Darrin is actually an advertising prodigy and try to set up a meeting between the "new kid" and Darrin himself, leading to trouble.

Note: Filmed June 18, 1965
4711"Aunt Clara's Old Flame"E. W. SwackhamerBernard SladeNovember 25, 1965 (1965-11-25)

When Aunt Clara's old boyfriend Hedley Partridge (Charlie Ruggles) comes for a visit, Aunt Clara fears that he will discover her powers have dimmed with age. Hedley seems as virile and adept in his powers as he was when he was younger. In order to help Aunt Clara, Samantha performs whatever witchcraft Hedley asks of her. It turns out that Hedley's powers are fading as much as Clara's are.

Note: Filmed August 4, 1965; remade in Season 7 as "Samantha's Magic Mirror".
4812"A Strange Little Visitor"E. W. SwackhamerJohn L. Greene & Paul DavidDecember 2, 1965 (1965-12-02)

Samantha agrees to keep a ten-year-old warlock named Merle Brocken (Craig Hundley) overnight. But Merle has to promise to not do any magic in front of Darrin. Darrin finds out Merle is a warlock. Darrin may change his mind about Merle using his witchcraft when a burglar (Tim Herbert) breaks into the house looking to steal the expensive necklace he knows Darrin is keeping for Larry. James Doohan and Anne Sargent appear as Merle's parents.

Note: Filmed July 8, 1965
4913"My Boss, the Teddy Bear"William AsherBernard SladeDecember 9, 1965 (1965-12-09)

Endora wants Samantha to attend a family wedding, and directly asks Larry if he will give Darrin some time off so he can travel with her. Larry wholeheartedly agrees, and to thank him, Endora conjures a teddy bear he has been looking for. Unfortunately, Darrin mistakenly believes that Endora has transformed his boss into the bear. Things get worse for Darrin when the teddy bear goes missing.

Note: Filmed September 10, 1965
5014"Speak the Truth"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneDecember 16, 1965 (1965-12-16)

Endora gives Darrin a statue that causes any mortal within three feet to tell the truth. The statue ends up causing some problems for Darrin with his work colleagues, clients and total strangers. But it might cause the most trouble when Darrin and Samantha host a small dinner party for the Tates and the Hotchkisses (Charles Lane and Elisabeth Fraser), potential new clients. While in the process of telling the truth, they all learn that the truth may not always be a bad thing.

Note: Filmed August 27, 1965; remade in Season 8 as the series finale, "The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam".
5115"A Vision of Sugar Plums"Alan RafkinHerman GrovesDecember 23, 1965 (1965-12-23)

Samantha and Darrin get a card from the boy (Billy Mumy) they took in last year for Christmas and have an episode-long flashback of the previous year's holiday episode.

Note: repeat of "A Vision of Sugar Plums" (S1E15) with new cold open scenes.
5216"The Magic Cabin"William AsherPaul WayneDecember 30, 1965 (1965-12-30)

Darrin has hit a dry spell. Larry demands that he take some time off with Samantha and go to his secluded cabin in the woods. When they get to the cabin, they see how run down it is. Samantha twitches it up to look wonderful. A young couple interested in buying Larry's cabin fall in love with the fixed up version. They telephone Larry to tell him they want to buy it at his asking price. Sam has to decide whether to keep the cabin as is, or transform it back into its poor condition. Things get complicated when Larry makes a surprise visit while the young couple are there.

Note: Filmed August 19, 1965
5317"Maid to Order"William AsherRichard BaerJanuary 6, 1966 (1966-01-06)

Darrin decides that Samantha needs help around the house and insists that she hire a maid. Sam chooses Naomi (Alice Ghostley), a well-meaning but incredibly clumsy woman who desperately needs to pay for her son's medical schooling. Naomi gets some magical help from Samantha to boost her confidence, but the situation becomes complicated when Louise insists on borrowing the maid for a dinner party of her own.

Note: Filmed September 2, 1965. The Tates refer to their absent maid "Esmeralda", which would become the name of the witch-maid Ghostley is cast to play in Season 6.
5418"...And Then There Were Three"William AsherBernard SladeJanuary 13, 1966 (1966-01-13)

Endora pops into the waiting room from the delivery room to tell Darrin she has a granddaughter. She even names her Tabitha, which Samantha and Darrin are not happy about. However, the fun really begins when Darrin meets Sam's lookalike cousin Serena. Unfortunately, Darrin thinks Endora cast a spell on his daughter to cause her to age overnight and he tries to catch Serena, who he thinks is a now adult Tabitha. Eventually, all problems are solved, and Darrin and Samantha accept Tabitha as their daughter's name. Eve Arden and Judy Pace guest-star.

Note: Filmed December 10, 1965. The baby's name was spelled "Tabatha" until Season 5 when Elizabeth Montgomery's desire to have it spelled "Tabitha" was fulfilled. This episode marks the first appearance of the character of Serena.
5519"My Baby, the Tycoon"William AsherRichard BaerJanuary 20, 1966 (1966-01-20)

Gladys and Abner give Tabitha a share of stock as a gift. The next day the stock increases by 6 points, almost doubling its worth. Darrin suspects Tabitha magically influenced the stock's value. As an experiment, Darrin buys Tabatha a share in another stock of her "pointing", which also nearly doubles its worth overnight. In the end, Darrin finds out that there were legitimate reasons for the stocks rising.

Note: Filmed December 15, 1965
5620"Samantha Meets the Folks"William AsherBernard SladeJanuary 27, 1966 (1966-01-27)

Tabitha receives her first letter from Darrin's parents, and Samantha and Darrin recall his parents' first visit in an episode-long flashback.

Note: repeat of "Samantha Meets the Folks" (S1E14) with new cold open introduction.
5721"Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue"William AsherLee ErwinFebruary 3, 1966 (1966-02-03)

While Samantha waits for Darrin alone in a fancy restaurant, she is hit upon by an obnoxious drunk. Darrin arrives and knocks him out with some magical help. Turns out the drunk was heavyweight contender 'Jolting Joe' Kovacks and the story ends up being front page news. Things get crazy when Darrin knocks out Kovacks a second time and later knocks out Tommy Carter (Rockne Tarkington), the Champ. Herbie Faye appears as Kovack's manager. Herb Vigran appears as Sam the Bartender.

Note: Filmed December 21, 1965
5822"The Dancing Bear"William AsherJames S. HenersonFebruary 10, 1966 (1966-02-10)

Endora and Darrin's mother both give Tabitha the same teddy bear. Endora gets the upper hand when she places a spell on her bear, which dances every time anyone says the name Tabitha. Darrin's father sees the dancing bear as a business opportunity that could reap him and Darrin millions. Sam and Darrin have to come up with a way to stop the deal Darrin's father wants to make with Mr. Hockstedder (Arthur Julian), the toy manufacturer he calls in.

Note: Filmed December 29, 1965
5923"Double Tate"William AsherPaul WayneFebruary 17, 1966 (1966-02-17)

Endora gives Darrin three wishes for his birthday, without telling him. Larry is stuck at a fogged-in Chicago airport and has one of his clients, Mr. Turgeon, sitting in his office to renew a contract. Darrin wishes he were Larry for a day to help with the client and turns into a double of his boss. Problems arise when Louise shows up and to top it off, the real Larry comes home.

Note: Filmed January 3, 1966; remade in Season 3 as "Three Wishes".
6024"Samantha, the Dressmaker"William AsherLee ErwinFebruary 24, 1966 (1966-02-24)

Samantha is trying to design and sew an evening gown for a business dinner she and Darrin are going to with an important client, the Glendons. Samantha and Endora sneak a peek at some yet to be unveiled fashions in Paris. After Samantha uses her magic to recreate one for herself, two ladies from the dinner ask her to make dresses for them. The original designer, Aubert (Dick Gautier), turns out to be one of Darrin's clients. At a New York fashion show, the designer faints when he sees Samantha and her friends in his creations. Samantha has to figure out a way to get Aubert not to sue the agency, but also to help Aubert mass market his dresses to Americans.

Note: Filmed January 10, 1966
6125"The Horse's Mouth"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneMarch 3, 1966 (1966-03-03)

Samantha turns a runaway racehorse into an attractive woman (Patty Regan) to find out why she escaped. In her human form, the horse tells Samantha that her name is Dally Ran and that she is a race horse. Later that evening, Darrin brings home his old friend Gus Walters (Robert Sorrells) for dinner. Gus is having trouble raising money for his new business venture. Dally Ran suggests Gus raise the money through betting on the horses. At the track, Dolly asks Samantha to turn her back into a horse so that she can race in what she sees as her final shot at winning glory.

Note: Filmed January 17, 1966
6226"Baby's First Paragraph"William AsherJames S. HenersonMarch 10, 1966 (1966-03-10)

Tired of hearing how smart Gladys' baby nephew is, Endora uses witchcraft to make the still infant Tabitha talk fluently (voiced by an uncredited June Foray). The speech makes its way into the national news thanks to Gladys' big mouth. Endora, who is angry at Darrin for berating her, makes Tabatha speak in front of the reporters. Sam and Darrin have to come up with a way to stop the story cold as their life has become a media circus since the story broke.

Note: Filmed January 21, 1966. Last episode filmed featuring Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravitz, who died of cancer on March 3, 1966.
6327"The Leprechaun"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneMarch 17, 1966 (1966-03-17)

A leprechaun named Brian O'Brian (Henry Jones), who claims to belong to Darrin's family, comes to the U.S. to reclaim his lost pot of gold. The fireplace in which he was hiding it was transported into a new house in the US by the house's wealthy new owner, James Dennis Robinson (Parley Baer). With Robinson's house nearby, Brian decides to break in, only to be caught and jailed. When Samantha decides to help, they discover that Mr. Robinson has already found the gold. But, it turns out that Mr. Robinson believes in leprechauns and gives Brian his gold back.

Note: Filmed February 3, 1966
6428"Double Split"Jerry DavisHoward LeedsMarch 24, 1966 (1966-03-24)

At a cocktail party at the Tates' home, Samantha meets the snobbish daughter (Julie Gregg) of a client. The daughter provokes Sam into using witchcraft to hit her in the eye with an hors d'oeuvre. The next day, Larry and Darrin have an argument over the incident which leads to a parting as friends and co-workers after Darrin quits. Sam comes up with a plan to make Larry and Darrin friends again.

Note: Filmed February 10, 1966
6529"Disappearing Samantha"William AsherPaul David & John L. GreeneApril 7, 1966 (1966-04-07)

Samantha uses her powers to embarrass professional witch debunker Osgood Ritemire (Bernard Fox), who then unknowingly employs an amateur spell to make her disappear. Luckily, her disappearance is only temporary, but unluckily her disappearance happens again and again against her will. Not paying attention, neither Darrin nor Samantha can remember the incantation, so Endora doesn't know how to solve the problem. It turns out he unknowingly had an ancient talisman that allowed him to perform the magic. Foster Brooks appears as Robert Andrews, an editor of a magazine interested in doing an article about Osgood. Nina Wayne guest-stars.

Note: Filmed January 27, 1966. Last episode featuring Irene Vernon as Louise Tate. Fox was cast as Dr. Bombay starting in Season 3.
6630"Follow That Witch (Part 1)"William AsherBernard SladeApril 14, 1966 (1966-04-14)

Darrin pitches a campaign to Mr. Robbins (Jack Collins), the president of a baby food company. Mr. Robbins wants to sign with Darrin. The company's advertising manager, George Barkley (Steve Franken) hires a private detective named Charlie Leach (Robert Strauss) to learn more about Darrin's home life. Mr. Leach catches Samantha using her powers and intends to blackmail her. Virginia Martin also guest-stars as Leach's wife.

Note: Filmed February 17, 1966. Due to Alice Pearce's illness at time of filming (she died a few weeks later), Mary Grace Canfield makes her first appearance as Harriet Kravitz, who is said to be keeping house for her brother Abner while Gladys is visiting her mother.
6731"Follow That Witch (Part 2)"William AsherBernard SladeApril 21, 1966 (1966-04-21)

Private investigator Charlie Leach tells Samantha that he has proof that she's a witch. He says he will tell Darrin's client, Robbins Baby Food, unless Samantha gives him several expensive gifts. Darrin finds out about the fact that Leach was hired by Robbins Baby Food. Samantha and Darrin go to give Robbins and Barkley a piece of their mind and Darrin winds up getting the account. Darrin gives Samantha permission to teach Charlie a lesson.

Note: Filmed February 22, 1966
6832"A Bum Raps"Jerry DavisHerman GrovesApril 28, 1966 (1966-04-28)

Samantha is expecting the arrival of Darrin's Uncle Albert, whom she has never met. She mistakes Horace Dilliway (Cliff Hall), ex of the vaudeville team of Dillaway & Dunn for Albert. Both Horace and his still partner William Dunn (Herbie Faye) are now hobos that sponge free meals. William believes they have the perfect opportunity to rob the Stephenses, but Horace doesn't want to as he has become fond of Samantha. She soon finds out that Horace is not Uncle Albert, but lets him stay anyway. The pair go through with the robbery, but Horace has a change of heart.

Note: Filmed March 12, 1966
6933"Divided He Falls"R. Robert RosenbaumPaul WayneMay 5, 1966 (1966-05-05)

Samantha wants to go to Miami, but Darrin is too busy with work. Endora then splits Darrin in two (one serious, one playful) so that Samantha can take her vacation. Samantha tires of his fun side, while Larry and a client (Frank Maxwell) become annoyed by his overly serious side.

Note: Filmed March 8, 1966; remade in Season 6 as "Samantha's Better Halves", the first episode filmed featuring Dick Sargent. In 1997 TV Guide ranked this episode No. 48 on its "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time" list.;[4] this episode was parodied on The Rerun Show in 2002.
7034"Man's Best Friend"Jerry DavisBernard SladeMay 12, 1966 (1966-05-12)

Rodney (Richard Dreyfuss) is a teenage warlock in love with Samantha. Samantha tells him to leave since she is happily married. Rodney decides to leave only if he feels Darrin worthy. He turns himself into a dog to check up on Darrin and goes on a systematic campaign to break up Samantha and Darrin. In the end, Darrin turns the tables on Rodney.

Note: Filmed March 18, 1966
7135"The Catnapper"R. Robert RosenbaumHoward LeedsMay 19, 1966 (1966-05-19)

Charlie Leach returns again and witnesses Endora turn one of Darrin's clients into a cat. She does this because the client, Toni Devlin, is a very attractive woman and Endora suspects the worst. Charlie steals the cat and offers to return her for one million dollars. Samantha decides to teach him once and for all not to mess with her. And Sam needs to convince Endora to turn Toni back into a human being, all before Darrin and Toni's important business meeting.

Note: Filmed March 24, 1966
7236"What Every Young Man Should Know"Jerry DavisPaul David & John L. GreeneMay 26, 1966 (1966-05-26)

Although Darrin tells Samantha that he would have married her if he knew ahead of time that she was a witch, Samantha isn't totally convinced. Endora sends Darrin and Samantha back in time to find out.

Note: Filmed March 30, 1966
7337"The Girl with the Golden Nose"R. Robert RosenbaumSyd Zelinka & Paul WayneJune 2, 1966 (1966-06-02)

After Larry Tate changes his mind about giving Darrin an account, Darrin is sure Samantha's magic is behind Larry's change of heart. His belief is strengthened when everything he wants seems to come his way, even when he tries his hardest to sabotage the situation. Darrin believes Samantha is giving him a charmed life. Samantha has to find a way to show him that it was not her magic, but really his confidence and talent that are getting him these things.

Note: Filmed April 6, 1966
7438"Prodigy"Howard MorrisFred Freeman & Lawrence J. CohenJune 9, 1966 (1966-06-09)

Gladys' brother Louis (Jack Weston) is a gifted violinist afraid to play in public. Samantha uses her powers to help him overcome his fears.

Note: Sixth episode of Season 2 to be filmed (June 24, 1965) but final one broadcast. Of note, Samantha was still being portrayed as pregnant, and Alice Pearce was alive. An introduction was filmed to present the episode as a flashback. This is the last episode broadcast in black and white, and the last to feature Pearce. It is also the last appearance of Julie Young and Tamar Young in the role of Tabitha as a baby.

Season 3 (1966–67)


Episodes in Season 3 and onwards filmed in color

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
751"Nobody's Perfect"William AsherDoug TibblesSeptember 15, 1966 (1966-09-15)

Tabitha performs magic for the first time, which delights Endora, but worries Samantha. Tabitha is used as a model for a client's (David Lewis) advertising campaign, but her use of magic on her toys drives the photographer mad. The episode ends with Samantha still worried how she is going to reveal Tabitha's new-found powers to Darrin. Robert Q. Lewis guest-stars as Diego Fenman, the photographer.

Note: Filmed July 11, 1966; first episode aired in color. First appearance of Erin Murphy and Diane Murphy as Tabitha.
762"The Moment of Truth"William AsherDavid V. Robison & John L. GreeneSeptember 22, 1966 (1966-09-22)

It's Samantha and Darrin's anniversary. Samantha gets Aunt Clara to babysit. Aunt Clara begins to believe that she is not well as, unaware of Tabatha's powers, attributes Tabatha's magical doings as her own witchcraft gone haywire. Without a babysitter, Sam and Darrin decide to hold a small anniversary cocktail party for themselves and the Tates. Tabitha's magic causes chaos during the party and Darrin finds out it was her.

Note: Filmed July 6, 1966; first episode featuring Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate.
773"Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things"William AsherDavid V. Robison & John L. GreeneSeptember 29, 1966 (1966-09-29)

When Tabitha proves to be the first powerful witch of her generation, Endora, Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra decide she must be taken away to attend Hagatha's school, against Darrin and Samantha's wishes. After the three witches place a spell on Aunt Clara, Darrin, and Samantha to gain control over the baby, Samantha calls upon her father to rescue them. Reta Shaw and Estelle Winwood guest-star.

Note: Filmed August 1, 1966.
784"Accidental Twins"William AsherHoward LeedsOctober 6, 1966 (1966-10-06)

Aunt Clara babysits Tabitha and Jonathan Tate, but accidentally turns little Jonathan into twins. By the time Samantha and Darrin return home with the Tates, Aunt Clara has not resolved the situation, but what's worse is she can't remember which baby is the real Jonathan. Samantha tries her hardest to stall the Tates from leaving with "a Jonathan" to go home, while a flustered Aunt Clara works to reverse her spell. Complications ensue when each Tate parent, separated in the house, gets a hold of one of the baby Jonathans.

Note: Filmed June 23, 1966.
795"A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"William AsherEd JuristOctober 13, 1966 (1966-10-13)

Gerry O'Toole, a supposed friend of Darrin's family visits, but turns out to be a wood nymph, the centuries-long archenemies of witches. And Gerry turns out to be Geraldine. Samantha travels back to the 15th century to lift a 500-year-old curse placed upon Darrin the Bold and his descendants by the nymph after he murdered her beloved Rufus the Red. The problem: Samantha will not have her powers so she will have to rely solely on her ingenuity to stop the slaying. Michael Ansara and Kathleen Nolan guest-star.

Note: Filmed August 18, 1966. Darrin's ancestor, Darrin the Bold, appears again in "The Return of Darrin the Bold", broadcast February 4, 1971.
806"Endora Moves in for a Spell (Part 1)"William AsherStory by : Robert Riley Crutcher
Teleplay by : Ruth Brooks Flippen
October 20, 1966 (1966-10-20)

Endora is annoyed about Uncle Arthur's influence on Tabitha during his extended visit, so she zaps a house onto a nearby vacant lot across from the Stephenses' house to better keep an eye on him. The siblings zap and unzap the house from the lot. Samantha tries to use a little mortal logic to end the standoff. Also caught in the middle are a frightened Gladys Kravitz and the police, who try to understand how a house was built out of thin air on the empty lot. Paul Smith appears as a policeman.

Note: Filmed September 2, 1966; first episode featuring Sandra Gould as Gladys Kravitz.
817"Twitch or Treat (Part 2)"William AsherRobert Riley Crutcher & James S. HenersonOctober 27, 1966 (1966-10-27)

In the show's third Halloween episode, Endora zaps her house from the previous episode back to the vacant lot in order to hold a Halloween party there. Darrin is furious, but agrees to allow the party to be held at his house if she undoes the spell. Uncle Arthur insists on being invited to the party, and is joined by many mysterious guests including Boris (Barry Atwater), his feline companion, and Willie Mays. Gladys Kravitz again has the authorities investigate the strange goings on.

Note: Filmed September 12, 1966.
828"Dangerous Diaper Dan"William AsherDavid Braverman & Bob MarcusNovember 3, 1966 (1966-11-03)

Darrin has been working hard on the Wright Pen campaign. So he and Larry are stunned when their competitor pitches the exact same campaign to Wright just an hour before them. Turns out Diaper Dan (Marty Ingels), the Stephenses' diaper service man, is also secretly under the employ of the A.J. Kimberly (Don Keefer) Advertising Agency. Dan has planted a microphone bug in Tabitha's rattle, so he can steal McMann & Tate's ideas and its clients. Samantha finds out about the rattle and teaches Dan a lesson.

Note: Filmed July 18, 1966.
839"The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara"William AsherStory by : Lee Erwin
Teleplay by : Ed Jurist
November 10, 1966 (1966-11-10)

Samantha and Darrin attend a business dinner at the Tates to make a pitch to potential client, MacElroy (Arthur Julian) Shoes. While babysitting Tabitha, Aunt Clara believes one of her spells has inadvertently blackened out the entire Eastern seaboard. She asks her old beau Octavius (Reginald Owen) to help turn them back on. He only manages to turn on the lights at Sam's house. Larry and Darrin bring MacElroy back to the house, where Octavius helps Darrin win the account.

Notes: Filmed July 25, 1966, this episode was inspired by the Northeast Blackout which occurred in November 1965. Title is a takeoff on The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway.
8410"I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight"R. Robert RosenbaumJames S. HenersonNovember 17, 1966 (1966-11-17)

Darrin and Samantha have a fight over the fact that Samantha gave away his favorite sports jacket. They give each other unappealing gifts in an effort to make up for the fight, which causes them to bicker even more. When Larry suspects the couple is having trouble, he suggests to Darrin that he talk it over with a psychiatrist, while Endora insists that Samantha see one as well – none other than Sigmund Freud himself. Parley Baer and Norman Fell guest-star.

Note: Filmed August 25, 1966. Title is a play on Tareyton cigarettes' famous slogan, "Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch."
8511"Oedipus Hex"William AsherDavid V. Robison & John L. GreeneNovember 24, 1966 (1966-11-24)

Endora hexes a bowl of popcorn with a goof-off spell that ensnares Darrin, the milkman (Ned Glass), a television repairman (Paul Dooley), Larry, a policeman (Paul Smith), a client, and Samantha's entire fundraising committee. When Samantha finally figures out what Endora has done, Samantha tries to use it to her advantage. Queenie Leonard, Norma Varden and Helen Kleeb guest-star.

Note: Filmed August 11, 1966.
8612"Sam's Spooky Chair"R. Robert RosenbaumCoslough JohnsonDecember 1, 1966 (1966-12-01)

Samantha buys an antique chair, unaware that it is really a warlock (Roger Garrett) who had transformed himself long ago in Boston when Samantha rejected his affections. Samantha hosts a dinner party for clients of Darrin's, the Cosgroves. Mrs. Cosgrove falls in love with the chair and Sam gives it to her as a gift. Complications arise when the chair comes back to Samantha. Guest-stars: Howard Morton as the antique salesman, J. Pat O'Malley and Anne Seymour as Mr. and Mrs. Cosgrove.

Note: Filmed September 29, 1966.
8713"My Friend Ben (Part 1)"William AsherJames S. HenersonDecember 8, 1966 (1966-12-08)

Aunt Clara tries to conjure up an electrician to fix a broken lamp, but zaps up Benjamin Franklin. Larry Tate believes Ben is Darrin's campaign idea for Franklin Electronics. Franklin is astounded by the 20th century and wanders away, leaving the Stephenses to rescue him. Unfortunately, he gets arrested for stealing a fire engine. Samantha and Darrin have to decide whether to keep Franklin around for his scheduled court date in four weeks time, or send him back regardless. Aunt Clara may have some say in the matter. Fredd Wayne, who was starring in a live one-man show about Benjamin Franklin at the time, guest-stars and was listed as Historical Consultant.

Note: Filmed June 15, 1966; first episode filmed in color; DVD release does not include laugh track
8814"Samantha for the Defense (Part 2)"William AsherJames S. HenersonDecember 15, 1966 (1966-12-15)
In Part 2, Aunt Clara is able to bring Benjamin Franklin back again so that he can stand trial. The district attorney (Mike Road) is determined to prosecute as he believes that "Benjamin Franklin" – or whoever he is in real life – is purely a publicity stunt developed by Darrin. Samantha, Darrin and Franklin have to figure out an appropriate defense strategy. Known for his eloquent speech, Franklin talking in his own words, may go a long way in helping his cause. A little Samantha witchcraft doesn't hurt either. Paul Sand appears as a reporter. Fredd Wayne guest-stars.
8915"A Gazebo Never Forgets"R. Robert RosenbaumJerry Devine & Izzy ElinsonDecember 22, 1966 (1966-12-22)

Samantha and Tabitha go to a park, where they encounter a mother with her infant. They get into a bit of a scuffle because of Tabatha using witchcraft to take the other infant's stuffed pink polka elephant. Meanwhile, Samantha applies for a bank loan for home improvements. A nosy bank loan investigator named Hawkins (Steve Franken) comes snooping around the Stephenses' home only to see a real pink polka-dotted elephant that Aunt Clara mistakenly conjured up for Tabitha. Aunt Clara can only reverse the spell if she has the actual stuffed elephant from the park. Samantha must figure out a way to get rid of the elephant and save the bank loan. Paul Reed appears as Leon Scranton, the bank president.

Note: Filmed October 19, 1966. First of 14 episodes that Dick York does not appear in.
9016"Soap Box Derby"Alan Jay FactorJames S. HenersonDecember 29, 1966 (1966-12-29)

Samantha helps 12-year-old Johnny Mills (Michael Shea) participate in a soap box derby race. Gladys Kravitz is furious when her nephew loses the derby and suspects magical interference. Samantha tries to get the boy's uninterested father (William Bramley) to come to his son's defense.

Note: Filmed September 23, 1966.
9117"Sam in the Moon"R. Robert RosenbaumJames S. HenersonJanuary 5, 1967 (1967-01-05)

Endora takes Samantha shopping for "warlock tea" in Tokyo one afternoon when she is supposedly cleaning the house. Samantha and Darrin later argue about her whereabouts, and she flippantly states she had been to the Moon. Darrin starts to believe her and even has the tea analyzed, thinking it might be Moon dust.

Note: Filmed November 17, 1966.
9218"Ho Ho the Clown"William AsherRichard BaerJanuary 12, 1967 (1967-01-12)

Samantha and Endora take Tabitha to a taping of the "Ho Ho the Clown Show", where the titular entertainer (Joey Forman) awards gifts to children in the audience. Solow Toys, a client of Darrin's, sponsors the show, which makes Tabitha ineligible to win any prizes. That displeases Endora and makes her enchant Ho Ho to give prizes to her grandchild anyway. Endora also put a spell on Ho Ho to make Tabitha the one and only person for whom he will do the show. Then there's the inevitable problem of implied fraud when Solow finds out that Tabitha is Darrin's daughter. Sam and Darrin come up with the idea that it was all a publicity stunt for a new doll that looks like Tabitha. Dick Wilson appears as Mr. Solow.

Note: Filmed November 11, 1966.
9319"Super Car"William AsherEd JuristJanuary 19, 1967 (1967-01-19)

Endora conjures up the Reactor Mach II car, a futuristic prototype, as a gift for Darrin. His pleasure becomes shock when he realizes Endora zapped the car out of its research lab in Detroit rather than making a copy. He tries to make Endora zap the car back before he's charged with theft. Convincing her to do so may be difficult as Endora is now angry at Darrin's ingratitude. Larry and one of McMann and Tate's clients, Mr. Sheldrake, come over to see the car. Endora agrees to send the car back, but does so with Sheldrake inside of it. Meanwhile, Joe (Dave Madden) and Charlie (Herb Ellis), the car's two confused designers, try to figure out what happened to the car.

Note: Filmed November 23, 1966. The car was later featured as Catwoman's "Kitty Car" in an episode of Batman, and as the Jupiter 8 in an episode of Star Trek.[5]
9420"The Corn Is as High as a Guernsey's Eye"William AsherRuth Brooks FlippenJanuary 26, 1967 (1967-01-26)

Samantha thinks that Aunt Clara, who had been feeling down, has turned herself into a cow when they visit Darrin's office building for a lunch date. The cow is actually being used as publicity for the Morton Dairy account by the Whittle Agency, a rival advertising agency. While Samantha zaps what she believes is Aunt Clara home and tries to convince her to change back into a witch, Whittle, Morton and the authorities try to locate Ginger the cow. After Darrin calls Sam and tells her what's going on, she manages to bring the cow back before things get out of hand. Howard Smith appears as C.L. Morton.

Note: Filmed December 5, 1966. Episode title is a paraphrase of a line from the song "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'" from Oklahoma!—"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye."
9521"The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara"William AsherEd JuristFebruary 2, 1967 (1967-02-02)

The Witches Council puts Clara on trial for incompetency. The Stevens' house is turned into a courtroom so Samantha can defend Aunt Clara against coven Judge Bean (Arthur Malet) who wants her banished to earthbound mortality. Darrin, however, may unwittingly come up with the best defense. Ottola Nesmith appears as Aunt Enchantra. Nancy Andrews appears as Aunt Hagatha.

Note: Filmed December 9, 1966.
9622"Three Wishes"William AsherRobert Riley CrutcherFebruary 9, 1967 (1967-02-09)

To prove what Endora believes are Darrin's lecherous intentions, she grants him three wishes without his knowledge. Darrin has to go on a business trip to Honolulu. But when plans change and he doesn't have to go, Samantha believes this first wish bodes well for proving Endora wrong. However, Darrin has to take a blonde model named Buffy (Linda Gaye Scott) to Boston. When a freak snowstorm keeps Darrin there, it could prove that Endora is right. Darrin is able to prove he did nothing wrong when he shows Samantha he still can make wishes.

Note: Filmed December 16, 1966; partial remake of "Double Tate" from Season 2.
9723"I Remember You...Sometimes"William AsherDavid V. Robison & John L. GreeneFebruary 16, 1967 (1967-02-16)

Darrin would like to improve his memory. Endora casts a spell on his watch giving its wearer perfect memory. What happens is that perfect memory Darrin comes across as a know-it-all to anyone around him. But Darrin's know-it-all attitude irks important client Ed Pennybaker (Dan Tobin) even more. Pennybaker likes to think of himself as an authority on any and every subject. Samantha has to figure out what has caused this change in Darrin and hopefully rectify it.

Note: Filmed December 22, 1966.
9824"Art for Sam's Sake"William AsherJack SherFebruary 23, 1967 (1967-02-23)

Unimpressed by Samantha's amateur painting for an exhibit in a university charity event, Endora exchanges the painting with a famous Henri Monchet original and signs Samantha's name to it. Samantha learns what her mother has done when her painting is revealed as the winning entry in the competition. Darrin's client perfumer Mr. Cunningham (Arthur Julian) notices the painting and purchases it on the spot at auction. Samantha has to find a way to get the painting from him before the painting magically disappears.

Note: Filmed January 9, 1967.
9925"Charlie Harper, Winner"R. Robert RosenbaumEarl BarretMarch 2, 1967 (1967-03-02)

Samantha and Darrin are hosting a dinner party for Darrin's old college friend, the overachieving Charlie Harper (Angus Duncan). Daphne (Joanna Moore), Charlie's wife, is slyly but still obviously condescending toward both Darrin and Samantha. The Stephenses accept Charlie's last minute invitation to spend the weekend at one of their resort homes with a group of their wealthy and important friends. To show Daphne that Darrin is successful, Sam conjures up a special mink coat that Daphne falls in love with and must have. But it's an action by Samantha that has an unexpected affect both on the Stephenses' and Harper's marriages.

Note: Filmed January 19, 1967.
10026"Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"William AsherRobert Riley CrutcherMarch 9, 1967 (1967-03-09)

While reminiscing about the Victorian era, Aunt Clara accidentally makes Queen Victoria (Jane Connell) appear. The Queen's arrival is bad timing for Samantha as Mr. Morgan (Robert H. Harris), a potential client for Darrin, wants to stop by to meet Samantha while Darrin is out of town on a business trip. Mr. Morgan, being a bit of a tyrant himself, gets told off by Larry. Samantha causes Mr. Morgan to dream that he is Queen Victoria and he comes to realize how dictatorial he can be. He apologizes to Larry and gives Larry his account.

Note: Filmed January 25, 1967. Dick York does not appear.
10127"The Crone of Cawdor"R. Robert RosenbaumEd JuristMarch 16, 1967 (1967-03-16)

Darrin is working with Miss Terry Warbell (Julie Gregg), who is the beautiful young daughter of one of Darrin's clients. In spying on Darrin and Terry, Endora finds something rather odd about her. Meanwhile, an elderly, confused woman arrives at the Kravitz's house. Mrs. Kravitz calls Samantha and she and Endora learn that the elderly woman is the real Miss Warbell. Samantha and Endora surmise that the young woman with Darrin is really the 500-year-old Crone of Cawdor (Dorothy Neumann). The Crone's mission is to be kissed by a mortal before the end of 12 hours, in order to switch ages with the kisser permanently, meaning that if Darrin kisses her, he'll turn 500 years old. Samantha rescues Darrin before the clock strikes 6 PM when Miss Warbell's and The Crone's bodies switch back.

Note: Filmed January 31, 1967.
10228"No More Mr. Nice Guy"William AsherJack SherMarch 23, 1967 (1967-03-23)

Endora casts a spell which makes people take an instant dislike to Darrin. This spell causes problems for Darrin and some clients, who refuse to work with him. Larry suggests that Darrin go see a psychiatrist (George Ives). When Samantha finds out what's going on with Darrin, she immediately knows it's her mother's doing. Endora eventually removes the spell, but without Darrin's knowledge. But Darrin's new extremely accommodating personality in trying to win back the clients may do more damage than Endora's spell. Larry D. Mann appears as Horace Baldwin. Judson Pratt appears as Frank Eastwood.

Note: Filmed February 13, 1967.
10329"It's Wishcraft"Paul DavisJames S. HenersonMarch 30, 1967 (1967-03-30)

Darrin is worried about his parents' impending visit because it's the first since Tabatha started using witchcraft. Tabatha is at a stage called "wishcraft" where anyone she wishes to be near her will automatically appear, and it's Darrin more often than not. Samantha enlists Endora's help to hide the effects from the visiting mortals, but trouble only escalates when the two grandmothers lock horns.

Note: Filmed February 20, 1967.
10430"How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help"Richard KinonRon FriedmanApril 6, 1967 (1967-04-06)

Darrin taking Samantha on a vacation to Bermuda is dependent upon the success of his latest campaign for Madame Maruska lipstick. Endora decides to give Darrin a little helping hand by placing a spell on Madame Maruska's account representative, Arch Wilkerson (Henry Beckman), who sees Darrin as the driving force behind the brilliant campaign. Darrin is excited by Wilkerson's reaction, until he learns it was all Endora's doing. When Madame Maruska (Lisa Kirk) comes to the office gushing about Darrin, he believes that Endora is masquerading as Madame Maruska herself. He kicks her out of the office. When Darrin learns that Endora had nothing to do with Madame Marsuka coming to see him, he has to figure out a way to regain her account.

Note: Filmed February 27, 1967.
10531"Bewitched, Bothered, and Infuriated"R. Robert RosenbaumHoward LeedsApril 13, 1967 (1967-04-13)

Aunt Clara zaps up a newspaper with the next day's date to get the racing scores, but also notices an article stating Larry Tate broke his leg. To prevent the accident from happening, Darrin and Samantha go to the resort where Larry and Louise are on their second honeymoon, and make absolute pests of themselves in the attempt. It turns out Aunt Clara zapped up a paper from ten years ago when Larry broke his leg on their first honeymoon.

Note: This would be reworked as the I Dream of Jeannie episode "Tomorrow Is Not Another Day", with the additional element of the horse-racing aspect Aunt Clara mentioned being expanded upon. Filmed February 7, 1967.
10632"Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live"Richard KinonRuth Brooks FlippenApril 27, 1967 (1967-04-27)

Fergus F. Finglehoff (John Fiedler), a frog in human form, pesters Samantha into changing him back so he can be with his frog girlfriend Phoebe (Corinne Camacho) once again. The problem is Samantha doesn't have the power to undo another witch's spell. He tries to blackmail her, as he threatens to tell all her neighbors that she's a witch if she doesn't help. The farcical situation causes much havoc with Mrs. Kravitz, Larry, and a drinking obsessed client (Dan Tobin). In the end, Samantha is able to help Fergus.

Note: Filmed March 14, 1967.
10733"There's Gold in Them Thar Pills"R. Robert RosenbaumPaul Wayne and Ed JuristMay 4, 1967 (1967-05-04)

Samantha asks her mother to call a doctor for Darrin, who is in bed with a cold. Endora summons witch doctor Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox), who gives Darrin pills that instantly cure the common cold. Darrin and Larry try to get Doctor Bombay to market his magical miracle cold cure with their pharmaceutical client, Mr. Hornbeck (Milton Frome). When Samantha finds out what's going on, she becomes worried about marketing a pill created by witchcraft. Also, there may be unexpected side effects.

Note: Filmed March 21, 1967; first of 19 appearances of Bernard Fox as Dr. Bombay.

Season 4 (1967–68)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1081"Long Live the Queen"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 7, 1967 (1967-09-07)

Queen of the Witches Ticheba (Ruth McDevitt) abdicates and appoints Samantha to succeed her. After an initial moment of surprise and honor, Samantha decides she cannot accept because of Darrin. But, realizing she really can't turn the position down, she tells Darrin that she will perform whatever duties are required after midnight so as to not interfere with her mortal life. When Darrin loses an account with a Mr. Rohrbach (J. Edward McKinley) because of a mix up with Sam's queenly duties, he insists she quit. After a period of reflection, Darrin tells Samantha that she can remain Queen.

Note: Filmed July 27, 1967
1092"Toys in Babeland"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 14, 1967 (1967-09-14)

When Endora gets called away while baby-sitting Tabitha, she brings a toy soldier (Jim Brooks) to life in her stead. However, Tabitha imitates the spell, and soon every toy is life-size and marching around the house. Samantha and Darrin arrive home and see all of the life sized toys. Because of this they have to cancel a business dinner they were going to host for the Tates and an important client. However, suspicious Larry believes the dinner cancellation is a ploy for Darrin to steal the client and open his own agency. Larry comes by the house and sees the live dolls, the soldier in particular who he believes is a company employee that Darrin wants to steal for his own company. Samantha and Darrin have to convince Larry that nothing improper is happening while explaining the fact of the soldier.

Note: Filmed during Season 3 on March 6, 1967
1103"Business, Italian Style"William AsherMichael MorrisSeptember 21, 1967 (1967-09-21)

Endora places a spell on Darrin that makes him able to speak perfect Italian for new client Mr. Romani (Freddie Roberto), but unable to speak or understand English. This language issue not only causes the obvious problem of dealing with his English speaking colleagues - namely Larry - but also with the Romani account, as Mr. Romani may feel that Darrin's use of Italian is going overboard and thus mocking his own Italian roots.

Note: Filmed on June 8, 1967
1114"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 28, 1967 (1967-09-28)

Darrin makes Samantha, who is in the midst of performing her duties as Queen, end a royal session early. The following day, while Samantha is out all day doing volunteer work for the church bazaar, Endora and her friends enlist Serena's help to seek revenge. Serena passes herself off as Samantha and tries to drive Darrin away in hopes of ending the marriage. Because of Gladys Kravitz, the masquerade begins to unravel.

Note: Filmed August 11, 1967; title is from Act IV, Scene 1 of Macbeth; first Serena color episode.
1125"Cheap, Cheap"William AsherEd JuristOctober 5, 1967 (1967-10-05)

When Darrin wants Samantha to return an expensive coat, Endora turns him into the most miserly person in the world. This pleases an equally cheap client Mr. Bigelow (Parley Baer), but it affects Darrin's work, especially with Larry, who wants to charge clients to the max. Samantha figures out that Darrin's recent cheapness is all Endora's doing. When the Bigelows and Tates come over for dinner Sam tries to put an extravagance spell on Darrin, but Mr. Bigelow gets it instead.

Note: Filmed June 26, 1967
1136"No Zip in My Zap"Richard KinonBarbara AvedonOctober 12, 1967 (1967-10-12)

Samantha has lost her powers. Dr. Bombay says she's temporarily lost them due to non-use of her witchcraft. To recover, Samantha has to do one of the basics of witchcraft, namely levitate or "fly". Meanwhile, Darrin learns that an account may be in jeopardy because the company's lawyer, Mary Jane Nilesmunster (Mala Powers) is an old girlfriend who vowed revenge on Darrin. When Mary Jane signs the deal Darrin believes that Sam had something to do with it.

Note: Filmed August 18, 1967
1147"Birdies, Bogeys and Baxter"William AsherDavid V. Robinson & John L. GreeneOctober 19, 1967 (1967-10-19)

Endora and Samantha make Darrin an ace golfer, but his newfound skill infuriates competitive client Joe Baxter (MacDonald Carey). Joe's wife Margaret (Joan Banks) would like to see her bragging husband lose. Larry would like to see Darrin lose so they get Baxter's account.

Note: Filmed July 20, 1967; plot device of Darrin becoming an ace golfer was borrowed from the I Dream of Jeannie episode "Watch the Birdie" (February 26, 1966).
1158"The Safe and Sane Halloween"William AsherJames S. HenersonOctober 26, 1967 (1967-10-26)

In the show's fourth Halloween episode, Samantha reads a Halloween story to Tabitha to get her to sleep. The story contains a magical goblin (Felix Silla), gremlin (Jerry Maren) and Jack O'Lantern (Billy Curtis) which Tabitha zaps out of the book into real life. While out trick or treating Samantha and Tabatha run into the three new friends, who Samantha believes are just three mortal children. Mrs. Kravitz's nephew Tommy (Bobby Riha) gets mixed up in the ordeal when one of the ghouls turns him into a billygoat. Samantha has to get everything back to normal under the eyes of Larry and Louise, who are over for dinner.

Note: Filmed July 14, 1967
1169"Out of Sync, Out of Mind"Richard KinonEd JuristNovember 2, 1967 (1967-11-02)

Darrin's mother stops by and says she has left Mr. Stephens as he continually accuses her of an overactive imagination. Aunt Clara also stops by. In trying to fix Darrin's home movie of Samantha and Tabitha where the picture and sound were out of sync, Aunt Clara fixes the problem, but also causes Samantha's own voice to be occasionally out of sync with the movement of her mouth. They call on Dr. Bombay, who cures the sync problem but leaves Sam with green stripes on her face. Roy Roberts appears as Frank Stephens.

Note: Filmed August 24, 1967
11710"That Was No Chick, That Was My Wife"William AsherRick MittlemanNovember 9, 1967 (1967-11-09)

Samantha pops home from Chicago and is unexpectedly seen by Louise. When word of the sighting gets back to Darrin's husband-and-wife clients, The Springers (Herb Voland and Sara Seegar) having lunch with Darrin in Chicago, he thinks Darrin's date is a mistress. Mr. Springer decides to drop McMann & Tate unless Darrin is fired. Samantha and Darrin don't know what to do as they don't want to accuse Louise of being a liar, yet they can't prove to an incensed Springer that she really is Darrin's wife. They need a little luck to get them out of this situation.

Note: Filmed August 31, 1967
11811"Allergic to Macedonian Dodo Birds"Richard KinonRichard BaerNovember 16, 1967 (1967-11-16)

Endora's magic is transferred to Aunt Clara due to an allergic reaction to a Macedonian dodo bird (Janos Prohaska). Dr. Bombay says he can cure Endora, but he needs a feather from the bird. It turns out that Tabitha conjured up the bird in her room.

Note: Filmed September 14, 1967
11912"Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember"Richard KinonAlfred Lewis Levitt & Helen Levitt (Credited as Tom and Helen August)November 23, 1967 (1967-11-23)

Aunt Clara accidentally sends herself, Darrin, Samantha, Tabitha and Gladys Kravitz to 17th century Plymouth, Massachusetts. Luckily Gladys Kravitz believes it's all a dream. As Aunt Clara tries to remember the incantation to get them back, the others get caught up in celebrating the first Thanksgiving with the likes of Miles Standish and John Alden (Richard Bull). Darrin is concerned about the anti-witch talk among some of the men. But it is Darrin who is accused of being a warlock and put on trial. Samantha defends Darrin until Aunt Clara can zap them back. Jacques Aubuchon appears as Phineas.

Note: Filmed September 21, 1967
12013"Solid Gold Mother-in-Law"R. Robert RosenbaumRobert Riley CrutcherNovember 30, 1967 (1967-11-30)

Darrin and Endora have another fight. Endora then puts an indestructible photograph of herself on his desk at work. When potential new client Mr. Gregson (Jack Collins) sees the picture he figures that if Darrin has a photograph of his mother-in-law on his desk, he must have the perfect American home. Mr. Gregson offers Darrin an agency of his own causing a rift between Larry and Darrin. With Samantha's help, Larry and Darrin are friends again and they win the Gregson account.

Note: Filmed September 8, 1967. Mr. Gregson is listed as Mr. Hudson in the credits.
12114"My, What Big Ears You Have"Richard KinonEd JuristDecember 7, 1967 (1967-12-07)

Darrin is on the telephone with Alice Swanton (Joan Hotchkis), an antiques dealer, about a rocking chair he wants to buy for Samantha as a surprise. Endora believes he's cheating on Samantha. Endora places a spell on Darrin, making his ears grow every time he tells a lie. As the day wears on, Darrin gets caught in one lie after another all concerning the rocking chair. Samantha feels terrible when Darrin has to explain the lies and ruin his surprise. Thomas Browne Henry appears as potential client Mr. Grayson.

Note: Filmed September 28, 1967
12215"I Get Your Nannie, You Get My Goat"William AsherRon FriedmanDecember 14, 1967 (1967-12-14)

Samantha's childhood English nanny, Elspeth (Hermione Baddeley), babysits Tabitha. This does not sit well with Endora and Elspeth's former employer, Lord Clive Montdrako (Reginald Gardiner), who wants her back. Montdrako, believing Darrin is not man enough to admit he stole Elspeth, plays a series of pranks on him. Samantha figures out a way to please Montdrako and allow Elspeth to stay.

Note: Filmed July 15, 1967
12316"Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnDecember 21, 1967 (1967-12-21)

Prospective client Jessie Mortimer (Charles Lane) insists on working on Christmas Eve, but Darrin refuses. So Mortimer decides to pull his account. Samantha tries to reform the modern-day Scrooge with a visit to Santa's workshop. After some time with Samantha and Santa, Mortimer has a change of heart about the holidays. Don Beddoe appears as Santa Claus.

Note: Filmed October 5, 1967
12417"Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma"Richard KinonJerry Mayer & Paul L. FriedmanDecember 28, 1967 (1967-12-28)

When Aunt Clara tries to conjures up a house painter to help Samantha, she actually gets Leonardo da Vinci (John Abbott). Samantha and Aunt Clara have a bigger problem when Leonardo decides to explore the town without telling them. One of Darrin's clients, J.P. Pritchfield, wants to use the Mona Lisa as the centerpiece of a new campaign for his toothpaste. Both Darrin and Leonardo hate the idea. With Leonardo's help, Darrin presents a better idea.

Note: Filmed October 20, 1967
12518"Once in a Vial"Bruce BilsonStory by : James S. Henerson
Teleplay by : James S. Henerson & Ed Jurist
January 4, 1968 (1968-01-04)

Endora summons Samantha's former boyfriend Rollo (Ron Randell) to try drive a wedge between her and Darrin. At a dinner party for client Bo Callahan (Arch Johnson), chaos ensues when Endora and another guest (Henry Beckman) accidentally drink a love potion Rollo had intended for Samantha. Despite originally thinking Callahan gauche, Endora, because of the potion, comes very close to marrying him.

Note: Filmed November 9, 1967
12619"Snob in the Grass"R. Robert RosenbaumEd JuristJanuary 11, 1968 (1968-01-11)

Larry wants Darrin to meet up with former girlfriend Sheila Sommers (Nancy Kovack) to gain a new account with her father (Frank Wilcox). When Samantha finds out about Darrin reconnecting with Sheila, even if it is solely for business, she is initially angry. She then learns that the Sommers have invited them for a social dinner party which will allow them to talk business.

Note: Filmed July 10, 1967
12720"If They Never Met"R. Robert RosenbaumBill Idelson & Sam BobrickJanuary 25, 1968 (1968-01-25)

After being harassed by his mother-in-law, Darrin makes an off-hand remark about never having met his wife. Endora makes Darrin disappear, and she and Samantha visit an alternate universe where Darrin is about to be made a partner by McMann & Tate, and marry Sheila Sommers (Nancy Kovack). Sam then tries to prove to her mother that even though he is seemingly happier than ever, that he is miserable underneath.

Notes: Filmed June 20, 1967
12821"Hippie, Hippie, Hooray"William AsherMichael MorrisFebruary 1, 1968 (1968-02-01)

Cousin Serena has become a hippie and is arrested at a love-in, which makes the front page of the newspaper. Larry and Louise think that it is Samantha in the photograph. Serena pretends to be "hippie" Samantha in front of Darrin, Larry and conservative client Mr. Giddings (Walter Sande). The only way that Darrin can prove to Larry that the woman he saw was Serena is to provide both Samantha and Serena together. An apology from Darrin helps that happen.

Note: Filmed October 12, 1967. Samantha (as Serena) sings "The Iffen Song", which is also played during the end credits. The Tates' kitchen is the kitchen set from I Dream Of Jeannie.
12922"A Prince of a Guy"R. Robert RosenbaumEd JuristFebruary 8, 1968 (1968-02-08)

While Darrin is on a business trip, Samantha is having a dinner party with the Tates, Darrin's cousin Helen, and Helen's current boyfriend Ralph (Stuart Margolin). Tabitha zaps Prince Charming (William Bassett) out of her Sleeping Beauty storybook, and he pretends to be Samantha's cousin, Charlie at the dinner party. His presence causes problems as naturally charming "Charlie" makes all the women swoon. Larry sees dollar figures as he believes Charlie would be perfect for an advertising campaign. Beyond getting Charlie back into the book, Samantha has to deal with both the issue of Larry's campaign wants, and Helen's husband's wants.

Note: Filmed December 11, 1967. Dick York does not appear.
13023"McTavish"Paul DavisJames S. HenersonFebruary 15, 1968 (1968-02-15)

Samantha is asked to persuade a ghost, McTavish (Ronald Long), to leave Aunt Clara's boyfriend's old castle in England. Ockie has just purchased the castle and has opened it up for public tours and as a hotel. But trouble starts when Samantha runs into Darrin's parents, who are coincidentally visiting the castle. Sam is able to convince McTavish to move to more comfortable quarters, but McTavish chooses Samantha and Darrin's house. Samantha has to get rid of McTavish before Darrin's parents arrive, who want to see that Samantha is indeed at home as Darrin has told them and not in England.

Note: Filmed October 27, 1967
13124"How Green Was My Grass"R. Robert RosenbaumEd JuristFebruary 29, 1968 (1968-02-29)

When an artificial lawn is mistakenly installed in the Stephenses' yard, Darrin thinks Samantha zapped it there. After an argument, she zaps it away and Endora removes her ability to bring it back. But more trouble ensues when the artificial lawn company and belligerent neighbor Bill MacLane (Richard X. Slattery) want it back. Barbara Perry appears as Mrs. MacLane.

Note: Filmed November 2, 1967. The Stephenses' house number is changed from 1164 to 192.
13225"To Twitch or Not to Twitch"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnMarch 14, 1968 (1968-03-14)

On the way to a formal dinner party at the home of potential new client, Dwight Sharpe (Arthur Julian) on a rainy night, Samantha and Darrin argue about her use of witchcraft. When the car gets a flat tire, Darrin decides she should make an exception, but she refuses, and he must change the tire in the pouring rain, ruining the evening. Samantha storms off to mother with Tabatha. Darrin apologizes and Sam comes back. Despite Darrin not wanting to, Sam makes sure they go to the Sharpes' to make up for the previous night's fiasco.

Note: Filmed February 5, 1968
13326"Playmates"William AsherRichard BaerMarch 21, 1968 (1968-03-21)

Darrin's mother thinks Samantha is an overprotective mother by not exposing Tabitha to other children. She introduces Samantha and Tabitha to a friend of hers, Gretchen Millhauser (Peggy Pope) and her 5-year-old son, Michael (Teddy Quinn), who recently moved into the neighborhood. Because Michael is a spoiled brat and a bully, Tabitha turns him into a bulldog. With Michael now missing and a bulldog in their presence, Gretchen and Mrs. Stephens try to find Michael and get rid of the dog, while Samantha tries to get the dog alone with Tabatha so that she can turn him back into Michael.

Note: Filmed January 18, 1968. Dick York does not appear.
13427"Tabatha's Cranky Spell"William AsherRobert Riley CrutcherMarch 28, 1968 (1968-03-28)

With Darrin out of town on business, Larry and Louise invite Samantha for a business dinner with existing client Edgar Baker (J. Edward McKinley) and his wife Agnes Baker (Sara Seegar). They refuse to take no for an answer, saying they will send their own babysitter, Louise's Aunt Harriet, to sit with Tabitha. Tabitha's witchcraft causes Aunt Harriet, who uses a crystal ball as her medium, to believe she truly did contact the after world. The dinner party moves to Samantha's house so that they can all see the ghost Aunt Harriet conjured up. Mr. Baker believes this is all nonsense and pulls his account. Samantha has to figure out a way to get the account back, which she thinks she can do with a little help from Aunt Harriet's crystal ball and Agnes Baker's belief in the afterlife. The ghost of Mr. Baker's Uncle Willie (Harry Harvey Sr.) shows up to help Sam.

Note: Filmed December 4, 1967. Actress Nellie Burt's character is called "Aunt Harriet" but credited as "Aunt Emma". Dick York does not appear.
13528"I Confess"Seymour RobbieRichard BaerApril 4, 1968 (1968-04-04)

Darrin, in a fit of frustration, says that they should tell everyone about Sam being a witch. She makes him dream about that very situation and the reactions of their friends and the US Government. Woodrow Parfrey appears as Gen. Stanton. Herb Ellis appears as Agent W.

Note: Filmed February 12, 1968; episode was pre-empted during initial broadcast to announce the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
13629"A Majority of Two"R. Robert RosenbaumEd JuristApril 11, 1968 (1968-04-11)

With Darrin out of town, Larry asks Samantha and Aunt Clara to entertain visiting Japanese businessman Kenzu Mishimoto (Richard Haydn) who may be a potential client. The visitor becomes enamored with Clara, who reminds him of his deceased wife, and wants to put business on hold. Aunt Clara and Mishimoto becoming an item causes some problems. Samantha is able to get Aunt Clara to drop Mishimoto. Mishimoto now wants to leave without striking a deal with Larry. Sam must find a way for Mishimoto to "save face" and stay.

Note: Filmed February 6, 1968. Dick York does not appear.
13730"Samantha's Secret Saucer"Richard MichaelsJerry Mayer & Paul L. FriedmanApril 18, 1968 (1968-04-18)

Aunt Clara accidentally turns Tabitha's toy flying saucer into a real one, complete with alien canines Orvis (Steve Franken) and Alpha (Hamilton Camp). Samantha and Darrin are able to explain to nosy Gladys Kravitz and the Air Force officers (Larry D. Mann and Eldon Quick) she has brought with her that the saucer is a prop that Darrin has built for an advertising campaign. Orvis and Alpha are friendly aliens who end up trusting the Stephenses, and who just want to go home. They better hope that Aunt Clara is able to send them and their saucer home before Gladys Kravitz brings back the Air Force officers to investigate this new finding.

Note: Filmed February 19, 1968; last episode to feature Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara; Lorne died May 9, 1968.
13831"The No-Harm Charm"Russell B. MayberryEd JuristApril 25, 1968 (1968-04-25)

Instead of becoming a partner, Darrin is nearly fired over a major gaffe in a campaign for a bank. Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) convinces Darrin that a lucky charm will protect him from witchcraft and all types of harm. A thankful Darrin uses the power of the charm to try and restore his good name, both with his company, and with Mr. Markham (Vaughn Taylor), the bank president. Samantha knows there is no such thing as a lucky charm. Uncle Arthur gave Darrin the "charm" solely to boost his confidence, which it did. Paul Smith appears as a bank robber.

Note: Filmed February 26, 1968
13932"Man of the Year"R. Robert RosenbaumJohn L. GreeneMay 2, 1968 (1968-05-02)

Darrin has been named one of the Advertising Men of the Year by the Huxter's Club. Endora casts a circle of persuasive charm around Darrin. Larry's partner, Mr. McMann (Roland Winters), believes Darrin is a rising star, and everyone is so enamored with his ideas that he begins to have delusions of grandeur. It isn't until Samantha is in his company with his business associates at a cocktail party and she sees the reaction of those around him that she figures out what's going on. The questions then become how Darrin will react to him not being the golden boy he thought he was, and how he will continue to impress those around him in the future. George Ives appears as O.J. Slocum, a potential client.

Note: Filmed March 1, 1968
14033"Splitsville"William AsherRichard BaerMay 16, 1968 (1968-05-16)

When Gladys decides to leave Abner, Samantha convinces her to stay with the Stephenses until the fighting is resolved. The reason for the fight was her health food regimen, which she tries to impose on Darrin and Sam. As time passes, Mrs. Kravitz does not seem eager to leave, and Mr. Kravitz seems happy without his wife. Darrin allows Samantha to use a little witchcraft to bring the Kravitzes back together. Sam gets local butcher Leon Hogersdorf (Arthur Julian) to romance Gladys and make Abner jealous.

Note: Filmed March 8, 1968

Season 5 (1968–69)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1411"Samantha's Wedding Present"William AsherBernard SladeSeptember 26, 1968 (1968-09-26)

On her anniversary, Samantha receives a belated wedding gift from her mother, but Endora is angered by Darrin's reaction. To show what a small man he is, she casts a spell causing him to shrink. Endora refuses to change him back until he apologizes, and Darrin refuses to apologize. A drunk (Dick Wilson) finds Darrin and mistakes him for a leprechaun and wants three wishes before letting him go. The whole ordeal gives Darrin something to think about and he apologizes to Endora.

Note: Filmed August 2, 1968; reworking of the I Dream of Jeannie episode "My Incredible Shrinking Master" (March 6, 1967)
1422"Samantha Goes South for a Spell"William AsherEd JuristOctober 3, 1968 (1968-10-03)

Brunhilde, a jealous witch-wife of one of Serena's boyfriends, mistakes Samantha for Serena, and sends her back to New Orleans in the year 1868, where she cannot remember who she is. Serena then sends Darrin back to rescue his wife, who must give him a willing kiss to break the spell. This task will not be easy for Darrin, as beyond Samantha not knowing who he is, she is taken in by a suave southerner named Rance Butler, who will do whatever is needed to keep Samantha for himself as he has fallen in love with her. Jack Cassidy and Isabel Sanford guest-star.

Note: Filmed June 27, 1968
1433"Samantha on the Keyboard"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerOctober 10, 1968 (1968-10-10)

Endora makes Tabitha a piano virtuoso. Wanting Samantha to provide a good example to Tabitha, Darrin offers a challenge to Samantha, which she accepts: learn how to play the piano the mortal way. Tabitha's talent attracts unwanted attention from Samantha's piano instructor Johann Sebastian Monroe (Jonathan Harris), who wants to put Tabitha on a performance tour. Samantha and Darrin have to figure out a way to dissuade Monroe. Sam does this by finding Monroe another child prodigy. Fritz Feld appears as Maestro Alfredo Ferranini.

Note: Filmed July 18, 1968; remade as "Samantha on Thin Ice", broadcast January 29, 1972.
1444"Darrin, Gone and Forgotten"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnOctober 17, 1968 (1968-10-17)

Carlotta (Mercedes McCambridge) holds Darrin captive as she reveals that Endora had promised long ago that Samantha would be married to her son, Juke (Steve Franken). Juke doesn't even really want to marry Samantha. So Samantha tries to get Juke to stand up to Carlotta. In the likelihood that Juke will not be able to do so, Samantha believes she can fight Carlotta by exploiting the basic nature of Carlotta and Juke's relationship to her advantage.

Note: Filmed July 3, 1968; Dick York appears briefly.
1455"It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House"William AsherBarbara AvedonOctober 24, 1968 (1968-10-24)

Darrin objects to the Witches Council's demand that Samantha make an appearance. Endora convinces Samantha that Serena could masquerade as her in front of Darrin while she goes to appear in front of the Council. The deception goes well until Darrin takes Serena for a weekend at the Moonthatch Inn, the location of his and Samantha's honeymoon. Serena tries her best to "be Samantha" in this situation, but she still tries to curb what is Darrin's honeymoon amorous mood until Samantha returns. Fifi D'Orsay appears as Madame Wageir, the owner of the Moonthatch Inn.

Note: Filmed July 25, 1968
1466"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"Richard MichaelsLila Garrett & Bernie KahnNovember 7, 1968 (1968-11-07)

Endora wants to mock Darrin's mortal vanity, so she casts a spell to make him obsessed with his appearance. His mod threads upset a staunchly conservative McMann & Tate client, Whitney Hascomb. Samantha figures out that Endora has placed the spell on Darrin. Samantha can't get Endora to remove the spell, so she's going to have to find a way for Darrin, in his young at heart, vain state, to regain Larry and Hascomb's favor. Sara Seegar and Herb Voland guest-star as Mrs. and Mr. Hascomb.

Note: Filmed August 8, 1968. Elizabeth Montgomery's then-husband, Director-producer William Asher, makes a brief cameo appearance as an irate motorist.
1477"Samantha's French Pastry"William AsherRichard BaerNovember 14, 1968 (1968-11-14)

Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) conjures up Napoleon I of France (Henry Gibson) instead of the pastry and is unable to send him home. Samantha is able to convince Napoleon to promise not to tell Larry and Louise who he really is, and pretend to be Henri, her visiting cousin from Paris. But problems arise when Larry, believing Henri looks like Napoleon, wants to use him for an advertising campaign for one of their clients, H. L. Bradley (J. Edward McKinley). When told he will be seen all over the world, Napoleon agrees. The commercial does not go well. Afterwards, with Sam's help, Napoleon is sent back.

Note: Filmed September 6, 1968; plot device of meeting Napoleon Bonaparte was borrowed from the I Dream of Jeannie episode, "My Master, Napoleon's Buddy" (April 3, 1967).
1488"Is It Magic or Imagination?"Luther JamesArthur JulianNovember 21, 1968 (1968-11-21)

Darrin's mother insists for Samantha to enter a slogan contest, and Samantha wins a trip to Tahiti. Sam doesn't know that the company for which she submitted the winning slogan is a client of Darrin's. Darrin was working on a new campaign for them, which will not be used because of her slogan. An angry Larry fires Darrin over the incident. Darrin then accuses Samantha of using witchcraft to win the contest. Samantha thinks she knows a way for the client to accept Darrin's advertising proposal and get his job back.

Note: Filmed August 22, 1968; remake of Season 1's "Help, Help, Don't Save Me"; remade again in Season 8 as "A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished".
1499"Samantha Fights City Hall"Richard MichaelsRick MittlemanNovember 28, 1968 (1968-11-28)

Samantha fights to save the children's park from developer Harlan Mossler (Arch Johnson), who turns out to be a client of McMann & Tate. Samantha still wants her park, Darrin still wants his job and the account with Mossler, and Mossler still wants to build his shopping center on the park property. Turns out that Harlan's grandfather, Colonel Mossler, dedicated the park. Will the spirit of the Colonel change Harlan's mind?

Note: Filmed August 29, 1968; due to Erin Murphy having the mumps, her fraternal twin sister Diane Murphy, who had stopped being used for the role the previous season, fills in as Tabitha.
15010"Samantha Loses Her Voice"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnDecember 5, 1968 (1968-12-05)

Uncle Arthur brings Tabitha a poodle. While deciding whether to keep it, Samantha says she can't speak for Darrin. Uncle Arthur exchanges Samantha's voice with Darrin's. Meanwhile, Louise Tate is having a quarrel with Larry and comes to speak with Sam, which makes things awkward. Arthur has trouble returning the voices to normal, and later adds more twists to the spell in response to Darrin's insults.

Note: Filmed October 4, 1968; plot device of voices being switched is borrowed from the I Dream of Jeannie episode "Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?" (March 26, 1968).
15111"I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly"Richard MichaelsDoug TibblesDecember 12, 1968 (1968-12-12)

Darrin's mother enrolls Tabitha in a nursery school, and Samantha and Darrin are afraid her witchcraft will cause trouble among the mortals. Despite multiple warnings from Samantha to not twitch her nose, Tabitha turns her classmate, Amy Taylor into a butterfly, who escapes out a window. After Amy is found and changed back, the school closes. Maudie Prickett guest-stars.

Note: Filmed September 27, 1968. Prickett returns in a similar role as Tabitha's teacher, Mrs. Peabody, in two season 8 episodes.
15212"Weep No More My Willow"William AsherMichael MorrisDecember 19, 1968 (1968-12-19)

Samantha asks Dr. Bombay to save her dying willow tree, but she gets caught in the fallout of his spell. Samantha weeps uncontrollably with each passing breeze. Mrs. Kravitz and Larry believe Samantha's weeping is due to the Stephenses' marriage being in trouble since they both saw Darrin with their overly affectionate new female neighbor. When Dr. Bombay tries to reverse the spell, Sam laughs instead. Dr. Bombay eventually cures both Samantha and the tree.

Note: Filmed July 11, 1968
15313"Instant Courtesy"R. Robert RosenbaumStory by : Arthur Alsberg
Teleplay by : John L. Greene
December 26, 1968 (1968-12-26)

Endora casts a spell on Darrin that makes him courteous to a fault. His courteousness does not fit in with the hard sell approach that Larry knows Charlie Traynor (Herb Voland), the advertising manager for Adrienne Sebastian (Mala Powers) Cosmetics, wants. Traynor thinks Darrin is a flake, and Larry believes Darrin has gone crazy, resulting in Larry firing Darrin. Sam gets her mother to reverse the spell, but the damage has been done. Samantha has to come up with a way to fix everything.

Note: Filmed October 22, 1968
15414"Samantha's Super Maid"R. Robert RosenbaumPeggy Chantler Dick & Douglas DickJanuary 2, 1969 (1969-01-02)

Darrin's mother insists Samantha get a maid hoping the extra time will allow Samantha to make social connections which will help Darrin's career. One applicant is named Amelia (Nellie Burt). She is a sweet, hard working woman whom Sam has no choice but to hire. Samantha and Darrin know they can't have a maid because of the frequent witchcraft possibly being performed in the house. Neither has the heart to do the firing. A Mrs. Leslie Otis (Virginia Gregg) visits Sammantha and wants to hire Amelia. Amelia refuses until Sam works her magic.

Note: Filmed September 12, 1968
15515"Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 1)"Richard MichaelsEd JuristJanuary 9, 1969 (1969-01-09)

Prospective Italian client, Ms. Clio Vanita (Nancy Kovack), makes advances on Darrin. To defend her cousin, Serena changes Clio into a monkey. Although Samantha didn't appreciate Clio's behavior, Samantha doesn't condone what Serena did. When Darrin finds out, he banishes Serena from their house forever, not realizing that Serena, who is the only one who can change Clio back, hasn't done so.

Note: Filmed October 10, 1968
15616"Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 2)"Richard MichaelsEd JuristJanuary 16, 1969 (1969-01-16)

Darrin has to get Clio to an eleven o'clock meeting to sign a contract. Serena, after cooling off, eventually does return, but in the meantime the monkey escapes. Samantha and Darrin frantically search for Clio who ends up in the home of a young boy, a pet store, and then with an organ grinder (Cliff Norton). Even if Serena changes her back into Clio Vanita in time, will she like Darrin's new slogan as she wasn't too keen on his campaign ideas the night before. Bryan O'Byrne appears as the Pet Shop owner. Richard X. Slattery appears as a police officer.

Note: Filmed October 15, 1968
15717"One Touch of Midas"Richard MichaelsPaul L. Friedman & Jerry MayerJanuary 23, 1969 (1969-01-23)

Endora laments all the luxuries that Samantha has given up in her life by marrying Darrin. She then creates a doll called "The Fuzz" which mortals instantly fall in love with. A mysterious "Professor McAllister" (Cliff Norton) convinces Darrin to market the doll, and its success turns Darrin into a wealthy man overnight. Samantha is certain that Endora is behind the scheme. The question is what Darrin will do when he learns the truth.

Note: Filmed November 14, 1968
15818"Samantha the Bard"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerJanuary 30, 1969 (1969-01-30)

Samantha comes down with a case of vocabularyitus, which causes her to speak in rhyme. Dr. Bombay is on vacation, so Endora tries to track him down. Meanwhile, Larry has set up a business dinner with Oscar (Larry D. Mann) and Edna (Sara Seegar) Durfee of Durfee Dog Food. Endora is able to track Dr. Bombay down just before the business dinner, in time for him to administer a cure. Samantha has a relapse during dinner, but it actually helps with Darrin selling his campaign.

Note: Filmed November 21, 1968
15919"Samantha the Sculptress"William AsherDoug TibblesFebruary 6, 1969 (1969-02-06)

Tabitha is using witchcraft to transform her modeling clay into works too good for what she would be able to sculpt. Darrin wants Samantha to show Tabitha how mortal children play with modeling clay by learning how to sculpt herself. Samantha sculpts an impressionistic clay bust of Darrin. While boozing client W. R. Campbell (Cliff Norton) is over for a dinner party, Endora livens things up by zapping up perfect busts of both Darrin and Larry, which also talk to the soused mortals. But thanks to the talking busts, Darrin gets the account.

Note: Filmed November 27, 1968; last complete episode filmed with Dick York
16020"Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?"Richard MichaelsPeggy Chantler Dick & Douglas DickFebruary 13, 1969 (1969-02-13)

Darrin's mother stops by while Serena is babysitting and starts hurling insults about Samantha and her relatives, causing Serena to turn Mrs. Stephens into a cat. Samantha returns and finds out what Serena did. Samantha's biggest problem is not getting Serena to change Mrs. Stephens back, but rather trying to find Mrs. Stephens the cat, who has run off. Also, Mrs. Stephens the cat looks like any of the other neighborhood cats, especially one of the many owned by Samantha's favorite neighbor, elderly Miss Parsons (Ruth McDevitt ).

Note: Filmed December 11, 1968. Dick York does not appear.
16121"Marriage, Witches' Style"William AsherMichael MorrisFebruary 20, 1969 (1969-02-20)

After seeing how happy Samantha is in her marriage, Serena decides that she too wants to marry a mortal. Serena turns to a computer dating service to find a mortal to marry. The service finds a perfect match for Serena and it is love at first sight for both of them. But it turns out her date is actually a warlock as well. How will that affect their relationship? Lloyd Bochner, Peter Brocco and John Fiedler guest-star.

Note: Filmed January 20, 1969. Dick York does not appear.
16222"Going Ape"Richard MichaelsLila Garrett & Bernie KahnFebruary 27, 1969 (1969-02-27)

Samantha turns a stray chimpanzee into a human so she can find out where he lives. "Harry" refuses to divulge who his owner is or where the little boy lives. Larry shows up with Darrin's newest client, Evelyn Tucker (Gail Kobe) of Brawn Cologne, and her assistant, Bobby Flynn (Paul Smith). They see Harry and believe that he will be the perfect spokes-model. At first Harry is thrilled to stay human, but after a day of work, he wants to be a chimp again. Samantha has to come up with a way to save the account and get Harry back to his owner. Lou Antonio and Danny Bonaduce guest-star.

Notes: Filmed January 27, 1969; scene where Lou Antonio is fired was filmed on the set of the apartment from The Monkees television series which was re-arranged for the movie Head. This episode was the immediate answer to the I Dream of Jeannie episode "Fly Me To The Moon" (S3E1) that aired on September 12, 1967. Dick York does not appear.
16323"Tabitha's Weekend"R. Robert RosenbaumPeggy Chantler Dick & Douglas DickMarch 6, 1969 (1969-03-06)

Darrin's parents want Tabitha to spend the weekend with them. Samantha is reluctant, but consents and goes along as well. Once Endora pops into the in-laws' house, the bickering which ensues causes Tabitha to turn herself into a raisin cookie. Samantha cancels the weekend visit and punishes Tabitha for misbehaving.

Note: Filmed February 3, 1969. Dick York does not appear.
16424"The Battle of Burning Oak"R. Robert RosenbaumLeo Townsend & Pauline TownsendMarch 13, 1969 (1969-03-13)

J. Earl Rockeford (Edward Andrews), a McMann & Tate client, asks Darrin and Samantha to join his country club, Burning Oak. Darrin hesitates to consider membership until Endora hexes him into a snob. Samantha has a lunch date with Hortense Rockeford (Glenda Farrell) and two other women of the screening committee (June Vincent and Harriet MacGibbon). Samantha does not care for the arrogance at the club, so she does some digging into the members' family histories.

Note: Filmed June 15, 1968.
16525"Samantha's Power Failure"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnMarch 20, 1969 (1969-03-20)

The Witches' Council takes away Samantha's powers when she refuses to disavow her mortal marriage. Uncle Arthur and Serena show their support for Samantha and in doing so, lose their powers as well. To try and live as mortals, Arthur and Serena take jobs at a malt shop, with disastrous results. Sam then goes to the council to make her case, even comparing them to the judges in Salem. Will the Council have a change of heart? Ron Masak guest-stars.

Note: Filmed February 10, 1969. The opening scene in the Stephenses’ bedroom is recycled footage from the Season 3 episode "The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara". Dick York does not appear.
16626"Samantha Twitches for UNICEF"William AsherEd JuristMarch 27, 1969 (1969-03-27)

Samantha is elected by a women's committee to contact E.J. Haskell (Herb Voland), a wealthy man who reneged on his $10,000 pledge to UNICEF. He tells her to never show her face around him again. That gives Samantha an idea: that she will haunt him, with him seeing her face everywhere he goes. Endora suggests Sam also talk to Haskell's fiancee Lila. Samantha finds out that Lila is a bit of a gold-digger and talked Haskell out of making the donation. With a little magic, Sam gets Haskell to make good on his pledge. Bernie Kopell, Sara Seegar guest-star.

Note: Filmed February 19, 1969. Dick York does not appear.
16727"Daddy Does His Thing"William AsherMichael MorrisApril 3, 1969 (1969-04-03)

Maurice turns Darrin into a jackass after he refuses to accept Maurice's enchanted birthday gift, a perpetual calendar that allows Darrin to have powers of witchcraft. Endora and Samantha hunt down Maurice and bring him back to undo the spell. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kravitz discovers the animal and has the animal shelter take him away. After they get Darrin back, Maurice may not be able to reverse the spell as easy as it was to perform the spell in the first place.

Note: Completed filming February 25, 1969. Dick York appears briefly in this episode. He collapsed on the set during filming and was rushed to a hospital, where it was decided he would leave the show. When Maurice first appears, he comments on how radiant and glowing Samantha is. The "special surprise" Samantha was going to reveal to Darrin at the beginning of the episode was not revealed, but presumably was the announcement that she was going to have another baby, which became the subject of the next episode.
16828"Samantha's Good News"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerApril 10, 1969 (1969-04-10)

Maurice returns, again mentioning how glowing Samantha appears. He has brought attractive secretary Abigail Beecham (Janine Gray) with him, and Endora immediately becomes jealous. She threatens an ectoplasmic interlocutory (divorce), but decides instead to retaliate by courting John Van Millwood, another thespian warlock. Later, Samantha reveals she is expecting another baby, and the question of boy or girl, witch, warlock, or mortal returns. Murray Matheson guest-stars.

Note: Filmed March 4, 1969. Dick York does not appear.
16929"Samantha's Shopping Spree"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerApril 17, 1969 (1969-04-17)

Samantha's jokester cousin Henry (Steve Franken) accompanies her, Endora and Tabitha to Hinkley's (Jack Collins) department store. Henry turns an annoying salesman, Joseph Hinkley, Jr. (Jonathan Daly), into a mannequin. Henry then disappears, leaving Samantha to deal with the fallout. Further problems arise when the store displays are being changed, which includes removing all the store mannequins. Dave Madden and Herb Ellis appear as the men moving the mannequins. Herbert Anderson appears as a store clerk. (L.A. Rams wide-receiver Jack Snow appears as himself.)

Note: Filmed March 11, 1969. Dick York does not appear.
17030"Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City"R. Robert RosenbaumJohn L. GreeneApril 24, 1969 (1969-04-24)

Darrin makes a successful presentation to marketing executive Carlos Aragon (Victor Millan) for the launch of his company's Mexican bottled drink, Bueno. Samantha uses her witchcraft to get Carlos to bring Darrin to Mexico City to speak with company president, Raul Garcia (Thomas Gomez). Larry claims Darrin can speak Spanish, so he must make a speech in the client's native language. Endora's attempted spell to make his fears of speaking Spanish "vanish" causes him to disappear when he utters a word of it, and reappear when he speaks English. Her attempt to take off the spell simply reverses it, so speaking English causes him to vanish.

Note: Filmed September 19, 1968; final episode featuring Dick York the original Darrin Stephens. The Spanish-dubbed version of this episode is called "Samantha y Darrin en Montreal".

Season 6 (1969–70)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1711"Samantha and the Beanstalk"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisSeptember 18, 1969 (1969-09-18)

Tabitha visits the fairy tale world of Jack and the Beanstalk and offers her home to Jack (Johnny Whitaker) after deciding that her expectant parents prefer boys to girls. After realizing what happened, Sam goes into the book in order to retrieve her daughter and to put Jack back into the story. But, not before Tabitha makes a few changes to the story. Ronald Long appears as the Giant. Bobo Lewis appears as the Giant's wife. Deacon Jones appears as the Giant's guard.

Notes: Filmed April 18, 1969; first episode broadcast featuring Dick Sargent as the new Darrin Stephens; in 1996, TV Guide ranked this episode No. 60 as part of its "100 Most Memorable Moments in TV History".
1722"Samantha's Yoo-Hoo Maid"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 25, 1969 (1969-09-25)

Darrin and Samantha welcome their new maid Esmeralda (Alice Ghostley), a shy and insecure witch who fades in and out when she is nervous and conjures up accidental witchcraft every time she sneezes. Potential problems ensue when Darrin is forced by Larry to bring one of the firm's out-of-town clients, Mr. Hampton (J. Edward McKinley), to the house, with Esmeralda likely to sneeze or fade into nothingness in Mr. Hampton and Larry's presence.

Note: Filmed April 9, 1969; Alice Ghostley makes her first appearance as klutzy Esmeralda, her character meant as a replacement for Aunt Clara (originally portrayed by Marion Lorne who died in May 1968 during production). Ghostley previously appeared as a mortal housekeeper named Naomi (who fills in for the Tates' regular maid, who was named Esmeralda), in the Season 2 episode "Maid To Order".
1733"Samantha's Caesar Salad"William AsherEd JuristOctober 2, 1969 (1969-10-02)

Julius Caesar (Jay Robinson) makes an unexpected visit to the 20th century when Esmeralda accidentally conjures up the Emperor instead of the salad. His arrival is bad timing as Larry informs Darrin that they will be hosting a business dinner for a potential new client, Evelyn Charday, who is trying to market a new men's cologne. Esmeralda, has the correct spell to send him back, but it won't work because Caesar doesn't want to go back. Samantha figures out a way for him to want to return to his time. Before his return, Caesar may prove to be useful in Darrin and Larry's campaign idea problem.

Note: Filmed August 22, 1969
1744"Samantha's Curious Cravings"Richard MichaelsLawrence J. Cohen & Fred FreemanOctober 9, 1969 (1969-10-09)

Expectant mother Samantha is having food cravings, which becomes an issue when the food she craves magically appears without warning. When Dr. Bombay reverses the spell, Samantha instead goes to the food. William Schallert appears as Dr. Anton, Samantha's obstetrician.

Note: Filmed April 25, 1969; the phone used when Samantha is at Shea Stadium features the initials "BA + EM" inside a drawing of a heart to represent married couple executive producer Bill Asher and Elizabeth Montgomery
1755"...And Something Makes Four"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerOctober 16, 1969 (1969-10-16)

After Samantha gives birth to her son, Maurice casts a spell that makes all who gaze on him fall in love with the child. This includes all the other new mothers and fathers, who wind up neglecting their own babies. Larry wants to use the baby in an advertising campaign, and the hospital wants to paint a mural of the baby as inspiration to other expectant parents. Samantha comes up with a clever way to get Maurice to reverse the spell. Bobo Lewis appears as Nurse Horgan. Art Metrano, Marguerite Ray, Pat Priest and Hilary Thompson make guest appearances.

Note: Filmed September 5, 1969
1766"Naming Samantha's New Baby"William AsherEd JuristOctober 23, 1969 (1969-10-23)

Samantha and Darrin decided to name their new baby Frank Maurice Stephens after the two grandfathers. Angry that the child is not named after him first, Maurice zaps Darrin into the mirror until the situation is corrected to his satisfaction. After talking with Maurice, Frank decides he doesn't want the child called "Little Frank". Samantha comes up with a compromise name, Adam, who was Maurice's great-grandfather.

Note: Filmed August 29, 1969
1777"To Trick or Treat or Not to Trick or Treat"William AsherShirley GordonOctober 30, 1969 (1969-10-30)

In the show's fifth Halloween-themed episode, Endora uses her witchcraft to transform Darrin into an ugly old witch he depicted her to be, and refuses to remove the spell until Samantha promises to cancel her Halloween festivities with Tabitha. Although Darrin does get a more understanding view from Endora's actions, he regardless does not appreciate her meddling. Things gets more complicated with Darrin's latest client, Harold Bartenbach (Larry D. Mann), gets an idea that he would like to use one of those haggard looking witches in his upcoming advertising campaign. Samantha comes up with a way that they can still use a witch and not be offensive.

Note: Filmed September 11, 1969.
1788"A Bunny for Tabitha"William AsherEd JuristNovember 6, 1969 (1969-11-06)

At Tabitha's birthday party, Uncle Arthur accidentally changes her new bunny rabbit into a voluptuous Playboy bunny (Carol Wayne) and has trouble reversing the spell. To further complicate the situation, Darrin's new client, A. J. Sylvester (Bernie Kopell) falls madly in love with her and proposes marriage. Danny Bonaduce appears as one of the boys at Tabitha's party.

Note: Erin Murphy's twin sister Diane is among the children at the birthday party. She is credited as playing "Diane", but Samantha calls her "Annabelle"; filmed September 18, 1969; this episode was parodied on The Rerun Show in 2002.
1799"Samantha's Secret Spell"Richard MichaelsEd JuristNovember 13, 1969 (1969-11-13)

After Darrin bans Endora from his house, Endora opts to permanently change him into a mouse at the stroke of midnight. To avert the transformation, Samantha consults the apothecary (Bernie Kopell) to see if there is anything that can be done to counter such a spell. There is, but it requires Darrin to do three seemingly difficult if not impossible tasks, without him knowing.

Note: Filmed September 30, 1969; partial remake of the Season 2 episode "We're In For a Bad Spell".
18010"Daddy Comes for a Visit (Part 1)"Richard MichaelsRick MittlemanNovember 20, 1969 (1969-11-20)

Darrin reluctantly accepts a watch from Maurice that enables him to perform minimal witchcraft, but he soon finds it difficult to resist the benefits that come with being a warlock — especially when he obtains inside information on a lucrative advertising account with father-and-son clients, the Blisses (J. Edward McKinley and John Fiedler).

Note: This episode and the next completed filming on October 10, 1969; this episode is a rewrite of the Season 5 episode, "Daddy Does His Thing," which was ultimately modified to exclude an ill Dick York who collapsed on set during filming, culminating in his leaving the show.
18111"Darrin, the Warlock (Part 2)"Richard MichaelsStory by : Rick Mittleman
Teleplay by : Ed Jurist & Rick Mittleman
November 27, 1969 (1969-11-27)
With Darrin's powers giving him delusions of grandeur, Samantha ponders if he is still the same man with whom she originally fell in love with six years earlier. Darrin comes to realize the Warlock life is not for him.
18212"Samantha's Double Mother Trouble"David WhitePeggy Chantler Dick & Douglas DickDecember 4, 1969 (1969-12-04)

Darrin's mother Phyllis (Mabel Albertson) unexpectedly visits Samantha to announce she has left Frank (Roy Roberts). Simultaneously, Esmerelda has accidentally sneezes Mother Goose (Jane Connell) out of Tabitha's storybook. Phyllis is angry with Frank is because she has become a new modern woman with a new modern wardrobe to match and she believes Frank mocked her. Mr. Stephens arrives looking for his wife and instead strikes up a conversation with the more traditional Mother Goose. Samantha believes she has the solution to reconciling her in-laws, and throws in a bit of witchcraft to help things along.

Note: Filmed October 16, 1969
18313"You're So Agreeable"Luther JamesEd JuristDecember 11, 1969 (1969-12-11)

Endora puts a spell on Darrin to make him agree with anything anyone says. Darrin gets into a bit of professional trouble with his "I totally agree" attitude and behavior. His client, Mr. Shotwell (Charles Lane), claims to not like "yes" men, but in reality he does not like to be contradicted. When Larry indirectly fires Darrin, Samantha uses a little witchcraft to help Darrin get another job. Endora later briefly reverses the spell to make him disagree with everyone. J. Edward McKinley appears as Mr. Washburn, head of the other ad agency.

Note: Filmed October 23, 1969
18414"Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays"Richard MichaelsEd JuristDecember 18, 1969 (1969-12-18)

Esmeralda mistakenly zaps Santa Claus (Ronald Long) to the Stephens home and cannot get him back to the North Pole in time to finish the toys for Christmas. Samantha must bring Santa's elves, workshop, and reindeer to her home so that Santa will be ready on Christmas Eve.

Note: Filmed October 30, 1969
18515"Samantha's Better Halves"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnJanuary 1, 1970 (1970-01-01)

Samantha and Darrin are soon off to the Caribbean on what will be their first real vacation in five years. Larry hints that he'd like Darrin to go to Chicago on a business trip in his place instead, but Darrin won't bite this time. Darrin jokingly says to Samantha, unless he can be in two places at the same time. In a flashback, Sam reminds Darrin what happened last time he said that. Endora, without his knowledge, splits him in two, sending business oriented Darrin to Tokyo and keeping doting husband Darrin at home. Richard Loo appears as Mr. Tanaka.

Note: First episode filmed with Dick Sargent; the story is framed as a flashback to when Samantha was expecting Adam; remake of Season 2’s "Divided He Falls". This episode has the longest opening scene before the opening credits, approximately seven minutes. Filmed March 31, 1969.
18616"Samantha's Lost Weekend"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerJanuary 8, 1970 (1970-01-08)

Esmeralda places a spell on a glass of milk to help Tabitha's appetite, but Samantha drinks it instead. Samantha starts eating non-stop and believes she has contracted Voracious Ravenicitis. She calls Dr. Bombay to remove the spell, but due to the erroneous diagnosis, the treatment causes her to fall asleep in mid-sentence. Dr. Bombay and Esmeralda finally figure out how to cure Sam. Bernie Kopell guest-stars as the Apothecary. Pat Priest appears as Dr. Bombay's nurse. Merie Earle appears as a customer in the grocery store.

Note: Filmed November 30, 1969; episode title is a takeoff on the 1945 film The Lost Weekend, starring Ray Milland.
18717"The Phrase Is Familiar"Richard MichaelsJerry MayerJanuary 15, 1970 (1970-01-15)

Warlock tutor Professor Poindexter Phipps (Jay Robinson) is employed by Endora for Tabitha's education. Also, to mock Darrin's profession, she casts a spell that causes him to constantly speak in clichés. When she promises to cancel the spell, she alters it to make him act out the clichés instead. These spells cause problems for Darrin as he has come up with a campaign for H.B. Summers (Cliff Norton) that does not use these tired clichés. A problem of a different kind emerges when one of the professor's teaching tools comes into contact with Summers.

Note: Filmed November 6, 1969
18818"Samantha's Secret Is Discovered"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnJanuary 22, 1970 (1970-01-22)

After Darrin's mother sees Samantha and Endora engaging in witchcraft, Darrin and Samantha decide to tell her the truth. After she tries to spill the beans to Frank, Darrin's father and her husband, the Witches Council pulls the plug on Samantha's powers, and she ends up believing she is truly insane, checking herself into a rest home. Samantha must convince her mother-in-law that she hallucinated everything. Bernie Kopell appears as Dr. Rhinehouse. C. Lindsay Workman appears as the Doctor at the Rest Home. Nydia Westman appears as Mrs. Quigley, another patient at the Rest Home.

Note: Filmed November 20, 1969
18919"Tabitha's Very Own Samantha"William AsherShirley GordonJanuary 29, 1970 (1970-01-29)

The latest round of attention toward Adam makes his big sister Tabitha jealous enough to misbehave. After Darrin punishes her by sending her to her own room, she wishes for herself her very own special mommy she doesn't have to share with anyone. After a run in with Mrs. Kravitz and her nephew Seymour at the amusement park, Darrin and Samantha believe the double is Serena playing games with their daughter again. Additional complications ensue when Larry, a client and his wife (Parley Baer and Sara Seegar) come for dinner. After Tabitha tells her mother she's not Serena and she sees it for herself, Tabitha explains why she did what she did. Samantha convinces her daughter that she loves her, but sometimes has to be firm when necessary. She convinces Tabitha to wish her very own special mommy who spoils her rotten to go away and she does, realizing that her mother really does love her.

Note: Aunt Hagatha is listed as "Aunt Agatha" in the credits; filmed November 26, 1969
19020"Super Arthur"Richard MichaelsEd JuristFebruary 5, 1970 (1970-02-05)

Uncle Arthur drops by for an unexpected visit and he suddenly loses his power of witchcraft. Dr. Bombay's cure causes him to literally become everything he says, including Superman. Samantha tries to get Uncle Arthur's mind off of anything unusual. Problems arise when Samantha and Uncle Arthur go outside in view for others to see. But, it also helps Darrin with an advertising campaign. Paul Smith appears as a policeman.

Note: Filmed December 4, 1969
19121"What Makes Darrin Run?"William AsherLila Garrett & Bernie KahnFebruary 12, 1970 (1970-02-12)

In hopes of getting Darrin to give Samantha a higher standard of living, Endora casts a spell on her son-in-law to give him a drive for ambition and power. It does seem to reap positive rewards with regard to the Bob Braddock (Arch Johnson) account, which Larry wants Darrin to take over. Darrin invites Howard McMann (Leon Ames), the president of McMann & Tate, and his wife Margaret for dinner in an effort to work his way up the corporate ladder. When Samantha finds out about the spell, she will have to try and stop Darrin's new ambition from breaking up his and Larry's long friendship.

Note: Filmed December 11, 1969; one of only two episodes featuring Mr. McMann, first episode to feature Kasey Rogers natural red hair (her black hair was a wig)
19222"Serena Stops the Show"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerFebruary 19, 1970 (1970-02-19)

Darrin arranges for real life pop duo Boyce & Hart to appear on a TV special sponsored by his client Breeze Shampoo. As the entertainment chairman for this year's Cosmos Cotillion, Serena wants them to appear at her event. When they decline, she casts a spell of unpopularity on the singers to alter their decision. Serena sings "I'll Blow You A Kiss In The Wind", a song she wrote for the duo to perform at the cotillion. Finding out what Serena did, Samantha has to try and convince Serena to reverse her spell to save Darrin's job and the deal with Breeze. Art Metrano appears as Chick Cashman, the duo's manager.

Notes: First episode crediting "Pandora Spocks" as Serena. Filmed December 18, 1969. The liner notes on Boyce & Hart's Greatest Hits state that their song "I'll Blow You a Kiss in the Wind" is best known for its appearance in this episode of Bewitched.
19323"Just a Kid Again"Richard MichaelsJerry MayerFebruary 26, 1970 (1970-02-26)

A toy salesman named Irving Bates (Ron Masak) tells Tabitha he wishes he were a kid again, and she grants him the wish. Unfortunately, Tabitha cannot reverse the spell because nine-year-old Irving (Ricky Powell) needs a reason to be an adult again. After Irving rescues his fiancée Ruthie Campbell (Pat Priest) from the advances from her boss (C. Lindsay Workman), he decides he would like to be a man again.

Note: Filmed January 8, 1970
19424"The Generation Zap"William AsherEd JuristMarch 5, 1970 (1970-03-05)

To appease client John Harrison (Arch Johnson), Larry assigns Harrison's daughter, college student Dusty Harrison (Melodie Johnson), who is interested in advertising, to mentor under Darrin. Endora enlists Serena's help in casting a spell that makes Dusty fall madly in love with Darrin. Darrin is in a no win situation as anything he does with regard to Dusty's crush has the potential to irk Harrison. Samantha figures out that some witchcraft is behind Dusty's behavior. Sam gets Serena to undo the spell, but not before Harrison is mad enough to pull his account. Will losing the account actually be a bad thing?

Note: Filmed January 15, 1970
19525"Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerMarch 12, 1970 (1970-03-12)

Samantha, Darrin, Endora, Tabitha and Esmeralda are unable to leave the Stephens house. Dr. Bombay is summoned to correct the problem, and it is discovered that a vapor lock has occurred due to Samantha not using her powers on a regular basis.

Note: Filmed January 22, 1970
19626"A Chance on Love"Richard MichaelsJohn L. GreeneMarch 19, 1970 (1970-03-19)

When Serena fills in for Samantha at a raffle ticket sale, a client of McMann & Tate named George Dinsdale (Jack Cassidy) falls for her. Later when the client sees Samantha at a party, he thinks it is the woman he met earlier. Neither Samantha nor Serena can convince him that they are not the same person, and he fires Darrin from the account. When Dinsdale refuses to stop making advances, Samantha turns him into a parrot. He eventually comes to realize that Sam and Serena are two different people. Molly Dodd appears as Mrs. Corby, the woman in charge of the raffle.

Note: partial remake of episode 1-24, "Which Witch Is Which?"; partially remade in Season 8 as "Serena's Richcraft". Filmed January 30, 1970
19727"If the Shoe Pinches"William AsherEd JuristMarch 26, 1970 (1970-03-26)

Tabitha has been entertaining imaginary playmates in her new playhouse all afternoon. Endora sends leprechaun Tim O'Shanter (Henry Gibson) to make trouble for Darrin. A pair of enchanted boots causes Darrin to become lazy, just when Larry is on his case about a slogan for canned peaches. Samantha knows the shoes are hexed, but her witchcraft can't get them off, nor can Darrin get them off himself. Sam has to figure out Tim's motives and how to gain control over him to restore Darrin back into his working mindset before Larry's deadline for the slogan.

Note: Filmed February 10, 1970
19828"Mona Sammy"Luther JamesMichael MorrisApril 2, 1970 (1970-04-02)

Endora gives Samantha an original Leonardo da Vinci painting of Samantha's look-alike Great Aunt Cornelia, in the style of the Mona Lisa. Larry and Louise notice it, and after Endora says Darrin painted it, Louise insists that Darrin paint her portrait. To get out of this mess, Darrin allows Samantha to use her witchcraft for this one time only to allow him to paint a nice portrait of Louise. What Darrin and Samantha may not account for is Endora battling Samantha's witchcraft with some more of her own.

Note: Filmed February 16, 1970
19929"Turn on the Old Charm"Richard MichaelsRichard BaerApril 9, 1970 (1970-04-09)

Samantha gives her father's magic amulet to Darrin to induce Endora into being nice to him. Esmeralda thinks it is a love charm and swipes it. Endora soon discovers she has been under the amulet's spell, and punishes Samantha and Darrin by causing them to bicker in front of Larry and client Augustus Sunshine (John Fiedler) of Sunshine Greeting Cards. After Endora removes the spell, Augustus and Larry return. Sam and Darrin tell them that they bickered as a way to show Augustus that he should start making funny insult cards.

Note: Filmed February 20, 1970
20030"Make Love, Not Hate"William AsherEd JuristApril 16, 1970 (1970-04-16)

Samantha wants to help Esmeralda find a man to get her out of a case of depression. Dr. Bombay's acquaintance Norton (Cliff Norton) is not impressed with Esmeralda, so the doctor concocts a love potion to help. The potion accidentally ends up in a bowl of clam dip. Norton, Esmeralda, advertising client George Meiklejohn (Charles Lane), and his wife (Sara Seegar) all end up under the effect of the potion, and chaos ensues.

Note: Filmed February 27. 1970.

Season 7 (1970–71)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
2011"To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question: Part 1"William AsherMichael MorrisSeptember 24, 1970 (1970-09-24)

Queen Hepzibah (Jane Connell) summons Samantha to a witch's meeting in Salem, Massachusetts, but she initially refuses. Darrin agrees to let Samantha go as long as he can go along. This prompts Hepzibah to visit the Stephenses and observe their marriage, to see whether she will dissolve their marriage.

Note: Filmed July 23, 1970
2022"Salem, Here We Come: Part 2"William AsherMichael MorrisOctober 1, 1970 (1970-10-01)

During her royal visit to the Stephenses, Queen Hepzibah (Jane Connell) insists on observing Darrin at work. There she encounters a client of Darrin's named Ernest Hitchcock (Cesar Romero). Hitchcock does not appreciate Hepzibah's meddling in Darrin's business dealings. To protect Hitchcock, Samantha places a spell on him before he is able to insult Hepzibah and he is now in love with her. Now that she sees mortals can be charming, Hepzibah will allow Darrin to come to Salem with Samantha.

Note: Filmed July 30, 1970
2033"The Salem Saga: Part 1"William AsherEd JuristOctober 8, 1970 (1970-10-08)

During a tour of the House of Seven Gables in Salem, an antique bedwarmer begins harassing Samantha. The bedwarmer makes its way to the Stephenses' car and back to their hotel. Samantha has to discover who the bed warmer is and why he was turned into a bed warmer before the police and museum officials arrive to arrest them for theft. Richard X. Slattery and Ron Masak appear as Police Officers. Joan Hotchkis appears as Miss Ferndale, the museum guide.

Note: The Stephenses stay at the Hawthorne Motor Hotel in Salem for five episodes. Filmed August 7, 1970
2044"Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer: Part 2"William AsherEd JuristOctober 15, 1970 (1970-10-15)

Darrin is in jail for allegedly stealing the antique bedwarmer. Samantha discovers it was Serena who had transformed a warlock named Newton (Noam Pitlik) into the bedwarmer. Serena will only allow Samantha to free Newton from his bed warmer prison on the condition that Newton not contact her. Samantha redirects Newton's energies toward Miss Ferndale (Joan Hotchkis) and ultimately gets Darrin off on all charges. Parley Baer appears as the Desk Sergeant. Bill Zuckert appears as Judge Ferguson.

Note: Filmed July 16, 1970 partially on location in Salem, Massachusetts
2055"Darrin on a Pedestal"William AsherBernie KahnOctober 22, 1970 (1970-10-22)

On a sightseeing tour of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Darrin becomes annoyed when Serena transforms the Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial statue to life, so Serena zaps Darrin in the statue's place. Problems arise when Larry shows up looking for Darrin to make a new pitch to potential client, Mr. Barrows (John Gallaudet). Serena has gone off with the fisherman (Robert Brown) from the statue. Samantha has to be in three places at the same time: making sure nothing happens to the statue of Darrin, trying to find Serena to turn Darrin back into human form, and keeping Larry and Mr. Barrows preoccupied.

Note: Filmed July 16, 1970 partially on location in Gloucester, Massachusetts.
2066"Paul Revere Rides Again"Richard MichaelsHenry Sharp & Phil SharpOctober 29, 1970 (1970-10-29)

Larry sends Sam and Darrin a replica Paul Revere teapot as a gift. Larry later wants Darrin to regift the teapot to a visiting potential client from London. But, Esmeralda took it and other packages back to New York. Trying to return the Paul Revere teapot to Salem, Esmeralda conjures up the real Paul Revere (Bert Convy) instead. Revere mistakes British client Sir Leslie Bancroft (Jonathan Harris) for an invader and decides to warn the town. Samantha manages to get everything worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

Note: Filmed August 13, 1970
2077"Samantha's Bad Day in Salem"William AsherMichael MorrisNovember 5, 1970 (1970-11-05)

At the Witches' Convention, Samantha encounters a former boyfriend named Waldo (Hal England). When Samantha rejects his continued advances, Waldo conjures up his fantasy replica of her. Larry then thinks Samantha is having an affair when he sees them together. One misunderstanding after another arises after Samantha introduces Waldo to Darrin and Larry, unaware of what Larry has seen. Waldo eventually explains everything to Darrin and then they figure out a way to explain it to Larry. Anne Seymour appears as Mirabelle, Waldo's mother.

Note: Filmed July 16, 1970 partially on location in Salem, Massachusetts.
2088"Samantha's Old Salem Trip"Richard MichaelsEd JuristNovember 12, 1970 (1970-11-12)

Samantha and Darrin return home early when the Witch's council forbids Samantha from being seen with her husband in public. When they send a message that she must return to Salem immediately, Esmeralda accidentally sends Samantha to 17th century Salem, during the time of the witch hunts. Endora sends Darrin to rescue Samantha, who has no memory of who she is. Both Darrin and Samantha are accused of being witches. But, it is because of their trial, that Darrin is able to bring back Sam's memory. James Westerfield appears as Mr. Farley, the tavern owner. Maudie Prickett appears as Mrs. Farley. Ronald Long appears as the Magistrate.

Note: During the courtroom scene, Samantha's wrists are in chains before she performs a spell with a coin, but are free during the performance; filmed August 6, 1970.
2099"Samantha's Pet Warlock"Richard MichaelsJerry MayerNovember 19, 1970 (1970-11-19)

A former boyfriend of Samantha's named Ashley Flynn (Noam Pitlik) poses as a dog to make trouble for the Stephenses in the presence of Darrin's new client, Charlie Gibbons (Edward Andrews). Samantha and Darrin face a dilemma when they learn the dog is Ashley. Samantha believes she has a way for Ashley the dog to behave himself at least as long until Mr. Gibbons leaves, but Ashley may have tricks of his own against Samantha's. Ashley does wind up helping Darrin win the account. David Huddleston appears as the Dog Pound Attendant.

Note: partial remake of Season 2’s "Man's Best Friend"; filmed August 20, 1970
21010"Samantha's Old Man"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisDecember 3, 1970 (1970-12-03)

Endora changes Darrin into an old man to prove to Samantha that their marriage is doomed to fail. Running into Larry and Louise at a drive-in theater, they pass off Darrin as his grandfather, Grover Stephens. This prompts Louise to fix up Grover with her visiting Aunt Millicent (Ruth McDevitt). Meanwhile, Darrin needs to pull off a youth-based campaign with new client Jennings Booker (Edward Platt). Samantha changes herself into elderly Carolyn (Hope Summers) posing as Grover's wife.

Note: nominated for an Emmy nomination for Best Makeup; filmed August 27, 1970
21111"The Corsican Cousins"Richard MichaelsEd JuristDecember 10, 1970 (1970-12-10)

Endora tries to persuade Samantha to be as fun-loving as Serena, so she casts a spell that makes Samantha experience everything Serena does. When Serena's date Clark (Robert Wolders) nibbles on her neck, Samantha finds herself in a ticklish situation. A complication sets in when Mrs. Langley and Mrs. Hunter (Ann Doran), the country club women's admissions chair and co-chair, make a visit. Samantha's behavior could not only ruin their chances of getting into the country club, but also ruin Darrin's chances of getting Langley's lucrative account.

Note: Filmed September 3, 1970
21212"Samantha's Magic Potion"William AsherShirley GordonDecember 17, 1970 (1970-12-17)

Darrin is in a professional slump. Darrin's latest client, Mr. Harmon (Charles Lane) of Harmon Savings and Loan, has shut him down over his campaign idea, which Darrin believes is good. A discouraged Darrin tells Sam that he wants to retire and live by witchcraft. Samantha gives Darrin a placebo potion to boost his creativity and give him confidence. Darrin wins the account and Samantha tells him witchcraft had nothing to do with it, it was all him.

Note: partial remake of Season 1's "A is for Aardvark" and Season 4's "The No-Harm Charm"; filmed September 24, 1970
21313"Sisters at Heart"William AsherStory by : Jefferson High School (Los Angeles) 5th Period English class
Teleplay by : William Asher & Barbara Avedon
December 24, 1970 (1970-12-24)

Tabitha is excited about having a new "sister" to play with, her black friend Lisa Wilson (Venetta Rogers). Through another misunderstanding, Darrin's client Mr. Brockway (Parley Baer) wants him off the account because, when he comes by the house, he thinks that Lisa is Darrin's daughter. Brockway doesn't approve of Darrin's home life as he believes the Stephenses are in an interracial marriage. When Tabitha wants to be real sisters with Lisa, she casts a spell so they have matching polka-dots. Samantha has to rectify this, if possible, before Lisa's parents come back. And Mr. Brockway gets taught a lesson. Don Marshall and Janee Michelle guest-star as Keith and Dorothy Wilson.

Note: In the special opening of the show as originally broadcast (available on the DVD release), Montgomery welcomes us to the Christmas episode which was written by the students of the 5th period, room 309, 10th grade English class at Thomas Jefferson High School in Los Angeles.[6] The episode received the Governor's Award at the 23rd Primetime Emmy Awards in May 1971.[7] Montgomery also wishes us a happy holiday before the closing credits. Filmed November 12, 1970.
21414"Mother-in-Law of the Year"William AsherHenry Sharp & Phil SharpJanuary 14, 1971 (1971-01-14)

Darrin's client, Bernard Bobbins (John McGiver) of Bobbins Bonbons, isn't very happy. He sponsors one of the most popular shows on television, yet his candy sales aren't increasing. Endora places a spell on Darrin to pitch the idea of creating a Mothers-in-Law Day with Bobbins Bonbons the gift of choice. When Bobbins suggests making it Mother-in-Law of the Year, Endora casts another spell to make him pick her. When Endora doesn't show up for the commercial, Samantha turns herself into her mother. Things get complicated when Endora returns. Jim Lange also appears.

Note: Filmed October 1, 1970
21515"Mary the Good Fairy: Part 1"William AsherEd JuristJanuary 21, 1971 (1971-01-21)

Mary the Good Fairy (Imogene Coca), a friend of Samantha, visits the Stephens household when Tabitha loses a tooth. Darrin and Samantha give her a snifter of brandy to warm her up, and the intoxicating effect leaves Samantha to fulfill Mary's duties for the night. In the morning, Mary reveals to Samantha that she is tired of collecting lost teeth for centuries on end and refuses to trade places with her.

Note: Filmed September 11, 1970.
21616"The Good Fairy Strikes Again: Part 2"William AsherEd JuristJanuary 28, 1971 (1971-01-28)

Mary the Good Fairy (Imogene Coca) continues to cause trouble with the Kravitzes, the police (Vic Tayback and Paul Smith), and client Mr. Ferber (Herb Voland) while she continues to seek out brandy and refuses to take her duties back from Samantha. Sam dressed as the Good Fairy does wind up helping Darrin with his add campaign. And a little spilled Bloody Mary cocktail gets Mary to become the Good Fairy again.

Note: Filmed September 17, 1970
21717"The Return of Darrin the Bold"Richard MichaelsEd JuristFebruary 4, 1971 (1971-02-04)

Endora and Serena decide to turn Darrin into a warlock by having Serena go back to 14th century Ireland and slip a potion to his ancestor, Darrin the Bold. Once Darrin enters the first stages of "wishcraft", Endora claims that witchcraft has rubbed off on Darrin, but Samantha discovers what Serena has really done and goes back to the time of Darrin the Bold to undo the spell. Burt Mustin appears as a guru Endora consults. Gordon Jump appears as a bartender. Nada Rowand appears as a servant girl. Richard X. Slattery appears as Mr. Ferguson, a neighbor.

Note: Darrin's ancestor, Darrin the Bold, first appeared in the Season 3 episode, "A Most Unusual Wood Nymph". Filmed November 25, 1970.
21818"The House That Uncle Arthur Built"Richard MichaelsBernie KahnFebruary 11, 1971 (1971-02-11)

After a fight with his new pretentious girlfriend, Aretha (Barbara Rhoades), who hates practical jokes, Uncle Arthur places his practical jokes within the walls of the Stephenses' house which causes havoc in front of Larry, and client Lionel Rockfield (J. Edward McKinley) and his wife (Ysabel MacCloskey). But, those practical jokes do help Darrin win the account.

Note: Paul Lynde's final appearance as Uncle Arthur; filmed October 15, 1970.
21919"Samantha and the Troll"William AsherLila Garrett & Joel RappFebruary 18, 1971 (1971-02-18)

When Samantha has to go in for a "10,000 spell overhaul," Serena babysits and brings Tabitha's toys to life for a game of hide and seek. Serena causes more trouble by impersonating Samantha and being overly affectionate to both Darrin and his client Roland Berkley (Bob Cummings). And this, of course, is very annoying to Roland's wife Martha (Nan Martin). Darrin and the real Samantha, upon her return, have to somehow salvage the dinner and the account in light of these events.

Note: Filmed October 8, 1970; Diane Murphy appears as the rag doll. Felix Silla appears as the troll.
22020"This Little Piggie"Richard MichaelsEd JuristFebruary 25, 1971 (1971-02-25)

Endora casts a hex upon Darrin which makes him indecisive. Samantha quickly learns about the spell and works at getting a hold of her mother to remove it. Because of his indecisiveness, Darrin has to deal with the fallout from a meeting he has with Colonel Bringham (Herb Edelman), who values a good sales pitch from his advertising men. Later, Endora decides Darrin is "pigheaded", and proves it by zapping a pig head onto him. But, the pig head helps him to win the account.

Note: Filmed November 5, 1970.
22121"Mixed Doubles"William AsherRichard BaerMarch 4, 1971 (1971-03-04)

When Samantha spends a restless night thinking about Louise Tate's troubles, a strange metaphysical occurrence takes place that has everyone thinking that Samantha is Louise and vice versa. Samantha manages to convince Darrin of the problem. While Dr. Bombay works on a cure, Samantha has to orchestrate two new marital relationships with no hanky-panky without Larry and Louise wondering if their marriage is on the rocks in the process.

Note: Filmed January 7, 1971.
22222"Darrin Goes Ape"Richard MichaelsLeo Townsend & Pauline TownsendMarch 11, 1971 (1971-03-11)

Darrin rejects an enchanted gift from Serena. When Samantha goes out shopping, Serena changes Darrin into a gorilla. Gladys Kravitz sees the gorilla and calls the police (Paul Smith). They send him off to be a mate for another gorilla at the Johnson's Jungle Isle. Samantha finds out and not only has to get Darrin out of his cage, but must get Serena to change him back. Allen Jenkins appears as Alex Johnson. Milton Selzer appears as Pete Johnson. Herb Vigran appears as the police Sergeant. Ysabel MacCloskey appears as Aunt Hagatha.

Note: Last episode featuring Abner Kravitz; filmed December 3, 1970.
22323"Money Happy Returns"Richard MichaelsMilt RosenMarch 18, 1971 (1971-03-18)

Endora accuses Darrin of being cheap. Darrin finds $100,000 in a cab and thinks Endora zapped it there so his children can have the large swimming pool he cannot afford. He even accuses Samantha of covering up for her mother. An angry Sam zaps the money away and then leaves. But, the cash really belongs to some criminals who want it back. Darrin needs to get Samantha back to help him out of his problem. Arch Johnson and Gordon Jump guest-star.

Note: Filmed February 1, 1971.
22424"Out of the Mouths of Babes"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisMarch 25, 1971 (1971-03-25)

Endora changes Darrin into a little boy nicknamed "Marvin Peter" (Gene Andrusco) while he is trying to win an account for client Sean Flanagan (David Huddleston) and his Mother Flanagan's Irish stew. Darrin meets another boy named Herbie (Eric Scott) in a basketball game who tries the Irish stew and reveals the truth: it tastes terrible. Is there another way to get the account yet stay true to the fact of Mother Flanagan's being the awful Irish stew it is?

Note: Filmed February 5, 1971.
22525"Samantha's Psychic Pslip"William AsherJohn L. GreeneApril 1, 1971 (1971-04-01)

Samantha feels guilty about using her witchcraft. Samantha's hiccups are causing bikes of all kinds to appear, just when Darrin's Mother is about to arrive for a visit and to invite Samantha out for a shopping trip. Dr. Bombay's spell, designed to remove "guilt", stops the bikes from appearing but now Samantha's hiccups cause any "gilded" object nearby to disappear. Serena also stops by to add to the mayhem. Further complications arise when a Samantha hiccup results in a gilded necklace in a store display going missing. Samantha and Mrs. Stephens are then questioned by the department store detective for shoplifting.

Notes: Filmed November 19, 1970. In closing credits, Irene Byatt is identified as 'Woman with Mirror' when actually she played 'Woman with Lamp'. Irwin Charone appears as the department store detective.
22626"Samantha's Magic Mirror"Richard MichaelsEd JuristApril 8, 1971 (1971-04-08)

Esmeralda needs confidence for an upcoming meeting with old boyfriend Ferdy (Tom Bosley). Samantha creates a magic mirror to make Esmeralda appear more attractive to herself but she needs even more assistance to boost her failed powers. Esmeralda and Ferdy's date is scheduled to be at Samantha and Darrin's house. Samantha sticks around behind the scenes to assist with Esmeralda's faulty witchcraft. Turns out Sam didn't really have to worry as Ferdy admits his powers are failing as well. Nancy Priddy appears as Esmeralda's Mirror Image.

Note: remake of Season 2's "Aunt Clara's Old Flame"; filmed January 21, 1971.
22727"Laugh Clown, Laugh"William AsherEd JuristApril 15, 1971 (1971-04-15)

Claiming Darrin has no sense of humor, Endora puts a spell on him, turning him into an obnoxious comedian. She later creates another spell, causing him to laugh about anything grave and serious, neither of which pleases uptight client Harold Jameson (Charles Lane). Darrin's inappropriate jokes and laughing are sure to lose the account – or will they? Ysabel MacCloskey appears as Martha Jameson. Marcia Wallace appears as Betty, Darrin's secretary.

Note: Last episode to feature Gladys Kravitz; filmed February 11, 1971.
22828"Samantha and the Antique Doll"Richard MichaelsEd JuristApril 22, 1971 (1971-04-22)

Tabitha causes an antique doll to fly across the room, right in front of Darrin's mother, Phyllis. Samantha convinces Phyllis that she subconsciously willed it from Adam, but Phyllis becomes obsessed with her apparent new abilities. A fake séance cures her of this idea.

Note: Filmed December 10, 1970; remake of Season one's "Abner Kadabra"; last episode featuring Darrin's parents. Robert F. Simon, who portrayed Frank Stephens in Seasons 1–3, reprises his role.

Season 8 (1971–72)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
2291"How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 1)"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 15, 1971 (1971-09-15)

On a tour of the Tower of London, Samantha frees a trapped nobleman from a painting. Malvina (Arlene Martel), the hateful witch who trapped him, sends her back in time to the court of King Henry VIII (Ronald Long). While Henry wants to make Sam his next queen, Darren must travel to the sixteenth century and rescue her. Ivor Barry appears as Lord Chamberlain. Laurie Main appears as the Tour Guide.

Note: Beginning with this episode, Bewitched was moved from Thursday night to Wednesday, opposite CBS's The Carol Burnett Show. This episode, along with Part 2, was filmed on June 29, 1971.
2302"How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII (Part 2)"William AsherEd JuristSeptember 22, 1971 (1971-09-22)
Endora sends Darrin back to 16th-century England to rescue Samantha before King Henry VIII (Ronald Long) adds her to his gallery of beheaded wives. Darrin is afraid to admit that he requires Endora's assistance in the matter. As such, Darrin and Endora will only have their cunning as their tools. Endora has plan with which Darrin may not totally agree with as his life will be in the balance. Darrin competes in a wrestling match with Henry the VIII. John Mitchum appears as a jailor.
2313"Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster"William AsherMichael MorrisSeptember 29, 1971 (1971-09-29)

While visiting the town of Inverness, Scotland, Darrin and Samantha meet the Loch Ness Monster, who Samantha reveals is actually a warlock named Bruce (Steve Franken) who was transformed into the monster by Serena 40 years earlier. When Darrin's cousin Robbie (Don Knight) spots the creature in the lake, he decides to call in a specialist, the Baron von Fuchs (Bernie Kopell), to take photographs. In reality, the Baron wants to capture the monster for the $3 million insurance on its head. To save Bruce from the Baron, Samantha has to convince Serena to change Bruce back into a warlock. After Sam gets Serena to turn him back, he turns Serena into a mermaid. Samantha has to try to get Bruce to remove the spell.

Note: Filmed July 22, 1971
2324"Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa"William AsherEd JuristOctober 6, 1971 (1971-10-06)

Samantha and Darrin are in Pisa, Italy. Esmeralda reveals she had caused the Tower of Pisa to lean in the 12th century, and has always been upset about her mistake. She makes it stand upright, setting off mass hysteria. Is there a way to leave the tower in its leaning position and let Esmeralda regain her self respect from what she considers this biggest blight of her past?

Note: Filmed July 2, 1971
2335"Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni"William AsherMichael MorrisOctober 13, 1971 (1971-10-13)

While in Rome, Endora makes trouble for Darrin by bringing a statue of Venus de Milo (Francine York) to life. She takes the name Vanessa. Darrin brings her back to the villa wanting to have her work as their maid. Samantha has to figure out exactly who Vanessa is. Every male who sees Vanessa becomes enchanted by her appearance. Sam must find a way to combat Vanessa's charms. Samantha's strongest weapon may be Vanessa's own counterpart named Alberto.

Note: Filmed July 12, 1971.
2346"Paris, Witches' Style"William AsherMichael MorrisOctober 20, 1971 (1971-10-20)

Maurice becomes enraged when he learns that Darrin and Samantha have failed to pay him a visit while on their tour of Europe. Darrin is at a business meeting so Endora zaps up a fake Darrin to appease an irate Maurice. This Darrin is kinder and more accommodating to whatever Maurice wants. The real Darrin shows up and when Maurice realizes what happened, he zaps Darrin onto the top of the Eiffel Tower. And after casting another spell on Darrin, Samantha gets Maurice to apologize to Darrin. Maurice even helps Darrin win an account he was after.

Note: A partial remake of Season one's "Just One Happy Family". Filmed July 29, 1971.
2357"The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself"William AsherEd JuristOctober 27, 1971 (1971-10-27)

Samantha, Darrin, Larry and Louise accept an invitation by the Duke of Winsett (Maurice Dallimore) to stay at his old English castle for the weekend. A lovesick ghost named Harry (Patrick Horgan) longing to be near Samantha takes up residence in Darrin's body and refuses to leave. Sam won't have anything to do with Darrin while Harry has taken over his body. Further complications ensue when Larry and Louise get involved as they try to save what looks to them to be their friends' crumbling marriage. Harry, as Darrin, then makes a pass at Louise. Samantha conjures up the ghost of Lady Windermere (Elizabeth Rogers) to lure Harry away. Now Sam has to make things right with Louise.

Note: Filmed July 16, 1971
2368"TV or Not TV"William AsherBernie KahnNovember 3, 1971 (1971-11-03)

Tabitha becomes an overnight sensation when she magically appears on The Punch and Judy Show, sponsored by Darrin's client Lester Silverton (John Gallaudet). Although the Stephenses try to hide Tabitha's true identity, Silverton learns she is their daughter, and wants her to be a permanent fixture on Punch and Judy. Samantha uses a little magic to get him to want to use his daughter Robin (Kathy Hilton) instead. Robert Q. Lewis guests as the director. Wanda Hendrix guests as Mrs. Helen Silverton.

Note: Filmed June 17, 1971; first episode filmed for Season 8.
2379"A Plague on Maurice and Samantha"Richard MichaelsEd JuristNovember 10, 1971 (1971-11-10)

Samantha has lost her powers. Dr. Bombay assumes that her loss of powers is due to her constant contact with mortals. Maurice makes a surprise visit. Dr. Bombay returns to inform them that he misdiagnosed the situation, and that Samantha truly has a contagious bug that can be passed from witch to warlock. Maurice now has to sample mortal life after he temporarily loses his powers from the virus. Maurice actually helps Darrin win the Benson (J. Edward McKinley) Chili account. Bernie Kopell appears as the Apothecary.

Note: Filmed August 12, 1971.
23810"Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisNovember 17, 1971 (1971-11-17)

Tabitha pops Hansel & Gretel out of a book to give them something to eat, and then zaps herself into the story. Samantha goes into the storybook to rescue Tabitha from the wicked witch (Billie Hayes) while Darrin tries to explain the hungry siblings' presence to Larry and Louise. Bobo Lewis appears as Brunhilda, Hansel & Gretel's Stepmother. Richard X. Slattery appears as a Policeman.

Note: Filmed September 2, 1971.
23911"The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit"Richard MichaelsJohn L. GreeneDecember 1, 1971 (1971-12-01)

Endora enlists the help of a hippie warlock named Alonzo (Bernie Kopell) to do away with Darrin's job so that he is free to attend a wedding with Samantha. Her Cousin Panda's wedding in Hong Kong. Alonzo puts a spell on Larry to love all his "far out" campaign ideas. This could create trouble with Darrin's client, Mr. Cushman (Charles Lane). Unable to locate her mother, Samantha believes the only way to save the account is to use a little witchcraft of her own to neutralize Alonzo's.

Note: partial remake of Season One’s "Your Witch Is Showing"; Filmed August 19, 1971.
24012"The Eight-Year Itch Witch"Richard MichaelsRuth Brooks FlippenDecember 8, 1971 (1971-12-08)

Endora transforms a Siamese cat into a statuesque model named Ophelia (Julie Newmar) for sponsor Mr. Burkeholder's (Parley Baer) Tom Cat Tractor ad campaign. Endora does this in an effort to test Darrin's loyalty to Samantha. Darrin agrees to go with Ophelia on a business trip to Albany for Tom Cat. This is despite he was supposed to celebrate his and Samantha's anniversary of their first date. Ophelia does whatever she can to seduce Darrin on the trip. Samantha eventually learns what is happening and in turn, takes an unusual measure to show how much faith she has in Darrin and their strength of their marriage.

Note: Remake of Season one's "It Takes One To Know One" combined with elements of the same season's "Ling Ling". Filmed August 26, 1971.
24113"Three Men and a Witch on a Horse"Richard MichaelsEd JuristDecember 15, 1971 (1971-12-15)

Endora casts a spell on a hobby horse that makes it predict the results of horse races, and also zaps Darrin with a gambling bug, hoping to make him a better provider to his family. Samantha finds out what her mother has done and tries to get her to remove the spell. Instead, Endora makes sure his horse will lose the race. Darrin convinces Larry and Mr. Spengler (John Fiedler), one of their spendthrift clients, that these bets as sure things. Sam convinces the horse to win. Scatman Crothers appears as a Horse Handler.

Note: Filmed September 16, 1971
24214"Adam, Warlock or Washout?"William AsherEd JuristDecember 29, 1971 (1971-12-29)

Samantha's aunts, Grimalda (Maryesther Denver) and Enchantra (Diana Chesney) come to test Adam, and (again) threaten to dissolve Samantha's marriage if Adam has no powers. Maurice (Maurice Evans) transfers some of his extra special powers to Adam in preparation for the Test Committee visit. Adam demonstrating those powers in front of the Committee has unintended consequences, but left to his own devices and a little motherly guidance, he may be able to show what he can when it really counts.

Note: Remake of Season three's "Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things"; last episode to feature Maurice; filmed August 5, 1971; last episode broadcast by ABC in prime time when rerun on July 1, 1972.
24315"Samantha's Magic Sitter"Richard MichaelsHenry Sharp & Phil SharpJanuary 5, 1972 (1972-01-05)

While babysitting the son of client Elliott Norton (Richard X. Slattery), Esmeralda performs magic and tells the boy she is a witch. Esmeralda's faulty witchcraft may threaten the account, especially as overbearing Mrs. Norton believes Ralph is an angel, which is the farthest thing from the truth. With the account on the line, Samantha believes if Esmeralda's faulty witchcraft got Darrin into this trouble, Esmeralda's faulty witchcraft may be the answer to appease Mr. and Mrs. Norton.

Note: partial remake of Season One’s "There's No Witch Like An Old Witch"; filmed September 23, 1971
24416"Samantha Is Earthbound"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisJanuary 15, 1972 (1972-01-15)

Samantha develops a condition, gravititis inflamitis, that makes her weigh over 500 pounds. Dr. Bombay gives her an antidote which makes her lighter than air, just when she must attend a charity event as an attendant and fashion model. Darrin goes with Samantha to be her anchor, when she can't find anything else to weigh her down. What is seen by the Prescotts as Samantha and Darrin's bizarre behavior at the event has the potential to kibosh Darrin's account with Mr. Prescott. Samantha has to find a way to explain their unusual behavior in order to save the account. Jack Collins and Sara Seegar appear as Mr. and Mrs. Prescott. Molly Dodd appears as Mrs. Brock.

Note: Beginning with this episode, Bewitched was moved from Wednesdays to Saturdays,[8]: 95  opposite All in the Family; filmed October 14, 1971.
24517"Serena's Richcraft"William AsherMichael MorrisJanuary 22, 1972 (1972-01-22)

Serena's powers are taken away by the jealous Contessa Pirhana (Ellen Weston). The grounded Serena amuses herself by dating a wealthy client of Darrin, Harrison Woolcott (Peter Lawford) and they become smitten with each other. With a little help from Samantha, Darrin tries to break up Serena and Woolcott without jeopardizing the account. Meanwhile, Samantha focuses her attention on Pirhana and getting her to restore Serena's powers.

Note: filmed on January 15, 1971; partial remake of Season Six’s "A Chance on Love"; filmed during Season Seven but shelved until Season Eight.
24618"Samantha on Thin Ice"William AsherRichard BaerJanuary 29, 1972 (1972-01-29)

Disappointed with her granddaughter's inability to ice skate, Endora casts a spell on Tabitha, making her an ice skating sensation. She skates so well, her instructor (Robert Paul) informs former skater and now coach Billy "Blades" Bucholtzer (Alan Oppenheimer). Blades believes that Tabitha could be the next Olympic champion, and wants her to audition for him. Samantha and Darrin have to convince Endora to take the spell off of Tabitha before the audition.

Note: remake of Season Five's "Samantha on the Keyboard".

Ed Filmed September 30, 1971
24719"Serena's Youth Pill"E. W. SwackhamerMichael MorrisFebruary 5, 1972 (1972-02-05)

Serena gives Larry Tate a dose of Vitamin V hoping to turn back the clock by several years. Larry wants to market the pill to make millions. However, the pill has an unexpected side effect on Larry and takes him all the way back to his childhood.

Note: Last episode to feature Serena and Louise Tate; filmed October 7, 1971
24820"Tabitha's First Day in School"Richard MichaelsEd JuristFebruary 12, 1972 (1972-02-12)

Samantha is required to enroll Tabitha in school, where she meets a bully named Charlton Rollnick, Jr. (Michael Hughes) and zaps him into a bullfrog, scaring her teacher, Mrs. Peabody (Maudie Prickett). After Tabitha changes him back, his mother, Mrs. Rollnick (Nita Talbot) goes to the Stephenses' house to pick him up, but acts like a bully herself.

Note: Filmed November 11, 1971; remake of Season Five’s "I Don't Want to be a Toad, I Want to be a Butterfly" (which also featured Maudie Prickett), with elements of Season Four's "Playmates."
24921"George Washington Zapped Here (Part 1)"Richard MichaelsMichaels MorrisFebruary 19, 1972 (1972-02-19)

Esmeralda accidentally brings George Washington (Will Geer) into the 20th century, but the president and his wife Martha (Jane Connell) find it difficult to adjust to modern times. Because of her faulty witchcraft, Esmeralda can't remember the spell to get him back. While Esmeralda tries to remember the spell, Samantha and Darrin have to make sure no one sees him. When he wanders from the Stephenses' home, he is arrested by a police sergeant (Herb Vigran) for public speaking without a permit.

Note: Filmed December 3, 1971. This episode and "George Washington Zapped Here (Part 2)" are remakes of the two-part Season Three episodes "My Friend Ben" and "Samantha for the Defense".
25022"George Washington Zapped Here (Part 2)"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisFebruary 26, 1972 (1972-02-26)

While George Washington (Will Geer) awaits his court appearance before Judge Armstrong (Herb Voland), Larry wants to use the president in ads for Mr. Jamieson's (Jack Collins) Whirlwind Washing Machines. Everyone involved may get an unintended civics lesson on what Washington envisioned for America.

Note: Last episode to feature Esmeralda; filmed December 8, 1971.
25123"School Days, School Daze"Richard MichaelsMichael MorrisMarch 4, 1972 (1972-03-04)

Tabitha is worried about being smart enough to skip to the second grade. Endora makes it so that she exceeds the expectation of her teacher, Mrs. Peabody (Maudie Prickett). Mrs. Peabody now believes Tabitha is not only smart enough to skip that grade, but is a genius about whom the whole world should know. Even after Endora removes the spell, Samantha faces a bigger problem with Mrs. Peabody, who will not take no for an answer. Charles Lane appears as Mr. Roland, the principal.

Note: Filmed November 4, 1971; last episode to feature Adam.
25224"A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished"Ernest LossoBernie KahnMarch 11, 1972 (1972-03-11)

Darrin and Samantha have yet another fight over her alleged use of witchcraft to help him with an advertising slogan for Mr. Benson's (J. Edward McKinley) mattress account. Samantha doesn't mind that he wouldn't want to use her ideas if he thought they weren't any good, but she is upset that he doesn't believe her that she came up with them all her own. Larry sees the ideas and shows them to Benson, who doesn't like them. Darrin realizes that there was no witchcraft involved.

Note: Remake of Season Five’s "Is It Magic or Imagination?", which itself was a remake of Season One’s "Help, Help, Don't Save Me". Filmed November 19, 1971. Last episode to feature Tabitha.
25325"Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse"Richard MichaelsLeo TownsendMarch 18, 1972 (1972-03-18)

After consuming an exotic drink at Mr. Fong's (Benson Fong) Chinese restaurant, Samantha feels ill. After her dizziness subsides, red stripes appear on her face. Aunt Hagatha (Reta Shaw) calls Dr. Bombay to cure Samantha. He prescribes a potion from the witches' apothecary (Bernie Kopell), but forgets to mention two hard-to-acquire ingredients. Richard X. Slattery and Paul Smith appears as policemen. Herb Vigran appears as a Police Sergeant. Janos Prohaska appears as the Do-Do Bird.

Note: Filmed on November 26, 1971. Last episode to feature Dr. Bombay, the Apothecary and Aunt Hagatha; remake of Season Two’s "Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk."
25426"The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Sam"William AsherEd JuristMarch 25, 1972 (1972-03-25)

A dinner party for prospective clients Cora Mae (Sara Seegar) and Walter Franklin (Parley Baer) ends in disaster after Endora casts a spell on Samantha's unicorn pin that causes every mortal that comes near it to tell the absolute truth. How will the truth coming out sit with overbearing Cora Mae, the company owner, and her henpecked husband?

Note: Filmed December 16, 1971; last episode to be filmed and broadcast; remake of Season Two’s "Speak the Truth".


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