Herbert Vigran[a] (June 5, 1910 – November 29, 1986) was an American character actor in Hollywood from the 1930s to the 1980s. Over his 50-year career, he made over 350 television and film appearances.

Herb Vigran
Herb Vigran in Bonanza (San Francisco).jpg
Vigran in the television series Bonanza in "San Francisco", 1960
Herbert (or Herburt) Vigran

(1910-06-05)June 5, 1910
DiedNovember 29, 1986(1986-11-29) (aged 76)
Years active1934–1986
Belle Mary Vigran
(m. 1952)

Early yearsEdit

Vigran was a native of Cincinnati, but his family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, when he was 16.[4] He graduated with an LL.B. degree from Indiana University,[5] but later chose to pursue acting.


Billed as Herbert Vigran, he appeared on Broadway in three plays from 1935 through 1938.[6]


After starting out on Broadway, Vigran soon moved to Hollywood with no money[4] and only the Broadway acting experience. In 1939, Vigran's agent helped him secure a lead in the radio drama Silver Theatre. The actor had a $5 recording made of the radio show and used it as a demo to get other jobs with his unique voice.[4] He performed in radio shows with the likes of Jack Benny,[7][8] Bob Hope, Lucille Ball and Jimmy Durante.[9]


He later had hundreds of television appearances on shows like Adventures of Superman (six episodes), Dragnet (eleven episodes), The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (seven episodes), The Dick Van Dyke Show (three episodes), Perry Mason (two episodes), Dragnet 1967 (seven episodes), Petticoat Junction (one episode, 1969), and The Brady Bunch (two episodes). Vigran had a recurring role as Judge Brooker in Gunsmoke between 1970 and 1975. He appeared in four I Love Lucy episodes, and in the 1954 episode titled "Lucy Is Envious", Vigran is the promoter who hired Lucy and Ethel to dress up as "Women from Mars" for a publicity stunt.[10][11] With his bushy eyebrows and balding pate, he was easily cast in a wide variety of middle-aged "everyman" roles: cops, small-time crooks, judges, jurors, bartenders, repairmen, neighbors, shopkeepers, etc.[12]


Vigran had a small but significant role in Charlie Chaplin's Monsieur Verdoux (1947) as a reporter who interviews Chaplin as the title character while he is awaiting execution, while 1954's White Christmas starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye saw Vigran in the role of Novello, a nightclub owner who ushers in the stars to see his floor show attraction, The Haines Sisters.

In the rock and roll movie Go, Johnny, Go (1959), Vigran played an assistant to promoter Alan Freed and performed dialogue scenes with rock musician Chuck Berry.[13] He also provided the voice of "Whitney's boss" in a series of Arrowhead bottled water commercials for television and radio in the 1960s.[citation needed]

Personal lifeEdit

In 1952, Vigran married Belle Pasternack. The couple had two sons.[4]

Vigran was active up until his death.


Vigran died of complications from cancer at the age of 76 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.[2] He was cremated.[citation needed]

Stage, radio, television, and film appearancesEdit


Date Title Role
October 13, 1935 - October 1935 Achilles Had a Heel Monkey and other members of society
April 27, 1936 - June 1936 Cyrano de Bergerac A Cavalier
February 20, 1937 - January 8, 1938 Having a Wonderful Time Honeymooner


Year Title Role Network Notes
1939 Silver Theatre actor CBS [4]
1942-? Those We Love "Nosey" Jones ? [5]
1946 The Sad Sack Sad Sack CBS Summer replacement for The Frank Sinatra Show[14]
1946–1949 The Eddie Cantor Show supporting actor NBC and CBS [15]
1947–1952 California Caravan supporting actor Mutual-Don Lee [16]
1948 The Damon Runyon Theater Harry the Horse various 52 shows on records sold to various networks until mid-1950s[17]
1949–1953 Father Knows Best neighbor NBC [18]
1949–1954 Broadway Is My Beat supporting actor CBS [19]
1950–1952 The Halls of Ivy supporting actor NBC [20]
1950–1951 Tales of the Texas Rangers supporting actor NBC [21]
1953–1954 Family Skeleton supporting actor CBS [22]
1979–1981 Sears Radio Theater supporting actor CBS-Mutual [23]


Year Title Role Episode
1950 The Stu Erwin Show Jack Roberts Father Gets Into the Act
1951 The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Mr. Norman, Pest Control Man Too Much of the Mortons
1952 Dragnet Jocko Harris The Big Seventeen
1952 Gruen Guild Theater Cop Al Haddon's Lamp
1952 Rebound Lewis The Money
1952 Gang Busters Detective Denny The Blonde Tigress
1952 All Star Revue Bearded Man (23 February 1952)
1952 Racket Squad Unknown role Fair Exchange
1952 Four Star Playhouse Monty Leeds Dante's Inferno
1952 Adventures of Superman Mortimer Murray No Holds Barred
1952 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Policeman Riviera Ballet
1952 I Married Joan Fan at Hockey Game Birthday
1952 I Love Lucy Jule The Anniversary Present
1952 I Love Lucy Jule The Saxophone
1952 My Little Margie J.D. Toomey, Matchmaker Missing Link
1952 My Little Margie Toorney Margie Plays Detective
1953 Our Miss Brooks Mr Smith The Stolen Wardrobe
1953 The Life of Riley Muley Riley's Burning Ambition
1953 The Life of Riley Muley Riley Gets Engaged
1953 I Love Lucy Joe, Washer Repairman Never Do Business with Friend
1953 I Married Joan Handyman Honeymoon
1953 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Delivery Man Bowling Alley
1953 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Mulligan Oscillating Ozzie
1953 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Newspaper Delivery Man The Boy's Paper Route
1953 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender The Squeeze
1953 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender The Hard Way
1953 Four Star Playhouse 3rd Reporter The Girl on the Park Bench
1953 Dragnet Actor The Big Cop
1953 Dragnet Mr. Miller The Big Hate
1953 Dragnet Gerald Adams The Big Light
1953 Dragnet Desk Clerk The Big Little Jesus
1953 Life with Luigi Unknown role The Dance
1954 I Love Lucy Al Sparks Lucy Is Envious
1954 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Plasterer The Bird's Nest
1954 Dragnet Pete Eigen The Big Quack
1954 Dragnet Eugene Murray The Big Frame
1954 Dragnet Dale Eggers The Big Kid
1954 The Joe Palooka Story Pete Gurney A Turkey for Terry
1954 December Bride Eustace My Soldier
1954 The Mickey Rooney Show Police Captain The Grunion Hunt Mystery
1954 Four Star Playhouse Actor Indian Taker
1954 Four Star Playhouse Lt. Richards Never Explain
1954 Adventures of Superman Legs Lemmy Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor
1954 My Little Margie Role unknown A Job for Freddie
1954 General Electric Theater Actor Here Comes Calvin
1954 Schlitz Playhouse Walt Carter The Jungle Trap
1954 It's a Great Life Policeman The Driver's License
1955 Schlitz Playhouse Hendricks Wild Call
1955 It's a Great Life Frank Slade Hash House
1955 It's a Great Life Night Club Owner Denny Sings
1955 TV Reader's Digest Ben Hartford Ordeal at Yuba Gap
1955 TV Reader's Digest Paul Human Nature Through a Rear View Mirror
1955 The 20th Century Fox Hour Postal Clerk The Miracle on 34th Street
1955 The Danny Thomas Show 3rd Baseball Coach Little League
1955 My Little Margie Role unknown Matinee Idol
1955 The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Cab Driver Gracie Pawns Her Ring
1955 Adventures of Superman Cy Horton Superman Week
1955 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender A Bag of Oranges
1955 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender The House Always Wins
1955 Four Star Playhouse Smiley Hayes The Thin Line
1955 Dragnet Leonard Clark The Big Mask
1955 Tales of the Texas Rangers Warren Jamison Singing on the Trail
1955 Screen Directors Playhouse Role unknown The Life of Vernon Hathaway
1955 Father Knows Best George Father Is a Dope
1955 Topper Fenster Topper's Vacation
1955 The Whistler Role unknown Dark Hour
1955 Waterfront Craig Catalina Swim
1955 The Jack Benny Program Hank The All Night Disc Jockey Four O'Clock in the Morning Show
1955 The Jack Benny Program Carnival Barker Jack Takes the Beavers to the Fair
1955 The Jack Benny Program Quiz Man Jack Visits Dennis' Home
1955 The Jack Benny Program Man in Life Vest Jack Hunts for Uranium
1956 The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet Gas Station Attendant Waiting for Joe
1956 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender High Stakes
1956 Four Star Playhouse Marc Safe Keeping
1956 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender No Limit
1956 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender A Long Way from Texas
1956 Four Star Playhouse Monte, Bartender The Stacked Deck
1956 Four Star Playhouse Sam Rawlings The Stand-In
1956 Cavalcade of America Bernie Innocent Bystander
1956 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Newsman Alibi Me
1956 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Rakle Wyatt's Love Affair
1956 Jane Wyman Presents Mr. Gordon Assignment Champ
1956 The Best in Mystery Monte Unknown episode
1956 The Ford Television Theatre Andy Thompson A Past Remembered
1956 The Adventures of Falcon Role unknown Kiss Me Not
1956 Alarm Sammy Fox
1956 Chevron Hall of Stars Corcoran The Bequest
1956 Adventures of Superman Arnold Woodman Blackmail
1956 Our Miss Brooks Mr Garson Felix Acting Director
1956 Our Miss Brooks Phil Waddley The Skeleton in the Closet
1956 General Electric Theater News Editor Emergency Call
1956 It's a Great Life Mickey Spade Private Eyes
1956 General Electric Summer Originals Actor Jungle Trap
1956 General Electric Summer Originals Actor The Unwilling Witness
1956 Hey, Jeannie! Bus driver Jeannie Goes to Washington
1956 The People's Choice an Agent 2 episodes, "Sock and the Movie Offer" and "Sock vs. Stone Kenyon"
1957 Hey, Jeannie! Weltman Jeannie's Income Tax
1957 Schlitz Playhouse Jason Clothes Make the Man
1957 The 20th Century-Fox Hour Joe Deadline Decision
1957 Richard Diamond, Private Detective Johnson The Big Score
1957 The Danny Thomas Show Harry Lose Me in Las Vegas
1957 Bachelor Father Manager Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise
1957 Adventures of Superman Georgie Gleap Mr. Zero
1957 Leave It to Beaver Barber Brotherly Love
1957 Code 3 Mr. Carl Case 2206
1957 Circus Boy Man The Gentle Giant
1957 Blondie J. Tyler Grant Puppy Love
1957 Shower of Stars Policeman in Courtroom Skit Star Time
1957 The Jack Benny Program Male Pickpocket John Forsythe Show
1957 Mr. Adams and Eve Harry The Comedians
1958 Adventures of Superman Mugsy Maple The Big Forget
1958 The Jack Benny Program Milkman Railroad Station Program
1958 The Jack Benny Program Sam, Jack's Writer Hillbilly Act
1958 The Jack Benny Program Sales Clerk Christmas Gift Exchange
1958 Dragnet (1951 TV series) Harry Venner The Big Wardrobe
1959 Dragnet Actor The Big Bray
1958 The Real McCoys Ralph Wilson The New Dog
1958 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Professor Wirt The Cloudbusters
1958 Colgate Theatre Role unknown If You Knew Tomorrow
1958 The Ed Wynn Show Ernie Hinshaw All 15 episodes
1958 Man Without a Gun Unknown role Aftermath
1958 Trackdown Bartender The Bounty Hunter
1958 Perry Mason Charlie The Case of the Haunted Husband
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo Spears Scapegoat
1958 26 Men Role unknown The Vanquisher
1958 26 Men Role unknown Hondo Man
1958 Richard Diamond, Private Detective George A Cup of Black Coffee
1958 The Restless Gun Jim Pincher The Whip
1959 The Restless Gun Sheriff Longhorn A Very Special Investigator
1959 The Ann Sothern Show Pete Wilson Katy Mismanages
1959 Tightrope Phil Black Tie Kill
1959 The Untouchables Jake Lingle The Jake Lingle Killing
1959 The Texan Sandy Potts The Ringer
1959 M Squad Danny Murder in C-Sharp Minor
1959 Love and Marriage Role unknown Stubby Picks a Winner
1959 The Dennis O'Keefe Show Harry The Waiter Moon Man
1959 Whirlybirds Lieutenant Obsession
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive Bartender Rope Law
1959 The Jack Benny Program Actor Jack Webb Show
1960 The Jack Benny Program 2nd Policeman Jack Arrested for Disturbing the Peace
1960 Peter Gunn Ben Keller Take Five for Murder
1960 The Best of the Post Train Conductor The Little Terror
1960 Angel Role Unknown The French Touch
1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson Art The Doctor and the Redhead
1960 Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond Grocery Wagon Driver Earthquake
1960 Mr. Magoo Mr. McCloy Magoo Meets McBoing Boing
1960 Maverick Ed Cramer

The Bold Fenian Men

1960 Maverick Pender Hadley's Hunters
1960 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Policeman The Unregistered Nurse
1960 The Donna Reed Show Mr. Sprague Jeff, the Financial Genius
1960 The Ann Sothern Show Pete Wilson The Woman Behind the Throne
1960 Bonanza Bartender San Francisco
1960 Perry Mason Ernest Pritchard The Case of the Slandered Submarine
1960 Bachelor Father Baliff Peter Gets Jury Notice
1960 Bachelor Father City Clerk The Fortune Cookie Caper
1961 The Yogi Bear Show Museum Director Happy Birthdaze
Yakky Doodle segment
1961 Bachelor Father The Proprietor Kelly and the Freethinker
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo The Shop Keeper A Killing in Calico
1961 Bonanza Bartender The Bride
1961 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Rosenbloom Take Me to Your Leader
1961 The Donna Reed Show Judge Tony Martin Visits
1961 Maverick Mr. Butler The Golden Fleecing
1961 Laramie Unknown role Handful of Fire
1961 Lawman Walt Perkins The Catalog Woman
1961 The Roaring 20's Role unknown Another Time, Another War
1961 The Law and Mr. Jones Mr. Reiman A Very Special Citizen
1961 Checkmate Bartender Phantom Lover
1961 77 Sunset Strip Augie Strange Bedfellows
1961 Westinghouse Playhouse Vince Poker Game
1961 The Jack Benny Program Meat Vendor Jack at Supermarket
1961 The Jack Benny Program Ex-lawyer Main Street Shelter
1961 The Bob Newhart Show Himself Episode 1.1
1962 The Flintstones Cop Fred's New Boss
1962 The Flintstones Cop Kleptomaniac Caper
1962 The Flintstones Cop The Mailman Cometh
1962 Maverick Elkins Marshal Maverick
1962 The Jack Benny Program Photographer Jack Does Opera
1962 The Jack Benny Program Mr. Tinmin Jack Is Violin Teacher
1962 Surfside 6 Al Find Leroy Burdette
1962 Pete and Gladys Bill Pete's Hobby
1962 The Andy Griffith Show Bill Medwin The Bookie Barber
1962 The Dick Van Dyke Show First Juror One Angry Man
1962 Mister Ed Joe Burke Horse Wash
1963 Mister Ed Postman Taller Than She
1963 The Danny Thomas Show Barber Here's the $50 Back
1963 The Lucy Show Umpire Lucy and Viv Play Softball
1963 The Lucy Show Dr. Jacoby Lucy and the Little League
1963 McHale's Navy Captain Wilson Portrait of a Peerless Leader
1963 The Virginian Arthur Wyman To Make This Place Remember
1963 The Virginian Drummer The Exiles
1963 The Red Skelton Show Guest Bewitched, Bothered, and Brainless
1963 Hazel Role unknown An Example for Hazel
1963 The Dakotas Olin Bates Requiem at Dancer's Hill
1964 The Fugitive Marty Escape into Black
1964 The Rogues Joe Motherwell The Project Man
1964 The Bill Dana Show Role unknown Laughing Gas
1964 Arrest and Trial Motel Clerk A Circle of Strangers
1964 Temple Houston Wak Sam's Boy
1964 The Jack Benny Program Bill Don Breaks Leg
1964 The Jack Benny Program Manager of Ice Cream Parlor How Jack Found Dennis
1964 The Lucy Show Postman Lucy and the Missing Stamp
1964 The Dick Van Dyke Show Bernie Quinn The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth
1964 McHale's Navy Congressman Fogelson A Medal for Parker
1965 The Dick Van Dyke Show Alfred Reinbeck The Great Petrie Fortune
1965 The Andy Griffith Show Gateman The Taylors in Hollywood
1965 The Jack Benny Program Publicity Agent Dennis Opens a Bank Account
1965 The Jack Benny Program Steve Jack Appears on a Panel Show
1965 Wendy and Me Henshaw Danny's Double Life
1966 A Man Called Shenandoah Judge An Unfamiliar Tune
1966 Bewitched Bartender Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue
1966 The Lucy Show Doctor Lucy Gets Caught Up in the Draft
1966 The Beverly Hillbillies Handler The Trotting Horse
1966 McHale's Navy Pete Morgan Who Was That German I Saw You With?
1966 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Waiter Love's Old Sweet Song
1966 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Barber A Star Is Born
1966 Bonanza Card Player A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
1967 Bonanza Charlie Joe Cartwright, Detective
1967 Petticoat Junction Barney Morgan It's Not Easy to Be a Mother
1967 Dragnet 1967 Desk Clerk The Christmas Story
1967 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. First Tour Guide Gomer Says 'Hey' to the President
1967 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Waiter Lou-Ann Poovie Sings Again
1967 Good Morning World Mr. Keith You Can't Say That About Me and Neither Can I
1967 It's About Time Babcock School Days, School Days
1967 My Three Sons Caretaker The Good Earth
1967 I Dream of Jeannie Judge Hennessey You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License
1968 Dragnet 1967 John Hagen The Suicide Attempt
1968 Dragnet 1967 Pete Gulka Public Affairs: DR-14
1968 The Mod Squad Doctor The Price of Terror
1968 The Adventures of Gulliver Glum The Forbidden Pool
1968 The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Voice The Little People
1968 The Mothers-in-Law Judge Herb's Little Helper
1969 The Governor & J.J. Waiter One Little Indian
1969 Hawaii Five-O Willie Just Lucky, I Guess
1969 Dragnet 1967 Mr. Sweep Frauds: DR-28
1969 Dragnet 1967 Al Sousa Homicide: The Student
1969 The Beverly Hillbillies Mr. Armstrong The Phantom Fifth Floor
1969 Petticoat Junction Al Goodbye, Mr. Chimp
1969 Mayberry R.F.D. First Man The Caper
1970 Mayberry R.F.D. Jazz Jackson The Mayberry Float
1970 The Brady Bunch Harry 54-40 and Fight
1970 Dragnet 1967 Paul Woods Homicide: Who Killed Who?
1970 Dragnet 1967 Erv Fowler D.H.Q.: The Victims
1970 Love, American Style Bill Jenks Love and the King
1970 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker The Witness
1971 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker Lijah
1971 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker P.S. Murry Christmas
1971 Vanished Joe Hotchkiss TV movie
1971 Nanny and the Professor The Judge The Unknown Factor
1971 Make Room for Granddaddy Delivery Man The Big Hang-Up
1971 The Odd Couple Brady Forecast Engrave Trouble
1971 Inside O.U.T. Harry
1971 Bewitched Sergeant Darrin Goes Ape
1971 Adam-12 Salesman Log 66: The Vandals
1972 Adam-12 Gus Archer The Late Baby
1972 Bewitched Sergeant Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
1972 Bewitched Sergeant George Washington Zapped Here: Pt 1, Pt 2
1972 Emergency! Committee Chairman The Wedsworth-Townsend Act
1972 Longstreet Unknown role The Sound of Money Talking
1972 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker No Tomorrow
1972 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker One for the Road
1972 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker Alias Festus Haggin
1973 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker A Quiet Day in Dodge
1973 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker A Game of Death... An Act of Love: Pt 1
1973 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker A Game of Death... An Act of Love: Pt 2
1973 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker The Deadly Innocent
1973 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home Voice Mama Loves Monty
1973 The Addams Family Unknown roles Unknown episodes
1973 Chase Unknown role TV movie
1973 Adam-12 Sam Conrad Southwest Division
1974 The Brady Bunch Examiner The Driver's Seat
1974 The Streets of San Francisco Max One Chance to Live
1974 Chico and the Man Charlie New Suit
1974 Kolchak: The Night Stalker Mr. Goldstein Horror in the Heights
1974 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker To Ride a Yeller Horse
1975 Gunsmoke Judge Brooker The Fires of Ignorance
1975 Babe Heckler TV movie
1976 Emergency! Committee Chairman Emergency! the Wedsworth-Townsend Act: Pt 1, Pt 2
1976 The Loneliest Runner Guard TV movie
1977 Emergency! Lou Firehouse Quintet
1977 Kill Me If You Can Jury Foreman Hart TV movie
1977 Testimony of Two Men Stationmaster TV Mini-Series
1978 The Flintstones Little Big League Judge Shale
1979 Taxi Weldon Manning Sugar Mama
1979 Charlie's Angels Weatherby Angels on Vacation
1980 Galactica 1980 Pop The Night the Cylons Landed: Part 2
1980 Knots Landing Cabbie Will the Circle Be Unbroken
1981 Lobo Pops T'he French Follies Caper
1982 I Was a Mail Order Bride Casey TV movie
1982 Shirt Tales Mr. Dinkle Unknown episodes
1982 Dallas Judge Thornby Adoption
1985 Remington Steele Seymour Glass/Fred Melneck Steele Trying
1985 The Jeffersons Mr. Pelham Hail to the Chief


Year Title Role Notes
1934 Happy Landing Radio Operator Uncredited
1934 Redhead Factory Worker Uncredited
1935 The Mystery Man Fingerprint Man Uncredited
1935 Behind the Green Lights Photographer Uncredited
1935 Vagabond Lady Edgar, Man with Mike Uncredited
1935 Ladies Crave Excitement Harry Uncredited
1935 Death from a Distance Police Photographer Uncredited
1935 Make a Million Second Drunken Donor Uncredited
1935 Skybound Grant the Mechanic Uncredited
1935 Cappy Ricks Returns Worker Uncredited
1936 Wash Your Step Gag Writer Uncredited
1939 Those High Grey Walls Orderly Uncredited
1940 It All Came True Monks
1940 Grandpa Goes to Town' Role unknown Uncredited
1940 Two Girls on Broadway Reporter Uncredited
1940 Hold That Woman! Furniture Company Repossessor Uncredited
1940 Cross-Country Romance Omaha Star-Herald Reporter Uncredited
1940 Scatterbrain Role unknown Uncredited
1940 The Secret Seven Salesman Uncredited
1940 Stranger on the Third Floor Reporter Who Wins Cardgame Uncredited
1940 The Golden Fleecing Taxi Driver Uncredited
1940 I'm Still Alive Second Doctor, After Truck Crash Uncredited
1940 Dancing on a Dime Cashier Uncredited
1940 Behind the News] Reporter #1 on Phone Uncredited
1941 City of Missing Girls Danny Mason Uncredited
1941 Country Fair Role unknown Uncredited
1941 Redhead remake Role unknown Uncredited
1941 Million Dollar Baby Reporter Uncredited
1941 Murder by Invitation Eddie
1941 Reg'lar Fellers Radio Announcer
1941 New York Town Barker Uncredited
1941 Who's a Dummy? Role unknown
1942 Rings on Her Fingers Cab Driver Uncredited
1942 Night in New Orleans Player Uncredited
1942 Pardon My Sarong Wise Guy at Gas Station Uncredited
1942 Secrets of a Co-Ed Soapy
1942 The Payoff Reporter Uncredited
1942 The Great Gildersleeve George the Jeweller Uncredited
1942 Secrets of the Underground Street Photographer Uncredited
1943 It Ain't Hay Man in Microphone Room Uncredited
1943 Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Orderly Uncredited
1943 Danger! Women at Work Soldier Uncredited
1943 Nobody's Darling Photographer Uncredited
1943 Sleepy Lagoon Man Uncredited
1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady Photographer Uncredited
1943 The Ghost Ship Chief Engineer Uncredited
1946 Her Adventurous Night Cop #2 Uncredited
1947 Monsieur Verdoux Reporter Uncredited
1947 The Burning Cross Jim Todd, foreman
1948 Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad Reporter
1948 All My Sons Wertheimer Uncredited
1948 The Noose Hangs High Coat Thief Uncredited
1948 Hazard Role unknown
1948 Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven Man in Subway Uncredited
1949 The Judge Reporter with pipe
1949 House of Strangers Man Next to Gino at Fight Uncredited
1949 Red, Hot and Blue' Movie Usher in Trailer Uncredited
1949 Tell It to the Judge Reporter Uncredited
1949 And Baby Makes Three Mr. Woodley Uncredited
1950 Side Street Photographer Uncredited
1950 The Damned Don't Cry! Vito Maggio Uncredited
1950 Mister 880 Carny Barker Uncredited
1950 Let's Dance Virgil, Chili Cabana Owner Uncredited
1950 Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Reporter with Pipe Uncredited
1950 Hunt the Man Down Collins' Aide Uncredited
1950 Charlie's Haunt Lawnmower Man Uncredited
1951 Three Guys Named Mike Mr. Kirk, Second Wolf on Plane Uncredited
1951 Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man Stillwell Uncredited
1951 Bedtime for Bonzo Lt. Daggett Credited as Herburt Vigran
1951 Half Angel Thompson Uncredited
1951 Appointment with Danger Policeman Uncredited
1951 Night Into Morning Joe, the Bartender
1951 No Questions Asked Joe, Conventioneer Uncredited
1951 Iron Man Melio Uncredited
1951 Behave Yourself! Police Desk Sergeant Uncredited
1951 The Racket Paradise Club Manager Uncredited
1952 Oklahoma Annie Otto, Coffin Creek Cafe Croupier Uncredited
1952 Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick Barker Uncredited
1952 Just Across the Street Liquor Salesman Uncredited
1952 O. Henry's Full House Poker Player (segment "The Clarion Call"), Uncredited
1952 The Rose Bowl Story Rugger Grady Uncredited
1952 Just for You George, Jordan's Chauffeur
1952 Somebody Loves Me Lipscott, Theatrical Booker Uncredited
1952 The Star Roy
1953 Never Wave at a WAC Cheesecake photographer
1953 The Girl Next Door Police Sergeant
1953 Roar of the Crowd Mr. Ashburn
1953 The Band Wagon Man on Train
1953 So This Is Love Nightclub M.C. Uncredited
1953 Let's Do It Again Charlie Foster, Theatre Manager Uncredited
1953 So Big Moving Boss Uncredited
1953 Walking My Baby Back Home Cab Driver Uncredited
1953 The Long, Long Trailer Trailer Salesman Uncredited
1954 Lucky Me Theatre Manager Uncredited
1954 Susan Slept Here Sergeant Sam Hanlon
1954 Return from the Sea Doctor
1954 Dragnet (theatrical film based on TV series) Mr. Archer
1954 White Christmas Novello, Nightclub Manager Uncredited
1954 So You're Taking in a Roomer Heimie Callahan Uncredited
1954 So You Want to Know Your Relatives Rocco Spumoni aka Rocco McDoakes Uncredited
1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Reporter for the Globe Uncredited
1955 Las Vegas Shakedown Milton Dooley
1955 Not as a Stranger Lou, Pharmaceutical Salesman Uncredited
1955 It's Always Fair Weather Nashby Uncredited
1955 The McConnell Story Truck Driver Uncredited
1955 Illegal Municipal Court Bailiff Uncredited
1955 Bobby Ware Is Missing Charlie, Headwaiter Uncredited
1955 Last of the Desperados Coroner Uncredited
1955 I Died a Thousand Times Art Uncredited
1955 Good Morning, Miss Dove Mitchell, Police Desk Sergeant Uncredited
1955 Hell on Frisco Bay Phil, Cafe Owner Uncredited
1955 At Gunpoint Matt, Man Talking in Saloon About His Wife Uncredited
1956 World Without End Reporter Uncredited
1956 Our Miss Brooks (theatrical film based on TV series) Herb Uncredited
1956 Hilda Crane TV Pitchman Voice, Uncredited
1956 That Certain Feeling TV Director Uncredited
1956 Three for Jamie Dawn Mr. Robbins
1956 A Cry in the Night Jensen, Sergeant at Police Desk
1956 These Wilder Years Traffic Cop
1956 The Boss George, Attorney General Uncredited
1956 Calling Homicide Ray Engel
1956 You Can't Run Away from It Detective
1956 The Girl Can't Help It Bartender Uncredited
1957 Public Pigeon No. One Club Manager
1957 The Midnight Story Charlie Cuneo
1957 The Vampire George Ryan, Police Sergeant
1957 A Hatful of Rain Loud Man in Elevator Uncredited
1957 Gunsight Ridge R.B. Davis, Justice of the Peace
1957 The Wayward Girl Used furniture buyer Uncredited
1957 The Helen Morgan Story Jim Finney Uncredited
1958 The Notorious Mr. Monks Bartender Uncredited
1958 The Case Against Brooklyn Police Sergeant in Steam Room Uncredited
1958 The Cry Baby Killer John Lawson, Gambelli's Lawyer Uncredited
1958 The Gun Runners Freddy Baldy, Bar Proprietor Uncredited
1958 Party Girl Bailiff / Radio Newscaster Voice, Uncredited
1959 These Thousand Hills Role unknown
1959 Plunderers of Painted Flats Mr. Perry
1959 Go, Johnny, Go! Bill Barnett
1960 Tall Story Man in Back Seat Uncredited
1960 The Fugitive Kind Caliope Player Voice, Uncredited
1960 Bells Are Ringing Barney Lampwick, Man on Street Uncredited
1961 The Errand Boy Cigar Smoker in Elevator
1961 What's My Lion? Narrator
1962 Period of Adjustment Christmas Caroler
1962 Gypsy Announcer at Minsky's Voice, Uncredited
1964 The Brass Bottle Eddie
1964 The Unsinkable Molly Brown Denver Tour Spieler Uncredited
1964 The Candidate Dr. Endicott
1964 Send Me No Flowers TV Announcer Uncredited
1965 That Funny Feeling Taxi Driver
1967 The Three Faces of Stanley Voice
1967 Eight on the Lam Real Estate Agent Uncredited
1967 The Reluctant Astronaut Dr. Bussart Uncredited
1968 Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady? Baggage Man
1968 Blackbeard's Ghost Danny Oly Uncredited
1968 The Love Bug Policeman on Bridge Uncredited
1970 Which Way to the Front? General Uncredited
1971 The Day of the Wolves The Realtor
1971 The Barefoot Executive Fireman Uncredited
1971 Support Your Local Gunfighter Fat
1972 Cancel My Reservation Roscoe Snagby
1973 Charlotte's Web Lurvy Voice
1974 How to Seduce a Woman 1st Policeman
1974 Herbie Rides Again Window washer
1974 Benji Lt. Samuels
1975 Murph the Surf Day Guard
1976 Hawmps! Smitty
1976 The Shaggy D.A. Bar Patron
1978 Every Girl Should Have One Ambrose
1980 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood Lab Manager
1980 Airplane! Reporter #2 Uncredited
1980 Getting Wasted Mr. Kramer
1981 First Monday in October Justice Ambrose Quincy
1985 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin Hopps Voice
1987 Amazon Women on the Moon Agent (segment "Reckless Youth"), (final film role)

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