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Karnataka Legislative Assembly

The Karnataka Legislative Assembly is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of Karnataka state in southern India. Karnataka is one of the seven states in India, where the state legislature is bicameral, comprising two houses. The two houses are the Vidhan Sabha (lower house) and the Vidhan Parishad (upper house).

Karnataka Legislative Assembly
14th Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
5 years
Deputy Speaker
Leader of the House
Leader of the Opposition
Seats 225
Karnataka Legislative Assembly.svg
Political groups

Government (124)

  INC (123)
  Speaker (1)

Opposition (99)

  BJP (44)
  JD(S) (39)
  BSRC (3)
  KJP (2)
  KMP (1)
  SKP (1)
  Independents (9)

Others (2)

  Nominated (1)
  Vacant (1)
First past the post
Last election
5 May 2013
Next election
Meeting place
Vidhana Soudha 2012.jpg
Legislative Assembly Chamber, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore, Karnataka
Karnataka Legislative Assembly
The Council was established in 1881 for the Princely State of Mysore. The Princely state was merged with the Union of India and became Mysore State in 1950; Mysore State was re-organized to its current territorial state in 1956 and renamed as Karnataka on 1 November 1973.

The members of the Vidhana Sabha are directly elected by people through adult franchise.

There are 224 members of the Vidhana Sabha or the Legislative Assembly of Karnataka state. One member is a representative of the Anglo-Indian community nominated by the Governor of Karnataka. The state of Karnataka is divided into 225 constituencies used to elect the Legislative assembly.

Each constituency elects one member of the assembly. Members are popularly known as MLAs. The assembly is elected using the simple plurality or "first past the post" electoral system. The elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India.

The normal term of the members lasts for five years. In case of death, resignation or disqualification of a member, a by-election is conducted for constituency represented by the member. The party which wins the most seats becomes the ruling party.

In the 2013 elections, the Indian National Congress (INC) won a majority of seats, with 122 out of 224 MLAs. On 10 May 2013, Siddaramaiah was chosen as Chief Minister and Leader of the House by the MLAs. He was sworn in as CM on 13 May 2013.[1]


List of AssembliesEdit

Assembly Period Chief Minister(s)
First Assembly 18 June 1952 - 31 March 1957 K. C. Reddy, Kengal Hanumanthaiah, Kadidal Manjappa, S. Nijalingappa
Second Assembly 10 June 1957 - 1 March 1962 S. Nijalingappa, B.D. Jatti
Third Assembly 15 March 1962 - 28 February 1967 S.R. Kanthi, S. Nijalingappa
Fourth Assembly 15 March 1967 - 14 April 1971 S. Nijalingappa, Veerendra Patil
Fifth Assembly 24 March 1972 - 31 December 1977 (Dissolved) D. Devaraj Urs
Sixth Assembly 17 March 1978 - 8 June 1983 (Dissolved) D. Devaraj Urs, R. Gundu Rao
Seventh Assembly 24 July 1983 - 2 January 1985 (Dissolved) Ramakrishna Hegde
Eighth Assembly 18 March 1985 - 21 April 1989 (Dissolved) Ramakrishna Hegde, S. R. Bommai
Ninth Assembly 18 December 1989 - 20 September 1994 (Dissolved) Veerendra Patil, S.Bangarappa, M. Veerappa Moily
Tenth Assembly 25 December 1994 – 22 July 1999 (Dissolved) H.D. Deve Gowda, J. H. Patel
Eleventh Assembly 25 October 1999 - 28 May 2004 S. M. Krishna
Twelfth Assembly 28 May 2004 - 19 November 2007 (Dissolved) Dharam Singh, H. D. Kumaraswamy, B. S. Yeddyurappa
Thirteenth Assembly 30 May 2008 - 5 May 2013 B. S. Yeddyurappa, D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Jagadish Shettar
Fourteenth Assembly 13 May 2013 - K. Siddaramaiah[1]

President's rule in the state

Period Assembly
19.03.1971 to 20.03.1972 Fourth Assembly
31.12.1977 to 28.02.1978 Fifth Assembly
21.04.1989 to 30.11.1989 Eighth Assembly
09.10.2007 to 11.11.2007 Ninth Assembly
20.11.2007 to 29.05.2008 Twelfth Assembly

At 11:00am on 18 June 1952, Wednesday, the first session of the legislative assembly was held at the old public office building conference hall (the present high court building) in Bangalore.

On December 16, 1949 the maharaja of Mysore dissolved the representative assembly and the legislative assembly. The constituent assembly which was constituted in 1947 became the provisional assembly of Mysore until the elections were held in 1952.

The first assembly formed under the Constitution had 99 elected and one nominated member. In the first sitting of the assembly, V.Venkatappa was the honorary speaker who administered oath to the members including the then Chief Minister Kengal Hanumanthaiah. He conducted election to the post of speaker, which was contested by socialist leader Shantaveri Gopalagowda, and H.Siddaiah, where H.Siddaiah secured 74 votes and emerged victorious and the first CM of Karnataka state Kengal Hanumanthaiah delivered the speech.

With the formation of Andhra state in 1953, parts of Bellary district from Madras State were added to Mysore state and the strength of the Assembly increased to five members. After the re- organisation of state of Mysore came into being on November 1, 1956 with four districts from the former Bombay state, three districts of Hyderabad state, a district and a taluk of the old Madras state of Coorg and the princely state of Mysore.The state was renamed as Karnataka in 1973.

The first sitting of the new assembly was held on December 19, 1956 in the newly built Vidhana Soudha. The strength of the assembly, which was 208 in 1957 increased to 216 in 1967 and to 224 plus a nominated member in 1978.

The lone women Speaker of Karnataka assembly was K.S. Nagaratnamma from March 24, 1972 to March 3, 1978

Legislature sessions was held twice outside Bangalore in Belgaum --- September 25 to 29, 2006 and from January 16 to 24 in 2009

List of SpeakersEdit

Sl.No. Speaker Party Period
1 V. Venkatappa INC 1952
2 H. Siddaiah INC 18.06.1952 to 14.05.1954
3 H. S. Rudrappa INC 13.10.1954 to 01.11.1956
4 S. R. Kanthi INC 19.12.1956 to 09.03.1962
5 B. Vaikunta Baliga INC 15.03.1962 to 06.06.1968
6 S. D. Kotavale INC 05.09.1968 to 24.03.1972
7 K. S. Nagarathanamma INC 24.03.1972 to 17.03.1978
8 P. Venkataramana INC 17.03.1978 to 03.10.1980
9 K. H. Ranganath INC 30.01.1981 to 24.01.1983
10 D. B. Chandre Gowda Janata Party 24.01.1983 to 17.03.1985
11 B. G. Banakar Janata Party 18.03.1985 to 17.12.1989
12 S. M. Krishna INC 18.12.1989 to 20.01.1993
13 V. S. Koujalagi INC 15.02.1993 to 26.12.1994
14 K.R.Ramesh Kumar Janata Dal 27.12.1994 to 24.10.1999
15 M. V. Venkatappa INC 26.10.1999 to 07.06.2004
16 N. Krishna JD(S) 10.06.2004 to 04.06.2008
17 Jagadish Shettar BJP 05.06.2008 to 16.11.2009
18 K. G. Bopaiah BJP 17.11.2009 to May 2013
19 Kagodu Thimmappa INC 31.05.2013 to 19.06.2016
20 K. B. Koliwad INC 05.07.2016 to Incumbent

Current Cabinet (2013-present)Edit

As of 31 October 2015, the government of Karnataka consists of 35 ministers including the Chief Minister.[2]

Sl. No. Name Portfolio
1 K. Siddaramaiah (Chief Minister)
  1. Department of Cabinet Affairs.
  2. Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms.
  3. Department of Finance including Institutional Finance and Small Savings & Lotteries and excluding Excise.
  4. Intelligence Wing from Home Department.
  5. Large and Medium Scale Industries from Commerce and Industries Department.
  6. Any other Department not specifically allocated.
2 R. V. Deshapande
  1. Large and Medium Scale Industries.
  2. Infrastructure Development.
3 Tanveer Sait
  1. Primary and Secondary Education
  2. Minorities Welfare, Haj and Wakf Department.
4 T.B. Jayachandra
  1. Law, Justice and Human Rights.
  2. Minor Irrigation.
5 Ramanath Rai

Forest, Ecology and Environment Department.

6 H. K. Patil

Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Development.

7 Ramalinga Reddy

Home Dept.

8 S S Mallikarjun
  1. Agricultural Marketing from Co-operation Department.
  2. Horticulture Department excluding Sericulture.
9 Kagodu Thimmappa

Revenue Department excluding Muzrai.

10 H. C. Mahadevappa
  1. Public Work
  2. Ports and Inland Transport Department excluding Ports and Inland Transport.
11 K. J. George
  1. Bangalore development including BDA, BBMP, BWSSB, BMRDA.
  2. Directorate of Town Planning from Urban Development Ministry.
12 H. S. Mahadeva Prasad died on 3 January 2017
  1. Co-operation Department.
  2. Sugar from Commerce and Industries Department.
13 Basavaraj Rayareddy

Higher Education Department.

14 Eshwara B Khandre
  1. Municipalities and Local Bodies
  2. Public Enterprises
15 M. B. Patil

Major and Medium Irrigation from Water Resources Department.

16 Satish Laxmanarao Jarkiholi

Small Scale Industries from Commerce and Industries Department.

17 K R Rameshkumar

Health and Family Welfare excluding Medical Education.

18 M. R. Seetharam
  1. Planning and Statistics
  2. IT and BT
  3. Science and Technology
19 Vinay Kulkarni

Mines and Geology.

20 H. Anjaneya
  1. Social Welfare Department.
  2. Backward Classes Welfare Department.
21 D. K. Shivakumar

Energy Department.

22 R. Roshan Baig
  1. Urban Development Department(excluding Bangalore).
  2. City Corporations(excluding BBMP).
  3. Urban Land Transport
  5. Haj from Minority Welfare and Wakf Department.
23 G. Parameshwara

President KPCC.

25 H Y Meti
  1. Excise
27 U T Khader

Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department.

28 Krishna Byre Gowda

Agriculture Department.

29 Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil

Medical Education from Health and Family Welfare Department.

30 Priyank Kharge
  1. IT and BT.
  2. Science and Technology.
  3. Tourism.
31 Pramodh Madhavraj
  1. Fisheries
  2. Youth Services and Sports
32 Smt.Umashree
  1. Women and Child Development and Empowerment of Differently Abled and Senior Citizens Department.
  2. Kannada and Culture from Kannada and Culture, Information Department.
33 Santhosh Lad

Labour Department.

34 Vinay Kulkarni

Mines and Geology from Commerce & Industries Department.

35 A. Manju
  1. Animal Husbandry from Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Department.
  2. Sericulture from Horticulture Department.
36 Rudrappa Manappa Lamani
  1. Textiles
  2. Muzrai

List of current membersEdit

Assembly Constituency Party Member[3]
Afzalpur Indian National Congress Malikayya Venkayya Guttedar
Aland Karnataka Janatha Paksha B.R. Patil
Anekal Indian National Congress B.Shivanna
Arabhavi Bharatiya Janata Party Balachandra Laxmanrao Jarkiholi
Arkalgud Indian National Congress A. Manju
Arsikere Janata Dal (Secular) K. M. Shivalingegowda
Athani Bharatiya Janata Party Laxman Sangappa Savadi
Aurad Bharatiya Janata Party Prabhu Chavhan
B.T.M. Layout Indian National Congress Ramalinga Reddy
Babaleshwar Indian National Congress M. B. Patil
Badami Indian National Congress Chimmanakatti Balappa Bhimappa
Bagalkot Indian National Congress Meti Hullappa Yamanappa
Bagepalli Independent Subba Reddy S N
Bailhongal Bharatiya Janata Party Vishwanath I Patil
Bangalore South Indian National Congress M Krishnappa
Bangarapet Indian National Congress S. N.Narayanaswamy K. M
Bantval Indian National Congress B. Ramanatha Rai
Basavakalyan Janata Dal (Secular) Mallikarjun Sidramappa Khuba
Basavana Bagevadi Indian National Congress Shivanand S Patil
Basavanagudi Bharatiya Janata Party L.A.Ravi Subramanya
Belgaum Dakshin Independent Sambhaji Lakshman Patil
Belgaum Rural Bharatiya Janata Party Sanjay B Patil
Belgaum Uttar Indian National Congress Fairoz Nuruddin Saith
Bellary Indian National Congress N.Y. Gopalakrishna
Bellary City Indian National Congress Anil Lad
Belthangady Indian National Congress K. Vasantha Bangera
Belur Indian National Congress Rudresh Gowda Y. N
Bhadravati Janata Dal (Secular) Appaji M. J.
Bhalki Indian National Congress Eshwara Bhimanna Khandre
Bhatkal Independent Mankala Subba Vaidya
Bidar Indian National Congress Rahim Khan (Politician) elected in by-poll on 16 February 2016[4]
Bidar South Karnataka Makkala Paksha Ashok Kheny
Bijapur City Indian National Congress Makbul S Bagawan
Bilgi Indian National Congress J. T. Patil
Bommanahalli Bharatiya Janata Party Satish Reddy .M
Byadgi Indian National Congress Basavaraj Neelappa Shivannanavar
Byatarayanapura Indian National Congress Krishna Byre Gowda
Byndoor Indian National Congress K Gopala Poojary
C. V. Raman Nagar Bharatiya Janata Party S. Raghu
Challakere Indian National Congress T. Raghumuruthy
Chamaraja Indian National Congress Vasu
Chamrajanagar Indian National Congress C. Puttarangashetty
Chamrajpet Janata Dal (Secular) B. Z. Zameer Ahmed Khan
Chamundeshwari Janata Dal (Secular) G. T. Deve Gowda
Channagiri Indian National Congress Vadnal Rajanna
Channapatna Indian National Congress C. P. Yogeshwar
Chickpet Indian National Congress R. V. Devraj
Chikkaballapur Indian National Congress Dr. K. Sudhakar
Chikkodi-Sadalga Indian National Congress Ganesh Hukkeri
Chikmagalur Bharatiya Janata Party C. T. Ravi
Chiknayakanhalli Janata Dal (Secular) C. B. Suresh Babu
Chincholi Indian National Congress DR Umesh G Jadav
Chintamani Janata Dal (Secular) J. K. Krishnareddy
Chitradurga Bharatiya Janata Party G. H. Thippareddy
Chittapur Indian National Congress Priyank Kharge
Dasarahalli Bharatiya Janata Party S. Muniraju
Davanagere North Indian National Congress S. S. Mallikarjun
Davanagere South Indian National Congress Shamanur Shivashankarappa
Devadurga Bharatiya Janata Party Shivanagouda Naik elected on 16 February 2016[4]
Devanahalli Janata Dal (Secular) Pilla Munishamappa
Devar Hippargi Indian National Congress A. S. Patil
Dharwad Indian National Congress Vinay Kulkarni
Doddaballapur Indian National Congress T. Venkataramanaiah
Gadag Indian National Congress H. K. Patil
Gandhi Nagar Indian National Congress Dinesh Gundu Rao
Gangawati Janata Dal (Secular) Iqbal Ansari
Gauribidanur Indian National Congress Shivashankara Reddy N H
Gokak Indian National Congress Jarkiholi Ramesh Laxmanrao
Govindraj Nagar Indian National Congress Priya Krishna
Gubbi Janata Dal (Secular) S. R. Srinivas
Gulbarga Dakshin Bharatiya Janata Party Dattatraya C. Patil Revoor
Gulbarga Rural Indian National Congress G. Ramkrishna
Gulbarga Uttar Indian National Congress Qamar ul Islam
Gundlupet Indian National Congress Geetha Mahadeva Prasad
Gurmitkal Indian National Congress Baburao Chinchanasoor
Hadagalli Indian National Congress P. T. Parameshwar Naik
Hagaribommanahalli Janata Dal (Secular) LBP Bheemanaik
Haliyal Indian National Congress R. V. Deshapande
Hangal Indian National Congress Manohar Tahsildar
Hanur Indian National Congress R. Narendra
Harapanahalli Indian National Congress M. P. Ravindra
Harihar Janata Dal (Secular) H. S. Shivashankar
Hassan Janata Dal (Secular) H. S. Prakash
Haveri Indian National Congress Rudrappa Manappa Lamani
Hebbal Bharatiya Janata Party Y.A.Narayanasamy elected on 16 February 2016[4]
Heggadadevankote Janata Dal (Secular) Chikkamadu S
Hirekerur Bharatiya Janata Party U. B. Banakar
Hiriyur Indian National Congress Sudhakar D.
Holalkere Indian National Congress H. Anjaneya
Holenarasipur Janata Dal (Secular) H. D. Revanna
Homnabad Indian National Congress Rajshekar Basavaraj Patil
Honnali Indian National Congress D. G. Shantana Gowda
Hosadurga Indian National Congress B. G. Govindappa
Hosakote Indian National Congress M. T. B. Nagaraj
Hubli-Dharwad-Central Bharatiya Janata Party Jagadish Shettar
Hubli-Dharwad-East Indian National Congress Abbayya Prasad
Hubli-Dharwad-West Bharatiya Janata Party Aravind Bellad
Hukkeri Bharatiya Janata Party Umesh Vishwanath Katti
Hungund Indian National Congress Vijayanand S Kashappanavar
Hunsur Indian National Congress H. P. Manjunatha
Indi Indian National Congress Y. V. Patil
Jagalur Indian National Congress H. P. Rajesh
Jamkhandi Indian National Congress Siddu B. Nyamagouda
Jayanagar Bharatiya Janata Party BN Vijaya Kumar
Jevargi Indian National Congress Ajay Dharam Singh
K. R. Pura Indian National Congress B. A. Basavaraja
Kadur Janata Dal (Secular) Y. S. V. Datta
Kagwad Bharatiya Janata Party Bharamgoud Alagoud Kage
Kalghatgi Indian National Congress Santosh S. Lad
Kampli Badavara Shramikara Raitara Congress Party T. H. Suresh Babu
Kanakagiri Indian National Congress Shivaraj Tangadagi
Kanakapura Indian National Congress D. K. Shivakumar
Kaup Indian National Congress Vinay Kumar Sorake
Karkal Bharatiya Janata Party V. Sunil Kumar
Karwar Independent Santeesh Sail Krishna
Khanapur Independent Arvind Chandrakant Patil
Kittur Indian National Congress Inamadar Danappagouda Basanagouda
Kolar Independent R. Varthur Prakash
Kolar Gold Field Bharatiya Janata Party Ramakka Y
Kollegal Indian National Congress S. Jayanna
Koppal Indian National Congress K. Raghavendra Basavaraj Hitnal
Koratagere Janata Dal (Secular) Sudhakara Lal P. R.
Krishnaraja Indian National Congress M. K. Somashekar
Krishnarajanagara Janata Dal (Secular) Sa. Ra. Mahesh
Krishnarajpet Janata Dal (Secular) Narayanagowda
Kudachi Badavara Shramikara Raitara Congress Party P. Rajeev
Kudligi Independent B. Nagendra
Kumta Indian National Congress Sharda Mohan Shetty
Kundapura Independent Halady Srinivas Shetty
Kundgol Indian National Congress Channabasappa Satyappa Shivalli
Kunigal Janata Dal (Secular) D. Nagarajaiah
Kushtagi Bharatiya Janata Party Doddanagouda Hanamagouda Patil
Lingsugur Janata Dal (Secular) Manappa D. Vajjal
Maddur Janata Dal (Secular) D. C. Thammanna
Madhugiri Indian National Congress Kyatasandra N. Rajanna
Madikeri Bharatiya Janata Party Appachu Ranjan
Magadi Janata Dal (Secular) H. C. Balakrishna
Mahadevapura Bharatiya Janata Party Aravind Limbavali
Mahalakshmi Layout Janata Dal (Secular) Gopalaiah K.
Malavalli Indian National Congress P. M. Narendra Swamy
Malleshwaram Bharatiya Janata Party Dr. C.N. Ashwath Narayan
Malur Janata Dal (Secular) K. S. Manjunathgowda
Mandya Indian National Congress M. H. Ambareesh
Mangalore Indian National Congress U. T. Khader
Mangalore City South Indian National Congress J. R. lobo
Mangalore City North Indian National Congress B. A. Mohiuddin Bava
Manvi Indian National Congress G. Hampayya Nayak Ballatgi
Maski Indian National Congress Pratapgowda Patil
Mayakonda Indian National Congress K. Shivamurthy
Melukote Sarvodaya Karnataka Paksha K. S. Puttanaiah
Molakalmuru Badavara Shramikara Raitara Congress Party S. Thippeswamy
Moodabidri Indian National Congress K. Abhayachandra
Muddebihal Indian National Congress Appaji Channabasavaraj Shankararao Nadagoud
Mudhol Bharatiya Janata Party Govind M. Karjol
Mudigere Janata Dal (Secular) B. B. Ningaiah
Mulbagal Independent Kothur G. Manjunath
Nagamangala Janata Dal (Secular) N. Chaluvarayaswamy (Swamy Gowda)
Nagthan Indian National Congress Raju Alagur
Nanjangud Indian National Congress Kalale Keshavamurthy
Narasimharaja Indian National Congress Tanveer Sait
Nargund Indian National Congress B. R. Yavagal
Navalgund Janata Dal (Secular) N. H. Konaraddi
Nelamangala Janata Dal (Secular) Dr. K. Srinavasamurthy
Nippani Bharatiya Janata Party Shashikala Annasaheb Jolle
Padmanaba Nagar Bharatiya Janata Party R. Ashoka
Pavagada Janata Dal (Secular) K. M. Thimmarayappa
Periyapatna Indian National Congress K. Venkatesh
Pulakeshinagar Janata Dal (Secular) Akhanda Srinivas Murhty .R
Puttur Indian National Congress Shakunthala T. Shetty
Raichur Janata Dal (Secular) Dr. Shivaraj Patil S
Raichur Rural Bharatiya Janata Party Thipparaju
Rajaji Nagar Bharatiya Janata Party S. Suresh Kumar
Rajarajeshwarinagar Indian National Congress Munirathna
Ramanagaram Janata Dal (Secular) H. D. Kumaraswamy
Ramdurg Indian National Congress Ashok Mahadevappa Pattan
Ranibennur Indian National Congress K. B. Koliwad
Raybag Bharatiya Janata Party Aihole Duryodhan Mahalingappa
Ron Indian National Congress G. S. Patil
Sagar Indian National Congress Kagodu Thimmappa
Sakleshpur Janata Dal (Secular) H. K. Kumaraswamy
Sandur Indian National Congress E. Tukaram
Sarvagnanagar Indian National Congress K. J. George
Saundatti Yellamma Bharatiya Janata Party Mamani Vishwanath Chandrashekar
Sedam Indian National Congress Dr. Sharanprakash Patil
Shahapur Karnataka Janatha Paksha Guru Patil Shiraval
Shanti Nagar Indian National Congress N. A. Haris
Shiggaon Bharatiya Janata Party Basavaraj Bommai
Shikaripura Bharatiya Janata Party B. Y. Raghavendra
Shimoga Indian National Congress K. B. Prasannakumar
Shimoga Rural Janata Dal (Secular) Sharada Pooryanaik
Shirahatti Indian National Congress Ramkrishna Doddamani
Shivajinagar Indian National Congress R. Roshan Baig
Shorapur Indian National Congress Raja Venkatappa Nayak
Shravanabelagola Janata Dal (Secular) C. N. Balakrishna
Shrirangapattana Janata Dal (Secular) A. B. Ramesha Bandisiddegowda
Sidlaghatta Janata Dal (Secular) M. Rajanna
Sindgi Bharatiya Janata Party Bhusanur Ramesh Balappa
Sindhanur Indian National Congress Badarli Hampanagouda
Sira Indian National Congress T. B. Jayachandra
Sirsi Bharatiya Janata Party Kageri Vishweshwar Hegde
Siruguppa Indian National Congress B. M. Nagaraja
Sorab Janata Dal (Secular) S. Madhu Bangarappa
Sringeri Bharatiya Janata Party D. N. Jeevaraja
Srinivaspur Indian National Congress K. R. Rameshkumar
Sullia Bharatiya Janata Party Angara S
T.Narasipur Indian National Congress Dr. H. C. Mahadevappa
Tarikere Indian National Congress G. H. Srinivasa
Terdal Indian National Congress Umashree
Tiptur Indian National Congress K. Shadakshari
Tirthahalli Indian National Congress Kimmane Rathnakar
Tumkur City Indian National Congress Dr. Rafeeq Ahmed S
Tumkur Rural Bharatiya Janata Party B. Suresh Gowda
Turuvekere Janata Dal (Secular) M. T. Krishnappa
Udupi Indian National Congress Pramod Madhwaraj
Varuna Indian National Congress C. M. Siddaramaiah
Vijaynagar Indian National Congress M. Krishnappa
Vijayanagara Bharatiya Janata Party Anand Singh
(resigned on 14 April 2015)[5]
Virajpet Bharatiya Janata Party K. G. Bopaiah
Yadgiri Indian National Congress Dr. Maalakareddy
Yelahanka Bharatiya Janata Party S. R. Vishwanath
Yelburga Indian National Congress Basavaraj Rayaraddy
Yellapur Indian National Congress Arbail Shivaram Hebbar
Yemkanmardi Indian National Congress Jarakiholi Satish Laxmanarao
Yeshvanthapura Indian National Congress S. T. Somashekar
Nominated Nominated (Anglo Indian) Vinisha Nero

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