Germany at the 1900 Summer Olympics

Germany competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France.

Germany at the
1900 Summer Olympics
Flag of the German Empire.svg
Flag of the German Empire
NOCGerman Olympic Sports Confederation (in German, English, and French)
in Paris
Competitors76 in 10 sports
Ranked 7th
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Germany finished in seventh position in the final medal rankings, with four gold medals and nine medals overall.

Medal Name Sport Event
  Gold Ernst Hoppenberg Swimming Men's 200m backstroke
  Gold Germania Ruder Club, Hamburg Rowing Coxed four
  Gold Deutscher Schwimm Verband Berlin Swimming men's 200m team swimming
  Gold Georg Naue
Heinrich Peters
Ottokar Weise
Paul Wiesner
Sailing 1-2 ton race 2
  Silver Karl Duill Cycling points race
  Silver Georg Naue
Heinrich Peters
Ottokar Weise
Paul Wiesner
Sailing open class
  Silver SC 1880 Frankfurt Rugby men's competition
  Bronze Favorite Hammonia Rowing Coxed four
  Bronze Ludwigshafener Ruderverein Rowing Coxed four

Results by eventEdit



Germany's first appearance in swimming came in 1900. The German team took gold in the team event. Hoppenberg also earned a gold medal in the backstroke.

Swimmer Event Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank
Julius Frey Men's 200 metre freestyle 2:50.4 3 q 2:58.2 8
Max Hainle Men's 1000 metre freestyle 15:54.0 1 Q 15:22.6 4
Ernst Hoppenberg Men's 200 metre backstroke 2:54.4 1 Q 2:47.0  
Hans Aniol Men's underwater swimming N/A 103.9 6
German Swimming Federation[a]
Men's 200 metre team swimming N/A 33  

Water poloEdit

Germany competed in the inaugural men's water polo tournament. The German team was defeated in its first game, splitting 5th place with the other 2 quarterfinal losers.

Team Event Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Rank
Berliner Swimming Club Otter
Men's water polo   Pupilles de Neptune de Lille #2 (FRA)
L 3-2
Did not advance 5


Germany athletics team

Six German athletes had 10 entries in nine athletics events, not winning any medals.

Track events
Athlete Event Heat Semifinal Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Kurt Doerry 100 m 11.5 2 Q DNF Did not advance
Julius Keyl Unknown 4 Did not advance
Albert Werkmüller 200 m Unknown 4 N/A Did not advance
Gustav Rau 200 m hurdles Unknown 5 N/A Did not advance
Franz Duhne 2500 m steeplechase N/A Unknown 6
4000 m steeplechase N/A Unknown 6
Field events
Athlete Event Qualifying Final
Result Rank Result Rank
Waldemar Steffen High jump n/a 1.70 4
Long jump 6.30 8 Did not advance
Triple jump n/a Unknown Unknown
Standing triple jump n/a Unknown 5–10


The second Olympic cycling competition saw Germany appear for its second time. Duill won a silver medal in the points race.

Cyclist Event Round 1 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Georg Drescher Men's sprint Unknown 4–8 Did not advance
Karl Duill 1:35.4 1 Q Unknown 2 Did not advance
Paul Gottron 1:32.4 1 Q Unknown 2 Did not advance
Paul Gottron Men's 25 kilometres N/A DNF
Cyclist Event Prime 1 Prime 2 Prime 3 Prime 4 Prime 5 Prime 6 Prime 7 Prime 8 Prime 9 Prime 10 Total Rank
Karl Duill Men's points race 0 0 1 0 0 3 3 0 2 0 9  


Germany had one equestrian at the first Olympic equestrian competition.

Equestrian Horse Event Result Rank
Max Guilleaume N/A Mail coach Unknown 5–31


Germany first competed in fencing at the Olympics in the sport's second appearance. The nation sent one fencer and sometimes claims a second—Willy Sulzbacher was a French national living in France, but competed for German fencing club Deutscher und Österreichischer Fechterbund.[1][2]

Fencer Event Round 1 Quarterfinals Repechage Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Alfons Schöne Men's sabre Unknown 5–6 N/A Did not advance


Germany, which had dominated the first gymnastics competitions four years earlier, failed to win a medal in the second Olympic gymnastics competition.

Gymnast Event Score Rank
Franz Abbé Men's artistic individual all-around 219 77
Fritz Danner 216 79
Gustav Felix Flatow 204 102
Eugen Fürstenberger 240 53
Richard Genserowski 238 54
Erwin Willi Kurtz 216 79
Fritz Manteuffel 223 72
Oscar Naumann DNF
Julius Nuninger 199 107
Hugo Peitsch 252 29
Emil Rotong 234 59
Fritz Sauer 214 84
Adolf Tannert 180 118
Carl Wiegand 224 71


Germany competed in the first Olympic rowing events, represented by 4 boats. In the coxed four, where two separate finals were held, the 3 German boats took one gold and one bronze in the "B" final and another bronze in the "A" final. The eight boat placed 4th.

Boat Event Round 1 Semifinals Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
Germania Ruder Club, Hamburg
Men's coxed four N/A 5:56.2 1 QB 5:59.0  
Favorite Hammonia
6:03.0 3 QA 7:18.2  
Ludwigshafener Ruderverein
6:14.0 1 QB 6:05.0  
Germania Ruder Club, Hamburg
Men's eight N/A 5:04.8 3 Q 6:33.0 4


Germany was one of three teams to compete in the first Olympic rugby games. Germany lost its only game, against France. The game against Great Britain was cancelled due to travel plans.

Team Event Match 1 Match 2 Rank
SC 1880 Frankfurt Men's rugby   France
L 27-17
Match 1
14 Oct
France   27–17   Germany
Report Try: E Ludwig,
Con: Schmierer (2)
Drop: Schmierer
Vélodrome de Vincennes, Paris
Attendance: 3,500
Referee: FC Potter-Irwin (England)


Germany's four sailors were fairly successful in the 1900 events, taking 2 medals. They took the silver medal in the open class and the gold in the 1-2 ton, but disqualified from the ½-1 ton class for being overweight.

Sailors Event Time Rank
½–1 ton class
race 1
1–2 ton class
race 2
Open class 5:58:17  


  1. ^ This is the roster according to the IOC database. Petersdorff did not actually swim, but was on the team. Mallon and de Wael both replace Frey and Schöne with Gustav Lexau and Ernest Luhrsen.
  2. ^ Gleichmann was the coxswain for the semifinal, but not for the final. The name of the coxswain Hamburg used for the final is unknown.


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