Endorsements in the 2015 United Kingdom general election

Various newspapers, organisations and individuals endorsed parties or individual candidates for the 2015 United Kingdom general election

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Endorsements for partiesEdit

Newspapers and magazinesEdit

National daily newspapersEdit

Newspaper Main endorsement Secondary endorsement(s) Notes Link
Daily Express UK Independence Party Conservative Party Endorsed the UK Independence Party. [1]
Daily Mail Conservative Party UK Independence Party Supported a Conservative government. Encouraged anti-Labour tactical voting. [2]
Liberal Democrats
Daily Mirror

(& other Reach plc owned papers)

Labour Party Liberal Democrats Endorsed a Labour government. Supported tactically voting LibDem against the Conservatives in marginal seats. [3] [4]
Daily Telegraph Conservative Party None [5]
Financial Times Conservative Party Liberal Democrats Endorsed a Conservative-led coalition. [6]
The Guardian Labour Party Green Parties in the United Kingdom Endorsed the Labour Party. Also supported Green and Liberal Democrat candidates where they were the main opposition to the Conservatives. [7]
Liberal Democrats
The Independent Liberal Democrats Conservative Party Endorsed a second term of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. [8] [9]
Metro None
Morning Star Labour Party Communist Party of Britain Endorsed the Labour Party in opposition to the Conservative Party. [10]
News Line Workers Revolutionary Party Labour Endorsed a vote for the seven Workers Revolutionary Party candidates, Labour elsewhere. [11]
The Sun Conservative Party Liberal Democrats Supported voting for the Liberal Democrats in 14 Labour/LibDem marginals. [12]
The Times Conservative Party Liberal Democrats Endorsed a second term of Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition. [13]

National weekly newspapersEdit

Newspaper Main endorsement Secondary endorsement(s) Notes Link
New Worker Labour None [14]
Weekly Worker Labour Minor left-wing and far-left parties. Endorsed 39 left-wing Labour candidates. The paper also supported Left Unity, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Communist Party of Britain, Respect Party, Socialist Labour Party, Socialist Party of Great Britain, Workers Revolutionary Party, Class War Party, Socialist Equality Party, Republican Socialists and Communist League. [15]

National monthly newspapersEdit

Newspaper Main endorsement Secondary endorsement(s) Notes Link
Peace News Green Labour Endorsed Greens and left-wing Labour candidates. Supported candidates who commit to the '2050 decarbonisation goal and/or to not replacing Trident'. [16]

National Sunday newspapersEdit

Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link
Independent on Sunday None Newspaper stated in an editorial that it was not advising readers how to vote in 2015. [17]
Mail on Sunday Conservative Party [18]
The Observer Labour Party [19]
Sunday Express UK Independence Party [20]
Sunday Mirror Labour Party [21]
Sunday People Labour Party [22]
Sunday Telegraph Conservative Party [23]
Sunday Times Conservative Party [24]

News magazinesEdit

Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link
Economist Conservative Party Endorsed a Conservative-led coalition. [25]

Political magazinesEdit

Magazine Party endorsed Notes Link
New Statesman Labour Party [26]
Spectator Conservative Party [27]

English newspapersEdit

Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link
City A.M. Conservative Party [28]
Express & Star Conservative Party [29]
Liverpool Echo Labour Party
London Evening Standard Conservative Party Endorsed the Conservative Party, and selective tactical voting for the Liberal Democrats. [30]
Manchester Evening News None
Southern Daily Echo Conservative Party Urged voters to support the Conservative Party with the exception of those where Liberal Democrats were in lead.
The Yorkshire Post Conservative Party Endorsed a continuation of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. [31]
Liberal Democrats

Northern Irish newspapersEdit

Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link
Belfast Telegraph None Encouraged everyone in Northern Ireland to exercise their voting rights. [32]
Irish News None
The News Letter None Backed unionist candidates. [33]

Scottish newspapersEdit

Newspaper Party endorsed Notes Link
Daily Record Labour Party [34]
The Herald None Endorsed no political parties. [35]
The National SNP [36]
Scotland on Sunday None Urged voters to 'vote for the party that comes closest to what you believe in'. [37]
The Scotsman None Warned against tactical voting. [38]
The Scottish Sun SNP [39]
Sunday Herald SNP [40]
Daily Mail
Mail on Sunday
Conservative Party Praise in one article for SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, but otherwise anti-SNP and tactical for Tories. [41]


Animal Welfare PartyEdit

Conservative PartyEdit

Green Party of England and WalesEdit

Labour PartyEdit

Liberal DemocratsEdit

Scottish National PartyEdit

Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEdit

UK Independence PartyEdit


Conservative PartyEdit

Labour PartyEdit

Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionEdit



Some parties which only contest elections in certain parts of the United Kingdom have endorsed political parties in areas they don't contest

Endorsements for individual candidatesEdit

Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat candidate for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeyEdit

Ed Balls, Labour Party candidate for Morley and OutwoodEdit

Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat candidate for Sheffield HallamEdit

Oliver Coppard, Labour Party candidate for Sheffield HallamEdit

Andrew Dismore, Labour Party candidate for HendonEdit

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hornsey and Wood GreenEdit

Mike Freer, Conservative Party candidate for Finchley and Golders GreenEdit

Andrew George, Liberal Democrat candidate for St IvesEdit

Naomi Long, Alliance Party candidate for Belfast EastEdit

Caroline Lucas, Green candidate for Brighton PavilionEdit

Maajid Nawaz, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hampstead and KilburnEdit

Derek Wall, Green candidate for WindsorEdit

Tom Watson, Labour candidate for West Bromwich EastEdit

  • Hugh Grant, actor[65]

Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru candidate for ArfonEdit

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