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Class War protest at Downing Street, 2016

Class War is an anarchist group[1][2] and newspaper established by Ian Bone and others in 1983[3] in the United Kingdom. A reforged incarnation of Class War was briefly registered as a political party for the purposes of fighting the 2015 general election.

Class War at the Anti Austerity demonstration, London, June 2015



A third Bash The Rich event scheduled to march through Hampstead in 1985 was largely prevented by a heavy police presence and was acknowledged by Class War to have been a failure. This event was seen by many as a major setback for the group and many members left to form other groups or drifted away.[4]


In the 2010s, Ian Bone revived Class War as a political party.[5] Their activities included a weekly Poor Doors protest in Aldgate.[6][7][8] Class War also encouraged a demonstration against the Jack the Ripper Museum.[8]


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