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Cymru Sofren/Sovereign Wales is a Welsh nationalist and hard Eurosceptic political party in Wales registered with and regulated by the United Kingdom Electoral Commission. The party was formally established and registered in March 2016 having previously been a group lobbying and petitioning the Welsh Government. It is currently registered to stand in elections in Wales and complies with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Cymru Sofren/Sovereign Wales
FoundedMarch 2016 (2016-03)
IdeologyWelsh nationalism
Welsh independence
Hard Euroscepticism

The party believes that Wales should be a fully sovereign state in the world, out of the control of both the Parliament of the United Kingdom at Westminster in London and the European Union. It also advocates the creation of a debt-free Welsh pound and sovereign money system for Wales with its own bank. The party stood in Newport West in the 2016 Welsh Assembly elections,[1][2][3] where it came in last place with 38 votes.[4]


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