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2010 NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics

The 6th NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics were held in Miramar, Florida, United States, at the Ansin Sports Complex on July 9–11, 2010. A detailed report on the results was given.[1][2]

VI NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics
2010 NACAClogo.jpg
Host city Miramar, United States United States
Date(s) July 9–11
Main stadium Ansin Sports Complex
Level U-23
Participation 257 athletes from
21 nations
Events 44


Medal summaryEdit

Detailed results can be found on the Athletics Canada website,[3] on the Half-Mile Timing website,[4] and on the Tilastopaja website.[5]

For full event details see 2010 NACAC Under-23 Championships in Athletics – Results


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(1.7 m/s)
  Sam Effah (CAN) 10.06 CR   Oshane Bailey (JAM) 10.11   Maurice Mitchell (USA) 10.14
200 metres
(2.8 m/s)
  Curtis Mitchell (USA) 20.06w   Brandon Byram (USA) 20.46w   Rasheed Dwyer (JAM) 20.64w
400 metres   Tavaris Tate (USA) 45.36   Joey Hughes (USA) 45.79   Demetrius Pinder (BAH) 45.90
800 metres   Charles Jock (USA) 1:45.65 CR   Aaron Evans (BER) 1:47.79   Gavyn Nero (TRI) 1:48.16
1500 metres   Olivier Collin (CAN) 3:44.45 CR   Ben Blankenship (USA) 3:45.43   Anthony Berkis (CAN) 3:46.36
5000 metres   Diego Alberto Borrego (MEX) 14:32.90 CR   Mike Crouch (USA) 14:33.33   Mohamed Ige (USA) 14:38.95
10000 metres   Ahmed Osman (USA) 30:38.22   Colin Mickow (USA) 30:42.16   José Mireles (MEX) 32:38.44
3000 m steeplechase   Donn Cabral (USA) 8:52.67   Álvaro Abreu (DOM) 9:27.18   Stephen Finley (USA) 9:57.49
110 m hurdles
(3.1 m/s)
  Ronnie Ash (USA) 12.98w   Ryan Brathwaite (BAR) 13.10w   Johnny Dutch (USA) 13.30w
400 m hurdles   Jeshua Anderson (USA) 49.33   Winder Cuevas (DOM) 50.13   Reggie Wyatt (USA) 50.15
High jump   Paul Hamilton (USA) 2.23m   Ricky Robertson (USA) 2.23m   Jamal Wilson (BAH) 2.13m
Pole vault   Jordan Scott (USA) 5.56m CR   Deryk Theodore (CAN) 5.10m   Ryan Vu (CAN) 5.00m
Long jump   Christian Taylor (USA) 7.82m
(0.0 m/s)
  Chris Phipps (USA) 7.80m
(-1.0 m/s)
  Marcos Amalbert (PUR) 7.50m
(-0.4 m/s)
Triple jump   Christian Taylor (USA) 16.66m
(1.2 m/s)
  Josh Como (USA) 15.95m
(0.8 m/s)
  J'Vente Deveaux (BAH) 15.55m
(1.4 m/s)
Shot Put   Kurt Roberts (USA) 18.60m   Aaron Studt (USA) 18.21m   O'Dayne Richards (JAM) 18.03m
Discus Throw   Mason Finley (USA) 59.59 CR   Mario Cota (MEX) 58.01 NR   Nick Jones (USA) 57.03
Hammer Throw   Chris Cralle (USA) 70.71m CR   Walter Henning (USA) 69.33m   Trey Henderson (CAN) 66.28m
Javelin Throw   Juan José Méndez (MEX) 69.94m   Cooper Thompson (USA) 69.52m   Brian Moore (USA) 68.41m
Decathlon   Gray Horn (USA) 7510 pts CR   Nichola Trubachik (USA) 7497 pts   Reid Gustavson (CAN) 6866 pts
20000 m Walk   Isaac Palma (MEX) 1:28:53.38 CR   Jorge Zarate (MEX) 1:39:39.43   Dan Serianni (USA) 1:41:29.23
4 x 100 metres relay   United States
Fred Rose
Brandon Byram
Maurice Mitchell
Curtis Mitchell
38.96   Jamaica
Oshane Bailey
Ramone McKenzie
Jacques Harvey
Rasheed Dwyer
4 x 400 metres relay   United States
LeJerald Betters
O'Neal Wilder
Joey Hughes
Tavaris Tate
2:58.83 CR   Bahamas
Latoy Williams
Demetrius Pinder
Jamal Butler
Sean Pickstock
3:02.91   Trinidad and Tobago
Ade Alleyne-Forte
Zwede Hewitt
Gavyn Nero
Emanuel Mayers


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres
(2.2 m/s)
  Jeneba Tarmoh (USA) 11.00w   Samantha Henry (JAM) 11.25w   Kenyanna Wilson (USA) 11.32w
200 metres
(2.1 m/s)
  Tiffany Townsend (USA) 22.92w   Kimberley Hyacinthe (CAN) 23.14w   Candyce McGrone (USA) 23.16w
400 metres   Shelise Williams (USA) 53.08   Ebony Collins (USA) 53.31   Raysa Sánchez (DOM) 54.08
800 metres   Jessica Smith (CAN) 2:04.96   Christina Rodgers (USA) 2:05.00   Anna Layman (USA) 2:05.39
1500 metres   Keri Bland (USA) 4:24.38   Jessica O'Connell (CAN) 4:25.78   Ashley Verplank (USA) 4:28.75
5000 metres   Jessica O'Connell (CAN) 17:15.73   Beatriz Hernández (MEX) 17:32.75   Tara Erdmann (USA) 18:27.49
10000 metres   Sarah Porter (USA) 36:15.51 CR   Dianna Cisneros (MEX) 36:59.66   Amanda Goetschius (USA) 37:18.81
3000 m steeplechase   Rebeka Stowe (USA) 10:08.58 CR   Stephanie Garcia (USA) 10:20.50   Sara Prieto (MEX) 10:54.34
100 m hurdles
(2.3 m/s)
  Tierra Brown (USA) 12.86w   Michaylin Golladay (USA) 13.07w   Rosemarie Carty (JAM) 13.22w
400 m hurdles   Tierra Brown (USA) 55.14 CR   Tameka Jameson (USA) 55.97   Nikita Tracey (JAM) 56.89
High jump   Amber Kaufman (USA) 1.86m   April Sinkler (USA) 1.81m   Paola Fuentes (MEX)
  Caleigh Bacchus (TRI)
Pole vault   Gabriella Duclos-Lasnier (CAN) 4.30m   Melissa Gergel (USA) 4.10m   Ariane Beaumont-Courteau (CAN)
  Rachel Laurent (USA)
Long jump   Shara Proctor (AIA) 6.43m
(0.9 m/s)
  Bianca Stuart (BAH) 6.42m
(-0.4 m/s)
  April Sinkler (USA) 6.33m
(-1.5 m/s)
Triple jump   Kimberly Williams (JAM) 14.14m w
(3.1 m/s)
  Ashika Charan (USA) 13.35m w
(2.8 m/s)
  Melissa Ogbourne (JAM) 13.14m w
(2.3 m/s)
Shot Put   Karen Shump (USA) 17.43m CR   Anna Jelmini (USA) 16.58m   Julie Labonté (CAN) 15.89m
Discus Throw   Anna Jelmini (USA) 56.70m CR   Jeneva McCall (USA) 56.16m   Paulina Flores (MEX) 47.49m
Hammer Throw   Heather Steacy (CAN) 67.20m CR   Jeneva McCall (USA) 64.17m   Gwen Berry (USA) 62.55m
Javelin Throw   Liz Gleadle (CAN) 53.72m   Fresa Núñez (DOM) 53.11m NR   Marissa Tschida (USA) 50.07m
Heptathlon   Kiani Profit (USA) 5576 pts   Dorcas Akinniyi (USA) 5204 pts   Makeba Alcide (LCA) 5172 pts NR
10000 m Walk   Erandi Uribe (MEX) 50:12.27   Lauren Forgues (USA) 51:06.38   Lizbeth Silva (MEX) 52:31.78
4 x 100 metres relay   United States
Jeneba Tarmoh
Amber Purvis
Tiffany Townsend
Kenyanna Wilson
43.07 CR   Jamaica
Rosemarie Carty
Samantha Henry
Audrea Segree
Trisha-Ann Hawthorne
44.20   Bahamas
Charlesha Lightbourne
Yanique Clarke
Ashley Hanna
Michelle Cumberbatch
4 x 400 metres relay   United States
Ebony Collins
Amber Purvis
Shelise Williams
Tameka Jameson
3:29.80   Jamaica
Verone Chambers
Nikita Tracey
Andrea Reid
Alecia Cutenar
3:38.05   Canada
Amonn Nelson
Jessica Smith
Miana Griffiths
Sarah Wells

Medal tableEdit

The medal count has been published.[6]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1   United States 31 25 18 74
2   Canada 7 3 7 17
3   Mexico 4 4 5 13
4   Jamaica 1 5 5 11
5   Anguilla 1 0 0 1
6   Dominican Republic 0 3 1 4
7   Bahamas 0 2 4 6
8   Barbados 0 1 0 1
  Bermuda 0 1 0 1
10   Trinidad and Tobago 0 0 3 3
11   Puerto Rico 0 0 1 1
  Saint Lucia 0 0 1 1

Participation (unofficial)Edit

A preliminary list of participating countries as of May 21, 2010, was published.[7] According to an unofficial count, 257 athletes from 21 countries participated.

Athletes from   Dominica,   Guatemala and   Haiti appear on the result lists, but were scratched or did not show, while athletes from   Cuba,   El Salvador, and the   United States Virgin Islands were initially announced, but do not appear on the result lists.[3][4][5]