1993 Cannes Film Festival

The 46th Cannes Film Festival was held from 13 to 24 May 1993. The Palme d'Or went to Farewell My Concubine by Chen Kaige and The Piano by Jane Campion.[4][5][6]

1993 Cannes Film Festival
Official poster of the 46th Cannes Film Festival, featuring still of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman from Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious.[1]
Opening filmMy Favorite Season
Closing filmToxic Affair
LocationCannes, France
AwardsPalme d'Or (Ba wang bie ji and The Piano)[2]
Hosted byJeanne Moreau
No. of films23 (En Competition)[3]
25 (Un Certain Regard)
5 (Out of Competition)
10 (Short Film)
Festival date13 May 1993 (1993-05-13) – 24 May 1993 (1993-05-24)

The festival opened with My Favorite Season, directed by André Téchiné[7][8] and closed with Toxic Affair, directed by Philomène Esposito.[9][10][11] Jeanne Moreau was the mistress of ceremonies.[4]


Main competitionEdit

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 1993 feature film competition:[12]

Camera d'OrEdit

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 1993 Camera d'Or:

Official selectionEdit

In competition - Feature filmEdit

The following feature films competed for the Palme d'Or:[3]

English title Original title Director(s) Country
Body Snatchers Abel Ferrara United States
Broken Highway Laurie McIness Australia
Dyuba-Dyuba Дюба-Дюба Aleksandr Khvan Russia
The Escort La scorta Ricky Tognazzi Italy
Falling Down Joel Schumacher United States
Faraway, So Close! In weiter Ferne, so nah! Wim Wenders Germany
Farewell My Concubine - Palme d'Or winner 霸王别姬 Chen Kaige China
Fiorile Paolo and Vittorio Taviani Italy
Frauds Stephan Elliott Australia
Friends Elaine Proctor South Africa
King of the Hill Steven Soderbergh United States
Libera me Alain Cavalier France
Louis, the Child King Louis, enfant roi Roger Planchon France
Magnificat Pupi Avati Italy
The Man by the Shore L'Homme sur les quais Raoul Peck Haiti
Mazeppa Bartabas France
Much Ado About Nothing Kenneth Branagh UK
My Favorite Season Ma saison préférée André Téchiné France
Naked Mike Leigh UK
The Piano - Palme d'Or winner Jane Campion New Zealand
The Puppetmaster 戲夢人生 / Ximeng Hou Hsiao-hsien Taiwan
Raining Stones Ken Loach UK
Splitting Heirs Robert Young UK

Un Certain RegardEdit

The following films were selected for the competition of Un Certain Regard:[3]

Films out of competitionEdit

The following films were selected to be screened out of competition:[3]

Short film competitionEdit

The following short films competed for the Short Film Palme d'Or:[3]

  • Ævintýri á okkar tímum by Inga Lísa Middleton
  • Coffee and Cigarettes III by Jim Jarmusch
  • De 4 jaargetijden by Maarten Koopman
  • Le goût du fer by Rémi Bernard
  • Lenny Minute 1: Lenny Meets the Giant Blue Sheila Doll by Glenn Standring
  • Mama Said by Michael Costanza
  • Me voy a escapar by Juan Carlos de Llaca
  • Robokip by Rudolf Mestdagh
  • The Singing Trophy by Grant Lahood
  • Der Sortierer by Stephan Puchner

Parallel sectionsEdit

International Critics' WeekEdit

The following films were screened for the 32nd International Critics' Week (32e Semaine de la Critique):[13]

Feature film competition

Short film competition

Directors' FortnightEdit

The following films were screened for the 1993 Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalizateurs):[14]

Short films
  • Comment font les gens by Pascale Bailly
  • L'Exposé by Ismaël Ferroukhi
  • José Jeannette by Bruno Nicolini
  • Le Regard de l’autre by Bruno Rolland
  • Qui est-ce qui a éteint la lumière? by Xavier Auradon
  • Reste by Marie Vermillard
  • Rives by Erick Zonca
  • La Vis by Didier Flamand


Jane Campion, winner of the Palme d'Or at the event.
Chen Kaige, winner of the Palme d'Or at the event.

Official awardsEdit

The following films and people received the 1993 Official selection awards:[2]

Golden Camera

Short films

Independent awardsEdit

FIPRESCI Prizes[16]

Commission Supérieure Technique

Ecumenical Jury[17]

Award of the Youth[15]

Awards in the frame of International Critics' Week[15]

Other awards[15]


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