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Below is a list of events in chess in the year 1941.

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Chess events in briefEdit

  • Basic Chess Endings by Reuben Fine was published.
  • 29 August 1941 – Gideon Ståhlberg played a 400-game simultaneous exhibition in Buenos Aires; 364 wins, 14 draws, 22 losses.[1]
  • 8–14 September 1941 – Europaturnier held in Munich, was organised by Ehrhardt Post, the Chief Executive of Nazi Grossdeutscher Schachbund. Max Euwe had declined the invitation for München 1941 due to his "occupational obligations", as manager of a groceries business. This time he refused to participate, because Alexander Alekhine was invited. Euwe mentioned futile reasons. The real motive was Alekhine's offence of Euwe in his anti-Semitic articles.[2] Alekhine wrote six Nazi articles which first appeared in the Paris newspaper Pariser Zeitung in March 1941. He wrote a series of articles for the Deutsche Zeitung in den Niederlanden called "Jewish and Aryan Chess." The articles were reproduced in Deutsch Schachzeitung.[3] Among others, Alekhine had written about the "Jewish clique" around Euwe in World Chess Championship 1935.

The Munich 1941 chess tournament was won by Gösta Stoltz, who scored a spectacular victory (1½ points ahead of Alekhine and Erik Lundin), and won 1,000 Reichsmarks. His trophy (donated by the Ministerpräsident Ludwig Siebert) of Meissen porcelain is worth close to $1,000.[4]



Team matchesEdit

(Asztalos 01 Rohaček; Rabar 1½ Potuček; Tekavčić 11 Ujtelky; Šubarić 11 Pazman; Jerman 0½ Miština; M.Filipčić 00 Lauda; Petek 11 Štulir; B.Filipčić ½½ Stanek) [6]




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