Carlos Maderna

Carlos Hugo Maderna (4 August 1910 – 23 January[1] 1976) was an Argentine chess master.

Carlos Maderna

Chess CareerEdit

He was twice Argentine Champion; in 1940 he won a match for the title (of 1939) against Luis Piazzini (8 : 6), then lost a match to Carlos Guimard (1 : 8) in 1941 (for the title of 1940), and won the title (of 1950) after play-off with Jacobo Bolbochán and Heinrich Reinhardt in 1951.[2][3]

In 1928, he tied for 4-5th in Mar del Plata International Chess Tournament (Roberto Grau won). In 1931, he won ahead of Savielly Tartakower in Buenos Aires (Geniol it).[4] In 1934/35 he took 16th in South American Chess Championship in Buenos Aires (Piazzini won).[5] In 1938, he tied for 5-6th in Montevideo (Carrasco, Alexander Alekhine won).[6] In 1948, he won in Santa Fe.

He participated in first and second South American zonal tournaments. He took 3rd, after Erich Eliskases and Julio Bolbochán, at Mar del Plata / Buenos Aires 1951, and tied for 11-12th at Mar del Plata / Buenos Aires 1954 (Oscar Panno won).

Maderna played for Argentina in two Chess Olympiads:


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