Konstantin Vygodchikov

Konstantin Vygodchikov (Vigodchikov, Wygodchikoff; Russian: Константин Алексеевич Выгодчиков) (1892–1941) was a Belarusian chess master.

He won in the 3rd Belarusian Championship in 1926, and shared 1st with Abram Model and Vladislav Silich in the 4th BLR-ch in 1928.[1]

In 1908-09, he lost a correspondence game to Alexander Alekhine. He shared first with Kliatsky (Kliatskin) at Moscow 1920 (Russian Olympiad, 1st Union National Congress, 1st USSR-ch, final B)[2] and won a short match (play-off) against him (2:0).[3] He tied for 11-13th at Petrograd (St. Petersburg) in the 2nd USSR Championship (Peter Romanovsky won).[4]

He tied for 5-6th at Moscow 1928 (3rd Championship of Russia, Izmailov won). Konstantin Alekseyevich Vygodchikov lived in Smolensk where he taught his nephew Sergey Belavenets and Mikhail Yudovich.[5] He gained the master title in 1929 after having come level with the young Mikhail Botvinnik in the preliminary round of the USSR Championships of that year.[6] He took 4th at Odessa 1929 (6th USSR-ch, semifinal).[7]

He took 6th at Moscow 1934 (4th Championship of Russia, Belavenets won), and tied for 11-12th at Leningrad (St. Petersburg) 1936 (All-Union Tournament of the 1st Category, A. Budo won).[8]


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