Tõnu Õim (born 16 June 1941)[1] is an Estonian grandmaster of correspondence chess, most famous for being the first to have won the ICCF World Championship twice, in 1983 and 1999.[2] In 1991 he won the Axelson Memorial.[3] In over-the-board play, he was awarded the Soviet Master title in 1966.[4] He does not hold a FIDE title for over-the-board play; however, his peak FIDE rating of 2410 indicates a player of International Master strength.[5]

Tõnu Õim
CountrySoviet Union
Born (1941-06-16) 16 June 1941 (age 81)
Raasiku, Estonia[1]
ICCF World Champion1977–1983
FIDE rating2330 (December 2013)
Peak rating2410 (July 1994)
ICCF rating2581 (April 2005)
ICCF peak rating2617 (April 2000)

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