1712 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1712.

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  • John ArbuthnotLaw Is a Bottomless Pit (introducing the character of John Bull;[1] first in a series of five tracts collected as The History of John Bull in the same year)
  • George BerkeleyPassive Obedience
  • Jean-Paul BignonLes Avantures d'Abdalla, fils d'Hanif (The adventures of Abdalla, son of Hanif)
  • Richard BlackmoreCreation
  • James BromeTravels through Portugal, Spain, and Italy
  • Sir Thomas BrownePosthumous Works of the Learned Sir Thomas Browne
  • Samuel ClarkeThe Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Daniel Defoe (attrib) – A Further Search into the Conduct of the Allies
  • John DennisAn Essay upon the Genius and Writings of Shakespear
  • William Diaper
    • Dryaides
    • Nereides
  • Thomas EllwoodDavideis: the Life of David, King of Israel
  • John GayThe Mohocks
  • Bernard de MandevilleTyphon
  • John Oldmixon
    • The Dutch Barrier Ours
    • Reflections on Dr Swift's Letter to the Earl of Oxford, about the English Tongue
    • The Secret History of Europe
  • Thomas OtwayThe Works of Mr. Thomas Otway
  • Woodes RogersA Cruising Voyage round the World: first to the South-Sea, thence to the East-Indies, and homewards by the Cape of Good Hope
  • Nicholas RoweCallipaedia (translation)
  • George SewellThe Patriot
  • Richard Steele (as Scoto-Brittanus) – The Englishman's Thanks to the Duke of Marlborough
  • Jonathan Swift
    • A Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the English Tongue (signed)
    • Some Advice Humbly Offer'd to the Members of the October Club
  • Leonard WelstedThe Works of Dionysius Longinus, on the Sublime (among earliest translations of περί ύπσος in English)



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