156th New York State Legislature

The 156th New York State Legislature, consisting of the New York State Senate and the New York State Assembly, met from January 4 to October 19, 1933, during the first year of Herbert H. Lehman's governorship, in Albany.

156th New York State Legislature
155th 157th
The facade of the New York State Capitol building in bright daylight
JurisdictionNew York, United States
TermJanuary 1 – December 31, 1933
PresidentLt. Gov. M. William Bray (D)
Temporary PresidentJohn J. Dunnigan (D)
Party controlDemocratic (26–25)
SpeakerJoseph A. McGinnies (R)
Party controlRepublican (77–73)
1stJanuary 4 – April 10, 1933
2ndJuly 26 – August 24, 1933
3rdOctober 18 – 19, 1933


Under the provisions of the New York Constitution of 1894, re-apportioned in 1917, 51 Senators and 150 assemblymen were elected in single-seat districts; senators for a two-year term, assemblymen for a one-year term. The senatorial districts consisted either of one or more entire counties; or a contiguous area within a single county. The counties which were divided into more than one senatorial district were New York (nine districts), Kings (eight), Bronx (three), Erie (three), Monroe (two), Queens (two) and Westchester (two). The Assembly districts were made up of contiguous area, all within the same county.

At this time there were two major political parties: the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Socialist Party, the Communist Party and the Socialist Labor Party also nominated tickets. The Prohibition Party adopted at this time the name Law Preservation Party: to emphasize that Prohibition should be preserved while encountering rampant opposition to it. They endorsed the "dry" Republicans and nominated own candidates in many districts where "wet" Republicans were running.


The New York state election, 1932, was held on November 8. Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected U.S. President; Lieutenant Governor Herbert H. Lehman was elected Governor; and M. William Bray was elected Lieutenant Governor; all three Democrats. Of the other six statewide elective offices, five were carried by Democrats and one by a Republican judge with Democratic endorsement. The approximate party strength at this election, as expressed by the vote for Governor, was: Democrats 2,660,000; Republicans 1,812,000; Socialists 103,000; Law Preservation 83,000; Communists 26,000; and Socialist Labor 7,000.

Assemblywoman Rhoda Fox Graves (Rep.), of Gouverneur, a former school teacher who after her marriage became active in women's organisations and politics, ran for the State Senate in the 34th district, but was defeated in the Republican primary by the incumbent Warren T. Thayer. No women were elected to the 156th Legislature.


The Legislature met for the regular session at the State Capitol in Albany on January 4, 1933;[1] and adjourned on April 10.[2]

Joseph A. McGinnies (Rep.) was re-elected Speaker.

John J. Dunnigan (Dem.) was elected Temporary President of the State Senate.

On June 27, a state convention met to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution which proposed to repeal Prohibition.

The Legislature met for a special session at the State Capitol in Albany on July 26;[3] and adjourned on August 24.[4]

The Legislature met for another special session at the State Capitol in Albany on October 18;[5] and adjourned on the next day.[6]

State SenateEdit



The asterisk (*) denotes members of the previous Legislature who continued in office as members of this Legislature. Joseph A. Esquirol and Samuel Mandelbaum changed from the Assembly to the Senate.

Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."

District Senator Party Notes
1st George L. Thompson* Republican re-elected
2nd Joseph D. Nunan, Jr.* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Civil Service
3rd Frank B. Hendel* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Public Printing
4th Philip M. Kleinfeld* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Excise
5th John J. Howard* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Penal Institutions
6th Marcellus H. Evans* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of General Laws
7th George Blumberg Republican
8th Joseph A. Esquirol* Democrat Chairman of Public Health
9th Henry L. O'Brien* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Labor and Industry
10th Jeremiah F. Twomey* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Finance
11th James J. Crawford* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Pensions
12th Elmer F. Quinn* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Codes
13th Thomas F. Burchill* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Public Service
14th Samuel Mandelbaum* Democrat Chairman of Cities
15th John L. Buckley* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Taxation and Retrenchment
16th John J. McNaboe* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Conservation; and of Re-Apportionment
17th Albert Wald Democrat Chairman of Revision; and of Printed and Engrossed Bills
18th John T. McCall* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Banks
19th Duncan T. O'Brien* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Insurance
20th A. Spencer Feld* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Public Education
21st Henry G. Schackno* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Judiciary; on November 7, 1933, elected
to the City Court (Bronx); resigned his seat on November 21[7]
22nd Julius S. Berg* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Privileges and Elections
23rd John J. Dunnigan* Democrat re-elected; elected Temporary President; Chairman of Rules
24th Harry J. Palmer* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Internal Affairs
25th Walter W. Westall* Republican re-elected
26th Seabury C. Mastick* Rep./Law P. re-elected; contested by Richard E. FitzGibbons (D)[8]
27th Thomas C. Desmond* Republican re-elected
28th J. Griswold Webb* Republican re-elected
29th Arthur H. Wicks* Rep./Law P. re-elected
30th William T. Byrne* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Agriculture
31st Ogden J. Ross Democrat Chairman of Military Affairs
32nd Alexander G. Baxter* Rep./Law P. re-elected
33rd Benjamin F. Feinberg Republican
34th Warren T. Thayer* Republican re-elected
35th Henry I. Patrie* Rep./Law P. re-elected
36th Michael J. Kernan Democrat Chairman of Affairs of Villages
37th Perley A. Pitcher* Republican re-elected
38th George R. Fearon* Republican re-elected; Minority Leader
39th Walter W. Stokes Republican
40th Bert Lord* Rep./Law P. re-elected
41st Frank A. Frost* Rep./Law P. re-elected
42nd Charles J. Hewitt* Republican re-elected
43rd Earle S. Warner Republican
44th Joe R. Hanley* Rep./Law P. re-elected
45th Cosmo A. Cilano* Republican re-elected
46th Fred J. Slater* Republican re-elected
47th William H. Lee Republican
48th Lawrence G. Williams Republican
49th Stephen J. Wojtkowiak* Democrat re-elected; Chairman of Commerce and Navigation
50th Nelson W. Cheney* Republican re-elected
51st Leigh G. Kirkland* Rep./Law P. re-elected


State AssemblyEdit


Note: For brevity, the chairmanships omit the words "...the Committee on (the)..."

District Assemblymen Party Notes
Albany 1st John H. Cahill* Democrat
2nd John P. Hayes* Democrat
3rd S. Earl McDermott Democrat
Allegany Harry E. Goodrich* Rep./Law P.
Bronx 1st Nicholas J. Eberhard* Democrat
2nd William F. Smith* Democrat
3rd Carl Pack* Democrat
4th Herman M. Albert* Democrat
5th Harry A. Samberg* Democrat
6th Christopher C. McGrath* Democrat
7th John F. Reidy* Democrat
8th John A. Devany Jr.* Democrat
Broome 1st Albert L. Brown Democrat
2nd Martin W. Deyo Rep./Law P.
Cattaraugus James W. Riley* Republican
Cayuga Fred Lewis Palmer* Rep./Law P.
Chautauqua 1st David L. Brunstrom Republican
2nd Joseph A. McGinnies* Rep./Law P. re-elected Speaker; Chairman of Rules
Chemung G. Archie Turner* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Excise
Chenango Irving M. Ives* Republican
Clinton Leo E. Trombly* Democrat
Columbia Frederick A. Washburn* Republican
Cortland Irving F. Rice* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Public Education
Delaware E. Ogden Bush Republican
Dutchess 1st Howard N. Allen* Rep./Law P.
2nd Charles F. Close* Republican
Erie 1st Charles J. Gimbrone* Republican
2nd William L. Marcy Jr.* Republican
3rd Frank X. Bernhardt* Republican
4th Anthony J. Canney* Democrat
5th Edwin L. Kantowski* Democrat
6th Howard W. Dickey* Republican
7th Arthur L. Swartz* Republican
8th R. Foster Piper* Republican
Essex Fred L. Porter* Republican Chairman of Ways and Means
Franklin James A. Latour* Republican
Fulton and Hamilton Harry F. Dunkel* Republican
Genesee Herbert A. Rapp* Rep./Law P.
Greene Ellis W. Bentley* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Conservation
Herkimer Edward O. Davies* Rep./Law P.
Jefferson Jasper W. Cornaire* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Motor Vehicles
Kings 1st Crawford W. Hawkins* Democrat
2nd Albert D. Schanzer* Democrat
3rd Michael J. Gillen* Democrat
4th George E. Dennen* Democrat
5th John J. Cooney* Democrat
6th Jacob J. Schwartzwald* Democrat
7th William Kirnan* Democrat
8th Luke O'Reilly* Democrat
9th Daniel McNamara Jr.* Democrat
10th William C. McCreery* Democrat
11th Edward J. Coughlin* Democrat
12th Edward S. Moran, Jr.* Democrat
13th William Breitenbach* Democrat
14th Jacob P. Nathanson* Democrat
15th Edward P. Doyle* Democrat
16th Maurice Z. Bungard* Democrat
17th George W. Stewart* Democrat
18th Irwin Steingut* Democrat Minority Leader
19th Jerome G. Ambro* Democrat
20th Joseph J. Monahan* Democrat
21st Charles H. Breitbart Democrat
22nd Jacob H. Livingston* Democrat
23rd Albert M. Cohen* Democrat
Lewis Edward M. Sheldon* Rep./Law P.
Livingston James J. Wadsworth* Republican
Madison Arthur A. Hartshorn* Rep./Law P.
Monroe 1st Daniel J. O'Mara* Republican
2nd George B. Kelly Democrat
3rd Haskell H. Marks* Republican
4th Richard L. Saunders* Republican
5th W. Ray Austin* Republican Chairman of Public Health
Montgomery L. James Shaver Republican
Nassau 1st Edwin W. Wallace* Republican Chairman of Affairs of Villages
2nd Edwin R. Lynde* Republican
New York 1st James J. Dooling* Democrat
2nd Millard E. Theodore* Democrat
3rd Sylvester A. Dineen* Democrat
4th Leonard Farbstein Democrat
5th John F. Killgrew* Democrat
6th Irving D. Neustein* Democrat
7th Saul S. Streit* Democrat
8th Joseph Hamerman Democrat
9th Ira H. Holley* Democrat
10th Herbert Brownell Jr. Republican
11th Patrick H. Sullivan* Democrat
12th John A. Byrnes* Democrat
13th William J. Sheldrick* Democrat
14th Edward V. Loughlin Democrat
15th Abbot Low Moffat* Republican
16th William Schwartz* Democrat
17th Meyer Alterman* Democrat
18th Sol A. Hyman* Democrat
19th James E. Stephens* Democrat
20th Louis A. Cuvillier* Democrat
21st David Paris* Democrat
22nd Benjamin B. Mittler* Democrat
23rd Alexander A. Falk* Democrat
Niagara 1st Fayette E. Pease* Rep./Law P.
2nd Roy Hewitt* Republican
Oneida 1st Frank T. Quinn Democrat
2nd Russell G. Dunmore* Rep./Law P. Majority Leader
3rd Walter W. Abbott* Rep./Law P.
Onondaga 1st Horace M. Stone* Republican Chairman of Judiciary
2nd Willis H. Sargent* Republican Chairman of Banks
3rd Richard B. Smith* Republican Chairman of Affairs of Cities
Ontario Robert A. Catchpole* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Public Service
Orange 1st William J. Lamont* Republican
2nd Rainey S. Taylor* Republican
Orleans John S. Thompson* Republican
Oswego Victor C. Lewis* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Canals
Otsego Frank M. Smith* Republican Chairman of Agriculture
Putnam D. Mallory Stephens* Republican
Queens 1st Harold J. Crawford Democrat
2nd George F. Torsney Democrat
3rd Peter T. Farrell* Democrat
4th James A. Burke* Democrat
5th Maurice A. FitzGerald* Democrat
6th Frederick L. Zimmerman* Democrat
Rensselaer 1st Michael F. Breen* Democrat
2nd Maurice Whitney* Republican Chairman of Commerce and Navigation
Richmond 1st Francis P. Heffernan* Democrat
2nd William L. Vaughan* Democrat
Rockland Fred R. Horn Jr.*[11] Democrat
St. Lawrence 1st W. Allan Newell Republican
2nd Walter L. Pratt* Republican Chairman of Taxation
Saratoga Burton D. Esmond* Republican Chairman of Codes
Schenectady 1st Oswald D. Heck* Rep./Law P.
2nd John H. Buhrmaster* Rep./Law P.
Schoharie William S. Dunn Dem./Soc.
Schuyler Edward K. Corwin Rep./Law P.
Seneca James D. Pollard* Republican
Steuben 1st Wilson Messer* Republican Chairman of Charitable and Religious Societies
2nd J. Austin Otto* Republican
Suffolk 1st John G. Downs* Republican
2nd Hamilton F. Potter* Republican
Sullivan Benjamin R. Gerow Democrat
Tioga Frank G. Miller* Rep./Law P.
Tompkins James R. Robinson* Republican Chairman of Labor and Industry
Ulster J. Edward Conway Republican
Warren Harry A. Reoux* Republican
Washington Herbert A. Bartholomew* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Internal Affairs
Wayne Harry L. Averill* Republican
Westchester 1st Herbert R. Smith Rep./Law P.
2nd Ralph A. Gamble* Rep./Law P.
3rd Hickson F. Hart* Republican
4th Alexander H. Garnjost* Rep./Law P. Chairman of Insurance
5th William F. Condon* Rep./Law P.
Wyoming Harold C. Ostertag* Rep./Law P.
Yates Fred S. Hollowell* Republican



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