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Independence Day in Poland (1918) and Angola (1975) Poland: unreferenced section, expansion; Angola: refimprove section
St. Martin's Day in various Europe nations; refimprove section
1500 – During the Italian Wars of 1499–1504, Louis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon signed a secret treaty to divide the Mezzogiorno between themselves. no citation for this fact
1675 – German polymath Gottfried Leibniz employed integral calculus for the first time to find the area under the graph of the function y = f(x). refimprove sections
1839 – The Virginia Military Institute, currently the oldest state military college in the United States, was founded. refimprove section
1880 – Australian bank robber and bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged in Melbourne. refimprove section, Featured on June 28
1889Washington, named in honor of the first U.S. president, was admitted to the United States as the 42nd state. too many images, expansion, refimprove section
1926Route 66, the "Main Street of America" running from Chicago to Los Angeles, was established. refimprove section
1940World War II: The German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis captured top-secret documents from SS Automedon that later influenced Japan's decision to enter the war. missing citations
1942World War II: The Allies defeated the Axis at the Second Battle of El Alamein, Egypt, turning the tide in the North African Campaign by ending Axis hopes of taking control of the Suez Canal and thus gaining access east to the Middle Eastern oil fields. refimprove section
Jeanne Demessieux |d|1968 lead too short, unreferenced sections



November 11: Armistice Day; Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth of Nations; Singles' Day in China; Veterans Day in the United States

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