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Blurb Reason
Heroes' Day in Indonesia (1945); refimprove
; Remembrance of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Turkey (09:05 TRT/06:05 UTC) refimprove/unreferenced sections
1444 – The Ottoman Empire under Sultan Murad II defeated the Polish and Hungarian armies under Władysław III of Poland and John Hunyadi at the Battle of Varna in the final battle of the Crusade of Varna. refimprove
1766William Franklin, the last Royal Governor of New Jersey, signed the charter establishing Queen's College, now known as Rutgers University. refimprove section
1775 – The United States Marine Corps was founded as the Continental Marines by a resolution of the Second Continental Congress during the American Revolutionary War. refimprove section
1871 – Journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley located missing missionary and explorer David Livingstone in Ujiji, near Lake Tanganyika in present-day Tanzania. Stanley: refimprove section; Livingstone: lots of CN tags
1894 - The rebel army of the Donghak Peasant Revolution retreated from the Battle of Ugeumchi, marking the beginning of the fall of the revolution. Revolution: lots of CN tags; Battle: refimprove
1919 – The American Legion, a veterans' mutual-aid society, held its first national convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. article is mostly just lists of names
1928Hirohito was crowned the 124th Emperor of Japan. appears on December 25
1975 – The United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 3379, which equated Zionism with racism. too many quotes
1989 – Longtime Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov resigned and was replaced by Petar Mladenov. Zhivkov: unreferenced section; Mladenov: lots of CN tags
1995 – Playwright and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight others from the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People were executed by the Nigerian military government. refimprove section


November 10: Mawlid (Sunni Islam, 2019); Noor Hossain Day in Bangladesh (1987)

Caroll Spinney with his Oscar the Grouch puppet in 2014
Caroll Spinney with his
Oscar the Grouch puppet

Andrés Manuel del Río (b. 1764) · Gaetano Bresci (b. 1869) · Mary Millar (d. 1998)

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