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International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers; refimprove
Democracy Day in Nigeria unreferenced stub
363 – Roman emperor Julian defeated Sassanid Emperor Shapur II outside the walls of Ctesiphon, but was unable to take the city. refimprove
1167 – A 1,600-man force of the Holy Roman Empire led by Christian of Buch and Rainald of Dassel defeated a 10,000-man Papal States army. refimprove
1176Wars of the Guelphs and Ghibellines: The Lombard League defeated the forces of the Holy Roman Empire in Legnano, Lombardy, present-day Italy. refimprove section
1328Philip VI of France was crowned at Notre-Dame de Reims, beginning the Valois Dynasty. refimprove section
1660 – The monarchy in England was restored under King Charles II. unreferenced section
1780American Revolutionary War: A mainly Loyalist force rejected the Continental Army troops' surrender at the Battle of Waxhaws and continued killing the Patriot soldiers, including men who were not resisting. refimprove section
1848Wisconsin became the 30th U.S. state admitted to the Union. refimprove section
1867 – By the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, signed by Franz Joseph I of Austria and a Hungarian delegation led by Ferenc Deák, the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary was established. lots of CN tags in one section
1900N'Djamena, now the capital of Chad, was founded as Fort-Lamy by French commander Émile Gentil. lots of CN tags
1914 – The ocean liner RMS Empress of Ireland sank in the Saint Lawrence River after colliding with the collier SS Storstad, killing 1,012 on board. refimprove section
1919 – Observations made by English astrophysicist Arthur Eddington during a solar eclipse confirmed part of Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. refimprove section
1985 – A wall at Brussels' Heysel Stadium collapsed under the pressure of football fans escaping a riot before the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus, killing 39 people and injuring over 600 others. refimprove section
1999Olusegun Obasanjo took office as President of Nigeria, the country's first elected and civilian head of state after 16 years of military rule. unreferenced sections
Joyce Yakubowich (b. 1953) unreferenced section



May 29: Feast day of Saint Paul VI (Catholicism)

Jenny Lind
Jenny Lind

Winfield Scott (d. 1866) · Hubert Opperman (b. 1904) · Ana Beatriz Barros (b. 1982)

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