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You might be a Wikipediholic ifEdit

 This user scored 542 on the Wikipediholic test (revision 966414566).
  • you're reading John 5 in the Bible and think Jesus is talking about self-published sources
  • your kid's English teacher knows you edit
  • you wrote perl or JavaScript code to help you do something on Wikipedia
    • you considered adding Wikipedia editing to your resume
  • you have shortcuts and hot keys to Wikipedia on your Internet browser
  • you meet a celebrity and feel like you have to mention that you edit their page
    • you ask to take a photo of them for their Wikipedia page
    • you ask them to tweet their information to settle any personal information issues once and for all
      • they've done exactly that
  • you use Wikipedia-editing conventions on Fandom Wikia or your business's Wiki pages
    • you get stressed when you read magazine articles and they don't have footnotes
    • you think footnotes in regular books and papers should be formatted like Wikipedia citations, and, "Ibid." bothers you
  • you use phrases like "that's cruft", "pov", "assume good faith", "let's give it 7 days"
  • you start collecting random magazines as potential citation references, but not The Sun
  • you can't get through a film or television show without pausing and noting the opening title cards and closing credits
  • your first instinct when you see a typo anywhere is to click on "edit source"
  • you make lists like this one

My favorite articlesEdit

These are articles I've contributed to that have reached a fairly high level of quality and/or received recognition, sometimes from the actual subject. It does not mean I WP:OWN the article or did most of the work on it. Wikipedia is a collaborative effort involving many editors.

Filmography examplesEdit

These are ones I regularly refer to when building a filmography:

Other articles I spent way too much time onEdit

Voice actorsEdit

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