Huading Awards

The Huading Awards are a set of entertainment awards in China.[1] The awards were set up by Tianxia Yingcai Cultural Media Co., LTD (simplified Chinese: 天下英才文化传媒有限公司; traditional Chinese: 天下英才文化傳媒有限公司) in 2007 in Beijing[1] and are held more than once each year across multiple entertainment media from Chinese television shows to international films and music.[2]

Huading Awards
Presented byTianxia Yingcai Cultural Media Co., LTD
First awarded2007
Huading Awards
Traditional Chinese華鼎獎
Simplified Chinese华鼎奖


The 1st Huading Awards poll was held on December 17, 2007. The name Huading, Hua comes from The Biography of Book of Documents, it also means the Chinese nation; Ding comes from Records of the Grand Historian, it means word carries weight.

On October 7, 2013, the 10th Huading Awards ceremony was held in Macao.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

On June 1, 2014, the 12th Huading Awards ceremony was held at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood.[9] On December 15, 2017, the 21st Huading Awards were held at the Ace Hotel Los Angeles.[10]


There are four main ceremonies held under the Huading Awards.

  • Huading Award China Film Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony (中国电影满意度调查发布盛典) – Film
    • The 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 20th, 21st editions are under this ceremony.
  • Huading Award "The Night of Cadillac" Top 100 TV Series Satisfactory Survey Release Ceremony (中国百强电视剧满意度调查盛典) – Television
    • The 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 17th, 19th editions are under this ceremony.
  • Huading Night Release Ceremony of Public Image Survey of China Performing Celebrity (演藝名人滿意度調查) – Film, TV, Music
    • The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 10th, 15th, 18th editions are under this ceremony.
  • Huading Award Global Music Satisfaction Survey (华鼎奖全球音乐满意度调查颁奖盛典) – Music
    • The 11th and 14th editions are under this ceremony.
Edition Type Date Venue, Refs
1st Public Image December 17, 2007 Beijing, China
2nd Public Image March 23, 2009 Millennium Hotel, Beijing, China
3rd Public Image May 5, 2010 Jingxi Hotel, Beijing, China
4th Television November 13, 2010 Taiyuan Binhe Sports Center (太原濱河體育中心), Taiyuan, China
5th Film March 1, 2011 Mastercard Center, Beijing, China[11]
6th Television December 8, 2011 Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China[12]
7th Public Image July 4, 2012 Olympic Sports Centre, Beijing, China
8th Television December 10, 2012 Shanghai Culture Square Theater (上海文化廣場劇院), Shanghai, China
9th Film April 10, 2013 Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre Star Hall, Kowloon, Hong Kong[13]
10th Public Image October 7, 2013 The Venetian Macao, Macau[3][4][5][6][7][8]
11th Music December 18, 2013 Shanghai World Expo Center Red Hall (上海世博中心紅廳)[clarification needed][14]
12th Film June 1, 2014 Montalban Theater, Hollywood, California, U.S.[9][15][16][17][18]
13th Television August 27, 2014 Beijing Orient MGM International Hotel (北京东方美高美国际酒店), Beijing, China[19][20]
14th Music 2015 Shanghai World Expo Center (上海世博中心), Shanghai, China[21]
15th Public Image January 18, 2015 The Venetian Macao, Macau[22][23]
16th Film June 1, 2015 Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong[24][25]
17th Television August 9, 2015 Shanghai World Expo Center (上海世博中心), Shanghai, China[26]
18th Public Image March 31, 2016 Studio City, Macau[27]
19th Television May 21, 2016 Chengdu OCT Grand (成都华侨城隆重), Chengu, China[28][29]
20th Film (domestic) September 7, 2016 Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong[30][31][32]
21st Film (international) December 15, 2016 Ace Hotel Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, U.S.[33][10]
22nd Television May 18, 2017 Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China[34]

Award resultsEdit

Award results for editions not listed in their own article.


Also known as China Film Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony (中国电影满意度调查发布盛典)

21st editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2016[33] Best Screenplay Drew Goddard, Andy Weir The Martian
Best Film The Martian
Best Actress Bryce Dallas Howard Jurassic World
Best Stunt Jeff Imada Fast and Furious 7
Lifetime Achievement Award Sylvester Stallone
Jury Award Natalie Portman, Hilary Swank, Mel Gibson

20th editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2016[32] Best Director Guan Hu Mr. Six
Best Film Mr. Six
Best Screenplay Wu Jing, Liu Yi, Dong Qun, Gao Yan Wolf Warriors
Best Actor Chen Jianbin A Fool
Best Actress Song Jia The Final Master
Best Supporting Actor Zhang Jin SPL II: A Time for Consequences
Best Supporting Actress Li Yuan Go Away Mr. Tumor
Best New Director Wu Jing Wolf Warriors
Best Newcomer Liu Haoran Detective Chinatown
Best Film Producer Lu Jianmin Wolf Warriors
Liu Hongtao Goodbye Mr. Loser
Song Xianqiang A Fool
Best 3D Film Farewell My Concubine [35]
Best Action Choreography Li Zhongzhi Wolf Warriors
Best Film Production Company Huayi Brothers
Best Film Voted by Audience Wolf Warriors
Lifetime Honor Award Wu Ma

16th editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2015[24] Best Director Peter Chan Dearest
Best Film Dearest
Best Screenplay Li Han, Liu Han Fleet of Time
Best Actor Mark Chao Black & White: The Dawn of Justice
Best Actress Zhao Wei Dearest
Best Supporting Actor Adrien Brody Dragon Blade
Best Supporting Actress Jiang Yiyan The Four III
Best New Director Lu Yang Brotherhood of Blades
Best Newcomer Christie Chen Kung Fu Jungle
Best Animation Film McDull: Me & My Mum
Best Film OST Jackie Chan "Hero of the Desert" (Dragon Blade)
Best Action Choreography JC Stunt Team Dragon Blade
Best Film Production Company Emperor Motion Pictures
Film Achievement Award Ge You
Lifetime Achievement Award Lisa Lu

12th editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2014[16][17] Best Director Guillermo del Toro Pacific Rim
Best Film Fast & Furious 6
Best Actor Orlando Bloom The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Best Actress Halle Berry X-Men: The Last Stand
Best Supporting Actor Jeremy Renner American Hustle
Best Supporting Actress Zoe Saldana Star Trek Into Darkness
Best Newcomer Charlie Hunnam Pacific Rim
Best Animation Film The Croods
Lifetime Achievement Award Hans Zimmer

9th editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2013[13] Best Director Jackie Chan CZ12
Best Film Cold War
Best Screenplay Law Chi-leung, Yeung Sin-ling The Bullet Vanishes
Best Actor Nicholas Tse The Bullet Vanishes
Best Actress Fan Bingbing Double Xposure
Best Supporting Actor Chapman To Diva
Best Supporting Actress Mavis Fan The Silent War
Best New Director Xu Zheng Lost in Thailand
Best Newcomer Zhang Lanxin CZ12
Best Trans-Boundary Artist Xiaoshenyang
Best Animation Film Kuiba
Best Short Film Father
Best Film OST Li Daimo & Jike Junyi "I think of it in" (Double Xposure)
Best Action Choreography JC Stunt Team CZ12
Best Film Production Company Polybona Films, Emperor Motion Pictures
Most Popular with the Media (Artist) Wang Baoqiang, Angelababy
Most Popular with the Media (Film OST) Theway Zhang "Hero's Rise" (Tai Chi Hero OST)
Best Foreign Actor Lee Byung-hun
Film Achievement Award Deanie Ip
Lifetime Achievement Award Raymond Chow

5th editionEdit

Year Category Winner Work Notes
2011[11] Best Director Feng Xiaogang Aftershock
Best Film The Founding of a Republic
Best Actor Donnie Yen Ip Man 2
Best Actress Xu Fan Aftershock
Best Actor/Actress (Romance film) Yao Chen Love In Cosmo
Best Actor/Actress (Fantasy film) Charlene Choi The Storm Warriors
Best Actor/Actress (Comedy film) Gillian Chung The Fantastic Water Babes
Best Actor/Actress (Drama film) Aaron Kwok Murderer
Best Supporting Actor Nicholas Tse Bodyguards and Assassins
Best Supporting Actress Ruby Lin Sophie's Revenge
Best Newcomer Xiaoshenyang, Li Chen, Qin Lan, Yao Di, Michelle Bai, Bai Jing, Wang Luodan, Jiang Ruijia, Yuan Ting, Michelle Wai
Best Film OST Sa Dingding "Royal Guards" (14 Blades OST)
Audience Voted Number One Chinese Film Aftershock
Audience Voted Number One Foreign Film Avatar
Most Anticipated Actor Han Geng My Kingdom
Top 10 Favorite Stars Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye, Xia Yu, Dong Jie, Xu Qing, Aaron Kwok, Nicholas Tse, Yang Lixin, Barbie Hsu
Outstanding Achievement Award Wong Kar-wai, Zhang Ziyi

Public Image SurveyEdit

18th editionEdit

Year Region Category Winner Work Notes
2015[27] China Best Director Raman Hui Monster Hunt
Best Film Actor Duan Yihong The Dead End
Best Film Actress Xu Qing Mr. Six
Best TV Actor Li Chen
Best TV Actress Ruby Lin
Best Male Singer Jeff Chang
Best Female Singer Karen Mok
Best Newcomer Lin Yun The Mermaid
Best Host Hua Shao
Best Dance Performer Cao Shuci (Ballet)
Best Magician Louis Liu
Global Best Director Jean-Jacques Annaud Wolf Totem
Best Actor Sophie Turner Game of Thrones
Best TV Actor Yoon Eun-hye
Best Singer Kyuhyun
Best Idol Group f(x)

15th editionEdit

Year Region Category Winner Work Notes
China Best Director Tsai Yueh-Hsun
Best Film Actor Donnie Yen The Monkey King
Best Film Actress Eva Huang Nature Law
Best TV Actor Raymond Lam Line Walker
Best TV Actress Charmaine Sheh Line Walker
Most Popular Singer Yao Beina
Best Host Li Kun
Best Dancer Zhu Han
Global[39] Best Director Michael Mann
Best Film Actor Chris Hemsworth Thor: The Dark World
Best Film Actress Naomi Watts Diana
Best TV Actor Kim Soo-hyun My Love From the Star
Best TV Actress Han Ye-seul Birth of a Beauty
Best Singer Wang Leehom
Best Group Super Junior
Best Dance Performer Rino Nakasone
Lifetime Achievement Award Mei Baojiu

10th editionEdit

Year Region Category Winner Work Notes
2013[40] China Best Director Dante Lam Unbeatable
Best New Director Xue Xiaolu Finding Mr. Right
Best Film Actor Nick Cheung Unbeatable
Best Film Actress Zhang Ziyi The Grandmaster
Best TV Actor Raymond Lam Highs and Lows
Best TV Actress Fala Chen Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
Best Theater Actor Anthony Wong Enigma Variations
Best Theater Actress Xu Qing A Dream Like A Dream
Best Opera Actor Feng Gong
Best Opera Actress Liu Lanfang
Best Stage Actor Chang Dong
Best Stage Actress Chen Cheng
Best Male Singer Terry Lin
Best Female Singer Sophia Huang
Best Male Host Li Yong
Best Female Host Sally Wu
Best Male Dance Performer Sha Xia Jun Nan
Best Female Dance Performer Wang Qimin
Most Popular with the Media Song Xiaobao, Lisa Ono
Lifetime Achievement Award Liu Xiaoqing
Global Best Director Quentin Tarantino
Best Film Actor Nicolas Cage
Best Film Actress Nicole Kidman
Best TV Actor Matthew Perry
Best TV Actress Michelle Dockery
Best Action Performer Sam Worthington
Best Singer Avril Lavigne
Best Idol Group Girls' Generation
Best Male Dance Performer Anthony
Best Female Dance Performer Sharon Savoia
Lifetime Achievement Award Jeremy Irons


Also known as the Huading Award Global Music Satisfaction Survey.

14th editionEdit

Year Region Category Winner Work Notes
2015[21] China Most Popular Album Ada Huang I've been thinking
Most Popular Song Chopstick Brothers Little Apple
Most Popular Group Chopstick Brothers
Most Popular Male Singer Terry Lin
Most Popular Female Singer Sophia Huang
Most Popular Singer-Songwriter Xu Song
Most Popular Musician Mark Lui
Most Popular Potential Singer Jin Guisheng
Most Popular Newcomer Zhang Bichen
Lifetime Achievement Award Zhou Xiaoyan
Global Most Popular Group Exo
Most Popular Male Singer Cody Simpson
Most Popular Female Singer Park Hye-kyung
Most Popular Newcomer Tasty
Lifetime Achievement Award Michael Bolton

11th editionEdit

Year Region Category Winner Work Notes
2013[14] China Best Album Vanness Wu Different Man
Best Single Eason Chan Stable Happiness Not awarded due to absence from ceremony.
Best Commercial Song Escape Plan "Brightest Star in the Night Sky"
Best Group BY2
Best Male Singer Sun Nan
Best Female Singer Laure Shang
Best Band Black Panther
Best Musician Jonathan Lee
Best Singer-Songwriter Chen Chusheng
Best New Singer Zhang Hengyuan, Jike Junyi
Fans' Choice Award Sa Dingding, Leo Ku
Chinese Music Contribution Award Shi Guangnan
Lifetime Achievement Award Jin Tielin
Global Best Male Singer Adam Lambert
Most Popular Female Singer Carly Rae Jepsen
Best New Band Dent May

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