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TwoSet Violin is an Australian YouTube duo formed in 2013, made up of Australian violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen. They are best known for their antics on the YouTube channel of the same name, which has reached over 1.2 million subscribers and 180 million views as of April 2019.

TwoSet Violin
TwoSet Violin New York October 2018 003.jpg
TwoSet Violin at Merkin Concert Hall, Kaufman Music Center, New York City, 2018
Personal information
BornBrett Yang
Eddy Chen
OriginBrisbane, Australia
OccupationMusician, YouTuber
YouTube information
Years active2013–present
GenreComedy, music
Subscribers1.2 million
Total views184 million
Catchphrase(s)"Practice", "Ling Ling 40 hours"
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg100,000 subscribers 2018
Updated 29 April 2019



Brett Yang and Eddy Chen first met each other in math tutoring, when Brett was 14 and Eddy 13.[1] They became acquainted through being the youngest members of a youth orchestra, and later students at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.[2] Yang's debut at Queensland Conservatorium was playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in 2012, and he has worked with various Australian orchestras, including a performance at the 2014 G20 Brisbane summit. Chen was a finalist for the National Young Virtuoso Award in Queensland in 2014, and had played with the Queensland and Melbourne symphonies.[3]

In 2013, they started posting YouTube videos of cover tunes of pop music played on the violin.[2] In an interview with CutCommon, Brett Yang said that they saw violin virtuosos who had racked up millions of views on YouTube playing covers and had attempted to the same to minimal reaction.[3] They then discovered that violinist Ray Chen had made a few funny videos, and changed their content to a less serious, more comedic tone. They focused on their lives in the conservatorium culture, classical musicians, and as students, and viewership increased dramatically.[2][3][4]

Yang and Chen had played in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Queensland Symphony Orchestra respectively, but had produced their own material to do a tour, which was in the format more of a comedy act than a concert. The act would feature violin playing woven through the story-line.[2] Using KickStarter as their fundraising method, and doing busking in Sydney, they raised enough money to go on a worldwide tour in 2017 to 11 cities in 10 countries,[2][5][6] in Asia and Europe[7] including Taipei, Helsinki, and Frankfurt.[8][9][10] In 2018, they toured places in the United States including New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.[11][12][7]

In 2018, their YouTube channel received the Silver Play Button,[13][14] and in 2019, they are expecting to receive a Gold Play Button for having over one million subscribers.[15]

Gimmicks and themesEdit

In 2017, TwoSet Violin created an off-screen fictional character by the name of Ling Ling to represent the perfect violinist who practices 40 hours a day.[16][17][18] In an interview with Yle Uutiset, they describe Ling Ling as a main boss of a video game or a Chuck Norris of violin players. Eddy Chen said they created the character after doing a comedy sketch video involving a tiger mom talking about her friend.[19] In 2018, they released a series of videos called the Ling Ling Workout. In these series, the duo draws a classical piece (or contemporary music), and a playing "handicap" such as double speed, with a string tuned oddly, or while dancing, with hand positions reversed, or even while upside down.[20][21] Violinists such as Ray Chen, Ziyu He and Hilary Hahn have also attempted the challenge.[22]

In July 2018, they released a series of videos where they appear to be playing classical music using rubber chickens.[23][24][25] In August 2018, they released a video called "1% Violin Skills, 99% Editing Skills". Yang attempts to play something difficult, and Chen tells him to play a chromatic scale. He then uses video editing to put together the song as originally intended.[26] They later released other 1% Skill videos with them attempting other instruments.[27]

Viola jokes are another recurring theme. In 2018, they released a video called "Viola Gang", a parody of "Gucci Gang", where Eddy Chen is called a "Viola King" or "Viking". Eddy Chen also purchased a viola for Brett Yang's birthday as a "practical joke".[28]


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