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UTC+09:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +09:00.

Time zone
Timezones2008 UTC+9 gray.png
World map with the time zone highlighted
UTC offset
Current time
10:40, 27 September 2022 UTC+09:00 [refresh]
Central meridian
135 degrees E
Date-time group
UTC+09:00 in May 2018: blue (December), orange (June), yellow (year-round), light blue (sea areas)
Time in Russia
  KALT Kaliningrad Time UTC+2 (MSK−1)
  MSK Moscow Time UTC+3 (MSK±0)
  SAMT Samara Time UTC+4 (MSK+1)
  YEKT Yekaterinburg Time UTC+5 (MSK+2)
  OMST Omsk Time UTC+6 (MSK+3)
  KRAT Krasnoyarsk Time UTC+7 (MSK+4)
  IRKT Irkutsk Time UTC+8 (MSK+5)
  YAKT Yakutsk Time UTC+9 (MSK+6)
  VLAT Vladivostok Time UTC+10 (MSK+7)
  MAGT Magadan Time UTC+11 (MSK+8)
  PETT Kamchatka Time UTC+12 (MSK+9)
Time in Indonesia
Map of Indonesia time zones
Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7)8:40 am, September 27, 2022 [refresh]
Central Indonesia Time (UTC+8)9:40 am, September 27, 2022 [refresh]
Eastern Indonesia Time (UTC+9)10:40 am, September 27, 2022 [refresh]

During the Japanese occupations of British Borneo, Burma, Hong Kong, Dutch East Indies, Malaya, Philippines, Singapore, and French Indochina, it was used as a common time with Tokyo until the fall of the Empire of Japan.

As standard time (year-round)Edit

Principal cities: Tokyo, Seoul, Pyongyang, Yakutsk, Koror, Dili

North AsiaEdit

East AsiaEdit


  • Palau

Southeast AsiaEdit

Discrepancies between official UTC+09:00 and geographical UTC+09:00Edit

Areas located in UTC+09:00 longitudes using other time zonesEdit

This concerns areas within 127°30′ E and 142°30′ E longitude.



Federated States of MicronesiaEdit

Papua New GuineaEdit


Areas located outside UTC+09:00 longitudes using UTC+09:00 timeEdit

Areas between 97°30′ E and 112°30′ E ("physical" UTC+07:00)Edit

Areas between 112°30′ E and 127°30′ E ("physical" UTC+08:00)Edit

Areas between 142°30′ E and 157°30′ E ("physical" UTC+10:00)Edit

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