Faddeyevsky Peninsula

Faddeyevsky, also known as Faddeyevsky Island (Russian: остров Фаддеевский), is a large peninsula in the New Siberian Islands, Sakha Republic, Russia.

Faddeyevsky Peninsula
Остров Фаддеевский
Location of the Faddeyevsky Peninsula in the Anzhu subgroup.
Faddeyevsky Peninsula is located in Sakha Republic
Faddeyevsky Peninsula
Faddeyevsky Peninsula
LocationNew Siberian Islands
Coordinates75°27′N 143°51′E / 75.450°N 143.850°E / 75.450; 143.850Coordinates: 75°27′N 143°51′E / 75.450°N 143.850°E / 75.450; 143.850
Adjacent bodies of water
Area5,300 km2 (2,000 sq mi)
Length85 km (52.8 mi)
Width60 km (37 mi)
Highest elevation65 m (213 ft)
Federal subjectSakha Republic

This geographic feature was named after a fur trader called Faddeyev who built the first settlement there.[1]


It was formerly recognized as an island, but it is geographically part of Kotelny Island. The peninsula projects from the northern end of Bunge Land eastwards with its isthmus in the north. There is a deep inlet on Faddeyevski between its western coast and adjoining Bunge Land.[2]

Faddeyevsky is covered with tundra vegetation and dotted with small lakes.

Unlike neighboring Kotelny this peninsula is relatively flat despite its size, its highest point being only 65 m. Its area is 5,300 km².

Map of the New Siberian Islands ca. 1820.
Faddeyevsky Landsat-1 satellite image.

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