Anzhu Islands

The Anzhu Islands or Anjou Islands (Russian: Анжу Oстрова, tr. Anzhu Ostrova; Yakut: Анжу Aрыыларa, romanized: Anju Arıılara) are an archipelago and geographical subgroup of the New Siberian Islands archipelago. They are located between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea in the Russian Arctic Ocean.

Anzhu Islands
  • Анжу Oстрова (Russian)
  • Анжу Aрыыларa (Yakut)
Island group
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Temp aerodrome
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Anzhu Islands is located in Sakha Republic
Anzhu Islands
Anzhu Islands
Anzhu Islands is located in Russia
Anzhu Islands
Anzhu Islands
Coordinates: 75°28′30″N 143°2′30″E / 75.47500°N 143.04167°E / 75.47500; 143.04167
Country Russia
Federal subjectFar Eastern Federal District


The Anzhu Islands are named after Russian explorer Pyotr Anjou, a Russian-born descendant of Protestant refugees from the French province of Anjou.


The total area of the islands is approx. 29,000 km².

This island group is a practically uninhabited territory. It belongs administratively to Yakutia, Russian Federation.

Main islandsEdit

The main islands of the Anzhu Islands archipelago are, from west to east:


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