U.S. Route 6 in Connecticut

U.S. Route 6 (US 6) within the state of Connecticut runs for 116.33 miles (187.21 km) from the New York state line near Danbury to the Rhode Island state line in Killingly. West of Hartford, the route either closely parallels or runs along Interstate 84 (I-84), which has largely supplanted US 6 as a through route in western Connecticut. East of Hartford, US 6 serves as a primary route for travel between Hartford and Providence.

U.S. Route 6 marker

U.S. Route 6
US 6 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ConnDOT
Length116.33 mi[1] (187.21 km)
Major junctions
West end US 6 / US 202 in Southeast, NY
  I-84 / US 7 / US 202 in Danbury
I-84 / Route 67 in Southbury
Route 9 in Farmington
I-91 in Hartford
Route 15 in East Hartford
Route 2 in East Hartford
I-384 in Bolton
I-395 in Killingly
East end US 6 in Foster, RI
CountiesFairfield, New Haven, Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland, Windham
Highway system
  • Routes in Connecticut
US 5US 7

Route descriptionEdit

Western ConnecticutEdit

US 6 enters Connecticut paired with US 202 from the town of Southeast, New York just east of the village of Brewster. The concurrency runs for 3.8 miles (6.1 km) through the city of Danbury as a minor arterial road before it forms a 3.3 miles (5.3 km) 4-way concurrency with I-84 and US 7 from I-84 exit 4 to exit 7. At exit 7, US 7 and US 202 split to the north, while US 6 stays duplexed with I-84 for another 0.8 miles (1.3 km) before returning to surface roads at exit 8. The route then goes through the towns of Bethel and Newtown. In Newtown, it has a 2.8 miles (4.5 km) concurrency with Route 25 before turning east toward the village of Sandy Hook, where it enters I-84 once again for 6.4 miles (10.3 km) between Newtown and Southbury (from exits 10 to 15).

After exiting I-84 in Southbury, US 6 once again becomes a surface road, and is duplexed with Route 67 for 2.7 miles (4.3 km). It then passes through the northern Waterbury area suburbs of Woodbury, Watertown and Thomaston. US 6 has a 1.0-mile (1.6 km) overlap with the Route 8 expressway in Thomaston.

Hartford areaEdit

After leaving the Route 8 expressway, US 6 continues as an alternating 2- and 4-lane surface road through the towns of Plymouth, Bristol and Farmington. In Farmington, it once again joins I-84 at exit 38 for 13.4 miles (21.6 km), passing through West Hartford, Hartford, and East Hartford. US 44 joins for 0.25 miles (0.40 km) to cross the Connecticut River on the Bulkeley Bridge from Hartford to East Hartford towards Bolton just past the eastern terminus of I-384.

Eastern ConnecticutEdit

In Bolton, US 6 and US 44 split. US 44 follows a more northerly route while US 6 continues through Bolton, Coventry, Andover and Columbia. It intersects with Route 316 and Route 87 along the way, and mostly follows the Hop River.

The US 6 Willimantic Bypass begins in Columbia, at a four-way at-grade intersection with Route 66. The expressway starts out heading northeast and immediately crosses into Coventry. After crossing the town line, the eastbound and westbound sides of US 6 split, with a hill in between them. At the split, the eastbound side of the expressway curves and heads east. At this point, the Hop River State Park Trail passes under both sides of the expressway. Soon after, the westbound lane also curves, and the two sides of the expressway soon become parallel again. The expressway then passes over Flanders River Road about 0.25 miles (0.40 km) east. The expressway then crosses the Willimantic River and enters the town of Windham. Right after entering Windham, it overpasses the New England Central Railroad. Immediately after this, there is an interchange with Route 32. After the interchange, the expressway enters Mansfield and passes under Mansfield Avenue before encountering another interchange for Route 195. The eastbound exit and westbound entrance use Mansfield City Road, while the westbound exit accesses Route 195 via North Frontage Road and eastbound access to US 6 is from Route 195 itself. Soon after the eastbound entrance ramp joins US 6, the expressway crosses the Natchaug River and once again enters Windham. 0.5 miles (0.80 km) after entering Windham, the US 6 Willimantic Bypass ends at an interchange with the eastern end of Route 66, whose roadway US 6 assumes east of the interchange. US 6 then continues as a surface road through the towns of Chaplin, Hampton, and Brooklyn. In Killingly, US 6 becomes a two-lane freeway in the vicinity of its junction with I-395 in Killingly, part of which (0.34 miles (0.55 km)) is duplexed with Route 12. Just before the Rhode Island state line, the unsigned portion of the Connecticut Turnpike (SR 695) merges into US 6 eastbound as it enters the town of Foster


Before the creation of the U.S. Highway system in 1926, most of the proposed routing in Connecticut was part of New England Interstate Route 3 (NE-3). There were two places where NE-3 and US 6 were not overlapped. NE-3 began in Bedford, New York at NY 22, entering Connecticut via modern Route 35. NE-3 continued north to Danbury via the old non-expressway alignment of U.S. Route 7. US 6, on the other hand, went east from Brewster on its current alignment, meeting with NE-3 in downtown Danbury.

Another difference in routing is between Manchester and Windham. US 6 originally used a more northern alignment via Coventry, running along present U.S. Route 44 then modern Route 31. NE-3 used current US 6 for its routing. East of Windham, the routes overlapped into Rhode Island. Between 1926 and 1932, NE-3 and US 6 were cosigned where they overlapped. NE-3 was finally deleted in 1932.

Willimantic bypassEdit

The sign at the start of the bypass in North Windham, Connecticut

I-84 was to be an expressway that would connect the modern Interstate 384 with the modern U.S. Route 6 Willimantic Bypass. From here, I-84 would continue to Providence. This idea was planned in the 1960s, but abandoned in 2005.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) had planned since the 1960s to upgrade the segment between Bolton and Columbia to an expressway, connecting I-384 to the existing expressway segment in Windham. However, this particular segment of US 6 passes through an environmentally sensitive area centered around the Hop River. Construction had been planned to begin in the late 1980s, but federal, state, and local officials could not reach an agreement on a feasible route that avoided the Hop River wetlands and development within the towns of Andover, Bolton, Coventry, and Columbia. The affected towns, ConnDOT and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection favored a northern alignment (Alternative 133B), which would avoid the town centers and nearby wetlands. The Environmental Protection Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) favored a southerly alignment (Alternative 133 18/25) that would cut through residential and commercial areas as well as the Hop River's adjoining wetlands.

Despite opposition from ConnDOT, the Connecticut DEP, and affected towns, the FHWA issued a Record of Decision and the Army Corps of Engineers issued required permits for Alternative 133 18/25 (southern alignment) in 2001. State and local officials continued to press the Corps of Engineers to approve the northern alignment. Due to the impasse between state, local, and federal officials, federal funds for the bypass were withdrawn in 2003. In 2005, the Capitol Region Council of Governments and ConnDOT removed the US 6 bypass from planning, hence ConnDOT effectively abandoned further study of the bypass in lieu of upgrading the existing road.

In 2007, ConnDOT began making safety improvements and capacity upgrades to the existing US 6 through Andover, Bolton, and Columbia.

Alternate routesEdit

There have been several routes signed as US 6A in the state.[2] No special routes currently exist.

  • Newtown-Southbury: original surface routing before creation of expressway later to become I-84; currently SR 816
  • Plymouth-Hartford: Now US 6. At this time, the old US 6 went along Route 64 to downtown Waterbury then along Route 10 to Farmington.
  • Woodbury-Willimantic: West of Meriden, this was the original alignment of US 6. When US 6 was reassigned to the former 6A from Plymouth-Farmington, this became 6A. This 6A was subsequently extended through Meriden to Willimantic along modern Route 66. An expressway upgrade was planned for this 6A. Only a portion of the highway was built and is now Interstate 691. Between Woodbury and Waterbury this section is now CT Route 64.
  • Coventry-Windham: became 6A when NE-3 was deleted. Swapped with the old US 6 in 1939 and finally deleted in 1942 when 6A became Route 31.
  • Danielson: old routing prior to construction of the 2-lane freeway

Major intersectionsEdit

Exit numbers are signed throughout the route's overlap with I-84.

FairfieldDanbury0.000.00   US 6 / US 202 westContinuation into New York
0.040.064  Saw Mill Road to I-84 – Newburgh, NY, WaterburyExit 1 on I-84
1.031.66  Milestone Road to I-84 – Newburgh, NY, WaterburyExit 2 on I-84
1.101.77  Old Ridgebury Road to I-84 east – WaterburyExit 2A on I-84
4.156.684   I-84 west / US 7 south – Newburgh, NY, NorwalkWestern end of I-84 / US 7 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance to/from US 7
5.619.035    Route 37 / Route 39 / Route 53 – Downtown Danbury, Bethel
6.2510.066  Route 37 – New FairfieldWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
7.9712.837   US 7 north / US 202 east – Brookfield, New MilfordEastern end of US 7 / US 202 concurrency
8.2613.298  I-84 east – WaterburyEastern end of I-84 concurrency
Town of Newtown11.4518.43  Route 25 north – Hawleyville, BrookfieldNorthern end of Route 25 concurrency
Borough of Newtown14.2622.95  Route 25 south – BridgeportSouthern end of Route 25 concurrency
Town of Newtown15.5224.9810  I-84 west – DanburyWestern end of I-84 concurrency
16.3326.2811   Route 34 east to Route 25 – Derby, New HavenAccess via SSR 490
New HavenSouthbury18.9330.4613River RoadEastbound exit and westbound entrance
20.4032.8314  Route 172 north – South Britain
15   I-84 east / Route 67 south – Waterbury, New HavenEastern end of I-84 overlap; western end of Route 67 concurrency
23.7638.24  Route 67 north (Roxbury Road)Northern end of Route 67 concurrency
LitchfieldWoodbury25.9441.75  Route 64 east – Middlebury, WaterburyWestern end of Route 64
26.9043.29  Route 317 west – RoxburyEastern end of Route 317
27.6044.42  Route 47 north – Hotchkissville, WashingtonSouthern end of Route 47
31.4850.66  Route 61 north – Bethlehem
Watertown34.5755.64  Route 63 – East Morris, Middlebury
35.8157.63  Route 262 north – OakvilleSouthern end of Route 262
Thomaston38.6162.14  Route 109 west – MorrisEast end of Route 109
39.1262.96  Route 254 north – LitchfieldSouth end of Route 254
39.4063.41  Route 8 south – BridgeportSouthern end of Route 8 concurrency; Exit 38 on Route 8
40.3965.00  Route 8 north – TorringtonNorthern end of Route 8 concurrency; Exit 39 on Route 8
40.6165.36  Route 222 north – HarwintonSouth end of Route 222
Plymouth41.2866.43   Route 262 south – AirportNorth end of Route 262
44.1571.05  Route 72 – Harwinton, Bristol, Plainville, New Britain
HartfordBristol46.8675.41  Route 69 south – WolcottSouthern end of Route 69 concurrency
47.2576.04  Route 69 north – BurlingtonNorthern end of Route 69 concurrency
48.3077.73  Route 229 south – Southington, Theme ParkNorthern end of Route 229
Farmington50.9582.00  Route 177 – Plainville, Unionville
53.0985.44  Route 10 – Plainville, AvonGrade-separated interchange; access via Scott Swamp Road
55.1588.76  Fienemann Road east to I-84To Exit 37 on I-84
38  I-84 east – HartfordWestern end of I-84 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
56.2190.4639  Route 4 – FarmingtonWestbound exit and eastbound entrance via SR 508
39A  Route 9 south – Newington, New BritainNorthern terminus of Route 9
West Hartford58.1993.6540  Route 71 (New Britain Avenue) – Corbins Corner
59.1595.1941South Main Street – Elmwood
59.9796.5142Trout Brook Drive – ElmwoodWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
43Park Road – West Hartford CenterAccess via SR 501
61.0998.3144Prospect Avenue / Oakwood Avenue
Hartford61.8599.5445Flatbush AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance via SR 504
46Sisson AvenueAccess via SR 503
62.96101.3247Sigourney StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
48AAsylum StreetSigned as Exit 48 westbound
63.30101.8748BCapitol AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance
63.91102.8549Ann Uccello StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance; to XL Center
50   US 44 west (Main Street) to I-91 south – Downtown Hartford, New HavenWestern terminus of US 44 concurrency; no eastbound signage for I-91 or US 44
51   I-91 north – Springfield, MA, Bradley International AirportExit 32 on I-91
64.43103.6952  I-91 south – New HavenWestbound access is via Exit 50
Connecticut River64.50–
Bulkeley Bridge
East Hartford64.87104.4053  US 44 east (Connecticut Boulevard) / East River Drive – East HartfordEastern end of US 44 concurrency; no westbound exit
65.19104.9154  Route 2 west – Downtown HartfordWestbound exit and eastbound entrance from Restricted Lanes
55  Route 2 east – Norwich
65.29105.07  I-84 east (Restricted Lanes)Western terminus of I-84 Restricted Lanes
56Governor Street – Downtown East HartfordAccess via SR 500
66.76107.4457   Route 15 south to I-91 – Charter Oak Bridge, New HavenWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
58Silver Lane (SR 502)Westbound exit from Restricted Lanes
68.35110.0059  I-384 east – BoltonEastbound exit and westbound entrance from Restricted Lanes
60   I-84 east / US 44 west – Boston, MA, East HartfordEastern end of I-84 concurrency; western end of US 44 concurrency
72.67116.95  Route 83
TollandBolton75.83122.04  Route 85 south – Bolton Center, Gay City State Park
76.62123.31  I-384 west – HartfordWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
76.95123.84  US 44 east – Coventry, MansfieldEastern end of US 44 concurrency
Andover82.68133.06  Route 316 south – Andover, HebronNorthern end of Route 316
83.91135.04  Route 87 south – Columbia, NorwichNorthern end of Route 87
Columbia87.81141.32  Route 66 – Middletown, Willimantic
WindhamWindham89.72144.39  Route 32 – Stafford Springs, WillimanticGrade-separated interchange
TollandMansfield91.94147.96  Route 195 – Storrs, University of ConnecticutGrade-separated interchange
WindhamWindham93.15149.91  Route 66 west – WillimanticEastern end of Route 66
95.00152.89  Route 203 south – Windham, LebanonNorthern end of Route 203
Chaplin96.96156.04  Route 198 north – Chaplin, Phoenixville, Woodstock, PutnamSouthern end of Route 198
Hampton101.30163.03  Route 97 – Pomfret, Scotland
Brooklyn107.44172.91  Route 169 – Pomfret, Canterbury
Killingly110.96178.57  Route 12 north – DanielsonNorthern terminus of Route 12 concurrency
111.31179.14  Route 12 south – PlainfieldSouthern terminus of Route 12 concurrency
111.80179.92  I-395 – Norwich, Worcester, MACloverleaf interchange; no westbound access to I-395 south; Exits 37A-B on I-395
116.04186.75  To I-395 south – NorwichWestbound exit and eastbound entrance via unsigned Connecticut Turnpike
116.33187.21  US 6 eastcontinuation into Rhode Island
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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