Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Stafford Springs is a census-designated place located in Stafford, Connecticut. The population was 4,988 at the 2010 Census.[1] The village was a borough until November 1991, when it was disincorporated.[2]

Stafford Springs
The Holt Memorial Fountain circa. 1910
The Holt Memorial Fountain circa. 1910
Coordinates: 41°57′12″N 72°18′11″W / 41.9534°N 72.3030°W / 41.9534; -72.3030Coordinates: 41°57′12″N 72°18′11″W / 41.9534°N 72.3030°W / 41.9534; -72.3030
Country United States
State Connecticut

Located on the mouth of the Willimantic River,[3] the mill industry grew in the town due to its location and became the largest industry in the area.[4] The village has the Holt Memorial Fountain and the former railroad station.[5]

In the 18th century, the spring at Stafford Springs was famous for its reputed ability to cure "the gout, sterility, pulmonary, hysterics, etc."[6] In 1771, John Adams, then a young lawyer, visited Stafford Springs for several days after suffering from overwork and anxiety.[6]

Stafford Springs was once the headquarters of Station C of the Connecticut State Police, and subsequently was the site of the Troop C Barracks.[7]

Currently Route 32, Route 190, Route 19, and Route 140 pass through or originate in the village.[8]

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