U.S. Route 19 in Georgia

U.S. Route 19 (US 19) is a 349-mile-long (562 km) U.S. Highway in the U.S. state of Georgia. It travels from the Florida state line south-southeast of Thomasville, Georgia, through Albany and Atlanta, to the North Carolina state line at a point north of Lake Nottely.[1]

U.S. Highway 19 marker

U.S. Highway 19

Route of US 19 in Georgia in red
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length349 mi[1] (562 km)
Major junctions
South end US 19 at the Florida state line near Thomasville
Major intersections
North end US 19 / US 129 at the North Carolina state line southwest of Murphy, North Carolina
CountryUnited States
CountiesThomas, Mitchell, Dougherty, Lee, Sumter, Schley, Taylor, Upson, Pike, Spalding, Henry, Clayton, Fulton, Forsyth, Dawson, Lumpkin, Union
Highway system
  • Georgia State Highway System
SR 18 SR 19
SR 2SR 3 SR 4
SR 8SR 9 SR 10

Route descriptionEdit

US 19 in Atlanta

US 19 enters Georgia in a concurrency with SR 3 and SR 300 as Lee Highway' south-southeast of Thomasville. Within the vicinity of Thomasville, it has a concurrency with US 84 where it has intersections with SR 122 and US 319 before US 84 finally branches off to the west. It continues north, traveling through Meigs where it intersects SR 3 Alt. and SR 111. Later, it runs through Albany, where it becomes a limited-access highway, has a brief concurrency with US 82, and the concurrency with SR 300 comes to an end. Further north, it runs through Americus, where it joins US 280 for one mile (1.6 km), then Ellaville, where it intersects SR 26. Between Taylor and Upson County, it has a concurrency with US 80 that ends south of Thomaston, and later runs through Zebulon where it runs in a one-way pair and intersects SR 18. It joins US 41 and proceeds north to Griffin. It then proceeds through the western tip of Henry County, traveling through Hampton, home of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. US 19 continues north through Clayton County where it is known as Tara Boulevard, before entering Atlanta.

Within Atlanta, US 19/US 41 runs along Northside Drive where it is joined by US 29/SR 3 Connector (Chapel Street Southwest). From there, US 9/US 29/US 41/SR 3 runs north and then curves northeast, passing by a group of condominiums called "The Villages of Castleberry Hill", before the road curves straight north between Nelson Street Southwest and Markham Street Southwest. Here the routes run along the west side of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium next door to the Georgia World Congress Center. US 29 leaves the concurrency with US 19/US 41 in the vicinity Georgia Tech, and turns northwest onto US 78/US 278/SR 8, which leaves US 9/US 41 to go west. The highway briefly curves northeast as it passes over some Norfolk Southern Railway lines, then turns north again at a partial interchange with Tech Parkway Northwest. Leaving the vicinity of Georgia Tech, it splits from US 41/SR 3 after traveling through downtown Atlanta and turns right onto on 14th Street, which is also the western beginning of SR 9. One block after the interchange with I-75/I-85 (Downtown Connector) in Midtown, it has an intersection with a one-way pair with Spring Street (southbound US 9) before turning north on Peachtree Street The one-way pair ends at the vicinity of a complex interchange with SR 13 and the Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta Campus, just south of a crossing over I-85, which includes the historic Peachtree (Amtrak station). After several miles, it intersects SR 141 in Buckhead, where Peachtree Street continues. It follows Roswell Road north through the city of Sandy Springs. At its southern interchange with I-285, it splits from SR 9, and overlaps I-285 between exits 25 and 27, the latter of which is for SR 400, which it overlaps north of there.

Most of this section is a limited-access road with four lanes in each direction, becoming two lanes in each direction as the highway continues away from the northern suburbs of Atlanta. It arrives in Dahlonega, where it is no longer concurrent with SR 400, before about 37 miles (60 km) of extremely curvy road, which includes a concurrency with US 129. From the north side of the state, the last major town it travels through is Blairsville.

Northwest from there, US 9/US 29/SR 11 passes the southwest border of the Butternut Creek Golf Course before entering Youngstown. The road turns north again where it utilizes a short causeway over Wellborn Branch, a tributary of the Nottely River before intersecting the northern terminus of Pat Haralson Memorial Drive. The road enters Canal Lake where another short causeway that makes a pond leading to Stevens Branch Creek. In Ivylog, the eastern terminus of SR 325 can be found across from Ivy Log Road. At the southwest corner of the North Carolina state line, SR 11 meets its northern terminus, while US 9 continues towards Erie, Pennsylvania and US 29 continues towards Knoxville, Tennessee.

The following portions of US 19 in Georgia is part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense:

  • From the Florida state line to the I-75 interchange west of Morrow
  • From the SR 13 interchange in Atlanta to the North Carolina state line.[2][3][4][5]


US 19 has been gradually four-laned since the 1950s. Initially, this was in the urban areas, but Georgia began four-laning the route through most of the rural sections of the state in the 1990s. The section from Griffin to Thomaston was four-laned by the early 1990s, while the section from Thomaston to Leesburg was completed in sections between 2000-2010.

In 2006, business and government officials in Southwest Georgia began a campaign to have I-185 extended to Monticello, Florida, and connect with I-10. The proposed route of the highway would have traveled parallel to SR 520 (known as "Corridor Z") to Albany, and then parallel to US 19.[6] Local opposition to the plan soon emerged.[7] Critics argued that the proposed interstate would siphon business from small towns that the new road bypassed.[7] In 2009, Georgia's Department of Transportation concluded a two-year study of the proposal, which found that extending I-185 would "be inconsistent with existing comprehensive land use plans; would have a negative impact on prime agricultural land, forests and cultural assets; and could have a detrimental impact on poverty and minority populations".[8] GDOT announced it would instead focus on upgrading and improving other key arterial highways in southwest Georgia, including SR 133 between Albany and Valdosta.

Major intersectionsEdit

US 19 south (SR 57) / SR 3 begins / SR 300 begins – Monticello
Florida state line; southern end of SR 3 and SR 300 concurrencies; southern terminus of SR 3/SR 300
Thomasville11.318.2Old Monticello RoadFormer US 19 Bus. north
13.020.9     US 84 east / US 84 Bus. west / SR 38 east / SR 38 Bus. west – Quitman, Thomasville, ValdostaInterchange; southern end of US 84/SR 38 concurrency; eastern terminus of US 84 Bus./SR 38 Bus.
14.222.9   SR 122 east – Pavo, AirportWestern terminus of SR 122
14.723.7   SR 35 Conn. north (East Jackson Street) – Thomasville, Moultrie, AirportSouthern terminus of SR 35 Conn.
15.825.4      US 84 west / US 319 / SR 35 / SR 38 west / SR 3 Alt. north (North Thomasville Bypass) – Cairo, Tallahassee, MoultrieNorthern end of US 84/SR 38 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 3 Alt.
18.229.3  SR 202 north – Coolidge, MoultrieSouthern terminus of SR 202
Ochlocknee24.539.4  SR 188 – Cairo, Ochlocknee, CoolidgeFormer US 19 Bus. south
31.951.3   SR 111 / SR 3 Alt. south – Cairo, Moultrie, Meigs Business DistrictNorthern terminus of SR 3 Alt.
SR 93 (Curry Street / Cotton Road) to SR 65 – Pelham, Sale City, Cairo, Pelham Business District
Camilla45.573.2  SR 37 (SR 37 Truck / Moultrie Road) – Camilla, Newton, MoultrieSouthern end of SR 37 Truck concurrency
SR 112 / SR 37 Truck west to SR 97 – Camilla, Cairo, Sylvester
Northern end of SR 37 Truck concurrency
Baconton56.390.6  SR 93 south – Baconton, LesterNorthern terminus of SR 93
DoughertyAlbany68.2109.81    SR 133 south / SR 234 west – Albany, Moultrie, Marine Corps Logistics Base, Darton Col., Albany Tech Col., S.W. Ga. Regional AirportSouthern end of SR 133 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 234
70.0112.72    US 19 Bus. north / US 82 Bus. / SR 520 Bus. (Oglethorpe Boulevard) – Sylvester, Tifton, Downtown AlbanySouthern terminus of US 19 Bus.; signed as exits 2A (east) and 2B (west)
70.6113.63    US 82 east / SR 520 east / SR 300 north (Clark Avenue) – Atlanta, Cordele, Sylvester, TiftonNorthern end of SR 300 concurrency; southern end of US 82/SR 520 concurrency
71.9115.74Blaylock Street
73.9118.95   SR 91 / SR 133 north (Jefferson Street) – Downtown AlbanyNorthern end of SR 133 concurrency; signed northbound as exits 5A (north) and 5B (south)
75.2121.0      US 82 west / SR 520 west (Liberty Expressway) / US 19 Bus. south / US 82 Bus. east / SR 520 Bus. east (Slappey Boulevard) – Dawson, ColumbusNorthern end of US 82/SR 520 concurrency; northern terminus of US 19 Bus.; western terminus of US 82 Bus./SR 520 Bus.; US 19 north follows exit 6A; US 19 Bus./US 82 Bus./SR 520 Bus. is exit 6B northbound.
Lee78.2125.9  SR 133 south (Forrester Parkway) – Doerun, The Parks at ChehawNorthern terminus of SR 133
US 19 Byp. north / SR 3 Byp. north / SR 32 west (Dawson Road) / SR 32 Truck east (Robert B. Lee Drive) – Dawson, Americus
Southern end of SR 32 concurrency; southern terminus of US 19 Byp./SR 3 Byp.; western terminus of SR 32 Truck
83.4134.2   SR 32 east / SR 195 north (4th Street) – Leslie, De Soto, AshburnNorthern end of SR 32 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 195
84.0135.2   US 19 Byp. south / SR 3 Byp. south – Dawson, AlbanyNorthern terminus of US 19 Byp./SR 3 Byp.
Smithville96.0154.5  SR 118 (Long Drive) – Dawson, Bronwood, Downtown Smithville
98.1157.9  SR 308 west (Bond Trail Road)Eastern terminus of SR 308
Sumter108174    US 280 west / SR 27 west / SR 49 south / Spring Street – Plains, DawsonSouthern end of US 280/SR 27/SR 49 concurrency
Americus109175     US 280 east / SR 27 east / SR 30 east / SR 49 north (West Lamar Street) – Cordele, Oglethorpe, Georgia Southwestern State University, Habitat for Humanity Global Village & Discovery CenterNorthern end of US 280/SR 27/SR 49 concurrency; southern end of SR 30 concurrency
110180  SR 30 west (Adderton Street) – Concord, Buena VistaNorthern end of SR 30 concurrency
Schley118190  SR 271 east – AndersonvilleWestern terminus of SR 271
121195  SR 228 east – AndersonvilleWestern terminus of SR 228
121195Andersonville RoadFormer SR 228 west
Ellaville122196  SR 26 – Ellaville, Oglethorpe
Murrays Crossroads128206  SR 240 – Tazewell
Taylor135217   SR 90 west / SR 127 west – MaukSouthern end of SR 90 and SR 127 concurrencies
136219  SR 127 east – MarshallvilleNorthern end of SR 127 concurrency
Rupert137220  SR 90 east – Ideal, Andersonville National Historic SiteNorthern end of SR 90 concurrency
Butler145233   SR 96 (Butler Bypass) / SR 540 – Geneva, Fort Valley, Columbus
146235  SR 137 – Buena Vista, Fort Valley, Southern Crescent Technical College Taylor County Center
153246  SR 208 (Old Wire Road) – Talbotton, Roberta
158254   US 80 west / SR 22 west – Talbotton, ColumbusSouthern end of US 80/SR 22 concurrency
Flint RiverGarland T. Byrd Bridge
UpsonSalem160260   US 80 east / SR 22 east – MaconNorthern end of US 80/SR 22 concurrency
Thomaston173278   SR 36 east / SR 74 east (Gordon Street) – Barnesville, Jackson, Yatesville, MaconEastbound lanes of SR 36/SR 74 on one-way pair
174280   SR 36 west / SR 74 west (Main Street) – Woodbury, Greenville, Woodland, ColumbusWestbound lanes of SR 36/SR 74 on one-way pair
Pike185298  SR 109 west – Lifsey Springs, MolenaSouthern end of SR 109 concurrency
186299  SR 109 east – MeansvilleNorthern end of SR 109 concurrency
Zebulon190310  SR 18 – Concord, Barnesville
Spalding197317       US 41 south / SR 7 south (Martin L. King Jr. Parkway) / US 19 Bus. north / US 41 Bus. north / SR 155 north (Zebulon Parkway) – Barnesville, Griffin, AirportSouthern end of US 41 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 7; southern terminus of US 19 Bus./US 41 Bus./SR 155
Griffin200320  SR 362 (Williamson Road)Interchange
SR 16 to I-75 / I-85 – Griffin, Newnan
US 19 Bus. south / US 41 Bus. south / SR 92 south to I-75 – Griffin
Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance; southern end of SR 92 concurrency; northern terminus of US 19 Bus./US 41 Bus.
203327  SR 92 north (McIntosh Road) – FayettevilleNorthern end of SR 92 concurrency
SR 20 east to I-75 – McDonough, Hampton
Interchange; no access to SR 20 west
SR 81 east to I-75 – McDonough
Western terminus of SR 81
ClaytonJonesboro220350  SR 54 south (Fayetteville Road) – FayettevilleSouthern end of SR 54 concurrency
224360  SR 138 Spur west (North Avenue) – Union City, JonesboroEastern terminus of SR 138 Spur
225362   SR 54 north / SR 138Northern end of SR 54 concurrency
228367  I-75 (SR 401)I-75 exit 235
Forest Park231372  SR 331 (Forest Parkway)
231372Southpoint Drive to Main StreetFormer SR 160 east
232373  I-285 (SR 407)I-285 exit 58
FultonAtlantaHapeville line233375  I-75 (SR 401)I-75 exit 239
Atlanta236380  I-85 north (SR 403)I-85 exit 77; no access to I-85 south from US 19/US 41/SR 3 or to US 19/US 41/SR 3 from I-85 north
To SR 166 east (Langston Drive) / I-75 / I-85
US 29 south / SR 3 Conn. south (Chapel Street Southwest) to SR 14
Southern end of US 29 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 3 Conn.
US 78 east / US 278 east / SR 8 east (North Avenue NW) to I-85 north
Southern end of US 78/US 278/SR 8 concurrency
242389    US 78 west / US 278 west / SR 8 west (Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway NW)Northern end of US 78/US 278/SR 8 concurrency
242389Tech ParkwayInterchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
243391   US 41 north / SR 3 north (SR 9 / Northside Drive NW)Northern end of US 41/SR 3 concurrency; southern end of SR 9 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 9
244393   I-75 / I-85 south (Downtown Connector / SR 295 / SR 401 / SR 403 / Downtown Connector)I-75 exit 250 / I-85 exit 84
SR 13 north (Buford Highway) to I-85 north / SR 400
Interchange; southern terminus of SR 13
248399  SR 141 north (Peachtree Road NE)Southern terminus of SR 141
249401  SR 237 south (Piedmont Road NE)Northern terminus of SR 237
Sandy Springs25340725   I-285 west (SR 407) / SR 9 north (Roswell Road) – Chattanooga, BirminghamNorthern end of SR 9 concurrency; southern end of I-285 concurrency; US 19 south follows exit 25; Dorothy Felton Interchange.
25440926Glenridge Drive / Glenridge ConnectorNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; former SR 407 Loop
   I-285 east (SR 407) / SR 400 south – Greenville, SC, Augusta, Buckhead, AtlantaNorthern end of I-285 concurrency; southern end of SR 400 concurrency; US 19 north follows exit 27; US 19 south follows exit 4B.
see SR 400
Lumpkin301484   SR 60 south / SR 115 east – Cleveland, Murrayville, Gainesville, Smithgall Woods Center, Unicoi State ParkNorthern end of SR 400 concurrency; southern end of SR 60 concurrency
Dahlonega306492   SR 9 south / SR 52 west (Morrison Moore Parkway) / South Chestatee Street – Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Ellijay, Historic Dahlonega Gold Museum, Historic Dahlonega, University of North GeorgiaSouthern end of SR 9 and SR 52 concurrencies
307494   US 19 Bus. north / SR 60 Bus. north (East Main Street) – Dahlonega, Historic Dahlonega Gold Museum, Historic DahlonegaSouthern terminus of US 19 Bus./SR 60 Bus.
307494  SR 52 east – Cleveland, LulaNorthern end of SR 52 concurrency
309497   US 19 Bus. south / SR 60 Bus. southNorthern terminus of US 19 Bus./SR 60 Bus.
Porter Springs314505  SR 60 north – Suches, MorgantonNorthern end of SR 60 concurrency
Turners Corner319513   US 129 south (SR 9) / SR 11 south – Cleveland, HelenNorthern end of SR 9 concurrency; southern end of US 129/SR 11 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 9
Union330530  SR 180 west – SuchesSouthern end of SR 180 concurrency
332534  SR 180 east / Richard Russell Scenic Highway – Brasstown Bald, Brasstown Bald Visitor CenterNorthern end of SR 180 concurrency
    US 76 east / SR 2 east / SR 515 north – HiawasseeSouthern end of US 76/SR 2/SR 515 concurrency
Blairsville340550    US 76 west / SR 2 west / SR 515 south – Blue Ridge, Hiawassee, Historic Courthouse and MuseumNorthern end of US 76/SR 2/SR 515 concurrency
Ivylog349562  SR 325 south – Morganton, TVA Nottely DamNorthern terminus of SR 325
351565   US 19 north / US 129 north (Blairsville Highway) – MurphyNorth Carolina state line; northern terminus of SR 11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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