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State Route 90 (SR 90) is a 155-mile-long (249 km) state highway that runs southeast-to-northwest through portions of Atkinson, Coffee, Irwin, Ben Hill, Turner, Wilcox, Crisp, Dooly, Macon, Taylor, and Talbot counties in the south-central and west-central parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects Willacoochee and Talbotton, via Fitzgerald and Ocilla.

State Route 90 marker

State Route 90
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length155.0 mi[1] (249.4 km)
Major junctions
South end US 82 / SR 520 in Willacoochee
  US 129 / US 319 / SR 11 / SR 32 in Ocilla
US 129 / US 319 / SR 11 / SR 107 in Fitzgerald
US 280 / SR 30 in Cordele
I-75 in Cordele
US 41 / US 280 / SR 7 / SR 30 in Cordele
US 41 / SR 7 / SR 27 in Vienna
US 19 / SR 3 in Rupert
West end US 80 / SR 22 / SR 41 / SR 208 in Talbotton
CountiesAtkinson, Coffee, Irwin, Ben Hill, Turner, Wilcox, Crisp, Dooly, Macon, Taylor, Talbot
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 89SR 91
The southern terminus of SR 90 in Willacoochee, Atkinson County

Route descriptionEdit

SR 90 begins at an intersection with US 82/SR 520 (Main Street) in Willacoochee, within Atkinson County. It heads north-northeast on North Vickers Street and curves to the northwest. Just outside the town's limits, it meets the southern terminus of SR 149. It continues to the northwest and crosses into Coffee County. The highway doesn't intersect with any major highways in Coffee County, except for SR 158 on the Coffee–Irwin county line. In Irwin County, the highway passes through rural areas of the county and enters the southern part of Ocilla. There, it intersects US 129/SR 11 (South Irwin Avenue). The three routes head concurrent to the north, past Cumbee Park to an intersection with US 319/SR 32/SR 35 (4th Street). At this intersection, US 319 joins the concurrency, while SR 35 meets its northern terminus. They pass Irwin County Hospital and Ocilla Country Club. They also enters Ben Hill County just before passing Lake Beatrice. In the southern part of Fitzgerald, they meet SR 107 (Benjamin H. Hill Drive), which acts as a partial bypass of the city. At Central Avenue, US 319 departs to the east, concurrent with SR 107. At Sultana Drive, SR 90 splits off to the west. Then, at Dewey McGlamry Road, it turns to the north. The highway heads to the north-northwest and meets the southern terminus of SR 215, which takes on the "Dewey McGlamry Road" name, while SR 90 heads west on Salem Church Road. The route intersects the southern terminus of SR 233 (Sundew Road) and curves to the southwest and crosses into Turner County before entering Rebecca. In town, it meets SR 112 (Ashley Street West). They run concurrent through town until SR 112 departs to the north on Sylvester Road, while SR 90 heads to the northwest on North Railroad Street. West-northwest of town is a concurrency with SR 159. This concurrency ends at the Turner–Wilcox county line. SR 90 heads west along the county line and briefly enters Wilcox County proper. After that, it enters Crisp County. On the southeastern edge of Cordele, it intersects the eastern terminus of SR 33 Connector (Rockhouse Road East). Approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) later is the northern terminus of SR 300 (Georgia–Florida Parkway). Another mile later is US 280/SR 30 (16th Avenue East). The three highways head concurrent to the west, into the main part of town. Almost immediately is an interchange with Interstate 75 (I-75). In downtown is an intersection with US 41/SR 7 (7th Street South). Here, SR 90 turns north. The three routes enter Dooly County before entering Vienna. In town, it intersects SR 27 (Union Street). The two highways head concurrent to the west and split apart just before leaving town. SR 90 passes through Lilly before entering Byromville. In town, it meets SR 230 (Church Avenue). The two routes run concurrent through town, until SR 230 departs to the south on Davis Avenue. Farther to the northwest, the road crosses into Macon County. The road intersects SR 26/SR 224 (Spaulding Road). The two routes have a rief concurrency, until the Flint River Community Hospital, where SR 90 curves to the north-northeast, to an intersection with SR 49 (North Dooly Street). SR 49/SR 90 run concurrent over the Flint River, into Oglethorpe. They intersect SR 128. At this intersection, SR 49/SR 128 head south on Chatham Street, while SR 90/SR 128 head north on Sumter Street. Just before leaving town is the northern terminus of SR 128 Bypass (West Bypass). A little ways north of town, SR 90 departs to the northwest to the town of Ideal. Northwest of town, it enters Taylor County. It meets SR 127 just before entering Rupert. There, it begins a brief concurrency with US 19/SR 3. Less than 1 mile (1.6 km) later, SR 127 joins the concurrency. The four routes run concurrent for just over 1 mile. Then, SR 90/SR 127 split off to the west-northwest. They have a concurrency with SR 137. In the town of Mauk, SR 127 splits off to the south. To the north-northwest, the road crosses into Talbot County. In Junction City, it meets SR 96/SR 540, and they travel concurrently to a point just west of town. Northwest of town, in Talbotton, it meets SR 208 (Old Wire Road). The two roads begin a concurrency to the west. Then, they pass the Oak Hill Cemetery, before they meet an intersection with US 80/SR 22/SR 41 (Washington Avenue). At this intersection, SR 90 meets its western terminus, and SR 208 begins a concurrency with US 80/SR 22/SR 41 to the north.[1]

Major intersectionsEdit

AtkinsonWillacoochee0.00.0   US 82 / SR 520 (Main Street)Southern terminus
1.11.8  SR 149 north – AmbroseSouthern terminus of SR 149
No major junctions
county line
10.917.5  SR 158 (Waterby Road) – Douglas
IrwinOcilla22.636.4   US 129 south / SR 11 south – AlapahaSouthern end of US 129/SR 11 concurrency
23.137.2    US 319 south / SR 32 / SR 35 south (4th Street)Southern end of US 319 concurrency; northern terminus of SR 35
Ben HillFitzgerald30.248.6  SR 107 (Benjamin H. Hill Drive) – Ashburn
31.951.3   US 319 north / SR 107 (Central Avenue)Northern end of US 319 concurrency
32.552.3   US 129 north / SR 11 north (Wilson Avenue)Northern end of US 129/SR 11 concurrency
41.366.5  SR 215 north (Dewey McGlamry Road) – RochelleSouthern terminus of SR 215
48.578.1  SR 233 north (Sundew Road) – RochelleSouthern terminus of SR 233
TurnerRebecca52.584.5  SR 112 south (Ashley Street West) – AshburnSouthern end of SR 112 concurrency
52.885.0  SR 112 north (Sylvester Road) – RochelleNorthern end of SR 112 concurrency
57.492.4  SR 159 south (North Street) – AshburnSouthern end of SR 159 concurrency
county line
59.595.8  SR 159 north – PittsNorthern end of SR 159 concurrency
No major junctions
CrispCordele71.7115.4  SR 33 Conn. west (Rockhouse Road East)Eastern terminus of SR 33 Conn.
72.6116.8  SR 300 south (Georgia–Florida Parkway) – AlbanyNorthern terminus of SR 300
73.9118.9   US 280 east / SR 30 east (16th Avenue East)Southern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
74.2119.4  I-75 (SR 401) – Valdosta, MaconI-75 exit 101
76.1122.5     US 41 south / SR 7 south (7th Street South) / US 280 west / SR 30 west (16th Avenue)Northern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency; southern end of US 41/SR 7 concurrency
DoolyVienna85.4137.4    US 41 north / SR 7 north / SR 27 east (Union Street)Northern end of US 41/SR 7 concurrency; southern end of SR 27 concurrency
86.4139.0  SR 27 west (Union Street) – AmericusNorthern end of SR 27 concurrency
Byromville96.0154.5  SR 230 north (Church Avenue) – UnadillaSouthern end of SR 230 concurrency
96.6155.5  SR 230 south (Davis Avenue) – De SotoNorthern end of SR 230 concurrency
MaconMontezuma106171   SR 26 east / SR 224 east (Spaulding Road) – Hawkinsville, PerrySouthern end of SR 26 concurrency; western terminus of SR 224
106171  SR 26 west (Walnut Street) – EllavilleNorthern end of SR 26 concurrency
107172  SR 49 north (North Dooly Street) – MarshallvilleSouthern end of SR 49 concurrency
city line
108174Flint River
Oglethorpe109175   SR 49 south / SR 128 (Chatham Street) – AmericusNorthern end of SR 49 concurrency; southern end of SR 128 concurrency
110180  SR 128 Byp. south (West Bypass)Northern terminus of SR 128 Byp.
110180  SR 128 north – ReynoldsNorthern end of SR 128 concurrency
Taylor125201  SR 127
Rupert127204   US 19 north / SR 3 northSouthern end of US 19/SR 3 concurrency
127204  SR 127 east – EllavilleSouthern end of SR 127 concurrency
128206   US 19 south / SR 3 southNorthern end of US 19/SR 3 concurrency
133214  SR 137 south – Buena VistaSouthern end of SR 137 concurrency
135217  SR 137 north – ButlerNorthern end of SR 137 concurrency
Mauk140230  SR 127 south – TazewellNorthern end of SR 127 concurrency
TalbotJunction City147237   SR 96 east / SR 540 east – Butler, MaconSouthern end of SR 96/SR 540 concurrency
149240   SR 96 west / SR 540 west – Geneva, ColumbusNorthern end of SR 96/SR 540 concurrency
Talbotton154248  SR 208 east (Old Wire Road)Southern end of SR 208 concurrency
155249     US 80 / SR 22 / SR 41 / SR 208 westNorthern terminus; northern end of SR 208 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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