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Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport

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Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport (IATA: TSR, ICAO: LRTR) is an international airport serving Timișoara, Romania. Located in the historical region of Banat, the airport is named in honour of Traian Vuia, a Romanian flight pioneer and a Timiș County native. It is the third-busiest Romanian airport in terms of air traffic, and the main air transportation hub for the western part of Romania and for the Danube–Criș–Mureș–Tisa Euroregion. The airport serves as an operating base for Wizz Air, and is considered a backup airport for Bucharest (OTP), Budapest (BUD) and Belgrade (BEG). Since 2017, Timișoara International Airport is the only airport in Romania certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency.[2]

Timișoara Traian Vuia International Airport

Aeroportul Internațional „Traian Vuia” Timișoara
Timisoara Airport logo.png
Airport typePublic
OwnerMinistry of Transport
OperatorRomanian Civil Aeronautical Authority
LocationGhiroda, Timiș County
OpenedFebruary 28, 1964 (1964-02-28)
Focus city for
Time zoneEET (+2)
 • Summer (DST)EEST (+3)
Coordinates45°48′36″N 21°20′17″E / 45.81000°N 21.33806°E / 45.81000; 21.33806Coordinates: 45°48′36″N 21°20′17″E / 45.81000°N 21.33806°E / 45.81000; 21.33806
TSR is located in Romania
Airport's location in Romania
Direction Length Surface
ft m
11/29 11,483 3,500 Asphalt
Statistics (2017)
Passengers1,621,529 Increase
Aircraft movements17,808 Increase
Freight4,586 Increase



Timișoara's first airport, Timișoara Communal Airport, was built a few kilometers away from the current airport's position, in the village of Moșnița Veche. The first aircraft landed there on July 17, 1935.[3] The airport was rebuilt in its current location in the 1960s and became known as Giarmata Airport. The domestic terminal was opened on February 28, 1964.[3]

In the 1980s it was designated as an international airport and was upgraded with a CAT IIIa instrument landing system. The runway was extended from 2,500 to 3,500 metres and terminal buildings for international flights, control tower, the official hall and the administrative building were constructed.[3] The airport was named after aeronautics pioneer Traian Vuia on February 6, 2003.[3] The following year work to expand the international terminal commenced; and in 2006 the aircraft parking facilities were enlarged. These measures were taken to cater to increasing air traffic and the construction of a new parking lot and an access road in the airport. The extension works for the international terminal were completed in 2007.[3] In 2010 work to expand the domestic terminal was completed.[3]

Future developmentsEdit

In 2016, the development of airport infrastructure began, in particular the expansion of the terminal. A terminal of domestic arrivals is scheduled to be completed by March 2019. This will expand the area of the existing terminal by 3,000 m².[4] The new terminal will be able to manage simultaneously three passenger flows, and will be provided with seven checkpoints, three luggage transport systems, the customs control area and shops. In the second phase, the existing facade will be expanded and modified.[4] A terminal for external departures is also scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019. The capacity of the terminal will increase by 150% as 10 new boarding gates, 12 check-ins and eight checkpoints will be built, alongside six security checkpoints, shopping facilities and the public catering area.[5] The new terminals will be built in the eastern part of the airport, in the extension of the current Official Salon. The project is estimated at 17 million euros.[6] The road connecting the city with the airport will also be enlarged to four lanes.[6]

There are plans for an Airport City, a complex and innovative concept for Romania, through which will be built, in addition to air, road and rail transport facilities, hotels, restaurants, shops, conference centers and exhibition halls, with public and private funding sources.[7]

Military useEdit

Giarmata Airport was home to the Romanian Air Force RoAF 93rd Air Base, founded in 1953.[8] The 93rd Air Base was disbanded in September 2004 with the MiG-21 Lancers and IAR 330 moving to Câmpia Turzii for reassignment to the 71st Air Base.[9] Buildings and land belonging to former 93rd Air Base, totalling 240 hectares, were transferred to Timișoara Airport in 2006.[10] The air base also operated the MiG-23 Flogger, which was retired in early 2002. Over 30 MiG-23s are in storage at Timișoara Airport. Nowadays, the military section of the airport is an annex of the 71st Air Base.

Airlines and destinationsEdit


The airport's traffic rose significantly in the past ten years. Although, it experienced e dramatic decrease after the departure of Carpatair, authorities of the airport announced that the negative trend should come to an end by 2015. In 2016 the airport handled 1,160,482 passengers and it is expected that the traffic numbers will reach 1.7 million passengers in 2017.[21]

Annual passenger and aircraft statistics
Year[21] Passengers (% change from prior year) Aircraft movements (% change from prior year)
2018 traffic figures[22]
Month Passengers Change
January 119,275   5.5% 1,490   6.7% 458.9   36.4%
February 117,991   4.3% 1,342   0.7% 448.5   61%
March 127,716   1.5% 1,452   0.3% 556.6   64.8%
April 115,264   11.7% 501.1   84.4%
May 119,831   12.8%
June 130,896   6.8%
July 142,139   11.7%
August 143,508   8.0%
September 139,940   7.0%
October 129,309   8.2%
Total 1,285,869   6.3% 4,284   2.6% 1,965.1   60.5%
Top routes from Timișoara International Airport
Destination Airport Weekly departures
(winter 2015/2016)
Weekly departures
(winter 2018/2019)[23]
  Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport
Ryanair, TAROM
  Munich Franz Josef Strauß Airport
  Milan Orio al Serio International Airport
Ryanair, Wizz Air
  London Luton Airport
Wizz Air
  Frankfurt Frankfurt Airport N/A
  Iași Iași International Airport N/A
  Chișinău Chișinău International Airport N/A
  Memmingen Memmingen Airport N/A
Wizz Air
  Rome Rome-Ciampino Airport
Wizz Air
  Stuttgart Stuttgart Airport N/A
  Tel Aviv Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion Airport N/A
Wizz Air
Busiest routes from Timișoara International Airport
Airport Passengers
Change Passengers
Change Passengers
Change Airlines
  Bucharest–Otopeni 154,508 160,867   4.1% 219,694   36.6% 357,614   62.8% Ryanair, TAROM
  London 56,407 73,856   30.9% 144,132   95.2% 233,144   61.6% Ryanair, Wizz Air
  Munich 161,548 173,751   7.6% 207,568   19.5% 212,879   2.6% Lufthansa
  Bergamo 55,096 82,189   49.2% 101,791   23.8% 165,244   62.3% Ryanair, Wizz Air
  Brussels–Charleroi 3,960 29,236   738.3% 44,326   51.6% 76,712   73.1% Ryanair, Wizz Air

Ground transportationEdit

Access map to Timișoara airport


The airport is located 12 km northeast of the center of Timișoara.[24] Access to the airport is on the European route E70, through a roundabout near the village of Ghiroda. To avoid the city crowd, those who come from the northern part of the city have access to the ring road which, also through a roundabout, is connected with the road to the airport.

Taxi cabs are parked in front of the two terminals and accessible to passengers for a 20 lei fee, while several rent-a-car services (Avis, Europcar, Budget, Hertz, etc.) operate within the airport.[25]


The RATT Expres 4 line (E4) connects the terminal to the city center. The bus runs daily from 50 to 50 minutes, with some exceptions during weekend days.[26] Moreover, since September 13, 2012, Expres 4 barat line connects the airport directly with Timișoara Nord railway station, the main station in the city.[27]

Operator Line Destination Route Schedule
RATT E4 Bastion Cartier Aeroport–Ghiroda (DN6)–Piața Badea Cârțan Every 50 minutes
E4 barat Gara de Nord Ghiroda (DN6)–Piața Badea Cârțan–Bastion–Piața 700 Depends on flight schedule[28]

Private operators organize daily minibus rides connecting the city of Arad and Timișoara airport. There is also, on request, the possibility of transferring, also by minibus, to Serbia.


There are plans in the future to build a new railway from the airport terminal itself to the Central Station in the city centre. Currently there is a branch line which runs to the airport but it is only used for cargo trains.

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