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Sky Express, legal name Cretan Aeronautical Exploitations (Greek: Κρητικές Αεροπορικές Εκμεταλλεύσεις Kritikés Aeroporikés Ekmetallefsis),[2] is a Greek airline headquartered in Athens International Airport. It was established in 2005 and so far operates a number of domestic flights, serving 32 destinations.

Sky Express
Sky express.svg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded2005 (2005)
Secondary hubsHeraklion International Airport
Fleet size12
Company sloganWe are islanders
HeadquartersAthens, Attica, Greece



The airline was established in early 2005 by Cpt. Miltiadis Tsagkarakis, a former Olympic Airlines director-general and pilot as well as George Mavrantonakis, former Chief Operating Officer and Accountable Manager of Olympic Airlines and former Advisor to the President of Olympic Airways.[3] Operations commenced in July 2005,[4] including scheduled, charter and cargo flights, air-taxi, emergency medical services, excursions and sightseeing. Sky Express Aircargo was later established in a joint effort with the Finaval Group, focusing on cargo transport between Europe and the Far East.[citation needed]

Logo controversyEdit

The airline's initial logo was inspired by the flag of the Cretan State, a semi-independent state under the Ottoman Empire. The flag of the Cretan State was composed of a white cross extending to the edges of the flag, with the upper-hoist canton in red, featuring a white star symbolizing Ottoman sovereignty on the island, and the other squares in blue, symbolizing the Greeks of Crete. The flag has also been adopted as a symbol of the Cretan independence pseudomovement. The logo was not well-received, and following complaints by the public in Greece, especially Cretans, the logo was changed. The company has said that they do not consider the flag to be offending, since it represented a milestone in the unification of Crete with the Kingdom of Greece, but changed their logo anyway in order to avoid any further confusion.[5]


Codeshare AgreementsEdit

  • Blue Air Blue Air/Sky Express began intra-Greece codesharing from June 2017[6]
  • Air France and Sky Express signed a commercialization agreement that will allow the three airlines to boost their cooperation between Paris, Amsterdam and the Greek islands.[7]
  • KLM and Sky Express signed a commercialization agreement that will allow the three airlines to boost their cooperation between Paris, Amsterdam and the Greek islands.[8]


Sky Express BAe Jetstream 41 at Heraklion International Airport

The fleet of Sky Express consists of the following aircraft:[9]

Sky Express Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Due Passengers Notes
ATR 42-320 1 46
ATR 42-500 8 48-50
ATR 72-500 4 - 70
BAe Jetstream 41 1 32 [10]
Total 13 0

Incidents and accidentsEdit

  • On 12 February 2009 a British Aerospace Jetstream 31 registered SX-SKY experienced a right main gear collapse after landing inbound from Rhodes.[11] None of the 15 passengers and 3 crew were injured, but the aircraft sustained considerable damage to its right landing gear, wing and propeller that was deemed beyond economical repair, resulting in the aircraft being written-off.[citation needed] The cause of the accident was that the aircraft had previously suffered two heavy landings in the previous 27 which were not reported. One of the heavy landings caused a fracture in a landing gear cylinder, which propagated until the cylinder failed, causing the landing gear to collapse. SX-SKY was noted being scrapped at Heraklion airport in late February 2011.
  • On 2 February 2015 a British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft registered SX-DIA, operating flight GQ-100 from Heraklion experienced a left main gear collapse and runway excursion after landing hard on Rhodes Diagoras airport due to strong winds. None of the 16 passengers or 3 crew were injured. The aircraft received substantial damage.[12]
  • On 21 June 2019 the 3pm flight from Heraklion to Rhodes Diagoras airport performed an emergency landing at Karpathos airport after sustaining explosion to one of the engines. None of the 46 + one baby passengers suffered any injuries. [13][14]


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