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The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection is a magazine series published by Eaglemoss Publications, from 2005 to 2013, through which consumers can collect hand painted lead figurines of the Marvel Comics characters. While regular figurines height is around 9 cm, bigger figurines are produced: bulky characters like the Hulk are considered as Specials while giant characters like Galactus are called Mega Specials. Double Packs consisting of two figurines of related characters have also been released.

The collection have been released in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Greece, France, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Poland and the USA. Confusingly not all areas have seen the characters released in the same order. For example, depending on area, #8 features the Green Goblin or Daredevil.

Subscribers receive three other pieces of memorabilia and also special issues throughout the year. The online service, based in the United Kingdom, prohibits the items to be sold to American buyers, however the figures can be obtained through several comic book speciality stores in the United States. The collection ended with issue 200.


Each issue comes with a magazine of 20 pages (issues 1 to 100) which was later reduced to 16 pages (issues 101 to 200).

Issues are listed in the order of release from the website.

Alternative Release OrderEdit

In some areas issues 5-14 saw the figures released in a different order.

Variants in the collectionEdit

  • Issue 11: Jean Grey in red Phoenix costume: This was an exclusive only available to subscribers and through Forbidden Planet.
  • Issue 31: Angel in blue and white costume with blue face: This was an exclusive only available to subscribers and through Forbidden Planet.
  • Issue 46: Captain Marvel Exclusive to Diamond Comic Distributors customers. Titled the "Previews Exclusive Variant" or "PX Variant"
  • Issue 71: Quicksilver Green Costume. Exclusive in France.
  • Special Issue 1: The Incredible Hulk Grey skin Hulk.



Double PacksEdit


The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection won the "Magazine of the Year" award in the Diamond Gem Awards 2007.


Editors in order of stewardship: Alan Cowsill, Richard Jackson, John Tomlinson, Sven Wilson

Art Editors: Dan Rachael, Gary Gilbert, Colin Willams

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