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Kim So-hyang (born April 5, 1978), credited as So Hyang, is a South Korean Christian singer. She has an extensive career both in Korea and internationally, in spite of not being tied to a larger organisation.

Native name 김소향
Birth name Kim So-hyang
Born (1978-04-05) April 5, 1978 (age 39)
Gwangju, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
Genres Rock, R&B, Pop, CCM, Gospel
Occupation(s) Singer, Author
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1996–present


Personal lifeEdit

Sohyang is a devout Christian, and initially only sang in her local community.[1] At the age of 20 she married Hee-jun Kim, the drummer of her band POS. Soon afterwards Sohyang was diagnosed with cervical cancer; due to the early detection she was able to survive the cancer but was rendered infertile. She believes that her marriage was a gift from God and that without her husband she wouldn't be alive today.[2]


Sohyang made her debut in 1996 with the song "MR", which was released on Naver Music. Despite having a long career in South Korea, she was only able to make her international breakthrough in 2014, when she became the first Korean artist to sing the American national anthem at a NBA game.[3] Sohyang also achieved fame when she sang with Kirk Franklin.[4] Sohyang has participated many times on television music competition programs Immortal Songs 2 and I Am a Singer 2, winning twice on Immortal Songs 2 with songs "Lean on Me" and "Bridge over Troubled Water".

After winning the Michael Bolton special episode on Immortal Songs 2, with an incredible score of 442 points,[5] she was asked by Michael Bolton to go on tour with him through Korea. Sohyang agreed and they performed many concerts together throughout South Korea.[6] Additionally, he described Sohyang as a Virtuoso.[7]

In 2016 she was awarded the Grand Prize of the Seoul Success Award in the category Culture.[8]

In Disney's movie Moana, Sohyang provided the singing voice of the protagonist in the Korean-dubbed version.[9][10]

In the first half of 2017, Sohyang appeared on MBC's King of Mask Singer as a contestant for the show's 2nd anniversary and became the winner six consecutive times (Generation 53-58), making her the female singer with the highest number of consecutive wins ever achieved (second highest overall) before losing her crown in July 2017 and departing from the show after appearing for 14 consecutive weeks.[11]

She sang the main OST, 'Wind Song' (바람의 노래), for the Drama Confession Couple (고백부부). This OST was at #1 of the charts on Melon (online music service) (a very popular Korean website) for several weeks.[12] Since the drama and her OST were very successful in Korea, Sohyang was giving a special stage of the main OST 'Wind Song' at the KBS Drama Awards on the last day of 2017.[13]

She performed at the MBC Entertainment Awards 2017 and additionally was awarded the Special Price in the Category 'Music Show' due to her very successful participation in King of Mask Singer.[14] She became the King of the show with the highest number of consecutive wins ever achieved as a female contestant.


Sohyang's vocal type is a Lyric Soprano, specifically a Full-Lyric Soprano. Her showcased vocal range spans from D3 to A6 (supported range from G#3 to E6), a total of three octaves, three notes, and a semitone. Her belting register extends up to a high Soprano C# (C#6) while still mainting complete support and resonance up to her highest note.

She is known for her emotive and powerful vocals, with characteristics being a homogeneous, rounded, and bright instrument of remarkable beauty and meticulous control. This skill has been showcased very well all throughout her career.[15][16][17][18]


Variety showsEdit

Year Title Network Notes
2012 I Am a Singer 2 MBC Contestant, 3rd place
2014–2016 Immortal Songs 2 KBS2 Contestant, 5 Episodes, 2 wins
2017 King of Mask Singer MBC Contestant, Episodes 105–118, 6 wins

Sohyang: I Am a Singer 2 - Song and Rank ListEdit

Round Song Original Artist Result
July, Group B I Have Nothing Whitney Houston Rank 1
Singer of July In The Flower Garden (꽃밭에서) Jung Hoon Hee Rank 3 or Rank 4
August, Group A Running To The Sky (하늘을 달리다) Lee Juk Rank 1
Singer of August Never Ending Story Boohwal Rank 1 / Singer of August
September Beauty and the Beast Céline Dion Special stage
Super December Opening Dream (꿈) Sohyang - POS Rank 2
Week 1 Where Are You (그대는 어디에) Im Jae Bum Rank 2
Week 2 As I Live (살다가) SG Wannabe Rank 2
Week 3 I Always Miss You (나 항상 그대를) Lee Sun-hee Rank 2 or 3
Week 4 For Thousands Days (천일동안) Lee Seung Hwan Rank 2
Week 4 Fate (인연) Lee Sun-hee Rank 1
Semi-Final O Holy Night Adolphe Charles Adam Rank 2
Semi-Final It's Only My World (그것만이 내 세상) Deul Guk Hwa 3. Rank / Drop out

Sohyang achieved the highest average score of every contestant on I Am a Singer 2 ever.[19]

Sohyang: Immortal Songs 2 Episodes ListEdit

Main Article: Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend

Date Episode Title Episode No. Song Result
October 18, 2014 Michael Bolton Special Ep.169 Lean on Me 442 Votes, 1 Round won, Final Win
February 21, 2015 Traditional Folk Songs Special Ep.187 Arirang Alone (홀로 아리랑) 411 Votes, 1 Round won
May 9, 2015 English Pop Songs Special Ep.198 Bridge Over Troubled Water 416 Votes, 4 Rounds won, Final Win
December 26, 2015 The Immortal Big Match Special Ep.231 Everyone (여러분) Votes unknown, 0 Rounds won
July 23, 2016 Summer Story With Friends Special Ep.261 Childish Adult (어른 아이) ft. JK Kim Dong-Wook Votes unknown, 0 Rounds won

King of Mask Singer Song ListEdit

Generation & Episode Round Opponent Song Result
Generation 53, Ep.105 1st Round (Duet) Minzy I Miss You (보고 싶다) 58:41 Win
Generation 53, Ep.106 2nd Round Lee Sang-woo Atlantis Princess (아틀란티스 소녀) 60:39 Win
3rd Round Bae In-hyuk of Romantic Punch Dear Love (사랑아) 74:25 Win
Final Round Lee Haeri Voting based on the first three songs 58:41 Win, Mask Queen 1st time
Generation 54, Ep.108 Defensive Stage Park Seon-joo Do You Know (아시나요) 66:33 Win, Mask Queen 2nd time
Generation 55, Ep.110 Defensive Stage Lee Se-joon of Yurisangja Hug Me (안아줘) 77:22 Win, Mask Queen 3rd time
Generation 56, Ep.112 Defensive Stage Hwang Chi-yeul Mona Lisa (모나리자) 67:32 Win, Mask Queen 4th time
Generation 57, Ep.114 Defensive Stage Park Hye-na Breathe (한숨) 76:23 Win, Mask Queen 5th time
Generation 58, Ep.116 Defensive Stage John Park Home 74:25 Win, Mask Queen 6th time
Generation 59, Ep.118 Defensive Stage Johan Kim Day Day 43:56 Lose

Records & StatisticsEdit

Most Wins Most Wins (Females)
2. Rank 1. Rank

Sohyang received an average of 67,8 votes out of 99 every round, which is one of the highest average scores of all Mask Kings.


Year Award Category Result
2016 Seoul Success Award Culture Won [20]
2017 MBC Entertainment Awards Music Show Won [21]


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