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Hwang Chi-yeul (Hangul황치열; Hanja黃致列; born 3 December 1982) is a South Korean singer, TV show host of Immortal Songs 2, and former competitor of I Am a Singer (season 4) (placed 3rd in the finals).[1] He made his official debut in 2007, releasing a digital single album, Chi Yeul[2] and a full length studio album, Five senses.[3]

Hwang Chi-yeul
Shenzhen, 23 June 2016
Native name 황치열
Born (1982-12-03) 3 December 1982 (age 35)
Gumi, North Gyeongsang, South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Other names Ten2, 7102, Yori
Alma mater Korea Polytechnic VI, a branch campus in Gumi
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • TV host
Musical career
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Rock
  • Vocals
  • Piano
  • Keyboards
Years active 2007–present
Labels HOW Entertainment
Associated acts Wednesday
Website Official website
Korean name
Revised Romanization Hwang Chi-yeol
McCune–Reischauer Hwang Ch'iyŏl

In March 2015, he appeared on I Can See Your Voice[4] on Mnet Korea. His success on the show became the turning point in his life, and since then he has appeared on other TV shows such as Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend, Radio Star,[5] I Live Alone,[6] Knowing Bros,[7] Happy Together.[8] Hunan TV in China invited him to participate in I Am a Singer (season 4).[9] On 13 June 2017, his first mini album, Be Ordinary was released and it led him to be the best selling solo artist in the first half of the year.[10]


Early lifeEdit

Hwang Chi Yeul was born and grew up in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province in South Korea on 3 December 1982, the youngest of three children born to Hwang, an engineer and Park. As a teenager, he was obsessed with dance(B-boying, but he always wanted to become a singer.[11] On 24 September 2004, he moved to Seoul to become a musician. In 2007, he made his official debut, releasing two albums and appearing in some TV and radio shows for about a year, but his career came to a halt because his management company closed.,[12] He spent his twenties working part-time jobs and taught at music schools as a vocal coach, teaching idol bands including Infinite, After School, Lovelyz, NU'EST, and Hello Venus.[13][14] Since he appeared on I Can See Your Voice on Mnet in 2015, he has been one of the most active Korean celebrities as singer, host of TV-shows and awards, guest on various TV-shows, advertising model, brand ambassador.


Date Title of Song Album Note
2006 고해(Confession)[15] SoundTrack SBS drama Lovers in 2006
2007 치열,[16](Chi Yeul 致列),

1st Digital Single

This album consists of four songs
오감,[17](Five senses, 五感) The first full length studio album consisting of twelve songs
r we happy[18], digital single 015b's Cluster Vol 1,[19] 015b is a South Korean band
For a while I get lost,[20](잠시 길을 잃다) 015b's Cluster Vol 1 015b is a South Korean band
2008 Bye, bye[21] (안녕, 안녕) SoundTrack KBS Drama '미우나 고우나, Likeable or Not'
2010 Happy Train New Artist Project Vol. 001[22] A duo, 'Wednesday', digital album
2012 The Path to the Sky[23] Soundtrack SBS Drama, '대풍수, The Great Seer'
2014 A man from Gyeongsangdo[24] (경상도 남자) Digital single
2015 Holding the end of this night[25] (이 밤의 끝을 잡고) Hwang and leeSa Collab digital single An advertisement song for LG U+ Pencil
[26](연필) Soundtrack, Part 1 SBS Drama Mrs. Cop
The first time I met you Hwang and Baek A-yeon Collab digital single JTBC Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, Part 4
2016 Without you (너없이 못살아) A digital single album (Released on 26 April) Produced by Ryu Jae Hyun of Vibe
The farthest distance (最远的距离, 最遠的距離) The first digital single in China (Released on 20 July) Reached Platinum in one day since it was released and has sold 260,000 digital downloads on Kugou as of 21 July,.[27] It reached number-one on the weekly Billboard China V Chart.[28]

Composed by Dong Ying Da (董颖达, 董穎達)

Dream with me (陪我一起做梦) The second digital single in China (Released on 3 August) The music video of this song was filmed in Thailand
Firefly Fall in, girl Vol. 1 (Digital single released on 12 October) Hwang and Eunha (GFriend) Collab album, IEE GI & YONG BAE cowrote and coproduced Firefly
Because I miss you: Lee Yeong Ver. (그리워 그리워서: 이영 Ver.) Soundtrack, Part:12 (Released on 18 October) KBS Drama Love in the Moonlight
Mellow (꿀이 떨어져) Fall in, girl Vol. 2 (Digital single released on 30 November) Hwang and Solar who is a member of a girl band, Mamamoo collab album
2017 Our story (남녀의 온도차) Fall in, girl Vol. 3 (Digital single released on 21 February) Hwang and Seulgi who is a member of a girl band, Red Velvet collab album
Kiss me A digital single released from King of Mask Singer, Ep112 on 21 May Originally sung by Park Jin-young in 1998
Amazing you (그대라는 사치) A digital single released from King of Mask Singer, Ep112 on 21 May Originally sung by Han Dong-geun in 2016
Even a little while (잠시나마) Soundtrack (Released on 24 May) MBC Drama The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
1.prologue 2.같이 가자 (with you)

3.매일 듣는 노래 (A Daily Song) 4.각 (Angle) 5.봄이라서 (One Spring Day) 6.널 위해 배운 이별 (Goodbye...) 7.사랑 그 한마디 (Alone)

Be Ordinary (Mini album, EP), released on 13 June 사랑 그 한마디 (Alone), the lyrics is written by Hwang Chi-yeul and the melody is composed by Hwang Chi-yeul and cowriter Jeon Sang Hwan
1. Rewind 2. Look at you 3. Rewind (Inst) Digital singles (Released on 9 November) Actor Bong Tae-gyu starred in Rewind music video
The title of the album:

Chi Yeul•Love (致列•愛)

The full-length album, consists of ten singles (Released in China on 25 December)
2018 Like a miracle someday Soundtrack, Part:7 (Released on 10 February),[29] tvN Drama A Korean Odyssey (Hwayugi)
1. You're my star 2. The only star 3. Memories 4. Please... 5. Flower 6. Be back 7. Dear my... Be Myself,[30] released on 24 April EP
Single life The first project album of Mnet's show, The Call,[31] released on 12 May A duet album with Wheesung


Year Nominee/work Award Result
29 March 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul[32] The most powerful singer of the year at KU Music Asian Music Awards Won
13 April 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul[33] The most popular singer of the year at The LeEco Night (2016) Won
7 May 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul[34] Overseas Multitalented Entertainer + Overseas The most popular singer at Music Radio Chinese Top Music Awards Won
2 October 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul,[35] Darren Wang APAN Rising Star at 2016 APAN Star Awards, DMC Seoul S. Korea Won
27 October 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul[36] Minister's award at 2016 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, the main hall 'Hae' in National Theater of Korea in Seoul Won
16 November 2016 Hwang Chi-yeul,[37] Khalil Fong New Wave Award for singers at 2016 Asia Artist Awards, at Grand Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University in Seoul Won
20 September 2017 Hwang Chi Yeul,[38] Main Prize at Soribada Best K-Music Awards Won
15 November 2017 Hwang Chi-yeul,[39] Mamamoo, Crush Best Icon Award for singers at 2017 Asia Artist Awards, at Jamsil Arena in Seoul Won
11 January 2018 Hwang Chi-yeul,[40] Bonsang (Main Prize) in Album (Physical) category at The 32nd Golden Disc Awards, at KINTEX Won
14 February 2018 Hwang Chi-yeul,[41] Changmo, MeloMance, Heize Discovery of the year at The Seventh Gaon Chart Music Awards, at Jamsil Arena in Seoul Won

Immortal Songs 2 (Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend)Edit

Year Date Episode Legend / Subject Title of the Song Originally Sung by Score / Note
2015 25 April 196 Seo Yu Seok Cloud Wanderer[42] 구름 나그네, originally sung by Choi Heon in 1978 416
2 May 197 The legend of the seven singers (7인의 전설) Chilgapsan[43] 칠갑산, originally sung by Joo Byungseon in 1989
16 May 199 Family Special Father[44] 아버지, originally sung by Insooni in 2009 Winner of Ep 199, a score of 425
23 May / 30 May 200/201 200th Episode Special with Legend Kim Soo Chul Tomorrow[45] 내일, originally sung by Kim Soo-chul in 1979, 1983)
6 June 202 Lee Seung-chul Special That person[46] 그 사람, a soundtrack of King of Baking, Kim Takgu, originally sung by Lee Seung-chul in 2010
4 July 206 Kim Ji Ae & Moon Hee Ok Because of Jeong[47] 정 때문에, originally sung by Moon Heeok in 1998 418
1 August 210 Male Vocalists' Special Sad promise[48] 슬픈 언약식, originally sung by Kim Jung-min, also known as a singer, in 1995
8 August Ep 211 Kim Jung Taek (김정택) It's still a dark night[49] 아직도 어두운 밤인가봐, originally sung by Jeon Youngrok in 1984
15 August Ep 212 Super Rookie Special You are only in a place slightly higher than I[50] 나보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을 뿐, originally sung by Shin Seung-hun in 2001 Winner of Ep 212, a score of 430
22 August Ep 213 Ban Ya Wol (반야월) Bakdal-Jae crying and passing over[51] 울고 넘는 박달재, originally sung by Park Jaehong in 1948 380
29 August / 5 September 214 /215 Jo Young-nam, Yun Hyung Ju Anything that's part of you[52] 낙엽 따라 가버린 사랑, originally sung by Elvis Presley in 1961
26 September Ep 218 Chuseok Special Pink lipstick[53] 분홍 립스틱, originally sung by Rija in 1988
21 November Ep 226 Kim Jeong-ho White butterfly[54] 하얀 나비, originally sung by Kim Jeong-ho in 1983
28 November Ep 227 Baek Ji-young Special Burden[55] 부담, originally sung by Baek Ji-young in 1999 Winner of Ep 227, a score of 432
12 December Ep 229 g.o.d special Lies[56] 거짓말, originally sung by g.o.d in 2000
2017 7 January Ep 285-present Immortal Songs-2017 Songs of Hope Special Joy[57] 환희, originally sung by Jung Su Ra in 1988 402, Hwang joind the show as a host, starting from Ep285
22 July Ep 313 Summer together with friends of Summer Special's Part 1. Wave,[58] 파도, originally sung by UN in 2001 423, Hwang and Kim Young-chul teamed up for DUET collaboration.
16 September Ep 321 Autumn Men Special Standing under the shade of a Roadside Tree,[59] Originally sung by Lee Moon-se in 1988

Career as a TV presenter and hostEdit

Year Title Network Episode Notes
2017 The 31st Golden Disc Awards[60] JTBC Day 1,

Live broadcast: 13 January 2017

With cohosts Seohyun, Jung Yong-hwa

The 2nd exhibition center of KINTEX in Ilsan

2017–2018 Immortal Songs 2[61] KBS2 Ep285–354

See table Immortal Songs2 above

With cohosts Shin Dong-yup, Jung Jae-hyung, Moon Hee-Joon
The Unit[62] KBS2 Ep1-28 With cohosts Rain, Tae Min, Hyuna, Jo Hyun Ah, San E

I Am a Singer season fourEdit

Year Date Episode Title of Song Originally Sung Place
2016 15 January Ep1 'That person'[63] '그 사람' A soundtrack of 'King of Baking, Kim Takgu', originally sung by Lee Seung-chul in 2010 2nd place among eight singers
22 January Ep2 'From the beginning until now'[64] '처음부터 지금까지 ' A soundtrack of 'Winter Sonata', originally sung by Ryu in 2002 2nd place among eight singers


Ep3 'Yi Lu Shang You Ni'[65] '一路上有你' Originally sung by Jacky Cheung in 1992 3rd place among seven singers
5 February Ep4 Bang Bang Bang[66] Originally sung by Big Bang in 2015 1st place among seven singers.

Hwang also took first place in 'The Internal voting' that is voted by artists,

winning the Golden Wand.

12 February Ep5 Silence[67] (默), a soundtrack of a Chinese movie, You are my sunshine Originally sung by Na Ying in 2015 6th place among seven singers
19 February Ep6 Confession[68] (고해) Originally sung by Yim Jae-beom in 1998 3rd place among seven singers
26 February Ep7 Eternity of a single person[69](一個人的天荒地老) Originally sung by Phil Chang 4th place among seven singers
4 March Ep8 Honey,[70] Originally sung by Park Jin Young 1st place among seven singers
11 March Ep9 You are only in a place slightly higher than I,[71] (나보다 조금 더 높은 곳에 니가 있을 뿐) Originally sung by Shin Seung-hun in 2001 4th place among seven singers
18 March Ep10 Change me,[72] (改變自己), Fantastic Baby (Big Bang), Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson, feat Bruno Mars) Originally sung by Wang Leehom in 2007 1st place among seven singers
25 March Ep11 Like being shot by a bullet,[73] (총 맞은 것처럼) Originally sung by Baek Ji-young in 2008 4th place among seven singers and made to the final taking 1st overall in Ep10&11
8 April Ep13 (The final round) 'You are my everything,'[74] (for duo performance, performed with Gummy), 'Queen,[75] (王妃) + Sorry Sorry' (for solo performance) 'You are my everything', a soundtrack of Descendants of the Sun, originally sung by Gummy in 2016, 'Queen', originally sung by Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) in 2009 and 'Sorry Sorry', originally sung by Super Junior in 2009 <2nd place in the performance as a duo>, <3rd overall,[1] (the final result) in the performance as a duo and solo>
15 April Ep14 (All stars) 'Green apple paradise' + 'I love you forever',.[76] 'Green apple paradise (青蘋果樂園)', originally sung by Xiao Hu Dui in 1989, 'I love you forever (對你愛不完)', originally sung by Aaron Kwok in 1990


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