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List of ancient Slavic peoples and tribes

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This is a list of Slavic tribes reported in the Middle Ages, that is, before the year AD 1500.

Map of eastern Europe in 3-4th century CE with archeological cultures identified as Baltic-speaking in purple and Slavic-speaking in light brown.
During the Migration Period in 5-6th century CE, the area of archeological cultures identified as Baltic and Slavic is becoming more fragmented.
By the 7-8th century CE, the Slavic territory was greatly increased after Slavic migration and expansion (in the context of Migration period).

East SlavsEdit

West SlavsEdit

West Slav tribes in 9th and 10th centuries

South SlavsEdit

The South Slavic tribes descend from the Antes and Sclaveni, and predate the medieval identities formed after the Great Schism.

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