The Buzhans (Russian: Бужане, romanizedBuzhani, Ukrainian: Бужани, Polish: Bużanie) were one of the tribal unions of Early Slavs, which formed East Slavs in Southern Russia and Volga region.[1] They are mentioned as Buzhane in the Russian Primary Chronicle. Probably Russian ethnicity in Western Russia, especially around the Volga and Don rivers evolved also, among other tribes, out of the Slavic tribe of the Buzhans. Several localities in Russia are connected to the Buzhans, like for example Sredniy Buzhan in [1] the Orenburg Oblast, Buzan and the Buzan river in the Astrakhan Oblast.

Some theories say that the name of the tribes could be connected to Western Bug, in Ukraine, where they chose to settle down. According to the Bavarian Geographer, the Buzhans had 230 "cities" (fortresses). Some historians believe that the Buzhans and the Volhynians used to be called the Dulebes.[2]

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