Sardar Rafie Yanehsari

Sardar Rafi’s dynasty was the local governing dynasties ruling from the beginning to the end of Qajar period in Hezar Jarib [fa] and Astarabad. The heritage attained by the ancestors of this dynasty instead of Agha Mohammad Khan battles with Zand dynasty, lasted continually until the end of this period. They seized power by this way and achieved many properties so that in Constitution period, contemporary with the realm of Mohammad Bagher Khan Sardar Rafi, he was one of the four persons who called himself a king and increased his power and influence as he made the Constitution governments worried. When Vosoogh-al-Doleh became premier in 1957, the policy of eradicating local influential’s and constituting a powerful central government was pursued; so Sardar Rafi was also affected by that loss and a large amount of his properties, states and army weapons were confiscated and, like other commanders, was imprisoned in Tehran for some time. Thereafter, he never ruled again and commanding began to decline for about 150 years in this dynasty.

Sardar Rafie Yanehsari
TitlePolitician, Military, Governor of Astarabad
ChildrenLotfali Khane Salar Akram