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History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution

History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution (Persian: تاریخ مشروطهٔ ایران‎) by the Iranian historian Ahmad Kasravi is the most accurate[citation needed] account of the Persian Constitutional Revolution. The book chronicles the event and the ensuing struggle of the revolution that took place between 1905 and 1911 in Persia (Iran).

The book was originally written in 1940 in Persian. In 2006 the English translation, by the American scholar Evan Siegel, of the first part of the book was published.


  • Ahmad Kasravi, Tarikh-e Mashruteh-ye Iran (تاریخ مشروطهٔ ایران) (History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution), in Persian, 951 p. (Negāh Publications, Tehran, 2003), ISBN 964-351-138-3.
Note: This book is also available in two volumes, published by Amir Kabir Publications in 1984. Amir Kabir's 1961 edition is in one volume, 934 pages.
  • Ahmad Kasravi, History of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution: Tarikh-e Mashrute-ye Iran, Volume I, translated into English by Evan Siegel, 347 p. (Mazda Publications, Costa Mesa, California, 2006). ISBN 1-56859-197-7

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