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Star Voice of India 2 is an Indian Television singing competition. Star Voice of India 2 premiered on 18 July 2008. It Stands for Second Season of Gajendra Singh and Urban Brew's previous Show Star Voice of India. This season replaces all old judges with three new judges. The two finalists on the show were Ravi Shukla and Saptaparna Chakraborty.

Star Voice of India 2
STAR Voice of India 2 (emblem).jpg
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Created byGajendra Singh
Directed byGajendra Singh
StarringShaan (host)
Sukhwinder Singh
Ismail Darbar
Monty Sharma
Opening theme"Star Voice of India 2" by Shaan
Country of originIndia
Running time52 minutes
Production company(s)Urban Brew Studios
Original networkStar Plus
Picture format576i (SDTV),
Original release18 July –
21 December 2008
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A three-hour grand finale was held at the Andheri Sport's Complex in Mumbai on 21 December, in the presence of prominent singers like Jagjit Singh, Ila Arun and Sonu Nigam. During the course of the finale, the finalists conducted several performances and were often joined by their former rivals, in a spirit of co-operation and unity. A special remembrance video was assembled to remember the late Ishmeet Singh, who was the first winner of Star Voice of India series. In order to sustain his memory, the show presented the first Ishmeet Singh Singing Award to Ronit Sonar of Assam, a contestant on the show.

At the end of the show, Ravi Shukla of Delhi was crowned the winner by guest Sonu Nigam. As part of the winner's package, Ravi was awarded a brand new Chevrolet car along with a cheque for Rs. 2.5 million. In addition to the bonus gift, Ravi was awarded an exclusive contract with T-Series to launch his first album. Both Ravi and Saptaparna were awarded trophies by their "gurus", Monty Sharma and Ismail Darbar respectively.



  • 24 Indian States, Where Auditions Held

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Contest Number Contestant Name Place Status (Running/Eliminated)
1 Apapbidya Chakraborty Kerala Eliminated
2 Amitabh Narayan Bihar Eliminated
3 Argha Dutta Tamil Nadu Eliminated
4 Arvind Dhandwaal Himachal Pradesh Eliminated
5 Debarati Bhattacharjee Tripura Eliminated
6 Kanika Joshi Uttaranchal Eliminated
7 Mahipal Singh Rathore Rajasthan Eliminated
8 Mallar Karmakar West Bengal Eliminated
9 Mangesh Boregaonkar Goa Eliminated
10 Mukul Soni Madhya Pradesh Eliminated
11 Rahul Mukharjee Maharashtra Eliminated
12 Ravi Shukla Delhi Winner
13 Rithisha Padmanabh Karnataka Eliminated
14 Rohit Sonar Assam Eliminated
15 Ruchi Sharma (singer) Haryana Eliminated
16 Ryan Dias Andhra Pradesh Eliminated
17 Saptaparna Chakraborty Assam Runner-Up
18 Sayantani Das Orissa Eliminated
19 Shikha Jain Gujarat Eliminated
20 Shraddha Das Jharkhand Eliminated
21 Sonali Dogra Jammu & Kashmir Eliminated
22 Vinti Singh Uttar Pradesh Eliminated
23 Vipul Mehta Punjab Eliminated
24 Zakir Hussain Chhattisgarh Eliminated

Chote Ustad Season 2Edit

[1] Amul Star Voice Of India Chote Ustad Season 2 is hosted by Chinmayi and Omi Vaidya. The judges are Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sonu Nigam. There are 20 contestants, 10 from Pakistan and 10 from India. The contestants are divided into ten groups with one contestant from India and one from Pakistan in a group. The following are the contestants:

Contestants from India [2]

  • Ansh Pandey (Eliminated)
  • Rishabh Chaturvedi
  • Sayantan Paul (Eliminated) (Wild Card Entrant)
  • Mayuri Dey (Eliminated)
  • Satinder Shanu (Eliminated)
  • Akanksha Sharma
  • Bhanu Pratap Agnihotri (Eliminated)
  • Dipan Mitra (Eliminated)
  • Debanjana Karmakar (Eliminated)
  • Shyamantan Das (Eliminated)

Contestants from Pakistan [3]

  • Wania Jibran(Eliminated)
  • Shahid Ali (Eliminated)
  • Sayyed Mair Hasan (Eliminated)
  • Rosemary Mushtaq (Eliminated)
  • Fariha Akram (Eliminated)
  • Rouhan Abbas
  • Ahsan Ali (Eliminated) (Wild Card Entrant)
  • MOHD. Fahad (Eliminated)
  • Farrukh Moon
  • Faisal (Eliminated)

The Pairings:

  • Ansh Pandey and Wania Jibran(Eliminated)
  • Satinder Shanu and Shahid Ali (Eliminated)
  • Mayuri Dey and Sayyed Mair Hasan (Eliminated)
  • Bhanu Pratap Aghnihotri and Ahsan Ali (Eliminated)
  • Rishabh Chaturvedi and Farrukh Moon
  • Debanjana Karmakar and Faisal (Eliminated)
  • Dipan Mitra and Fariha Akram (Eliminated)
  • Rosemary Mushtaq and Shyamantan Das (Eliminated)
  • Sayantan Paul and Mohammad Fahad (Eliminated)
  • Akanksha Sharma and Rouhan Abbas

Wild Card Pairing:

  • Sayantan Paul and Ahsan Ali

Grand Finale

The Grand Finale was held on 10 October 2010. In third place was the Wild Card entry pair of Sayantan Paul and Ahsan Ali. In second place was the pair of Rishabh Chaturvedi and Farrukh Moon. The winner of Chote Ustaad 2010 was the pair of Akanksha Sharma and Rouhan Abbas. Shyamantan Das received a special Jury's Award because of his outstanding performance throughout the show.


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